I Do Not Need Happiness

I Do Not Need Happiness!

I do not need to be happy, I need to learn how to obey you LORD...........

I do not need to be happy LORD, I need to learn how to put the bible into daily practice in my life.

I am not content JESUS with the way that I abide in you. I want more of you LORD, I want more of you in my life I pray.

I do not need to be happy, I need to learn to make reading the bible very important in my day to day life........

Here I am LORD, use me I pray! I want to do more for the kingdom of GOD.

I do not want to be happy JESUS, I want to learn how to war O LORD, teach me how to war JESUS. I want to fight for the kingdom of GOD.

How on earth could I learn how to do any of these things? Only by your grace FATHER in heaven...... Only by your grace!

I do not want to look happy! I do not want to be happy! I have all of eternity to be happy praise GOD. Right now I need to learn how to do warfare, seriously deadly spiritual warfare O LORD will you please teach me JESUS.

I do not want Christian women to say to each other when they point at me - Wow that guy looks happy, he could be a wonderful person to marry!

No no no no no no I do not want that!

I want to look like I have been in a terrible, TERRIBLE WAR.

I want to look like I have been beaten badly!

When someone sees me, I want them to think of some of the worse fighting in all of WW2. When someone sees me, I want them to think of some of the worse fighting between the 300 Greek Phalanxes and the Persian army! When someone looks at me, I want them to think that I have been through some of their worse nightmares! That is what I want O LORD GOD.

I want to look beaten, bruised and bloody!

I want to look like I have the blood of CHRIST covering me like a powerful shield of consuming fire!

When I was younger I wanted to be happy, I always complained I was never happy! Wow what a demonic trap that was! I complained off and on my entire life that I was never happy. 

I am not here to be happy JESUS...... I am here to learn how to obey you and to learn how to do warfare!

Why? Because the enemy has taken the land........ And GOD is raising up new people, a new army now who are willing to fight on the front lines of this incredibly difficult spiritual war we are in.

If you are willing to fight on the front lines, you will not, I say it again, you will not have much happiness in your life, that is an absolute fact!

But you will be a part of GOD'S chosen army! A group of people world wide who care, who really care about the injustices being done everywhere!

You will be a part of GOD'S world wide army that will loose the spiritual chains of bondage tying people down into terrible sin & addiction! You will be a part of the army of the kingdom of GOD will help take down the world wide abortion industries, who will help take down the world wide porn industries, who will help take down the world wide human trafficking/sex trafficking rings that are destroying lives in every city of the world!

How you say?

By learning how to do warfare, spiritual warfare for the kingdom of GOD!

I do not wanna be happy, I do not wanna look like I am happy, I do not want to dress like I am happy, I do not wanna smile like I am happy and I do not want to talk like I am happy! I want to look, dress, and talk like the LORD is using me as one of his deadly assassins for the kingdom of GOD, a true special forces Christian who fights on the front lines of this terrible war we are in. This war is so terrible, so evil, so dark, that the losers do not just die, the losers go to the lake of fire for all of eternity! 

Now who wants to join me on the front lines of this most deadly war we are in?

And even though I am single, I am NOT available!


Because the enemy has beaten the living you know what out of mankind for 6000 years and someone has to start fighting back! Will you be that someone or would you rather go day to day striving for some happiness in your life? Would you be willing to be that soldier who fights on the front lines of this most vicious battle, or would you rather be married to a super model Christian instead?

I want to look like I have been in the worse war that mankind has ever seen on the face of the planet!

I want Christian women to point at me and say →  Wow, stay away from that guy, something is very wrong with him! I want Christian women to say → Wow! Look at that guys face, look at his clothes, look at his eyes, he looks like he just came from a war. Stay away from that guy at all costs, I would never want to marry a guy like him.

That is exactly what I want Christian women to say about me.

I want the Christian women to look at me, to look at my face, to look at the tears rolling down my cheeks and say →   He is probably not reading his bible, or I bet he is stuck in sin, look at him! He is probably addicted to drugs, that is why he is crying right now.

That is what I want people to say at about me when they see my war torn face and tears......

If you are a chosen one of GOD, you must learn
 spiritual warfare!

Why? Because you have GOD living inside of you and GOD wants to free the captives, break the chains, and rain down his love on people! GOD wants people to pray to him to stop the world wide abortions, to take down the world wide porn industries, to take down the world wide sex trafficking of women and little children. GOD wants to use you to help take down the beast/satanic system that is ruling the earth now..........

And guess what? He can do it through you if you are willing..............

Now if you just want to be happy here on earth, your Christian walk will be very very shallow!

But if you want to enter the war, if you want to get your hands dirty, let GOD know how willing you are!

But I warn you right now, there will not be much happiness in this lifetime if you really and truly want to make a difference here on earth for the kingdom of GOD. I mean if you are really willing to join up with the kingdom of GOD and start fighting on the front lines, you will NOT see much happiness in your life.....

So if you chose the GOD of – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and if all you wanna do is be happy, you probably chose the wrong GOD to follow!

Because I tell you to your face, if you choose the GOD who is JESUS' DAD, there is going to be terrible warfare ahead!

But some of you might say → Yes I do want to follow GOD and his son JESUS but I will not enter the war you are talking about Garrett!

Well listen here child of GOD, here is what will happen to you →

 Just because you do not do your spiritual warfare does not mean the spiritual enemies will not attack you, slam you, hit you in the face, rabbit punch you and kick you in your ribs while you are down in the gutter.... Whether you fight or not has nothing to do with what the enemies will do to you! They will attack you relentlessly your entire life and you will have the most terrible life on planet earth if you are not willing to fight back. They will bully you, abuse you, torment you, torture you and hurt you badly!

So if you want to walk around all happy, trying to attract a wife or husband everywhere you go, trying to dress perfectly all the time, well what can I say!

But if you want to make a difference here on earth before you go home to heaven for eternity, if you want to enter the front lines of this terrible war we are stuck in over the souls of mankind, please join me!

Please join me right now I pray.

FATHER, FATHER in heaven, we are willing! We want you to use us to make a difference here on earth! Use us FATHER we all pray!

We realize there might be some lonely nights, we realize the demons will fight back, we realize we are going to have to cry sometimes, we realize we are going to have to fall down on our knees at times, we realize this!

We realize no hot Christian guys or girls will probably never want us!!! Because of our eyes, because of our body language, because of the war torn scars all over our face and body. We realize all of this FATHER......

We realize other Christians will turn on us from time to time because of how seriously we are taking you JESUS! Because of the scars on our soul, on our heart, on our bodies from the terrible spiritual warfare!

Even though most of this is true, we still volunteer FATHER in heaven, we still are willing if you will have us LORD.

We want to be your true body JESUS, we want to be your chosen ones, we want to enter the spiritual war and help set people free from the lake of fire, free from their addictions, free from the sadness, loneliness and depression, free from the hurting and pain........ Here I am LORD, use me!

We volunteer right now JESUS for your military service!! Teach us how to war O LORD, teach us how to fight with your grace we pray! We realize there will be just about no happiness in our lives, we realize this yet we are still willing JESUS!

Teach us how to use our sword we pray! Teach us how to defend ourselves from the terrible attacks from the enemies!

Teach us how to make it through the cold dark lonely nights coming up ahead as we enter into your military service!

Teach us how to stay covered with your blood at all times while the bad angels rain down hell over our lives,over our jobs, over our Christians friends, over our finances....

I do not want happiness, I do not care about that garbage anymore... I want you JESUS, and I want to help people real badly!

So LORD we say no to happiness, we say no to marrying super hot Christian men and women!

We say no JESUS to everything, EVERYTHING that pulls us away from you and fighting for the kingdom of GOD, we say no!

We are going to look like war, we are going to look like hell rained down on us and no hot Christian models are going to want anything to do with us.

And you know what JESUS? Good............ Let it be so! Use us LORD to set your children free from porn and masturbation! Use us LORD to set your children free from drugs and alcohol. Use us LORD to lay on hands and heal through us JESUS! Use us LORD to feed the hungry, to clothe the poor, to heal the sick, to preach the gospel of the good news of your life, of your death on the cross O LORD WE PRAY. Use us we pray!

Let the pain come, let the hurting come, let the sleepless nights come, let the tears come O LORD because with you by your side JESUS, we can continue fighting! We can make it another day.

We know we will get bloodied sometimes, we know we will get the #$%^ beaten out of us once in a while, but we do not want to quit!

Teach us how to put on our breast plate of righteousness we pray! Show us LORD, we are your servants, we are your soldiers! Teach us LORD how to be a true soldier for your kingdom we pray.

These bad angles have hurt enough people! They have done enough I say! Send grace LORD, show us what to do............. Teach us LORD for we are your servants.....

And now these bad angels want to come out with their entire whole FAKE UFO/fake alien thing....... NO JESUS! I say in the name of JESUS, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord they did the abortion, they do the human trafficking, they do the world wide drug trade.... Enough is enough I say JESUS! Show us how to sharpen our swords, show us how to wear our armor LORD. Show us what to do, how to do it, when to do it and why we are doing it LORD OF HEAVEN'S ARMIES........

Now who will join me? Who will tell the LORD you want to learn how to fight back in this spiritual warfare?

Who will give up marrying hot models, great careers, music contracts, speaking engagements all to enter into the front lines of the real war, the war the kingdom of GOD is in? Who will volunteer with me?

Will you put on your military fatigues, are you willing to get scars all over your body! Are you will to bleed to set the captives free? 

After all, JESUS did the same for you so are you willing to go through the same for someone else?

Are you willing child of GOD? Count the cost first........ Because the bad angels will fight back!

The bad angels will hit you like a Mike Tyson uppercut to your face if JESUS allows it.......... Count the cost children of GOD! Do not enter the war unless your willing to get hit and to get hit real real hard......... Here are a few of the attacks that the enemy might hit you with → They might cause your spouse to divorce you. Or you fiancee' all of the sudden to break up with you. You might start to have financial problems, or you will find that your Christians friends are now gossiping about you behind your back. You will go through sadness, loneliness, depression, lust, rejection and condemnation too if possible. You might lose your job, or lose all your friends, or even your own church might kick you out! So count the cost child of GOD, make sure you really want to fight for the kingdom of GOD, that you really want GOD to use you to set the captives free!!!

I don't need no stinking happiness....... I do not need that kind of garbage in my life... I need you JESUS!

I need you LORD and I need to sharpen my sword. My bible knowledge is lacking JESUS, help me I pray, send grace!

How can we fight in this war against the bad angels if our sword is dull, or cracked or has mud all over it?

We need a glistening, super sharp, double sided, awesome shiny sword that will bring terror to the demons in the name of JESUS!

By the way, for new Christians, the sword in this story is the bible and our bible knowledge!

Give us our swords O LORD GOD IN HEAVEN........ Send grace so we can really get to the holy bible very seriously I pray!

I do not need any stinking happiness, I do not need a speaking career, I do not need a super model wife. I do need need to get my books published, I do not need to get a recording contract for my music. I need to learn the bible better O LORD GOD MASTER of the universe!!!

I need to help my brothers and sisters here on earth who are suffering terribly under the world wide demonic oppression.......

I need you O LORD to use me, work through me, be in me and have me help people to get their flesh toned down inside of them..... They are being consumed by their own evil flesh/their sinful carnal nature. 

Here I am LORD, use me I pray!

Now come on children of GOD tell JESUS what size boots you wear, what size helmet you need, what size military fatigues you need!

The line is starting right now, get in line  now, the holy angels are recruiting warriors............

But remember what I said first, you must count the cost!

You are going to get hit back, you are going to have sleepless nights, terrible dreams, attacks on your body, emotional attacks too! You are going to get some nightmares sometimes and even have xxx rated bad dreams too.  You are going to lose Christian friends, you might lose your wife or husband, you will lose just about everything to enter this war!!!

I am telling you this ahead of time so you do not complain and murmur later!

Child of GOD you will lose just about everything if you want to fight on the front lines of this most incredible war.

Kiss goodbye having a family, kiss goodbye your speaking engagements, your book deals, your recording contracts, your expensive business suits, your gold watches and your Mercedes too! 


Why will we lose all of this. Because with GOD'S grace, you will become a deadly special forces soldier for the body of CHRIST!

You will be a sniper for JESUS, you will a ninja for the FATHER in heaven, you will be like a US navy seal for the kingdom of GOD!

When the LORD teaches you how to fight and he sharpens your sword, you will be deadly.....

Deadly soldiers do not have time for super model husbands, nor for speaking engagements in cushy churches, nor for plush recording contracts, or for owning high rise condo's downtown, nor for owning huge prosperous business all over the world.

By GOD'S grace you will be so deadly to the enemy, that the enemies all over the world will strategize against you!

There will be demonic generals having meetings in secret places all about you....

There will be demonic princes and captains that will hand down orders to their soldiers and guess what will be in the orders?

You guessed it! It will be all about you child of GOD, it will be all about you....

So before you join this war, before you tell JESUS what size boots you wear, you better count the cost first!

Because the enemy will fight back, you will get slammed in the face, you will get kicked in the stomach, they will rabbit punch you and leave you down in the gutter all alone, by yourself, with nobody to help, but the LORD JESUS!

You will be bleeding and bruised during some of the fights with the enemy.

And the enemies will not play fair. If they can, they will use your husband or wife to attack you if possible!

If they can, they will use your pastor, deacons and elders to attack you if possible!

If they can, the demonic Generals will use your close Christians friends to stab you in the back with a icy cold black knife!

If they can, the demonic captains will destroy your speaking engagements, your church sponsorship, your book deals, your music contracts! They will get your bosses to turn against you, they will try to get your co-workers to gossip about you and spread lies about you! I have experienced this myself.

But you know what? Every now and then when GOD uses you to set some of his children free, IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT! It will be soooooooooooooo worth it.

I do not need happiness.......... I need you JESUS to teach me how to abide in you, how to fight, how to war, how to love, how to care more, how to take the bible more seriously, how to have more compassion I pray.

No I do NOT need happiness.

If you join me on the front lines of this terrible war, we will be too busy in this war getting new orders from the LORD OF HEAVENS ARMIES to worry about dating anyone at all! We will not even have to think about the opposite sex anymore nor marriage. Why? Because GOD has too much for us to do during this end time generation. The fields are so ripe!!!!!

We will be too busy to worry about speaking to people at the cushy church downtown!

You will be the one feeding the homeless and laying hands on the homeless people downtown while the church service goes on inside!

You will be the one passing out clothes downtown and speaking to homeless people while someone else speaks on the podium inside of that cushy church!

Now are you willing to fight? Are you willing to learn how to fight? Are you willing to get a super SUPER SHARP SWORD?

Are you willing to be hit in the face all for the possibility of speaking to someone about the LORD JESUS and setting that person free?

Are you willing to have blood dripping out of your mouth from that sucker punch from the evil angel so as to lay hands on the sick and have GOD heal them from the terrible illness that they have been tormented in?

Are you willing to look like hell because you are living on the very front line of the battle?

Are you willing to rely on JESUS 100% for every single thing you need knowing that without grace, the demons would shred you to pieces?

Are you willing to go through betrayal all for the sake of helping people who are hurting and depressed to be free in JESUS?

Or would you just like to simply go to church every other Sunday and be happy?

Or once again would you just like to go to church 1 time a month and marry a super model?

Or once again would you like to go to church a few times a year, read your bible a few hours a month and keep getting speaking engagements?

Do you want to do the same old boring, stale, weak, muddy spiritual life? Or are you looking for something new?

Please consider saying no to happiness and think about entering the military!!! JESUS' special forces military.

The choice is yours. Do you wanna keep playing it safe in your life? Or do you want to experience the book of Acts? The choice is yours!

I do not need happiness, not while my brothers and sisters are suffering so badly in their lives, or in their minds, or in their bodies, or even their marriages. Not while 3000 babies are still being murdered every single day in the USA and nobody is talking about it. Not when – Sadness, loneliness, depression and lust are rampant in the church body....... Not while the Christian divorce rate is over 52%, not while Christians are living in despair day to day, being weighed down with all kinds of fleshly desires and addictions.

No I do not need happiness, I need JESUS.

Sincerely, your servant Garrett

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