How Old 7

Chapter 7 - Dinosaurs!!!


Chapter 7 – Dinosaurs!!!




The word Dinosaur means – Terrible Lizard!


Yes it is true!


According to Dr Kent Hovind, by 1809 the dinosaurs were

nearly extinct!

Can you imagine how big the reptiles would be that were

breathing in more oxygen, being sheltered from the harmful

rays of the sun by the canopy of ice above the earth and with
the double amount of air pressure?



They would be gigantic living under those incredible



Did you know reptiles NEVER STOP GROWING
during their entire life span?


Reptiles never stop growing during their life span.

UN like

humans who stop growing around the age of 16-17, reptiles will
keep growing as they continue to breathe, eat & live.


Dr Hovind claims that these reptiles living with Adam and Eve
for their 900 year span of life were the dinosaurs. Remember,
they were not eating meat yet!


If you were to take some of our small reptiles

that we have on
earth now, and allow them to grow for 200 years, do you have

any idea what they would look like?



Take a look at some of these pics ->

If the reptiles in the 3 pictures above were allowed to breathe in very pure oxygen, eat & eat & eat some more for 900 years, do you realize they would be THE dinosaurs?

Yes Sir!!!!!!!

Just like we humans, the reptiles are getting smaller and smaller as time goes by!


Here are a few facts now about a couple different topics

pertaining to dinosaurs, the ark, the flood & reptiles →


*Dinosaur bones and human bones have been found together

in the same rock strata.



*Dinosaur footprints have been found with human footprints

many parts of the world including Texas.


*Dinosaur bones and mammal bones have been found together
in the fossils too.


*Ica stones from Peru have humans riding dinosaurs inscribed
on them.


General notes about Noah, the ark and dinosaurs


A Model Of Noah's ark inside of a football field!

Look at the picture above, do you see just how gigantic the ark actually was? Do NOT believe people when they say two of every KIND could not have fit in the ark. They could of fit quite easily!!!


*Noah was 600 years old when he built the ark.


*He did not have to bring two huge dinosaurs on the ark, he

could of brought two babies instead which would be very tiny!



*The biggest dinosaur egg is smaller than a football!


dinosaurs were tiny when they were born.


*There would be approximately 8000 animals on the ark.


*The ark was longer than a football field and very tall & wide!



Triceratops Skeleton! Do you see the little babies underneath the skeleton?

Now look at this pic ->

If this reptile up above was 15 feet tall and weighed 2000 pounds, do you feel the word dragon might be appropriate?

We have skeletons, praise GOD! So we know that these huge HUGE reptiles are real. All we are trying to show is that they are not millions of years old. But that man and dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time.

A artists rendition of a Triceratops

*Dinosaurs were called dragons in the past. The word dinosaur
was only made up in 1841. So for most of human history these
reptiles were called dragons. Did you know that dragons are

talked about in the bible? It is true!!



*In the year 1891 some dictionaries still did NOT have the
dinosaur in them.



Look at this skeleton ->

Pliosaur Skeleton

Artists Rendition of A Pliosaur

Did you know that many ancient recipes call for dragon blood,
dragon bones, dragon saliva to be used for medicinal purposes!
Why on earth would all of these recipes call for such
ingredients if the ingredients were not possible to get?

Obviously people were living with dinosaurs!


Artists Rendition of A Flying Dragon!

NOT all dragons could fly. Some of them swam in the ocean, some walked on land. If you do not believe in fire breathing dragons, keep reading and studying below!


Did you know that the very famous historian –
about the flying fiery serpents?


Yes Sir, he sure does!

Did you know the Holy Bible talks about
fire breathing dragons?

Go study the book of Job & be blessed!




Why would the Chinese calendar have 11 real animals + A
Dragon? Could it be because dragons/dinosaurs lived with
humans at the same time and are just as real as the pig or the


Of course!!!


Every Animal on this calendar is REAL including the fire breathing Dragon!!!


*The oldest piece of pottery on earth is traced back to Egypt

3800 years ago. It has drawings on it of two long necked


There is archeology from all over the world that have drawings
of long necked dragons/dinosaurs on them, far FAR FAR TOO
MANY to even begin to think of putting in this article.


According to Dr Hovind, dragons are
mentioned in the bible 34 times.


*Did you know that Alexander the Great said that his soldiers
were terrified when they found dragons/dinosaurs hiding in
caves in India in 326 B.C.



What do you think the 3 reptiles up above would look like if they had 500 years to eat and grow?

You guessed it, they would be DINOSAURS!!!


*In 1910 The New York Herald ran a report that there were still
dragons/dinosaurs living in the swamps in Africa.


*In 1948 – The Evening Post ran a newspaper stating that
there still could be dragons/dinosaurs living in Africa.


*Marco Polo lived in China for about 17 years at around 1271

A.D. He wrote back that the emperor is raising dragons to
his chariots in parades.


Did you also get that one?


*The emperor of China was raising baby dragons to pull his
chariots during the parades. Obviously the emperor wanted to

show off to the peasants & citizens that he had tamed a few
dragons/dinosaurs to pull his chariots!


Look at this skeleton for a few seconds ->

A Skeleton of a Brontasaurus

Some of you might be thinking, look at that skeleton. You can
just tell that it is millions of years old. It looks so prehistoric
doesnt it?

Look at this one now ->

Skeleton of a Raptor!!

When we look at the skelton above, we automatically have been programmed to think that this reptile is millions of years old! I know, this happens to all of us.


Oooohhhhh  Millions of years old!

NO, it is just a dolphin!!

Ohhhhh Millions of years old!

NO, it is just a pig!!

Ohhhhh Millions of years old!

NO, it is just a Giraffe!!

Ohhhh a gigantic sea creature millions of years old!

NO, it is just a whale!!

As you can see people, the world, TV, movies, magazines and books have programmed us to believe that when we see a skeleton, it is millions of years old.

This is called - Pre Conditioning!!

We have been PRE CONDITIONED to believe skeletons are millions of years old WHEN NONE OF THEM TRULY ARE, NO NOT ONE!!!


Ohhhhh A T-Rex millions of years old!

NO, a huge reptile that walked with man a few thousands of years ago!

GOD is NOT a liar!!

satan lies, man lies, GOD does NOT lie!!

*Many 12th , 13th , 14th, 15th and 16th century castles have

dragons on them. The pictures are excellent drawings of long

necked dragons/dinosaurs.


How did they know what they looked like?

Maybe because they
were living with them?


*Did you know Indians carved paintings of dragons/dinosaurs

on the Grand canyon? Yes, they sure did!!


How did the Indians know what the dinosaurs looked

Duh, they were living with them!!!



It seems some very powerful people/organizations are trying as
hard as they can to coverup that men and women did live with
dinosaurs at the same time.




Because they want you to believe that dinosaurs have been
extinct for millions of years!




So you will doubt GOD, so you will doubt the bible, so you will
think Christian people are silly!


This is an agenda that is being played out on you and your




That is a Rapor made famous in the movies Jurassic Park!

Some of you might be thinking, come on Garrett, if raptors walked the earth at the same time we did in the bible, surely they would kill us all!

I understand your point!

But here is what your forgetting ->

If that woman & the men in the background were all 15 feet tall, carrying huge spears, swords and axes with metal heads,



A guy in France is famous for killing a dragon that came out of
the water. He then cut its head off and put the head on top of
the building right there. They called the head a GARGOYLE!

 Yes, there were dragons/dinosaurs that lived in the water. Take a look at these ->

This creature above might of looked like this ->

A Kronosaurus!

Some of you might be thinking, if that Kronosaurus lived recently in the last 2-6 thousand years, it would of killed everything in the ocean!!


Look at these ->

Look at this Shark!

People, you have to remember EVERYTHING WAS BIGGER back then!

Yes, the Kronosaurus would of been towards the top of the food chain, but look at this ->

A Giant Megalodon!





Everything was bigger in the PAST!!!


The only problem with this painting is that the man should be about TWICE that size!!!!!


Wooly Mammoth & A Current day Elephant!

NO, NOT millions of years old. They both lived on earth just a few thousands years ago with one of them still living with us now!!

Now, back to the dragons/dinosaurs for a moment!

The gargoyles that we find on top of many MANY buildings of
the world are actually dragon heads!



In Blanding, Utah, there are carvings of dragons/dinosaurs on
the cliffs. Apparently the local Indian's knew about them.



A cave painting in Australia shows a man running away from a


What would this look like if it had 500 years to grow?

You guessed it - A Dragon/Dinosaur!!!

Once again, we see the deceptions, the agenda -> The man here should be painted in at about 13 - 15 feet tall!


What would he look like if he had 300 years to grow?

Yes again, a Dragon/Dinosaur!!


Dragons/Dinosaurs like this one have been seen in different
lakes of the world!


Monitor lizards can stand on their hind legs.



A Kimodo Dragon/Dinosaur - Look at this bad boy!

Yes we have DRAGONS/Dinosaurs with us now!


Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis) live up to their fierce
reputation. They will attack and devour a human being
They're part of a group of  lizards known as
monitors, and they're the biggest lizards in

the world. The largest Komodo ever measured was more than

10 feet (3 meters) long and weighed 366 pounds.

Can we even imagine what these Dragons would look like if

they had 300 more years to grow on the Island of Kimodo? 

They would be super powerful ON THE TOP of

the food chain


 The fish are smaller, the birds are smaller, the insects are smaller, the mammales are smaller, we humans are smaller, and yes, THE DRAGONS/DINOSAURS ARE SMALLER TOO with most of them being extinct now!



What would he look like if he had 400 years to eat and grow?

Yup - A Dragon/Dinosaur which are mentioned in the bible!


*There are drawings of dragons/dinosaurs swallowing people
from only 1000 years ago.



The Viking's put dragon heads on the front of their ships. Why
would they do that? Because they knew about the great
dragon/dinosaurs of the sea. They called them Krakens.



*Saint George is famous for slaying a dragon/dinosaur in 275



*Beowulf killed two dragons and gained notoriety. The third

dragon he battled, a flying dragon killed him in 583A.D.




In current day Iraq, there are walls dating back 2600 years that
have very nice drawings of dragons/dinosaurs on them.


Now let me stop here for one moment. Have you even
considered yet how did all of these people scattered all over the
world know what dragons/dinosaurs looked like?



They could not of known what the dragon/dinosaurs looked
like unless





Of course they were living with them, there can be NO other explanation!


WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO PEOPLE.................


Mankind has lived with dinosaurs for our entire history of

living on planet earth!!! This is why we have our footprints

located with theirs. Why our fossils are located with theirs.

Why we paint, draw and sketch people with dinosaurs on walls,
gates, pottery, tablets, castles, caves, the Grand Canyon and
everywhere else!!!!


Give This Reptile 200 Years to Grow & Guess What?

You have a Dragon/Dinosaur!!


*Ishtar gate in modern day Iraq is covered with lions and

Dragons/Dinosaurs have been painted on and carved on pottery, caves, walls, gates and castles all over the world.

Even the Grand Canyon has Dragons/Dinosaurs carved on it by the local Indians.


*The word dragon is listed in the dictionary

in 1946 as – (Now Rare)


What does that mean?

That means that in 1946 the men and women working on the new dictionaries are saying that the Dragons/Dinosaurs are still living on earth!!!


A few facts about the great flood!

 There are over 270 different cultures in the world who all have
stories pertaining to the great flood.


Did you know that the Chinese and the Hawaiian people have

exact stories and legends in their civilizations about their great
forefather building a huge boat, and with his family members

and animals escaped the great flood that killed off everyone? It
is true!!!

*One of satan's favorite tools to use is dinosaurs

because kids love them.


Dr Kent Hovind did a speaking engagement to over 300 1st

grade children. He started off by grabbing a toy dinosaur in his
hand. He showed it to the children and ask them → When did

dinosaurs live? Instantly, all 300 of them shouted back

millions of years ago!


At that age, the children could barely even read, but they had

already been indoctrinated by this HUGE satanic lie!



Now where are the Christian people teaching the children that
GOD created the world in 6 days and that the earth is only

about 6000 years old? Where have the Christian's been

teaching the truth about creation?



Now People, Take a good look at both pics right here.

Is there really that many differences between the two reptiles?


Sure one is bigger, but the reptile on the right would be gigantic too if he had 200 years to eat and grow!!!



Some people might be thinking, well when Noah opened up the
ark to let everything out, and when the baby dinosaurs grew

up, they would mate, have offspring and the dinosaurs would

start hunting Noah and his family.


Brothers and sisters, the opposite would

 have been true!


Noah and his brothers who were probably somewhere around
15 feet tall would be making huge spears. Spears so huge you

and I could barely even lift them. These huge and powerful

men would be hunting the dinosaurs for food.


It would have been the EXACT OPPOSITE.


When the dinosaurs saw Noah and his family coming towards

them, the dinosaurs would of taken off in terror and ran away
as fast as they could!!!


Now, I am NOT saying that Noah and his offspring were

hunting the T - Rex's, no not at all.

In the book of Job, GOD makes it clear that a lot of men with

weapons could not kill that beast.

But surely, Noah and his offspring could quite easily hunt most

of the other dinosaurs for their food.


Remember, it seems nobody ate meat on earth, not anyone or

anything until after the flood! Only two dinosaurs came out of

the ark most likely!


Look at this incredible scripture where GOD commands that
the animals and everything on earth will BE AFRAID OF US!!!


Genesis 9:1-2 – 9 Then God blessed Noah and his sons and
told them, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth.
2 All the

animals of the earth, all the birds of the sky, all the small
animals that scurry along the ground, and all the fish in the sea
will look on you with fear and terror. I have placed them

your power.



As we can see, the dinosaurs, the lions, the tigers, the huge
gigantic birds in the sky would all look on Noah and his family
with fear and sheer terror!!


I pray after you read this long chapter that your faith, your

trust, your belief in the bible is growing stronger by the minute.

We are trying to UN lock the mysteries GOD has here on earth



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