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Chapter 12 - The Absolute Impossibility of Evolution!

Where Did The Idea of Evolution Come From?
Look at the Picture Above!

Chapter 12 – The absolute IMPOSSIBILITY OF EVOLUTION!




To claim that life evolved is to demand a miracle.

The simplest conceivable form of single-celled life should have at least 600 different protein molecules.

The mathematical probability that even one typical protein could form by chance arrangements of amino acid sequences is essentially zero—far less than 1 in 10 to the 450th power!. That is a 10 with 450 zeroes after it.

To appreciate the magnitude of 10 to the 450th power, realize that the visible universe is about 10 to the 28th inches in diameter.

From another perspective, suppose we packed the entire visible universe with a “simple” form of life, such as bacteria. Next, suppose we broke all their chemical bonds, mixed all their atoms, then let them form new links.

If this were repeated a billion times a second for 20 billion years under the most favorable temperature
and pressure conditions throughout the visible universe, would even one bacterium of any type reemerge?

The chances are much less than 1 in 1099,999,999,873 zeroes. Your chances of randomly drawing one preselected atom out of a universe packed with atoms are about one chance in 10 to the 112th power—much better.

As we look up above at what Dr Brown has stated, we could take some atoms, put it in perfect conditions, and if we ran this experiment 1 BILLION TIMES A SECOND for 20 BILLION YEARS, is there chance under absolutely perfect conditions, would even one type of bacterium emerge?

He says the chances are much LESS than a 1 with one thousand trillion zeroes at the end of it!!!!

Can we even imagine seeing a number -> 1 With one thousand trillion zeroes after it? Our imaginations could not even perceive such a large number!

Obviously With The Scientists Preaching Evolution In The School Books & Colleges, We Are Seeing Some
 Incredible Deception!!

So what we learned is, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for life to form from chemical evolution like the evolutionists claim.

Please RE read this very short chapter again, let that math sink into your heart and soul!

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