JESUS Won The Game!

JESUS Won The Game!

O Lord Jesus, the game starts in one hour and batting practice is about to start.

The opposing team is doing batting practice first and they look very dangerous Jesus.

Some of their players are absolutely gigantic Lord.

Lord Jesus, they are slamming ball after ball all over the baseball field.....

O Lord Jesus the game is starting now, I am up first......

I see their pitcher, he looks 9 feet tall.... his name is - The flesh.....

As I step up to the plate their catcher is talking trash to me..... his name is – Lust!

I step into the batters box and their pitcher the flesh is throwing fast balls at my head.

Its a full count 3 balls and 2 strikes, now what do I do Jesus?

Here comes the pitch........ oh no I popped out to the 1st baseman.... I failed again O Lord Jesus....

I fail over and over again Lord.... when will I be able to get a hit for our team....

LORD IS my stance wrong? Am I holding the bat wrong? Why do I keep failing LORD?

It is their turn to bat now. Their first player up is called depression. He hits a single to left field.

I am playing 1st base, I am holding him close to the bag so he doesn't try to steal.

Their next batter up is called alcohol... Jesus calls a meeting for us at the pitchers mound.

We throw a curve ball to alcohol and he hits a grounder to short, we get a easy double play... Yes Jesus your strategy is working.

We have the bases loaded and your up Jesus. Lord you hit a grand slam home run!!! It is now 4 to 0, we are winning!

Your winning the game for us Jesus. No wonder your called the KING of kings and LORD of lords....

Lord its the 4th inning and I am up again..... can you pinch hit for me Jesus, I have no confidence in myself at all..

Lord, what should I do, their pitcher the evil flesh is throwing too hard today.

Fast ball strike 1.

Knuckle ball strike 2.

Lord their pitcher the evil flesh is laughing at me, what should I do Jesus?

Here comes the pitch..... Ouchhhhhh I'm in pain he hit me right in my chest with a fast ball.

I'm on first base Jesus. Should I try to steal 2nd or stay put?

Their first baseman is called fear... he is talking to me Lord. Get me outta here I pray.

Lord I can't hear your instructions so I am going to try to steal 2nd base by myself.... here I go.....

I think I got second base Jesus. . oh no their shortstop is called cancer.. he is blocking 2nd base, he tags me with the ball. I'm out again! I am a complete failure Lord, just kick me off your team. Everything I do on my own fails Lord.... I hate the things I do without you Jesus, I always mess up. I am hurting our team Lord.

The Lord calls a team meeting. He tells us that even though we are winning 4 to 0 we cannot win this game without him.

I am trembling at first base as their next batter comes up to the plate who is called internet gaming!

Internet gaming always swings at the first pitch.... I am ready Lord.

He hits a powerful grounder to me at first base, oh no the ball went right through my legs out to right field.

I failed again Jesus. How many times will you keep forgiving me Lord?

I Don't understand the rules to this game well enough Lord. I gotta study our rule book the bible more to learn this game better.

I'm not practicing this game enough, I don't study enough, no wonder I keep messing up this game for us.

They have the bases loaded Lord Jesus now what do we do. Their best hitter is coming up. He is called pride.

The bases are loaded and pride is here, we are doomed, what should we do Jesus....

Pride hits a powerful line drive right to you Jesus at 3rd base, you catch it, step on 3rd and tag the other runner out. A TRIPLE PLAY LORD!!!

Lord Jesus we have 2 runners on in the 6th inning and you are up. Will you bunt them over safely or go for another home run?

Lord!.......... Another home run!....... We are now winning 7 to 0..... You are the best player I have ever seen Jesus.

I know I am one of the worse players in the league, but you are so good Jesus, if I am on your team I know I can win too.

Were winning 7 to 0 in the 8th inning, Lord take me outta the game so I can go rest on the bench please.

Oh Lord Jesus, your DAD - The owner of the team is in the stands now!

Lord, I pray your DAD won't trade me in the off season to the enemy team because of all of my failures.

Please talk to your DAD for me Jesus. ... I wanna stay on your team Lord I pray.

O Lord help! Their batter pornography is up to bat.

Pornography hits a single to left....... Praise God were up 7 to 0 Lord all because of you.

Lord, pornography is not playing fair. He hit me in the head when the umpires were not looking.

Lord. .... We gotta get pornography out, he keeps hitting me over and over again when the umpires are not looking.

Help Lord, their player pornography is cheating. .... What should we do Jesus? Lord I am sick of their player pornography hitting me over & over again. Wow am I glad we are winning this game easily because of you Jesus!

Lord Jesus, we better run our special defense now, what do you think?

Lord we cannot get pornography out.... we better position ourselves in the BLOOD OF CHRIST now or they might score a few runs.

We need the blood of Christ to come into the game now.....

Wow that was close Jesus. .... praise to your DAD! - The blood of Christ got pornography out again.

I am so happy the blood of Christ is on our team. Wow!!!

It's the 9th inning Lord, we are winning 7 to 0. Please pinch hit for me Jesus I don't wanna mess up again Lord!

OK Lord if you insist ill go up to bat again.

Lord ill do the best I can.... I have been studying our offense, maybe I can get a hit now.

Strike 1 ..... strike 2.... Oh no Lord I am in trouble again....

I will swing the best I can Lord. I hit it, I hit the ball.. Oh no their outfielder caught the ball.. I failed again Lord.

I wanna be able to play like you Lord I really do. I just keep messing up...

I am so happy we are Winning 7 to 0 Lord, I don't wanna be responsible for us losing the championship game.

Lord your up again... I cannot wait to see what you will hit this time.

You did it Jesus, you did it again O Lord Jesus. Another home run...... We are winning 8 to 0 .

LORD 3 more outs and we win the game. Please take me out of the game. I can barely stand at 1st base.

OK Lord you know what is best. I will play defense at 1st base the best I can.

Lord, their batter loneliness just walked. Now their batter anxiety also walked..... Now rejection walks and the bases are loaded!

The bases are loaded Lord Jesus now what do we do because their batter drug addiction is coming up to bat.

Jesus are you serious? You are going to pitch against him? With you pitching Jesus we can get him out.

Strike 1.... Strike 2.... Strike 3 he is out.....

Oh Lord here comes their second best hitter suicide, strike him out Jesus.

Strike 1....... Strike 2....... Strike 3 suicide is out too..... You are doing incredible Jesus. No wonder you won the MVP in the league.

Lord, the bases are loaded and here comes their best hitter. His name is death.

One more out Jesus, just one more out and we win the championship..

Here comes their best hitter - death....... Go Jesus go.

Strike 1....... Strike 2........ Strike 3...... Death is out. We win Jesus, we win Lord.

You won the game for us Jesus. ... We won the championship all because of you Lord. You are incredible Jesus.

Lord you are the MVP of the entire league. Why are you handing me the championship trophy.

No Lord, I cannot hold the championship trophy, I am so UN worthy.....

I mess up and fail all the time Lord, why do you want me to hold the trophy?

OK Lord if you insist ill hold the trophy even though I know you did all the work.

But Lord we all know you won the game not us, why are you giving me trophies and awards?

Lord Jesus you are so kind, so loving, so generous to allow us to hold the trophies and awards.

You beat our enemies 8 to 0 yet you allow us to celebrate in the championship victory celebration?

You gave up your life in this game so you could win the game for us? There is nobody even remotely close to you Jesus in the entire league.

We won the championship Jesus, but remember don't let your DAD trade me in the off season. I promise to study the rule book/The bible in the off season.

I repent for all my mistakes, I repent for all of the dropped balls, I repent for all of my strike outs.

I repent DAD for all of my base running mistakes, for all of my errors during the entire season of my life.

We won, we won, we won the game..... Thank you DAD, thank you Jesus for choosing me to be on the winning team thank you!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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