JESUS Loves You

The LORD loves you!

The LORD JESUS loves you!

Well of course JESUS loves you for he created you!

Many people say - JESUS did not create us GOD did! Well GOD created everything in creation through his son JESUS!

Or some people say - JESUS did not create me, my parents made me. Hmmmm

Did your parents create your soul? Of course not! Or did your parents create your spirit? Of course not. Or did your parents create your conscience? No! Or did your parents create your inner heart? Of course not! The truth is, your parents cannot create anything, not a single thing actually!  Did your parents create your emotions? Of course not. they cannot even control their own emotions right? 

As you can see, you have many parts to your make up! And GOD tells us that his incredible son JESUS created all of you!

So of course JESUS loves you because he created you! How could he not love you? Now that would be impossible!

There is nothing you could do to ever make JESUS stop loving you, not a single thing!

But you might say - Garrett you do not understand, I am a failure. How could JESUS ever love me? Oh boy do I understand, boy do I! So what! We are all failures, big deal! There is not a single person who was ever born who did not fail except JESUS! No not one!

Didn't JESUS know all of your failures before he ever created you? Of course he did! Yet he still created you!

Of course he still went on to create you! Why? Because he loves you........

JESUS loved you before he ever created you! Before you ever did a single failure - JESUS already loved you more than mere humans words could ever explain or describe!

So why would JESUS stop loving you now? He will not! He wont. Nothing could ever be farther from the truth!

But you might say - Garrett! You do not understand, I sin more than other Christians do.......... No you don't!

You do not sin more than anyone else..... We are all massive, decisive, terrible filthy sinners, every single one of us are!

You do not sin more than any of us do. We are all terrible sinners who have been sinning since the time we were small children!

We are all the same. Filthy disgusting terrible sinners.......... JESUS knows this, JESUS knew this before he ever created us.

Yet what did JESUS do?

He still created us anyway! Why?

Because he loves you!

JESUS is not going to stop loving you just because you sin, or because you fell back down into sin and addictions. Of course not! That will never ever ever ever happen in all of eternity!

But you might say - Garrett! Other Christians do more ministry work than I do. Of course JESUS loves them more than me.

Nothing could ever be farther from the truth!! JESUS does not love you because you do ministry work. JESUS could have all of the rocks in the world start preaching his perfect gospel if he so chose!

JESUS loves you because of who he is, because of how great he is, because he is love!

JESUS loves you because you are his little tiny itsy bitsy children whom he adores so much.

Your works cannot make JESUS loves you more! That is impossible!!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing you can do to make JESUS love you more than he already loves you! Not a single thing.


JESUS knew Adam and Eve would sin. JESUS knew a 3rd of the angels would rebel, JESUS knew Judas would turn against him even betraying him. Of course JESUS knew all of this.

Even though JESUS knew all of this, you know what? JESUS loved the angels who turned bad, Adam & Eve & Judas with a maximum amount of love pouring out of himself onto them!

The love JESUS has for his creation is so far beyond what anything or anyone could ever possibly try to understand.

The LOVE JESUS has for you goes far beyond what you think it does. It goes far FAR BEYOND what you could ever imagine! In fact your entire imagination inside of you is not even capable of understanding how much GOD'S SON LOVES YOU!

The love JESUS has for you and his entire creation goes millions of times beyond what you could ever imagine in your small imagination!

JESUS did not stop loving you just because you fell down again. That is what your flesh and satan want you to believe!

And all of that is pure lies!

There is nothing in all creation all over the universe or invisible realms that can make JESUS stop loving you! Nothing anywhere! It is not possible and it is never going to happen!

That includes your sins, your addictions, your failures, your rebellion, your stubbornness and everything else!

We have got to learn this and pray about this and meditate on this. Because our spiritual enemies are always trying to tell us GOD does not love us! This is a very common attack that our flesh and the evil angels try to attack us with!

And it is all pure lies! But they keep whispering this evil lie to us over and over again as we fall back down into sin and addiction!

JESUS knows when we will sin, how bad it will get, what we will fall into, how long it will last and every single other thing about us too! The LORD JESUS is completely sovereign over his entire creation!

He knows the end from the beginning. All of this creation was planned out in his mind and his FATHER'S mind before creation ever happened!

GOD loves you - JESUS loves you! They love you! And they are not going to stop loving you!

You might say - Garrett! You do not understand, I left the LORD a while ago... Does not matter, JESUS still loves you JUST AS MUCH AS BEFORE! Nothing has changed on his part child of GOD!

You might say - Garrett! You do not understand, after all of the chances JESUS has given me, I fell back down again into sin & addictions!

Of course I understand, all children of GOD fall down from time to time into terrible sins and addictions. So what! We all do! Do you actually think JESUS is going to STOP LOVING his entire world wide church body because we sin & have addictions?

Of course not.....

There is nothing in all of the creation anywhere that can make GOD and his son JESUS stop loving you! Not a single thing anywhere can.....

GOD loves you! GOD accepts you now because of what JESUS did for you.

JESUS knew you were going to fail and fall down 10,000 times, yet he still left heaven to die for you on the cross for your sins.

That right there is a very high level of love!

For GOD'S son to LEAVE HEAVEN to die for you on the cross, even though hew knew you would fail 10,000 times - That is LOVE! That is real love! That is a determined love that he has for you! That is a relentless love! And all of this was done for you! Yes, for you child of GOD!

So if you are in the middle of sin and addictions right now, step 1 -> Know that GOD and JESUS love you! That is step 1.......... they love you!

Step 1 - GOD still loves me........ JESUS still loves me....... GOD loves me....... JESUS LOVES ME............ And they are never going to stop loving me.

Step 2 - If you can, repent! Repentance is a gift, it is a gift that GOD gives us throughout our lives!

If you have the gift of repentance right now, for the love of GOD please use it!!!

Repentance means to walk away from, or turn away from doing what you were doing!

If you do not have the gift of repentance right now, pray for it, ask for it, cry out for it, beg for it and you will get it for sure!

Why will you get the gift? Because GOD loves you!!!

GOD loves you so much and he will give you the gift of repentance so ask for it and repent as soon as it settles in your heart!

Step 3 - Humble yourself!

JESUS was humble.... JESUS is the very definition of being humble!

Moses was the most humble man on earth at his time but his degree of being humble could not compare to the humbleness JESUS lived in......

We gotta keep humbling ourselves day and night the best we can with the grace GOD is giving us!

I tell you the truth, if you will not humble yourself guess what? Now GOD will do it!!! That might not be too pleasant child of GOD.

No matter what your going through tonight, JESUS loves you and he will not stop loving you, not now, not ever, not for all of eternity!

You cannot make JESUS stop loving you, that is impossible!

I had a Christian friend who fell away from JESUS for almost 3 years. He got super angry at JESUS.. He tried real hard to kick GOD and JESUS out of himself!

He tried over and over again to kick GOD and JESUS out of his spirit, out of his heart! He tried this for quite a while by going deeper and deeper into terrible sin!

Well guess what? GOD and JESUS taught my friend a little lesson about love! About true love, about what true love is!

With GOD and JESUS raining down miracle after miracle, blessing after blessing, love after love, etc etc they taught my friend a most incredible lesson!

One day this same friend was laying down and JESUS did a supernatural miracle for him!

JESUS rained down his love he has for my friend over a period of about 20 minutes. It kept getting stronger and stronger and stronger as each moment passed by!

JESUS kept raining down his love into my friend making it stronger and stronger and stronger. Guess what happened next?

After 5-10 minutes of this incredible supernatural event, my friend could not take anymore love from JESUS! It was starting to completely overwhelm him.

As the love grew stronger and stronger, my friend was being completely overwhelmed by JESUS' love for him! But it did not stop there!

The love kept coming stronger & stronger & stronger until my friend thought - Uh oh, this might be dangerous! The love was raining down so strong in him now, he was actually starting to get quite nervous that this is going to really start hurting him.

The love starting getting so strong, my friend could not take anymore, in fact the love was so strong my friend thought he might die!

Brother and sister, you have no idea how much JESUS loves you! You have no idea whatsoever, you cannot even pretend to understand!

Step 1 - Know GOD loves you.... Step 2 - Repent or pray for the gift of repentance ... Step 3 - Humble yourself! It is super important to be humbling yourself every single day!

Most of the bad things happening to us children of GOD are happening to us mainly because of our pride.....

GOD loves you!!!!!!!!! JESUS loves you!!!!!!! And they are NOT going to stop loving you! NO way, NO how, NOT POSSIBLE!

So do not give up tonight, JESUS is still with you whether you feel him or not! JESUS still loves you whether you feel it or not!

JESUS loves you so much, why not go spend some 1 on 1 time with him tonight!

JESUS is waiting for you with open arms right now to show you that he loves you!

Do not keep him waiting, he adores you! Go to the LORD now and spend some quiet time with him and allow him to heal your entire life I pray!

Heal them JESUS, hold them LORD, help them in their lives I pray JESUS.

The LORD of all lords loves you....... He is GOD'S SON............ His name in the English is - JESUS!

Love, your servant Garrett

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