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Chapter 6 - Giants!!!

Steve Quayle's Chart of
REAL Skeleton Finds In The World!!!

Chapter 6 – Giants!


How tall did people grow?


I want to prove without a doubt, using pictures, skeletons and documented information that people were much, MUCH larger in the past than we are now. Just like they lived longer in the past than we do now.


Here are some pics of men and women, some of them are now dead, while others are still living at this time. Look how tall some of them are please ->



Mr Vikasuppal  8'9 Tall

He is 8'9!!

Here is another pic of him


Robert Wadlow - 8'11 Tall!!!


Here is another pic of Mr Wadlow!

Mr Machnov - A True Giant!

                                                                        Johan Aason - 8'9 Tall!!

John Carroll - 8'0 Tall! Doctors said he would of grown

 to be 8'8 tall if not for his spinal disease!!

John Rogan - 8'8 Tall!!

All Private skeleton discoveries are found on Dr Kent

Hovind's Video Series!!!

*A complete skeleton was found of a man in a Italian Cole mine
who was 11'6 tall.












 *Roman emperor Maximinus was 8'6 tall!


*A skeleton of a man 9'8 tall was found in Brewersville Indiana
in 1879.



*In the early 1970's, two skeletons were found that were 9 feet
in Virginia city, Nevada.



Here is A FEMALE!!    8'2 Tall Zinglinjian

Here is another pic of her too ->


*In 1902, 20 skeletons were found in Shreveport, Lousianna.
All 20 of the skeletons were 9 feet tall.


*In 1931, a skeleton that was 10 feet tall was found in Humbolt


*In 1925 in Walkerton, Indiana, 8 huge skeletons were found

that were all between 8-9 feet tall wearing heavy copper armor.



Clifford Thomas 8'6 Tall!!

A Thigh Bone of someone that was 14-16 feet Tall!!!


*A 12 foot skeleton was found in Lompoc, California in 1883.



*A 12 foot skeleton was found in Tuscon, Arizona in 1891.


Mr Leonid - 8'4 Tall!!



Mr SultanKosen 8'3 Tall!!

Mr Llyrinne - 8'3 Tall!!

Julius Koch 8'1 Tall

Again, Mr Sultankosen 8'3 Different picture!


Did you notice many of the dates above were skeleton
finds all

around the end of the 1800's?


This leads me to believe that at about that time, most likely
certain agencies were going around the earth covering up the
huge, HUGE skeleton finds that people were making. Possibly
the Smithsonian among many other agencies and groups of

people, who want to hide from the population that we use to be
much, MUCH taller and bigger.



*The government of Turkey has found skeletons at mount

Ararat where Noah was that were 12 feet tall.


*When Cortez conquered Mexico, the people who lived there
told them that there use to be giants living on this continent.
They brought out a bone, this was a thigh bone of one of the

giants. The thigh bone was as tall as Cortez was. It was

just the

                                         thigh bone!!!!!


Let's think about that for a second. Cortez who was a decent

sized man himself was standing next to a thigh bone that was

just as large as his entire body!

That thigh bone probably belonged to someone around 15 feet



*Dr Kent Hovind has a replica of a thigh bone in his museum
of  a man that would have been 13 feet tall.


The museums were not interested in putting these skeletons on
display! Can you believe what I just wrote? They were NOT
interested in allowing people from all over the world to see
these giant skeletons.

The Smithsonian is responsible for hiding most of the remains
of these giants. The Smithsonian hides evidence that goes

against evolution. They do not want you to know about this.

Why? Because this goes against their belief system, their
religion..... Their religion is – evilution/evolution.


Could it be that there is a world wide deception that is called –

Evolution being played out by the elite, governments, agencies,
the media and yes, THE MUSEUMS TOO?

Evolution will tell you that we people started off small and are
getting bigger and bigger............


This is the exact opposite of what science is showing us.


Did you notice that evolution always tells us the exact opposite
of what the bible says?


GOD says we lived longer in the past.


Evolution says we live longer now.


GOD says that creation is very young.


Evolution says that the universe is very old.


And on and on and on and on we go!!!


Here are a few famous very large people mentioned in the holy




1st Samuel 17:4 – 4 Then Goliath, a Philistine champion from

Gath, came out of the Philistine ranks to face the forces of

Israel. He was over nine feet


King Og


Deut 3:11 – 11 (King Og of Bashan was the last survivor of the
giant Rephaites. His bed was made of iron and was more than
thirteen feet long and six feet wide.
It can still be seen in the

Ammonite city of Rabbah.)


Numbers 13:33 – 33 And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons
of Anak, who come of the Nephilim: and we were in our own
sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.



A Modern Day Giant!


Sometimes Christian tell me that the very large people were the
Nephilim. I quickly try to point out to everyone that I speak to

was much bigger and much taller and much MUCH


Remember that Goliath and King Og were very tall people after
the flood happened. Men and women would most likely be

even taller before the flood.................


Look at this chart of some very tall skeletons or famous bible
people →



 Here is a wonderful book that also goes into this very

important, very intersesting topic ->



Sons of GOD & Giants!!

Click the picture above to Read the fantastic book by David Eells that goes into much greater detail on this very topic!!!!




Insects are based on size according to how much oxygen they can get.


*Insects that live in oxygen rich waters get a 1000 times


than those that don't.

*18 foot tall Rhinoceros’s were found.


*A dragon fly was found with a 50” wing span in Italy.


*Huge dragon flies have been found fossilized on this planet.


*18 inch long cockroaches have been found in fossils.

*8 ½ foot long centipede was found in a fossil.



*Fossiles have grasshoppers have been found 2 feet long.



Mr Hugo - 8'2 Tall!!

Bernard Coyne - 8'2 Tall!!

A Woman, 8'4 Tall!

Obviously some men during this generation were over 9 feet tall too!!

*Tarantula's have been found with 3 foot long leg spans in



Use Google to do detailed searches on these facts, on these

fossils and get super SUPER educated on these important



*A fossil of a donkey was found in Texas 9 feet tall.


*Buffalo's have been found with horns 12 feet long.

*Fossils of elk have been found with 12 foot antlers.

*Fossils of kangaroo's have been found 10 feet tall.


*They found a fossil of a guinea pig that was 1500 pounds.


*Fossils of birds have been found 13 feet tall.


*Fossils of goose have been found in Australia that were as tall
as an elephant and weighed 1000 pounds.


Don Koehler - 8'2 Tall

A man 7'5 tall!!

A man 7'11 Tall!!

*Fossils of beavers have been found that were 8 feet long.


See if you have bigger trees before the flood, you

would need

bigger beavers.


See people, someone or some group, or many groups have been
covering up all of this hard core scientific evidence!

*Did you know fossils of sharks teeth have been found
indicating that sharks use to get 80 feet long!


*11 foot long oysters were found 2 miles above sea.


As the fossils have showed us, not only were men and women much bigger, but the birds were bigger, insects were bigger, fish and mammals were bigger, and even the small tiny animals like guinea pics were much MUCH BIGGER...............


This leads us perfectly to our very next chapter..................

We could easily assume, by using the data up above that the REPTILES WOULD BE BIGGER TOO.


Do you know what would happen if we had much MUCH larger reptiles walking around?


Yes, you guessed it →

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