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Chapter 8 - Saber Tooth Cats!!!

Chapter 8 - Saber-tooth Cats


Some of you who know me personally, know how much I love

cats. In fact, GOD has done something very special inside of

me on the topic of cats. GOD has revealed himself to me in a

very unique way when I look at cats. I first noticed this about 4
to 5 years ago. When I look at cats, I can see a tiny glimpse of

GOD'S incredible wisdom in the way he designed them!!!!

Because of this, I purposely wanted to write a very short

chapter on the exact same topic we are talking about above so
far in this book. Except now I want to use cats and my love for
cats to go over a few more topics with you. Hopefully and with

GODS help, we will continue to take down the deceptions of


Just a little bit of information first →



The saber-tooth cats weighed between 350-1100 pounds
depending on which species we are talking about. It seems that
there were many different kinds of saber-tooth cats out in the
wild. Why were they so heavy? Well, we already learned above
that everything was taller and bigger in the past. The reptiles

were much bigger, the cows and deers were much bigger. Even
the rabbits and guinea pigs were much bigger according to
huge fossils we have found. Obviously, because of this, the
saber-tooth cats had much MUCH bigger canine teeth, and it
seems that they had rippling chest and front leg muscles!!
These would be very needed at that time in the past because all
of their prey were much bigger than they are today.


Look How The LORD Designed Them!

These powerful cats had canines that were up to 12 inches long

their canines protruded out of their mouths by about 7 inches.
Some of the largest saber-tooth cats were about 5 feet tall
standing on all 4 legs.

A Giant Siberian Tiger!

I would like to estimate that some of the
largest saber-tooth cats were even bigger than the
gigantic tigers that are found in the Siberian/the Siberian
tigers! The approximately 1 foot long canines were the perfect
size of course to help suffocate and kill the HUGE prey they
were hunting.






Today's big cats only need canines this size to kill the prey they
are hunting!!



     Our incredible house cats 

only need canines this size, to kill the tiny birds, mice and

small rodents or insects that they hunt.




 We can see that the size of the canine teeth in cats all over the

the world usually match the size of prey that they hunt!!


Some of the largest saber-tooth fossils found show us that
some of these incredibly powerful cats weighed over 1100 lbs.
These had a very short tail measuring about 12 in, incredibly
powerful legs, shoulders and necks. Some of the largest of

these species had shoulders that were higher than the rest of

their bodies which would give them a similar appearance to a

hyena except much, MUCH bigger and more powerful. Many of
these seemed to be designed for POWER, instead of running

fast. From their shoulders, front legs, rippling muscular chest

and their huge neck, these would be IMMENSELY


Why would they be built this way by GOD? Obviously so they
could kill the prey that they naturally hunted who were also
much bigger and stronger too.


The huge canines of these super powerful cats were actually
quite fragile and could not bite into bone. The huge cats would
subdue their prey, then they would use their gigantic canine
teeth to sever the preys ability to breathe henceforth killing its
prey! If you watch video or TV shows on lions, you will also
notice that the lions will wrestle its prey to the ground using its
sharp claws and sheer power in its arms. Then, it will also bite
the neck of its victims suffocating its prey to death too.


Have you seen lately how many different kinds of BIG cats &

house cats we now have in the world? We have house cats with
long hair, short hair, big tails, small tails, black fur, white fur,
no fur at all. We have big house cats and very tiny ones. We

have house cats with spots, stripes, patches of different colors
and everything else possible.

Here are some pictures of different BIG cats in the world


Saber Tooth Cat Rendition 

(This Rendition Makes The Cat tooooo small).

He should be about 5 feet tall, have rippling muscles and huge
powerful shoulders!

A Better Rendition of A Saber Tooth Cat



Male Lion

A Giant Tiger


The awesome Cheetah!!


The Black Panther


Now look at some pictures of some of the house cats we see in
the world →




What we can clearly see whether we are looking at the big cats, or the smaller house cats is that they are ALL CATS!!

If we use our imagination, we can clearly see that all of these cats are offspring of the cats that Noah brought on the Ark!!

A Normal Tiger Skeleton


A Saber Tooth Cat skeleton

Look at both of the skeletons very carefully for a few minutes.

Look at their shoulders first!

Now look at both of their ribs and spine bone!

Now look at the front and back feet on both skeletons!


Now, a Saber Tooth cat is NOT A TIGER!

He is NOT in the tiger species, BUT EVEN STILL





If this black house cat was a lot bigger, I mean a whole lot
bigger, wouldn’t he look very VERY similar to the black





Look at both of their eyes and whiskers. Can't you tell that they came from the same kind?



I grabbed a RANDOM PIC of a Savannah cat to compare to this

INCREDIBLE Snow Leopard!

Can you see the eyes, the pink nose color, the white chin hair

on their mouths look almost idential? Did you notice their fur?

As we can see here, they both came from the same KIND!!!

The KIND is - CAT!!!!

Yes, they are different species, but they are both cats.

I am trying to show you that the POWERFUL Saber Tooth cats

could of easily lived just a few thousand years ago! However

GOD does it, he changed those huge powerful cats into some of

the cats we have in the present world!

Even if all of the Saber Tooth cats died in the flood, Noah still

would of had two animals of the (KIND - CATS)........


A white cat, and two baby white lions!

We can see that both species are CATS!!!

So now I pray that I proved my point that GOD could of taken 


Saber Tooth cats,  and mated and changed them

down into the smaller cats we have today.

Having smaller prey to eat, with the curse running rampant on

earth making everything smaller and weaker, and with the

harmful rays from the sun slowly killing us, it should be

quite easy to understand now.

NO, the Saber Tooth cats did NOT live millions of years ago, or

hundreds of thousands of years ago. They lived only a short

time ago with men and women at the same time!!

If we compare the HUGE cats that lived either thousands of

years ago to the big cats we have today, here is what we notice


They are all huge & very powerful!


They all have very sharp claws and very sharp teeth!

They all have incredible agility!

They are all fantastic hunters!

Many kinds of big cats had big canines in front like some cats
do today!

Their shoulders, necks, chest and front legs are rippling with


I use to have a beautiful black cat named Jinx. He had rippling
muscles down his shoulders and chest!

Just about all of cats whether we are talking about saber-tooth
cats, or today’s BIG cats, or our house cats bite its victims neck
sending them to a quick death!

Many of the big cats or house cats have a roar. Of course the
roar of our tiny house cats are quite different from that of our

lions and tigers. But, have you heard two cats fighting outside?
Their roars and screams sound absolutely incredible!

Their skeletons look quite similar to each other, with some of
them even looking close to identical.

They are all about the same size whether we are talking about a
saber-tooth cat, a huge male lion, a huge Siberian male tiger
etc etc.

Some of the long haired cats came from Iran and Turkey!

Now why would GOD give mankind the ability to domesticate
big cats and breed them smaller?

Look at this →



Here are some more reasons GOD has domesticated some cats

for us ->


Cats are also used in hospitals to give comfort for those 

recovering from surgeries or therapy!

These cats are called - Therapy Cats!!! 




More Therapy cats ->





Now take a look at these last two pics! I think we can agree that

GOD had something very special in mind for domesticating



Praise GOD!!!!

We can see incredible design here!

So, are we to believe that these saber-tooth cats lived 100,000's
of years ago, or even millions of years ago just because a few
atheists and scientists have guessed that they did?


Are we to believe that these powerful saber-tooth cats lived
100,000's of years ago because carbon dating techniques claim
that they did? Even though the carbon dating techniques have
been proven to be a scam, an outright lie?

Or, are we to use discernment, the holy bible itself and the
HOLY GHOST inside of us to teach us that these huge cats

lived just a few thousand years ago or even sooner?

These huge cats whether we are talking about very old ones
with saber-teeth canines, or lions & tigers we live with now
who have smaller canines, are ingeniously designed by
GOD....... They come with all different beautiful designs on
their fur, different kinds of tails, beautiful colors, living in

many different regions of the world!


Let me ask you question. Take a good, GOOD look at this
picture of a tiger. Do you see how incredibly designed he

actually is? A tiger or a huge male lion are just oozing and

oozing with GOD's INCREDIBLE WISDOM in the way he
designed them, painted their fur, made their powerful front
paws, their sharp claws, their incredible menacing eyes and

their ferocious roars!!!


I could give you a powerful computer with some awesome
painting software and allow you to take 6 months of time. I
promise you this, you could not design a better animal than a
male tiger or a male lion...........


Look At that DESIGN!!!

GOD is incredible!!!!


Look at their incredible DESIGN!!!!

Their agility, power, cleverness, their ability to kill, to hunt, to
mate, their incredible night vision that many of them have,
their speed, and yes the amazing way that they roar shows


Our house cats! Wow!! What a gift from GOD........... Some of

you might be asking what does that statement mean?

It means that GOD put it into peoples hearts to start
domesticating cats a very very long time ago.

Since I am stating that our house cats came from larger cats in

the past, there should be some evidence of this.

Do we have evidence of cats that in size, might be in between

the huge lions, the smaller cheetahs, and our smaller house
cats we have today?


Oh YES WE DO, wow look at these cats →


Jungle Cat                                       Bay Cat               


African Wild Cat

 Notice the wild cats canines are slightly bigger. Obviously his prey is slightly bigger too!



A Ocelat

Two Lynx Cats


  Asian Snow Cat

What a beautiful wild cat.....

There are approximately 37 different species of wild cats in the
world. The key word there is species. They are NOT different
kinds, no, they are all cats!!!! The word species is completely

different than the word (kind) or kinds of cats!


Now, look at a few pictures of some baby tigers, lions and other
cats →




 Two Baby Tigers & A Baby Mountain Lion.

Let's look at a few more before I make my point!


Baby Black Panthers & A Baby Cheetah!!!








Now look at the two house cats.

Are there really any big differences?

NO, NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!

Sure the first group will eat and eat and get bigger and bigger.

But other than them growing bigger, there really are no differences at all!!!


Wow, the BIG CATS look just like
house cats when they are


I really enjoyed GOD'S help in putting together this chapter on
cats........ Cats whether big or small, whether they are wild or
tame, whether they live outside or in our houses, are some of

GOD'S greatest creations on earth in my opinion!



It is just shocking to see how smart JESUS is in how he created
all of the different animals, birds, insects, fish, mammals AND



I pray that this short chapter on cats blessed you and is helping
you to trust the bible more and more while building up your
faith at the same time!

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