How Are You Spending



How Are You Spending Your Time?






How Do We Spend Our Time?



JESUS is incredible, give him a chance and find out for yourself!!!




Maybe you do not believe in JESUS at this time. Ask the LORD to reveal himself to you, to show you how real he is, you have nothing to lose!




The more we draw near to JESUS, the closer we get with the LORD, the more we see just how incredible he truly is!!!!




You might be wondering how can we get closer to JESUS since he is invisible. Why not practice the same exact ways you do with men or women?




Try talking to JESUS, sharing with him, holding his hand, thinking about him, reading about him, praying to him, laughing with him etc etc




When the LORD JESUS starts to reveal himself to you more & more, wow will it be shocking to see how great he is, how incredible he is!!!




JESUS will save your life if you would only allow him too! He will take you out of the drug scene, the porn scene, the clubbing scene!!!!




If your having trouble believing JESUS is real, ask the LORD to reveal himself to you.




Say this - GOD, if your son JESUS is actually real, I would like to know him too. I want to know the truth GOD, this is very important to me.




Say - GOD, other people seem to think he is real, I want to know the truth once and for all. If JESUS is real, show me GOD, show me!!!!!




Maybe you gave your life to JESUS a while ago, but he seems so distant, so quiet, and your losing faith that he is real..............




Start holding his hand everywhere you go, talk to him constantly, pray day and night, tell him romantic things, share your heart with him!



Start working on a fiery passionate relationship with JESUS and his presence, his love, his joy, his peace will rain down and flood you!!!




Start making the bible, reading the bible very VERY important..... The more you read the bible, the more you will feel his presence!!!!!



The more time you spend with JESUS and the bible, the more peace, love, joy and his presence you will feel with you!!!!!




Give it a try, watch and see just how real he is!!!! Turn to him, make time for him every single day and night 7 days a week and watch!!!




The LORD JESUS seems distant to you, quiet, fading away because you are not spending time with him and the bible!!!!




We have to spend actual time with JESUS & the bible every day, 7 days a week. We have to take real time out of our lives for the LORD!!!




We have to take real time, 1-2-3 hours a day or more if you can to spend with JESUS and the bible..... This is extremely important!!!!




Some of you might be thinking - I can't, I work too much, or the kids, or school, or my bosses, or my homework etc etc etc......




Here are some wonderful revelations that JESUS taught me on how to find more time for him -->>



We are only going to live one time and one time only here on earth! We have to, we got to, we must find time every day for JESUS.....



Finding time for JESUS & the bible is not an option. If we do not, we will die!!!!!!!



But if we do make time for JESUS & the bible, now our entire lives, our marriages, our friendships, our UNIVERSE starts to change!!!!




If your too busy for JESUS and the bible, wow has satan mind raped you, wow does satan have you deceived beyond your imagination!!!!



I am not putting anyone down though, we all fall for those deceptions, for the mind raping that satan does to us to make us sooooooo busy!!!



satan wants us busy busy busy busy...... GOD wants us resting, resting in his incredible son JESUS, resting in bible promises!!!!




How can we rest in JESUS if we are too busy for him, too busy for the bible, too busy to do ministry work? Is GOD happy with that???



GOD loves us and we love him, so since we love him we want to please him!!! GOD wants us to rest in JESUS & his incredible bible!!!!!




Did your boss offer you a new promotion? Much more pay? Many more hours working? And you thought GOD was for this???? No people!!!!!




In some rare instances, yes GOD could be for this new promotion, but usually, most of the time it will be satan attacking you again!!!




And how is satan attacking you? He is stealing your time, stealing your life, stealing your time with JESUS and the bible & ministry work!



If you or I are too busy for JESUS and the bible, wow, WOW do we have problems!!!!! We have problems that will effect eternity!!!!!!



These problems are so serious, they will actually effect our eternity!!!!!




You better start working less, less movies, less TV, less gaming, less dating, less clubbing, less sleeping because JESUS IS WORTH IT!!!!



How we spend our time is going to show our family, friends, bosses, the world, the universe & GOD what is important to us!!!!!




The way you spend your time is going to show everyone, EVERYONE including satan what is truly important to you!!!!!




If you say you love JESUS, yet you do not spend time with him, something is very very very wrong here!!!




If you say you love the bible, yet you do not spend time studying it, something is also very wrong here. I am guilty of this too!!!



If you say you love GOD, yet you do not have time to feed people, clothe people, preach to people, something is very very wrong here!



If you say you love your Christian brothers and sisters, yet you do not have time for them, to pray or help them, something is very wrong!



The way you spend your time CANNOT LIE!!!!!! If you say you love JESUS but spend no real time with him, someone is lying........



satan wants you to accept that new job, that new promotion, leaving your family for 6 months at a time to work in another city/state!!!




GOD wants you to work less, worry less, fear less, less anxiety, and to NEVER EVER EVER separate from your family!!!!!




There is the rare occasion when GOD will send someone to another place to preach the word leaving their family for a short time!



But in my heart of hearts I feel that is a very rare case. Yet we have Christian people leaving their families constantly to go preach!!!




I am sorry, but I do not believe GOD is happy with this. If I am wrong, I will repent!!!



Why on earth would you leave your family to go preach in Africa, helping the people in Africa, when your own family is close to divorce!!!



Why would you go preach in the Philippines when your own daughter is working as a topless dancer!!!



Why on earth would you go preach in Israel when your own wife is having an affair with one of your best friends?




We have to spend time with JESUS, real hard core time each and every day.......



We have to spend real hardcore time studying the bible with every single ounce of grace that GOD gives us!!!!!



We gotta put our blood, our sweat, our tears into studying the bible, seeking truths as much as we can......... Why?????????



Because the flesh is real, the evil spirits are real, hell is real, the lake of fire is real!!! That is why we gotta try really hard!!!



And when I say try hard, I mean spending real time with JESUS 7 days a week and studying the bible as if our very souls depended on it!!



The way you spend your time is going to show GOD so much about you!!!!!!




OK, you got asked to fly to Africa to preach to people..... Praise GOD.... Meanwhile your wife is calling divorce lawyers!!!!!!

When I am talking about working hard, I am talking about getting a fiery, romantic, passionate love affair with JESUS & HIS bible!!!!!



OK you wanna go pass out food on Friday night to the homeless. Meanwhile your son snuck out of the house and is on a date with his girlfriend!!!




Time, we get so little time!!! When is the last time you visited a children's hospital? Many of them got very little time here!!!!


We get only a certain amount of time here on earth, then we enter into eternity!!! The way we spend our time will dictate everything!!!





Wow, I have hard through the grapevine that the demonic army is about to really start attacking us harder and harder!!!!



I have heard that these new attacks could start any day now, or a few days from now, or a week or two or a month!! It is very close!!!!




The demonic army is getting permission from GOD right now to come against us in new, deeper, harder, stronger attacks!!!!

For some of you reading this, it might of already started....




If you are NOT spending a lot of time with JESUS & the bible, you will never ever ever make it through what is about to start!!!!



If you are only spending about 1 hour a week with JESUS, you will get completely washed away in this demonic storm coming!!!




If you are only reading the bible about 1 hour a week, watch out, you most likely will not make it through the coming attacks!!!



GOD is going to teach us right now that we better start taking JESUS very very very very seriously!!! Why? because we do NOT!!!!!!




We do not take JESUS or the bible serious enough.................. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE FACT!!!




How can I know this? Look at how we spend our time!!! All you have to do is look at how you spend your time..................



Only those people who are truly and really abiding in JESUS from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed will make it!!!!




Nobody, NOBODY who is NOT abiding in JESUS is going to make it through the demonic storm which is starting very very shortly!!! NOT 1 OF YOU.



I gotta change, you gotta change, we have to change.... We have to be abiding in JESUS day and night non stop!!! This will take some time..




Your new promotion is not going to help you ward off this coming demonic attack!!!



Your new raise will not ward off the demons assigned to you, coming against you with GOD'S permission!!!!!



Your clubbing, gaming, movies and TV watching are NOT going to help you fight off the pack of demons coming to you right now!!!!!


Internet Gaming...................



Nothing is going to help!!! NOTHING IS GOING TO HELP except GOD'S SON and the bible promises!!!!! Nothing else..............



If you are not abiding in JESUS day and night, all your works, all your ministry, all your efforts are going to get COMPLETELY WASHED AWAY!



We have very very little time now!

And just like me, I am sure you too have wasted most of it on the world, in the world, interacting in worldly things!!!!!!




I am not saying the rapture is coming now, no not at all. I am saying a very large demonic army is coming for you!!!



I am telling you to your face, they are coming right now for you! To steal from you, to kill you, to destroy you completely!!!



If you are not spending real time with JESUS and the bible, you are completely TOAST!!!!!!!



Your church cannot save you, your ministry will not save you, your works will not save you, NONE OF THAT WILL WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




If you are NOT spending real time with JESUS & the bible, satan will laugh at your church, laugh at your ministry, laugh at your works!!!




Only JESUS and the bible promises are MORE POWERFUL than satan and his demonic army, NOTHING ELSE IS!!!!!!!!!!




We have to repent tonight.......... We have to say we are sorry for taking JESUS for granted!!!!



We have to repent and say we are sorry for taking the bible, the bible promises for granted!!!!!




We gotta get on our knees right now, right this moment and repent for taking the KING OF THE UNIVERSE for granted!!!!




Taking for granted the one who loves you so much, he died for you in a terrible death last hour after hour of torture!!!!




O LORD, teach us how to spend time with you JESUS!!!!



Teach us JESUS how to pray without ceasing!!!!



Teach us how to ask, how to seek, how to knock constantly day and night we pray JESUS!!!



Shatter our TV'S, shatter our movie watching, shatter our working 40-60 hours a week we pray!!! GET RID OF IT ALL JESUS!!!!!



Send us the grace FATHER in heaven, to really and truly be abiding in your son JESUS!!!!!!!!




Rain down grace, teach us that the only safe place in all of the universe is in the shadow of the MOST HIGH GOD, under his wings!!!!!




Help us to change the way we spend our time JESUS, pleas O LORD have mercy on our souls.... Help us right now as we repent!!!!!




Have mercy FATHER, for I have wasted so many thousands of hours, they have wasted thousands of hours..... HAVE MERCY FATHER!!!!




Send your grace O LORD, shatter our internet gaming, shatter our console gaming, shatter our computer gaming we pray JESUS!!!



O LORD, don't let us waste not another minute, not another moment of the precious time you have given us we pray JESUS!!!!



Don't let the enemy, the flesh, the demons, our pride steal another second, NOT ANOTHER SECOND JESUS we humbly pray!!!!!




Change the way we spend time - O MASTER of the Universe we pray JESUS!!!!!




Change our hearts, change our minds, change the way we view time, change the WAY WE VIEW YOU JESUS!!!!




Help JESUS, help us we pray!!!!!




Change us JESUS, teach us how to spend our time day and night on what is really & truly important...... YOU O LORD JESUS!!!!!!!!!




Thank you LORD we say, thank you for hearing our cries, for hearing our repentance, for hearing our hearts that we want to change!!!!!




Thank you JESUS, amen let it be done!!!!!!


 Love, your brother Garrett

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