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Chapter 1 -

Right now, on your computer screen, are approximately 10,000 galaxies.

Each of those galaxies contains anywhere from ten million to one trillion stars.

The average star is roughly a million times the size of Earth.

And yet, with all that junk, the Universe is more than 90 percent empty space.

All of that, in this tiny photo. A photo that took 400 orbits and 800 exposures to take.

And the kicker? The photo covers one thirteen-millionth of the entire night sky.

Chapter 1 – Beginnings




Definitions →


  1. Creationism is the belief that GOD created everything in the universe, the heavens, the earth and all living creatures just the way GOD said he did in the bible.


2. Evolution. People who believe in evolution do NOT believe that GOD created everything. Generally speaking they believe that everything we have in the universe now, was created from nothing about 18-20 billions years ago. They believe that all life came from nothing & as millions of years passed by, they believe that simple life forms first formed in the oceans. They will continue to state that these life forms changed and were transformed into higher and higher life forms as millions of years passed by.





In 1959 President Eisenhower asked congress for 1 BILLION DOLLARS to promote and to push the new theories of evolution in the school books..... HE GOT IT!



The school books were re written around the years of 1959-1960 to start pushing the evilution, oops the evolution theories even though there was NO science to confirm even a single point of it.

This was called the (Cold war reconstruction project of our science curriculum).



By 1963 – The average school text book had 33,000 words of evolution in each of them. All of this happened because of Federal funding by our own government.



In the same year 1963, prayer was taken out of our school systems.



Also in 1963 we saw a huge rise in pre - marital sex! This also caused a HUGE rise in sexually transmitted diseases! This also caused a 550% rise UN wed pregnancies in 1963. During this same year there was a 100% rise in pregnancies for young girls between the ages of 10 – 14 years old.



In 1963 The percentage of UN married couples living together increased by a WHOPPING 725%.



Since 1963 the teen suicide rate has sky rocketed up higher and higher too.




There are children being brainwashed by the billions and billions into believing the lies of satan that the dinosaurs are millions of years old. How did the children learn these deceptions? In their school books which our taxes helped fund and pay for!



In many schools, the teachers are told by their superiors to stress to their students that the earth is at least 4.5 billion years old.

Why are teachers told to do this in many schools? I will tell you why! The evolutionists who run the school systems in the USA want the teachers to push this religion, the religion of evolution. I call it a religion because evolution does NOT have 1 single scientific fact to show, no not one! Therefore, it is actually a religion!



Millions and millions of children have been taken to the museums in the cities they live in. Of course the dinosaurs would be the most popular attraction there. At the bottom of each dinosaur skeleton, there will be a sign stating that this dinosaur lived ________ millions of years ago.



Do you have any idea how devastating an attack that this has been in our country, in our society, in our elementary schools, in our Christian church?



There is an all out assault on GOD and bible authority being fought out in the museums and science centers of the world. Certain people/agencies are using these museums and science centers to preach their religion. Their religion is evolution which comes from satan himself.




Satan is using dinosaurs to preach his gospel and there are very few Christian people out there in the world who can put up a biblical scientific defense!



There are very VERY few topics in all of the world where people will argue with you more fiercely than the topic of how old the universe, earth & the dinosaurs are.



We have to completely trust the bible 100% until someone can possibly prove it wrong.



Nobody ever has!!!




Other Christian people decide to doubt the bible until someone can prove its correct. That is a HUGE mistake!!




Did you know that all of the evolutionary scientists believe that the universe came from nothing?

Many of them believe that all of the matter of the entire universe was compressed together into a dot smaller than a single period. That is a . When you ask them where did the period come from, they will tell you it came from nothing.

So basically speaking, they claim that we have nothing creating nothing, which then created everything!

Now that is very silly if you ask me!



These elite people of the world and their museums, school books, magazines, TV programs etc etc do not have 1 single shred of evidence that proves evolution correct. Even though this is a fact, the entire world has fallen for these deceptions.



A huge HUGE portion of the world believes that the earth is billions of years old even though there is NOT 1 SINGLE FACT TO PROVE IT.....




This sounds like pure insanity to me.



So this is what they believe. They believe approximately 18-20 billion years ago nothing created this small tiny dot that had all of the matter of the entire universe in it. Then this dot exploded, once again, a dot that is smaller than this → .



And from that tiny dot we now have the entire universe we see today!




I can just see satan laughing at the entire world for falling for this lie and deception. This has to be one of his silliest, most diabolical lies he has ever told us. And guess what? Most of the entire population of the planet believes this.



Now that has gotta be the craziest thing I have ever heard in my entire life.


By the way, I also believed these lies for many years of my life.



These evolutionary scientists will go on to tell you that 18-20 billion years ago the big bang happened. The earth was created and it was a smoldering hot rock. Torrential rains fell down upon the rocks and this steady rain fall turned some of the rocks into some kind of primordial soup...... They will go on to explain to you that this primordial soup in the oceans spawned the first life form.



But if these lies were true, what did the first life form eat? What did it marry to reproduce?



So basically speaking, these same scientists are telling us that we evolved from rocks.



Oh how great! We Came From Rocks........

Pure Insanity!!



These scientists are teaching our children that all of the different dogs in the world came from a rock. That all of the different insects in the world came from rocks. That our giraffes, our elephants, our rattlesnakes and even our African lions all came from rocks.



Do you the reader actually believe this?



No satan, we will NOT believe this garbage!!!



Even though the scientists do not have a single shred of evidence to prove this, no not one yet most of the entire world believes this.






Why is it a religion? Because they have no evidence, not a single shred of evidence to support their claims. Because of this, evolution would now be called a religion.



Let's look at some other silly beliefs that scientists use to teach the world.



Scientific mistakes

National Geographic in 1993 stated that nobody has ever seen

a dragon/dinosaur. If that was true, why are people painting

them, drawing them, sketching and carving them all over the

In 1770 George Buffon said the earth was 70,000 years old.

In 1905 they said the age of the earth was 2 billion years old.


In 1969 the Minneapolis Tribune stated that the earth and

moon were 3 ½ billion years old.

Today students are taught that the earth and moon are 4.6

billion years old



Did you know scientists use to teach that the sun revolved around the earth?



Did you know that scientists use to teach that a large rock would fall down to earth faster than a small rock?



Did you know that scientists use to believe that if you were sick, you had to take out your blood? When George Washington got sick, they bled him to death and he actually died.



Scientists use to teach that the earth was flat.



Did you know that these same intellectuals, silly clowns actually, use to teach that the earth was held up by giant turtles?

It Is True!!!



There was a time when scientists told us that the atom was the

smallest particle in the world. It wasn't until the early 20th
century, when physicists like J.J. Thompson, Ernest

Rutherford, James Chadwick and Neils Bohr came along, that

we started to sort out the basics of particle physics: protons,

neutrons and electrons and how they make an atom what it is.

Since then, we've come a long way: on to charmed quarks and

Higgs bosons, anti-electrons and muon neutrinos.


Did you know just a short time ago, people actually believed

that rain followed the plow? It is true. People believed that as
the animal pulled the plow on a persons farm, rain actually

would follow it raining the crops. Think about it! People

thought they could hitch their plow to their donkey or other
farm animal, and as they started to plow the fields, this caused

rain to fall!






No people, we are NOT to trust any scientists, especially when the scientists state theories that are the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Holy Bible teaches!



Did you know that there are some very VERY famous Christian leaders in the USA who teach that the earth is billions of years old too? Sadly this is true! Look at this →

Look at what Billy Graham said → They asked Billy
Graham if
GOD placed dinosaurs on Noah's ark. Billy Graham said – No
there wasn't. All of the dinosaurs were already extinct by the
time GOD created Adam.

Did Billy Graham know this? Or did he like everyone else fall
for the lies of the evil one/satan and merely repeat what the

atheist scientists were teaching the world at that time?



Some of you might be asking here who cares, or why is this important?



1). For one thing, the entire credibility of the book of Genesis is at stake here. Because the average person reading the bible will NOT find the billions of years in Genesis like the scientists are trying to shove down our throats. This has caused millions if not billions of Christian's to doubt the book of Genesis all together. When a person doubts a bible book, doubt will set into that person concerning other bible books too.



That same person will probably doubt the book of Jonah. They will conclude to themselves, come on, he did not live in a whale for 3 full day did he? I really don't believe that. Now, when this person starts to doubt other bible books, this man or woman is in big BIG trouble.






2). Next, the very credibility of JESUS is at stake since HE quoted Genesis 25 different times. If we cannot trust the book of Genesis, since JESUS quoted from it so often, now even GOD'S own son JESUS comes into question!



3). Just about every single other book in the bible refers to Genesis!!! If people do not believe Genesis literally, then as they read the other books in the bible, and as they see Genesis mentioned over & over again, they will be filled completely with doubt.



4). The evolutionists really care about all of this! If you take away the billions of years, now all of the sudden, their theories look really REALY SILLY!



5). Also, if the earth was billions of years old, now you have death before sin..... If that was true, now you have a HERESIE!!! GOD would be a liar now.



The bible states that Adam & Eve sinned and death was introduced into the world. So the sin happened first, then death came. Adam and Eve first sinned, then death was introduced to the entire world.





Here is a really simple question. Can an average person read the bible and understand it, or do we need some spiritual guru to tell us what it means?



The bible clearly says that all of creation took only 6 days, that this happened about 6000 years ago and that Adam was created at the beginning of creation 6000 years ago. Why are spiritual guru's telling us differently? We can't we simply read the bible and get a clear and precise understanding of Genesis?


I say we can!!!!!!!!

Death came into the world through Adam who JESUS says was created at the beginning of creation.

Therefore there could not be life here on earth before Adam otherwise those lifeforms could never die!


Because death was introduced after Adam was created, not before.

Let's look at a scripture to show us now -

Mathew 19:4 – 4 Haven’t you read the Scriptures?” Jesus

They record that from the beginning ‘God made them

male and female.

Adam was created in the beginning. The beginning of what you
might ask? The beginning of the entire creation.

Someone is lying to us. Either GOD is lying, or satan and the rest of the world are.

With GOD'S help, let's continue to study further and find out who is telling the truth, and who is lying!



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