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Chapter 10 - Lies, Lies & More Lies!!!

A Carbon Dating Machine! How Pathetic!

Chapter 10 – Lies within more lies!!


The very VERY Flawed dating techniques scientists use!




Radiometric Dating


To date an event or thing that preceded written records, one must assume that the dating clock has operated at a known rate, that the clock’s initial setting is known, and that the clock has not been disturbed. These three assumptions are almost always unstated, overlooked, or invalid.

For the past century, a major (but incorrect) assumption underlying all radioactive dating techniques has been that decay rates, which have been essentially constant over the past 100 years, have also been constant over the past 4,600,000,000 years. Unfortunately, few have questioned this huge and critical assumption.

It is also critical that one understands how a dating clock works. For radiometric dating clocks on Earth, this is explained in the chapter. After studying that chapter, you will see that Earth’s radioactivity—and the many daughter products that misled so many into thinking that the Earth was billions of years old—are a result of powerful electrical activity during the flood, only about 5,000 years ago.


Here Is What They Are Using To Tell You How Old Bones or Other items Are!


On many MANY Occasions, people would bring two different parts of the same animal, same fossil, same rock or same piece of wood to facilities that do carbon dating. In report after report that you can find using Google, both pieces would come back from the carbon dating center having completely different dates.


I think it was Dr Hovind who brought either two rocks or two pieces of wood out from his backyard where he lived. He had them both dated at the same facility! Both of them came back with very different dates. One of them was something like 17,000 years old, while the other one came back with a totally different date.


Do You Want To Trust Him With Your Faith?

You gotta be joking!!!!

Did you know that many people of these scientists and employees who work at these facilities have admitted to just simply writing whatever date they wanted to on many objects that were sent to them for carbon dating.


On many occasions two parts from the same wooly mammoth would be sent in to testing. One would come back 67,000 years old while the second piece would come back being dated 12,000 years old. This has happened over and over and over again with the dates varying by thousands of years, even tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years apart from each other.

Carbon dating has to be one of the
biggest deceptions that I know of!!!


 Dr Walter Brown states -


All dating techniques, especially the few that suggest vast ages, presume that a process observed today has proceeded at a known, but not necessarily constant, rate. This assumption may be grossly inaccurate. Projecting present processes and rates far back in time is more likely to produce errors than extrapolation over a much shorter time. Furthermore, a much better understanding usually exists for dating “clocks” that show a young Earth and a young universe.


This contrary evidence understandably disturbs those who have always been told that the Earth is billions of years old.


Can you imagine how disturbing such evidence is to confirmed evolutionists?

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