There is one choice that we all have to make in life. This choice is more important then any other choice we will ever be faced with. This decision that we all have to make is much more important then choosing a person to marry. It is far more important then which house we should buy, and it is more important then choosing what city to live in. This decision that all of us are faced with is - WHERE WILL OUR SOUL AND SPIRIT LIVE FOR ETERNITY!

2 Choices


    The choices we make in life while living here on Earth will dictate exactly where our soul and spirit will live for the rest of eternity. These choices far out weight anything else we will ever face. Some of us will be living in Heaven for eternity. There, we will be with our LORD JESUS and the Angels and some of our family members, but for the rest of us, there will be nothing to look forward to at all except living in hell and there will be no way of escaping the punishment that hell has to offer. The people who choose to go to hell, will be in the lake of burning fire for eternity crying out to GOD to save them, but it will be too late for them. As you can see, the choices we make in life have repercussions extending all the way into eternity.

The Love of GOD


    GOD left heaven to die in a terrible death on the cross that lasted over 12 hours. The bible says that not only was JESUS’ beard pulled out, but that he was hardly even recognizable on the cross. Our GOD died a thieves death naked on the cross, THAT IS WHAT I CALL TRUE LOVE. There is no greater act of love in all the world then when a person dies for his friends. That is precisely what JESUS did. He gave up his life in a terrible death for his friends. Who are his friends then?

Important Choice #1


    JESUS loves you so much, and he wants you to be with him in heaven for eternity. JESUS created us to know him and love him in a close, personal, intimate, fiery relationship. It is by keeping this intimate relationship with JESUS that we can be assured of entering into heaven for eternity. IT IS ALSO BY KEEPING THIS PASSIONATE RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS THAT WE WILL THEN BE CALLED A FRIEND OF GOD.

    JESUS never sinned, yet he gave up his life willingly to die naked on the cross for our terrible sins. Because of this, we are asked by GOD to repent our sins to JESUS so we can be forgiven. The blood of JESUS and his death on the cross washes us clean of our sins when we repent to him. LET US REPENT OUR SINS TO JESUS right now, so we too can be forgiven and start to enter into our destiny with GOD. When you repent your sins to JESUS, you will feel so much better. You will feel forgiven and JESUS will make your shame and guilt go away. The shame and guilt that you have been carrying inside of yourself for all of these years will finally go away as you repent your sins to JESUS. It is truly such a wonderful feeling to be and feel forgiven by the LORD JESUS, to be free from the shame and guilt that we carried with us for all of the years of our sinning. JESUS is called Faithful and True, so we also know that when you do repent your sins to him, he will be faithful and true to forgive you. So we don’t have to have any fear as we approach JESUS with a repentant heart. All of heaven celebrates when each person repents their sins to JESUS. So enter into your destiny with GOD and ask JESUS to forgive your sins and feel the love of the LORD enter into your heart and soul.

Important Choice #2


    JESUS created you and he adores you so much. You are very precious to him. Because of his passion for you, he would want you to know him and keep a passionate relationship with him too. Jesus created you to have a loving friendship with him, this is what JESUS seeks from you more then anything else. Sure he does want us to repent our sins to him, and yes he does want us to obey him and revere him, but it’s the loving relationship that is what he is really longing for with you. Those of us who keep a close, personal, intimate relationship with JESUS will be called friends of GOD. It is impossible to have a friendship with GOD without have a close relationship with him. Think about your best friend in your life. Could he or she be called your best friend without having a close relationship with them? OF COURSE NOT. And it is the same with JESUS. GOD created us to have a loving friendship with him, and this is what JESUS is seeking more then anything else.

    The first step in starting a loving passionate relationship with JESUS would be to invite him into your life. Inviting JESUS into your life will be the greatest decision you could ever make. We were created to know and love JESUS so the first step into knowing and loving JESUS will be once again to ask him to enter your life. JESUS has been waiting by your side for years and possibly even decades just to hear this invitation from you. Just the mere fact that JESUS has been waiting by your side for possibly even decades just to hear a hello from you gives us just a tiny glimpse of JUST HOW INCREDIBLE OUR GOD TRULY IS.

JESUS is the Best Friend You Never Knew You Had


     Invite JESUS into your life and out of nowhere, you now all of the sudden have a brand new best friend. JESUS is the best friend that you never knew you had. While you were ignoring JESUS for all of those years, he stayed right by your side carrying a love for you that would never end. Some of you left JESUS, but he would never ever leave you. Some of you cheated on JESUS by making your job or girlfriend or boyfriend more important then HIM, but you will always be the most important thing to JESUS. Some of you broke JESUS’ heart or hurt his feelings, but JESUS would never hurt you, JESUS would never lie to you, JESUS would never reject you, he is always willing to spend time with you, and to hear from you each day and night is what the LORD JESUS is longing for with a incredible passion for you. JESUS has been waiting by your side for years and even decades, just waiting for you to say hello. Have you ever known a friend who would be willing to do that? WOW WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS. invite JESUS into your life, don’t be afraid, enter into your destiny with GOD and start a wonderful friendship with the only one who will ever truly love you - JESUS.

How Can I Get Closer To JESUS?


    Talk to JESUS! Sure he is invisible, but by talking to JESUS you will get to know him real well in a close, personal and intimate relationship. Start by talking to JESUS during the day and night about everything going on in your life. That would include talking to JESUS about the really important topics, and also talking with him about a lot of the smaller things going on in your life on a day to day basis too. Since he created you, JESUS is very interested in every single aspect of your life no matter how large or small. Never feel like something is too small to bring up with JESUS for just hearing from you stirs up a mighty passion in the heart of GOD. As you talk to JESUS every day, you will notice that after a week or two, you will start to feel like you are learning more and more about him. The reason why is, as you talk with JESUS every day and night HE IS ACTUALLY TALKING BACK TO YOU. So as you talk to him and as he talks back to you, you will get to know him real well in that close, personal, intimate and fiery relationship that I had mentioned earlier in this article.

Talking to JESUS is a wonderful way to get to know him, but here is another excellent way to further your relationship with GOD.

    Praying! Pray to JESUS as much as you can day and night, for if you ask you will receive, so ask a lot of our risen LORD and KING and be super blessed. Those of you reading this article who have children know that when our children ask of us, it is our pleasure to help them and bless our children as much as we can. So our LORD and CREATOR JESUS also loves when we ask of him too. THE LORD loves to answer his children’s prayers and the bible tells us to pray without ceasing. We know that if we have repented our sins and if we have forgiven those who have hurt us, that GOD is FAITHFUL & TRUE to answer our prayers. A good healthy prayer life with JESUS is essential to having a close personal relationship with JESUS. Instead of us turning to prayers last after we have tried everything else, let us learn to pray first, before we try anything else. The prayers of a person abiding in JESUS can move mountains - they can move planets - and the prayers of a righteous person can even move GODS heart into answer the prayers quickly and swiftly for those who believe.

    Read the bible as much as you can each day and night. The bible is the word of GOD and JESUS is the word of GOD. Just reading the bible daily will greatly uplift you and the peace that will enter into your life will feel so wonderful. Here is a wonderful experiment to try. Lay down on your couch and read your bible for just 30 minutes. After 30 minutes look around your room and just feel the peace that is not only in your house, but feel the wonderful peace that has also entered your heart and soul and mind by spending a few minutes with GODS word. The bible is our work book per se, or our study manual. Reading the bible every day first and foremost explains to us who GOD is, which is very important to understand. We must learn and get to understand who GOD is first, so we can then work on our relationship with GOD. It also explains in great detail just what exactly GOD expect of us. We will read stories in the bible of GODS unfailing love and his endless mercy for us, but at the same time, we will read wonderful stories of who we are and what other Christians have experienced in life before us. When were sad or afraid we can read the psalms to feel better. When we are wondering why life here on earth is the way it is, we can read Ecclesiastes to help us to understand why GOD created humans to live on earth the way that we do. When we have enemies trying to hurt us, we can read the stories of King David to uplift us and teach us just how wonderfully our GOD protects us from our enemies. The bible brings us closer to GOD, SO READING THE BIBLE will most definitely bring you closer to JESUS and yet at the same time, it will also get us on a good foothold towards entering into heaven for eternity.

    Worship JESUS with all of your heart and soul and tears. When we worship JESUS we are loving JESUS, and when we love JESUS, HIS love comes roaring back to us like a tidal wave and it turns our entire life around. All this cold dark world is really missing is love. Likewise, all that we are really missing in our lives is the love of GOD through JESUS. JESUS never sinned, yet he gave up his life willingly on the cross for our sins. This is reason enough for us to be able to worship JESUS for eternity. As we go through life each day, JESUS is giving us more and more reasons for us to worship him for eternity. He is constantly blessing us and answering our prayers. When we worship JESUS we are entering into our destiny with GOD. Nothing in all the universe is more powerful then worshipping JESUS. When we do worship JESUS we are actually loving him, and we were created to love GOD, so GOD lives and inhabits in our worshipping.

    Since JESUS is a spirit, we make love to him in the spirit. So worshipping JESUS spiritually would be the equivalent of holding his hand, or hugging him, and many other intimate ways. When we worship JESUS, raise your hands up to JESUS and let us tell him how much we love him. How bad we need him in our lives. Just how lost we are without him. Thanking him for all of the wonderful things he has done for us. How we want to be with him in heaven for eternity, and on and on and on. The fastest most powerful way you can turn your life around is to start worshipping JESUS daily for at least 25 minutes. Ezra 8:22 says - GODS hand of protection is on all who worship him. When you start worshipping GOD, watch how the small things in your life start to all go your way. Watch how GOD shows favor to you with all of the people in your life. Watch how he protects you from all bad people and even bad situations. Just watch and see how your entire life turns around after you start worshipping JESUS daily. NOTHING IS MORE POWERFUL THEN WHEN WE LOVE GOD. Start worshipping today and enter into your destiny with GOD for eternity.

Sincerely, Garrett


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