Incredible Bible Math Codes!!

Here Below is a Tiny tiny example of a few of the THOUSANDS of Math Codes that GOD has input into the bible.

Divisible by 111

Lord God in Gen. 3:9 = 111

Notice the divisible value of 111 ties JESUS to GOD in the Old Testament

JESUS - 888 or 111 x 8
Lord God in Rev. 15:3 = 888 or 111 x 8
Lord JESUS in Rev. 22:20 = 111 x 11
Word = 111 x 2
Nazarene = 111 x 2
My beloved Son = 111 x 14

Some hidden values show up in the surface text.

Rev. 13:6 - the number of the beast is Six hundred and sixty six.


1st Pet. 5:8 - Adversary = 666
John. 1:9 - in the world = 666
Rev. 12:12 - Great wrath = 666
Rev. 18:3 - Merchantes of the earth = 666
Rev. 17:15 - Where the harlot sits = 666
Rev. 13:6 - BLasphemy against GOD = 666 x 3
Rev. 16:13 - Mouth of the dragon = 666 x 3
Rev. 13:3 - The whole world wondered after the beast = 666 x 5
Rev. 11:18 And to destroy the ones destroying the earth = 666 x 5

Rev. 14:1 ...behold, the Lamb...and with him a hundred and forty and four thousand


Rom. 11:7 - The elect = 144
Rev. 14:12 - The faith = 144 x 7
Rev. 22:17 The bride = 144 x 7
Rev. 14:3 - The 144 thousands = 144 x 7
Luke. 12:37 - Blessed are those servants = 144 x 7
Roman. 9:11 - Elect of GOD = 144 x 10
Rev. 14:4 - Purchased first fruits = 144 x 10
Rev. 1:7 - Clouds (Behold He cometh with the clouds) = 144 x 10


Another fantastic mathematical proof of the inspiration of Scriptures has been discovered. It has been popularly called “the Bible code,” which is also the name of the first book on the subject by Michael Drosnin. Below is a summary of things gleaned from his book.

John Maynard Keynes, who was provost of Cambridge University, discovered the papers of an earlier provost from 1696, Sir Isaac Newton. Keynes, who wrote Newton’s biography, reported that most of Newton’s writings were not about math, gravity, or the solar system, but theology. He reported that Newton believed there was a code in the Bible that recorded human history, past and future. Newton had been diligently searching for this for many years before he died. The Genius of Vilna, an 18th century sage said, “The rule is that all that was, is, and will be unto the end of time is included in the Torah, from the first word to the last word. And not merely in a general sense, but as to the details of every species and each one individually, and details of everything that happened to him from the day of his birth until his end.”

More than fifty-five years ago, Rabbi Weissmandel of Czechoslovakia discovered that if he picked every fiftieth letter from the beginning of Genesis the word “Torah” was spelled out. He found this skip sequence also in the rest of the books of the Torah, which are the five books given through Moses. Dr. Eliyahu Rips, a renowned Israeli mathematician, eventually unlocked this code by computer, an instrument that his predecessors lacked. His findings have been affirmed by first class mathematicians around the world in scientific journals, at Harvard, Yale, and Hebrew University, where he is Associate Professor of Mathematics. He has termed this code as “equidistant letter sequences” or “ELS.”

The sequences can skip one or many thousands of letters and can go from right to left or left to right in the text with the same letter being used more times than we know. This makes layer on top of layer on top of layer, etc. of information beneath the text of the Scriptures. Of course, words with few letters can be found randomly in other writings this way. However, in Scriptures, the words, phrases, or sentences grouped with other related words, phrases, or sentences of different skip sequence in the same text make this happening by chance beyond the realm of reason. Since Michael Drosnin’s book, many Bible code software programs have become available. By using this software, volumes of discoveries are being made around the world. I have found discoveries with my own software. A friend found my wife’s name and my own with our marriage date. Another friend found his family tree. If relatively unimportant things are found, just think about how much is actually there. It is probable that the Genius of Vilna was correct.

Revelations of the future are harder to come by because a person must have some kind of idea what to ask the software to search for. Drosnin found the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the year it was predicted a year before it actually happened. He also warned the Prime Minister, but sadly the prediction was fulfilled on time. Later, the assassin’s name was also found. He also found two months in advance the collision of the following: Shoemaker-Levy / will pound Jupiter / 8th AV (July 16).

Another thing that has been found is that the surface text is many times connected to the code beneath it. Drosnin shared an example of this in Daniel 12:4 where “computer” is encoded beginning with the words “shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end.” It is clear that the information sealed up in the Bible code could not be revealed until the time of the end when computers became available. Confirming this fact, beginning in Deuteronomy 12:11, “Bible code” is encoded and in Deuteronomy 12:12, “sealed before God” is encoded.

A few of the other codes found in his book are the Holocaust, the moon landing, WWII, Watergate with the impeachment, the Wright brothers with their airplane, Edison with his light bulb, Newton with gravity, both Kennedy assassinations with the assassins, Bill Clinton’s election, the Oklahoma City bombing with Murrah Building and Timothy McVeigh, etc. Most of these are given with pertinent information and sometimes dates. Also, there are future warnings of nuclear world wars, comets and asteroids striking the earth, terrible earthquakes, plagues, economic collapse, etc. Most of these are given with pertinent information and many times dates. Some of these are warnings just as Jonah warned Nineveh, which are conditional upon man’s actions, and some are prophecies that will surely come to pass.

The above codes have been in the Torah for over 3,000 years. Even more important proof of God’s sovereignty in the inspiration of Scriptures are the hundreds of prophecies in the surface text and the thousands of prophecies in the types and shadows of all the Bible that are consistently coming true after 2,000-3,000 years. No psychic, palm reader, crystal-ball reader, prognosticator, etc. can do such a thing, as Daniel also said. King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream in which was hidden the future of the kingdoms of the world until the end. When the devil’s false prophets could not reveal the dream or the future therein, Daniel by the Spirit of God did. First he told the king of his error in seeking the future from these people. (Dan.2:27)…The secret which the king hath demanded can neither wise men, enchanters, magicians, nor soothsayers, show unto the king; (28) but there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and he hath made known…what shall be in the latter days. Only a sovereign God could reveal to the king this future revelation of the history of the world. It is evident that the devil cannot accurately predict the future through his prophets because he has no sovereignty to bring it to pass. He can predict in the short term what he plans to bring to pass that is also ordained of God, but since all of his plans are not ordained, he makes many false prophecies.

Codes have been found recently throughout the Bible by various other researchers, such as Jesus’ name found throughout the Old Testament beneath prophecies of the coming Messiah, the World Trade Center attack, the involvement of Osama Bin Laden, the anthrax attack, the soon coming nuclear wars, the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein’s missile attack on Israel, Yasser Arafat and his war on Israel, the Enron catastrophe and its domino effect, the coming one-world currency, Flight 587, Flight 800 hit by a missile, the coming national ID card, the future bombing of the United States by al Qaeda and Bin Laden, the future nuclear attack by terrorists, the terrible government decisions that take away freedoms, abortion bringing the wrath of God, etc.

Numerics, theomatics, and the Bible code are several of the many different types of hidden codes found in Scriptures. I am convinced that a combination of these will uncover the greatest mysteries. To Bible code researchers of the New Testament, I have some advice: use Dr. Panin’s numerically correct Numeric Greek New Testament and you will find more and longer codes because only one letter added or subtracted from the original will destroy the numeric pattern in the text.

Only a mind beyond our comprehension could have designed these codes simultaneously beneath an intelligible text. Dear Friends, since God has made His Word so impressively exact, do you think He would ever depart from it? (Ps.119:89) For ever, O Lord, Thy word is settled in heaven. (Ps.89:34) My covenant will I not break, Nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips. (Heb.6:18)…It is impossible for God to lie…. Since this is true and God has spoken, He has bound His actions by His Word. His Word not only sets the conditions for eternal life but also sets the conditions for blessings and curses in our earthly life. There is nothing more important than studying God’s Word that we may learn to live in God’s kingdom and in so doing avoid the curses and live under the blessings.

    I pray that you enjoyed the small example of amazing MATH CODES that GOD has put into the bible. When we study the math codes, it builds up our faith tremendously. I believe GOD put the MATH CODES into the bible so the computer generations would find them and BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Garrett                             Bible Numerics