JESUS Our Righteousness

JESUS Is Our Righteousness!

This fight is not yours, the fight belongs to the LORD!

Keep asking the LORD to fight for you & he will for sure for he is the LORD!

The LORD has not left you, he is with you! This fight is not over...... It is only just begun!!!

It might seem like your losing this battle, but keep repenting, JESUS is about to stand up on his throne and really start fighting for you!

Praise to GOD for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not care if your stuck in porn again, crack again, alcohol again... I praise GOD for you right now!

You are no less a child of GOD if you have fallen back down into porn and drugs as when you are not in those sins!

Your righteousness is JESUS himself!

Sure we should repent, sure we should pray for help day and night when were stuck in terrible sin.. But JESUS is with you, he loves you!

Fight for us JESUS, shatter the darkness in us, shatter the demonic tormenting us we pray!

Your actions do NOT make you righteous......... GOD WILL ONLY recognize the righteousness of JESUS & nobody else!

Even if your walking with JESUS closely in a hardcore walk, GOD still does NOT accept your righteousness........

GOD will only accept the righteousness of JESUS... There is no negotiating on this! You could NEVER in 1 billion years be righteousness enough for GOD to accept you! So since GOD only accepts the righteousness of JESUS, we better make sure we have JESUS living inside of us.

Only by truly having JESUS living inside of us & having the HOLY GHOST in us can we enter into heaven!


Because GOD only accepts the righteousness of his son JESUS! He will never ever ever accept anything else.

So how do we get into heaven? We must have JESUS living inside of us, I mean truly and really living inside of us in a close walk!

So how can we invite JESUS into our lives?

Well it is GRACE! It is a free gift from GOD that allows us to want to be with JESUS, to love JESUS, to know JESUS, to hang with JESUS!

So if 1 Christian is stuck in porn, yet another guy or girl is not, you two Christian people are both equally righteous!

We are all exactly EQUAL Because GOD only accepts JESUS' righteousness, NOT YOURS!

You could walk as holy as you can for 1 billion years, GOD will still not accept your righteousness. You see, GOD sent his son from heaven down to earth to be born in a baby!! He sent his son to die for you and me naked on the cross for our terrible sins.

GOD will only accept JESUS... So if your stuck in porn tonight UN fortunately,,,,, and another Christian is free tonight , you both are → Equally righteous in Christ!!!

That does not mean that we should go on sinning, of course not!! All sin leads to death, to spiritual death!

No we should take our failures and addictions very seriously, praying for help day and night constantly and repenting our sins!

But, my point tonight is, your still a child of GOD no matter what your stuck in at this time as long as you have JESUS living in you!

JESUS is your righteousness and there is NO OTHER. Not your actions, not your behavior, not anything you do can make you righteous but having JESUS living in your heart & soul!

This message tonight is about helping you to get rid of that SHAME & GUILT that goes along with us when we children of GOD fall down into sinning!

Do you remember when king David killed Uriah and stole his wife in adultery? Well JESUS turned David's entire life around and HE will turn your life around too!

Even while your sinning and stuck in addictions if you stay with JESUS the best you can, GOD still sees you as righteous!

This is a little complicated to go into here on Twitter, but even as your stuck in terrible addictions, stick with JESUS the best you can. And by doing this, JESUS will forgive your past, your PRESENT and your future sins too!

So if your free from porn and drugs tonight & you think there is something special about you - Wow have you been deceived!!!!

Or if your free from sex tonight, free from smoking and bad music, I tell you straight, there is nothing special about you!

These are free gifts from GOD, you did not earn them, you did not deserve them, you should not even get them, but GOD is great, GOD is incredible, GOD is so loving and merciful!!!

The only thing special about you is JESUS...... Without JESUS, you will act, talk, behave and live your life just like satan does.

As long as you stick with JESUS, no matter what is going on, you shall be saved!

Every man & woman on earth are all the same. We are all like king David = Filthy disgusting sinners....

We are all like king Solomon = Filthy disgusting sinners who need grace badly!

We are all like Paul = Filthy disgusting sinners who do not deserve grace from GOD!

We are all just like John, filthy disgusting sinners who do not deserve anything from GOD, not a single thing!

So if your stuck in porn tonight, you need grace of course! Grace is UN deserved favor and blessings from GOD to you!

If you are NOT stuck in porn tonight, it is only because GOD is giving you grace... It has nothing to do with anything you might be doing.

Everything that is happening in the universe is either GRACE or a lack of grace! Nothing is of you and me, not a single thing.

John 3:27 - A man can receive nothing unless it is given to him from heaven!

Oh you didn't know Paul was a terrible filthy disgusting sinner? Well he sure knew he was!

Paul as a much older man told Timothy that - I Paul am the worse of all sinners!

Dogs Praying - :)

You might say to me - Garrett - I followed the bible and now I got free from porn....... Praise GOD, but it was all grace, grace from GOD, not anything you did!

You cannot do anything, not a single thing in this universe without grace from GOD......

GOD has this system in place on purpose. One reasons is, so there will be no boasting in heaven!!!

If your stuck in terrible sin tonight, you might be wondering - How can I get this wonderful grace from GOD?

Well step 1 would be - Humble yourself! Step 2 could be - Repent. Step 3 could be - Ask for grace day and night knowing you will get it! NOT because you deserve it, but because JESUS is so incredible!

Grace is a gift..... You did not deserve it, you cannot earn it, but you can humble yourself and you can ask for it --- Praise GOD!

You might say - Garrett - I have been fighting hard, I have been free from porn for 5 years now.......... Ummmmm it is all grace!

It is grace allowing you to fight hard..... Without that grace, you will have NO fight in you!

You might say on Face book - I have quit smoking for 10 years now...... Well, the truth is, it is all grace, it is all a gift from GOD! You are only free from smoking because JESUS has been guarding you the last 10 years. It is all grace, a free gift from GOD.

In your theology, anytime you believe you are doing something, your theology is wrong!!!

It is GOD'S grace that is allowing you to do something.

Lamentations 3:37 – Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S PERMISSION!

In your theology, anytime you can brag about something in heaven, your theology is also wrong.

Do not look down on Christian homosexuals...... You got grace to stay away from that evil, they did not!

Or if they did get the grace, possibly some of them refused the grace to be set free.

Homosexuality is a demon spirit! Do you think your so holy that you can overcome a demon of homosexuality?

If you think you are, wow have you been deceived!

The only reason you are not living a gay life style tonight is the grace and love of GOD............ It has nothing to do with you.

So when GOD uses you to speak to gay people, oh boy you better watch what you say, you better watch what you think, you better not judge!

If GOD uses you to speak to someone who is stuck in porn, you better NOT look down on them, you better not judge them in your heart or mind!

If you do watch out!! I say it again......... If you do you better watch out, all hell is about to rain down in your life.

Nobody is special!!
 Only JESUS is special.

You might ask - Garrett - When will JESUS set me free from the porn? Well humble yourself the best you can first of all....

Second of all, even during the terrible addictions, keep JESUS with you!

Third of all - You will get free when JESUS says you will, not one second earlier! Not one second later. Praise GOD that JESUS is madly in love with you, he adores you so much and will use all of this for your GOOD!!!

A huge HUGE portion of these addictions and failures we go through is because of the terrible pride inside of us children of GOD!!!

JESUS is our only righteousness. Keep JESUS with you the best you can during the terrible times of sinning and addiction..... His blood will cover you like a powerful shield before GOD the FATHER! 

So if your stuck in masturbation, let the shame go, let the guilt go, get back with JESUS and keep the LORD with you the best you can even during the sinful times.

After all, why be embarrassed? JESUS sees every single thing your doing anyways down to a microscopic level!!!

So if your stuck in masturbation and drugs, let the guilt, shame and self condemnation go already... Keep JESUS with you!

Yes children of GOD, even keep JESUS with you during the sinful events.... I mean did you think he was not there anyways?

Since JESUS sees every little thing your doing anyways, keep the LORD with you in your heart and soul even during the terrible times.

I tell you straight, holding on to guilt, shame and self condemnation only makes everything much worse!

I am not saying the sinning is good, of course not!!! It leads to death, it leads to the lake of fire!

But let the shame go tonight, let the guilt go, let the self condemnation go already....

Your actions good or bad do not change your righteousness....... Your righteousness is JESUS living you!

JESUS living in you is billions of times higher than your actions! JESUS' righteousness TRUMPS your actions! Every little thing that we do in our lives outside of JESUS is like filthy dirty rags!

So what I am saying is, during these terrible sinful times, do NOT leave JESUS!

Cats Praying - :)

The shame, guilt and self condemnation will try to force you to leave JESUS! They are your enemies and they are spirits, evil spirits!

But do the opposite though - Let the evil spirits of shame, guilt and self condemnation go and get back with JESUS!

The LORD is starting to separate the WHEAT from the tares now.... HE is choosing his bride now!!!! 

So if your stuck in terrible sin right now, humble yourself, that is the main thing that GOD wants you to do & stick with JESUS!

Say LORD - I fell down into porn again tonight. I need you badly JESUS. Help me I pray. I bow down at your throne. I humble myself!

Say - I cannot quit JESUS, the enemies have overwhelmed me. I fall face down at your throne. Please have mercy on me.

Say - LORD, I know porn is wrong, I am stuck, the enemies have beaten me down badly. I need you to fight for me! I need you to defend me.

Say - JESUS, I feel like a failure, yet I know you love me. I feel less than a dog, but I know you cherish me.

Say - JESUS, I cannot overcome lust, I cannot overcome anything. I humble myself. Please set me free at the right time O LORD GOD!

Say - Thank you LORD for staying with me even during these terrible addictions. Thank you for never leaving me.

Say - I need your grace JESUS, I cannot stop sinning. I lay at your throne and I will not move. I need your help JESUS, fight for me!!!

Say - LORD I am so weak without you. I repent, I know porn and drugs are wrong, I repent. Please fight for me, defend me, protect me.

Say - I cannot overcome anything JESUS. But you overcame everything! I know you will help me JESUS because you adore me.

Say - The lust has beaten me up O LORD. I do not know if I will watch porn tonight or not, I need your grace, I need you, I humble myself!

Say - LORD, I am sorry for judging the other Christians last month who are stuck in porn, I know I did this in my heart! I am sorry........

Say - I am sorry LORD for looking down on homosexuals as if I am better than them. You O LORD are the only thing that is good! I repent...

Say - JESUS, I am sorry for judging other people thinking I am better than them. Now I have fallen down, now I need help, I repent!!

Children of GOD.. work day and night on humbling yourselves now because the 7 year tribulation is starting very very very shortly!

One of the main reasons for the 7 year tribulation among 1000 reasons is - GOD will use it to HUMBLE HIS CHURCH!!!

From the time we are born all the way to tonight, GOD is humbling us over and over and over and over and over and over again!

JESUS is our only hope, our only protection, our only way to get into heaven and JESUS is our only Righteousness!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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