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Why does the world believe that the universe, the stars and even the earth are billions of years old?

A even better question →   Why do MOST Christian people believe that the universe, the stars and even the earth are billions of years old?

I will tell you why. The Children of GOD do NOT believe GOD is powerful enough to create everything in only 6 days. GOD'S children do NOT believe that their DADDY is powerful enough to stretch out all of the heavens with his right hand!

This is the real REASON here why Christian people fell into satan's trap and started believing the lies that all of the creation was billions of years old.

Most of us simply do NOT have a clue, not even a tiny glimpse of how powerful GOD truly is. So what happened next was, we started doubting the book of Genesis in our hearts. When this happened, doubt crept into us, even a demonic spirit of doubt and this evil spread throughout our mind. It starts to cause us to doubt other parts of the bible too. We start doubting that Jonah was ever in a whale for 3 days etc etc etc.........  When this happens, satan has a HUGE foothold inside of us and we are truly in big trouble

And how did all of this start?

The Christian's in the world do NOT believe GOD is powerful enough to create the creation in 6 literal days, and we do NOT believe that GOD stretched out the heavens with his hands, or even his right hand!

Scientists thought that as we continue to make newer and newer discoveries in the universe, the stars, the planets, earth and even the dna, that this would prove that evolution was true. That this would prove the big bang theory!

Well people, JESUS has a great sense of humor. The EXACT OPPOSITE HAPPENED........ The more discoveries the scientists make, the more this unveils to everyone a design. Science is showing us more and more that this entire creation was designed by someone who is HYPER INTELLIGENT!!

As every year goes by, from what I could tell by studying, more and more AND MORE scientists are believing in GOD!! 

Yes people, breakthroughs in all different areas of science are showing the scientists, doctors, and everyone else that everything was ACTUALLY DESIGNED!!!



If you made it this far in the book, you have read up above that the entire deception that we humans evolved from chemical solutions in the oceans, or from rocks is an ABSOLUTE IMPOSSIBILITY!! You have seen scriptures that show that GOD created the entire creation in only 6 literal days. You have also seen scripture after scripture which shows GOD stretched out the heavens with his hands, even with his right hand!!

We went into incredible detail on how man and dinosaurs could live together at the same time on earth, yet we also showed you that the angels are only 6000 years old too. We used scientific data, the holy bible, pictures and much more to show you that GOD'S holy word always stands above anything else in our world.

When science contradicts the bible, the science and scientists are always, I say it again, they are ALWAYS WRONG!

GOD'S HOLY WORD is above everything else in creation, it is even above GOD himself. Look at this incredible scripture →

Psalm 138:2 – Thou has magnified thy word ABOVE all thy name.




I talked about creation of the universe and the earth on the internet just a short time ago. I got more responses than I have ever received before from any other article, book or discussion topic. This shows me just how powerful the lying and deceptions can be. satan, the world, scientists, books, articles, TV shows and everything else have lied to the world wide population that the universe and the earth are billions of years old. They have spent so much time, effort, money, investment and man hours on these lies, it has extended across the entire globe into every single persons conscience. These lies start in pre school starting with the very young children who are taught that the dinosaurs are millions of years old. THIS IS HOW POWERFUL satan's lies and deceptions can be if we don't study the bible!!!

Now that the pre school children have been indoctrinated with these satanic lies, do you realize how hard it will be to share with them the book of Genesis in the bible? Satan, through our satanic school systems attacks our children first by using the topic of dinosaurs. Now we Christian parents are on the defensive instead of on the offensive.........

Hubble Telescope of Deep Space!



What the Christian's did in the 1800's is, they compromised their bible with the gap theory to accommodate the dinosaurs and they let satan have the dinosaurs without fighting back....

Now our Christian brothers and sisters who lived 200 years ago did not have the science we have now, nor the equipment needed to carry out many of these experiments. Those Christian people living in the 1800's did not have the bible on the internet, nor computers to help them study, nor youtube to watch incredible Christian videos for free.


There is NO excuse for our generation! We children of GOD living right now in the year 2012 must learn to combat these satanic lies when it comes to creation, the universe or the dinosaurs!!

The bible is always right, it is never EVER WRONG, NOT ever!!!!!

It is GOD'S will that we study to show ourselves approved!!  We must take the time to study, to read, to watch, to listen to audios and get super educated in some of these topics. This why, GOD can use us more and more in ministry work!!!

The LORD loves all of you so much, and I love you too!


Stop doubting!!!


Love, your brother Garrett