JESUS is Incredible!

You Are Incredible JESUS!

You are incredible JESUS!

You are so powerful JESUS!

You live in light so bright, nobody can possibly approach you JESUS!

You are the one O LORD who shatters our addictions... Those demonic addictions that are tormenting us JESUS!

There is nobody like you! No angel in existence even comes close to your glory, to your righteousness, to your holiness JESUS!

The holy angels are not even shadows of how great you are JESUS!

Worthy is the Lamb of GOD who died on the cross for our filthy sins = JESUS!

This is why everyone throws down their crowns at the feet of your throne!

Glory to the one who is truly holy ->  


When you have been stuck in a drug addiction for 1 year, then one day you wake up and your free.. It was not you, it was JESUS who did it!

The one who holds all of creation together - JESUS!

JESUS is so holy, the angels do not dare to let their feet touch the ground at his throne!

JESUS is so holy, the angels put their wings down on the floor, then they stand on their own wings so their feet will not touch the ground!

JESUS you are our grace!

JESUS you are our mercy, our healing, our protection!

GOD'S SON.............. The only one more powerful than satan and the evil flesh that is inside of us!

You love us JESUS even though we fail you constantly!!! Now that is incredible......... I can barely believe it myself.

You are more incredible than we can even imagine JESUS!

Shatter the loneliness O LORD JESUS that many of us are battling against tonight!

Fight for us JESUS!

Set your little children free tonight O LORD! Shatter the depression JESUS, kick those evil spirits out of us we cry out to you JESUS!

JESUS you complete us!!!!    You fill us up completely.....

JESUS you are so incredible, you are all we truly need!! I wish we could understand that better.

Guard our thoughts JESUS, put a fiery shield of protection all around us JESUS.... Protect our minds we pray O LORD!

JESUS you are the only one who will ever truly love us!!! We praise you!

Your power JESUS goes far FAR beyond what any of us could ever imagine!

Your love for us JESUS goes far FAR beyond what any of us could imagine!

You volunteered to go up on the cross for us, for our sins, for our lives....... You are far FAR beyond incredible JESUS!

Guard our hearts JESUS, put a shield of protection around our hearts and change us to be more like you we pray!

You gladly left heaven JESUS to be born into a baby. And why? You did it for us!!!!!! We praise you JESUS!!!

Now is the time more than ever before that we need you in our lives so badly JESUS!

JESUS you hold angels in your hand!

GOD trusts you so much JESUS, he even gave you control of his own spirit the HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!! You are incredible JESUS.....

GOD trusts you so much JESUS, GOD put you in full control of all of heaven, earth, everything under the earth, the universe!!!! Wow!!!!!

GOD trusts you so much JESUS, that he has given you the right to judge everyone!!!! Now that is incredible JESUS!

The very definition of Majesty is you JESUS!

JESUS you are the very definition of love!

JESUS you are the only reason why we are still alive....... We praise you tonight!

GOD trusts you so much JESUS, he has given you to be our salvation!!!!!!


GOD trusts you so much JESUS, he has given you as a present many of us children here on earth to be one with you!!! Wow.........

You are so much more than amazing JESUS, what words can I type!

You O LORD JESUS even have names that none of us know anything about!

You are the beginning of the creation JESUS, you are also the end... Can we even understand how great you are!

You JESUS are the commander of the angelic army!!!!!!! They watch you closely for the slightest signal from your hand!

You JESUS are the stairway to heaven.... You are the door, You have the keys, you love us enough to save us!!!!

You JESUS are so incredible, you even have a name for every single star in the universe!!! Wow..........

JESUS - You are the one that the demons are terrified of!

JESUS you are the one that can torture our spiritual enemies.........

All power and ALL authority has been given to you JESUS, in heaven, on earth and everywhere else!!! Now that is shocking!!!!!

JESUS you are the one that lives inside of GOD!!!!!!!! Ummm wow!!!

Even though we fail you 10,000 times JESUS you still love us, you still hold us, you still care about our lives!

JESUS you are so majestic, your train could fill up the entire universe!!!

All of the stars put together are not even a shadow of how bright your light is JESUS!!!!

You are the very definition of love JESUS. You love us so much, you give us chance after chance showing incredible love for us!!!

JESUS - You are the chosen one of GOD......... The perfect one, the spotless one of GOD in heaven!!!

You JESUS are the one who loves even your enemies and you save their souls!!!

You are the one who loves satanists JESUS!!!!

Your love has no boundaries O SON OF GOD!!!

If your throne were to match your glory JESUS, it would be larger than the universe itself!!!

We praise you the very best we can tonight JESUS......... Not nearly enough of course, but the best we can for you are worthy JESUS!!!

JESUS you are the only one who is worthy enough to grab the seals from GOD and open them!!!


We could never ever repay you for everything you have done for us JESUS!!! Not in 1 trillion years even if we tried.....

JESUS you bought us  from satan with your own blood... Now who else in all of the universe would do that for us terrible sinners?                       Nobody!

You JESUS are truly the only way to enter into heaven's Gates and see our FATHER for the very first time!!!

I need you JESUS, we need you, we want you JESUS more and more in our lives for you are so SO BEYOND INCREDIBLE!!!

Even though we have failed you 10,000 times you have NEVER failed us JESUS, not even once!!!

How can we describe just how incredible you are JESUS!!!!

You are so incredible JESUS, even the stars in the sky tell your gospel story!!!!

Even when your enemies hurt you, hit you, spit on you and tortured you, you never defended yourself JESUS...........

Ummmmmmmm WOW!!!!!!

You are our example JESUS, the perfect example to us on how we should live!!!

You volunteered to go through terrible torture for me, for us, how could we ever thank you enough JESUS?

You volunteered to die naked on the cross while all the people were making fun of you JESUS.........

Ummmmmmmm WOW!!!!!

You died for our terrible sins knowing that in the future we could repent our sins to you and have a loving relationship with you JESUS!!!!!

Glory to the LAMB!!!!

Praise to JESUS the one who has the power to create a universe!! Uni = Single ...... Verse = spoken sentence.

You are the one JESUS who stopped everything you were doing to give sight to a blind person!!!! For you cared..... You really CARE JESUS!!

Praise to the one who is slowly turning our lives around = JESUS!

Praise to the one who is big enough to create a universe, yet private enough to really and truly care about you ----- JESUS!!!

You spoke O LORD and turned water molecules into wine molecules!!! You are our LORD – JESUS!!!

Thank you JESUS, thank you for everything you have done for us, for everything that you will do for us O LORD............. Thank you JESUS!!

Praise to the one who loves Jews and Gentiles equally for all people are his children!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS!!!

What else can we say tonight JESUS except - Thank you! We thank you with all of our heart and soul JESUS for everything..... Thank you.


Sincerely Garrett

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