Don't Make Me Laugh!

I want you children of GOD to understand something please!

ISIS, or if you want to call them IS, IL -

 (Is simply al-Qaeda)

It is proven that 98% of all ISIS fighters are al-Qaeda. 


The USA, Saudia Arabia & the Elites/Illuminati of the world simply changed al-Qaeda’s name
to confuse the population of the world, ESPECIALLY the US population......

This is not the first time the USA has changed al-Qaeda's name.... This is simply the most recent.

al-Qaeda was formed by the CIA sometime around 1988 to fight against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

The CIA formed them, trained them, funded them and gave them their weapons. Because of the training, the financial aid and the high tech military equipment that the CIA gave to al-Qaeda, they were able to inflict serious losses on the Russian military and the Russians eventually pulled out of Afghanistan.

The word – al-Qaeda simply means – The Base!

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The USA, Saudia Arabia along with the elite/Illuminati are in full control of ISIS/al-Qaeda.

The USA is NOT fighting ISIS, WE ARE NOT BOMBING ISIS/al-Qaeda either.... Just about everything being report on the world wide news about ISIS/al-Qaeda are pure lies, deceptions and half truths.

Saudia Arabia's Flag

On the contrary. The USA, Saudia Arabia, Qatar and possibly others are funding ISIS/al-Qaeda AND supplying all of their military equipment too. They are using ISIS/al-Qaeda as puppets to do their dirty work all over the world, especially in the Middle East.

So what is this about?

The Elites of the world, Great Britain, the USA/Saudia Arabia/ Qatar and possibly Israel and possibly Turkey too among others want to remove President Assad in Syria is their leader.

They are also using ISIS/al-Qaeda To hunt down and kill Christians. The USA, the Elite/Illuminati, and others want to invade Syria real badly.... This invasion is already under way and it might lead to horrific prophecies being fulfilled in Syria shortly too..............

It seems the USA, the Elite/Illuminati and others are getting rid of all of the leaders of the world who are not willing to play ball and join the one world government. Or in other words, they seem to be systematically getting rid of leader after leader who will not join their one world government policies to say the least!

All of this ISIS/al-Qaeda DIS-INFORMATION used against you is all pure garbage, lies and deceptions........... 

Are the Elites in Europe who run and control the US government using ISIS/al-Qaeda to hunt down, to beat, to torture, to rape and kill Christians?

OH YES THEY DO, AND OH YES THEY ARE, AND OH YES THIS WILL CONTINUE IN MY OPINION FOR SURE and it will be worldwide in just a few years from now.........

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I am not saying that the Elite/Illuminati men and women of the world will use ISIS/al-Qaeda to hunt down and kill Christians, but whether it is ISIS/al-Qaeda, foreign troops, commandos, or the US military, it does not matter....

The persecution of Christians all over the world is really escalating up now and it is going to get worse and worse and worse as each year goes by now!

ISIS is simply al-Qaeda but they have much more money now, and much more military equipment too. The Elite of the world along with Great Britain, the USA, Saudia Arabia and others will use ISIS/al-Qaeda to attack countries, cities, villages and peoples of the world where the USA cannot attack at this time because of either political reasons, or any other reason preventing the US military from wrecking havoc in other parts of the world........

So is ISIS/al-Qaeda in the USA? 

Since they take their orders from the USA, since they are partially funded by the USA, and since they are given military equipment at least partially or almost fully by the USA, if ISIS/al-Qaeda is in the USA, it is ONLY BECAUSE THE ELITES OF THE WORLD AND THE US GOVERNMENT PURPOSELY BROUGHT THEM IN, FUNDED THEM AND GAVE THEM THEIR EQUIPMENT, housing, US identification etc etc etc....

Why would the USA do this? Because the Elites who run the US Government hate our country, they hate our freedom, they hate Jews, they hate Christians, they hate our prosperity and they want to bring us down economically, politically, and militarily too! 

Oh I almost forgot... They want to take us down religiously too!

We have a huge amount of Chosen ones in the USA, yes true children of GOD and the Elite of the world and parts of the US government hate us with a satanic evil hate that we cannot even understand.

This is why the FEMA/concentration camps are already built. This is why the guillotines are already here on US soil from what I understand. This is why they buy bullets and ammunition by the billions. This is why they are going to have tens and tens and tens of thousands of drones patrolling the skies of the US!


Because they hate us, because they are walking with satan hand in hand and all they want is our total destruction!

GOD will use all of this to fulfill prophecy and to have his chosen ones martyred for their faith in JESUS...........

If in the near future you hear on the news that ISIS/al-Qaeda has committed any acts of terrorism in the USA, it is simply the Elite/Illuminati/US State Department officials of the world and parts of the US Government who are doing it, who are responsible, who are behind these attacks of deception and evil.

This is not a new plan. For thousands of years now, Governments, leaders, emperors etc etc have used false flag attacks on their population for various evil reasons...

So people of GOD, this is NOTHING NEW!!! This is the age old plan of using false attacks for the devious, evil, satanic agendas that these people have in their hearts and souls!

Qatar's Flag

When these attacks happen in the US and the Western world, will ISIS/al-Qaeda
get the blame? Will they be the scapegoat? Most likely!

Most like when the false flag terrorist attacks happen in the USA, the government will blame some pretend evil organization that we all know now that the US formed, trained, financed, equipped and give their marching orders too!

As of right now in 2014 – It looks like the puppets in our US government who are really under orders from the elite/Illuminati of the world are ramping up to blame the fake ISIS/al-Qaeda.....

Sure this could change, but for now, it looks like they are trying to get us to believe that ISIS/al-Qaeda will be responsible which is pure garbage!

But mark my words, when all hell starts breaking loose all over the world, IT IS NOT ISIS/al-Qaeda WHO IS DOING IT.

It is the Elite men and women of the world who run most Governments of the world! It will be the USA, Great Britain, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, possibly Turkey, possibly Israel and others who are fully responsible for the mess the world is in now....

And by the way, Russia and China are not innocent either!

YES PEOPLE, ISIS/al-Qaeda ARE SIMPLY PUPPETS OF THE Elite, the USA, Saudia Arabia and other kingdoms too who control them, who fund them, who equipped them and who give their orders.............

So children of GOD, please stop paying attention to all of the garbage the news is feeding you about this fake group of soldiers we call ISIS..................

You are so wasting your time watching the news about them, or believing the garbage our US state department feeds us on this entire fake group we call – ISIS/al-Qaeda

It is all pure garbage...............

Love, your servant Garrett 

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