In Defense Of Tonex

In Defense Of Tonex!

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I was just watching a video of my favorite male Christian

 singer Tonex on You Tube.........

As I read the comments below, they were disgusting me. YES it

 is DISGUSTING how some Christians view homosexuality and

 judge others!

When Christians very unfairly judge other children of GOD who

 are battling against the demons of homosexuality, they are just

 begging GOD to give them a 2 year valley experience.......

We are called to love people, encourage people, motivate people,

 give grace to people, care about people, have compassion on

 people and try to help everyone we can! NOT throw other

 Christians under the bus.

When we condemn people what good does that do? All it does is

 put the demons of guilt, shame and condemnation into that

 person and now that child of GOD is worse of than they were

 before we talked to them!

Chapter 1:

If you were to remove every single musician, every single singer,

 every single choir member, every single back up singer from

 Gospel music who sin, do you know how many Gospel

 performers would be left?


YES ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!

There would be zero performers left!

We all sin, everyone on earth sins!

If you have not learned this yet, keep praying, keep studying and

 GOD will show you this clearly.

When Tonex came out publicly and said he was battling against

 homosexuality at about the year 2000, all of his concert dates

 got canceled!

People threatened him!

He was black listed by the churches etc etc etc............

Let me ask a question here please --->>>

Please name to me 1 single Christian performer who does not sin?

Please just name one to me!

Just one!!!!!

If we were to black list every single Christian performer who

 sins, do you know how many Christians performers we would

 have left in the world?


If Tonex came out publicly in the year 2000 and said he was

 battling alcohol, nobody would of canceled his dates, nobody

 would of threatened his life, nobody would of blacklisted him!

The same would be true if he confessed he had a porn problem!

The same would be true if he confessed he had a problem with

 fear, anxiety or battling depression!


Of course!!!

But because it was homosexuality, the ENTIRE CHURCH

 blacklisted him, threatened him, and canceled all of his concert

 dates etc etc............


This is the end time church that has fallen down so hard, they

 view a Christian who is battling against the demons of

 homosexuality far, far, FAR worse than another child of GOD

 who is battling a porn problem, or a masturbation problem, or a

 fornication problem...

And why?

Why does the church do this?

Because of darkness inside of it's members!

It is pure darkness inside of other Christians that judges yet

 other Christians who are battling against homosexuality so

 terribly, so judgmental, so unfairly, so hypocritical etc etc.......



And they very unfairly, very self righteously, very pridefully

 judged Tonex unfairly too!

GOD stuck by Tonex when everyone, EVERYONE else LEFT!!!!

John P Kee and Tonex performing together!

Chapter 2:

Now because of all of these very difficult experiences, Tonex's

 worship of GOD is much deeper, much more real, more

 intimate now according to Tone'x own words!

If Tonex is going to hell like some people say he is all because he

 is battling against the demons of homosexuality, what about the

 Christians who are battling against alcohol?

What about the chosen ones who are battling against

 masturbation and porn?

What about the chosen ones who are battling against drugs or


What about the chosen ones who are battling against smoking

 weed, or watching horror movies?

What about the chosen ones who teach false doctrines?

In fact, if that false doctrine was true and it is NOT, but if it was

 true, NO chosen one's of GOD would get into heaven, NO


I pray for those of you who have ears to hear are hearing what

 we are saying here! I really do!

Didn't GOD say that he will use ALL things for the good to those

 who love him and are called according to his purposes? Of

 course HE did, just read Romans 8:28!

Chapter 3:

Tonex loves GOD, I just watched an interview with him and he

 MOST assuredly loves GOD'S son JESUS!

Uh oh, some of your theologies here just got a huge dent in

 them! Uh oh, some of you are very offended now. Oh well you

 better just deal with it!

Can GOD use a battle against the demons of homosexuality in a

 chosen one's life for their good?


I know multiple Chosen one's of GOD who are either battling the

 demons of homosexuality, or use to battle them in the past!

Have any of you ever heard of the great Christian musician

 Dennis Jernigan? He battled the demons of homosexuality for a

 very long time!

I just watched another new video of Tonex on You tube singing

 to GOD....... I mean when you hear his voice, you hear his

 emotions and you watch him sing, you can just tell that he has a

 real deep relationship with GOD, it is so obvious!

GOD said if we have committed even one sin, we have broken

 the entire law....

So if a Chosen one who is battling the demons of homosexuality

 cannot get into heaven, neither can you NOR I too!


Because we all sin every single day!

Do you see children of GOD how your theology is very wrong on

 this topic!

Now I have never ever ever said sinning is OK to do, NOR have I

 ever even hinted this in 14 years of ministry work!

The chosen ones get grace from GOD to love and abide in JESUS

 more and more and more as time goes by in their lives!

Because of this, they are sinning less and less and less too!

We try to fight against sinning because we love GOD...... Because

 GOD loves us. Because we actually want to obey GOD!


We are NOT saved for all of eternity because we quit sinning......

 That right there are lies from the demons and a lack of bible


We are saved because GOD chose us to be in his son JESUS

 CHRIST before the universe was ever created!

And since GOD chose us, he CALLS us to himself! And since he

 calls us, HE gives us RIGHT standing with himself. And since

 we have RIGHT standing with GOD, GOD will give us glory too!

Do not believe me?

Read Romans 8:30 - 30 And having chosen them, he called them

 to come to him. And having called them, he gave them right

 standing with himself. And having given them right standing, he

 gave them his glory.

GOD only sees JESUS in you...................... This is very

 important to study and understand!

GOD only sees JESUS and HIS righteousness covering you!

GOD sees his son's blood covering you!

Now this is some very very good news!

So before you ever ever ever ever tell a chosen one who is

 battling the demons of homosexuality that they are going to hell →

You BETTER shut your mouth, study much more, keep your

 mouth still shut, and humble yourself!

You have no idea what you are even talking about if you hold on

 to those terrible theological views!

Study more people, study more while we still can!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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