Homosexuality- Part 2

 Battling Against Homosexuality – Part 2

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Well we have another Saturday night here.

Sometimes on the weekends children of GOD get tempted more so than during the week!

Many times as soon as we finish work on Friday, temptations and demonic attacks come even immediately as we drive home. I have had demonic attacks start to come against me as soon as I left my office.

Many times when children of GOD fall back down into temptations of porn, some very twisted sexual type demons attack that person!

The demons of homosexuality quite often attack people while they are watching porn, this is for sure!

Especially if the child of GOD is watching porn while drunk or high on drugs!

When a child of GOD falls down into porn and also drinks or does drugs at the same time, a demon of homosexuality will attack that person quite possibly!

This twisted sexual type of demon will push and encourage the poor person to be all of the sudden attracted to the same sex, to the same gender's sexual body parts too! These attacks are very real and we should be talking about it!

When the child of GOD is drunk and watching porn, this demon will now really push that person to have a brand new sexual interest in the same gender's body, and body parts.

This can especially happen while the child of GOD is drunk or high! Believe me, these attacks are very real and I know all about them with first hand experience!

If you are under the attack of homosexuality, humble yourself! Start humbling yourself day and night the best you can at GOD'S throne!

We humble ourselves before HIS throne in our heart, we do this in our mind, we choose to humble ourselves before GOD'S throne face down not even daring to look up!

Next -->>> Start praying much more than you have been!

No matter what amount you use to pray, start doubling your prayer life or even tripling it if possible!

Next - Start spending real 1 on 1 time with JESUS and the bible!

If you are under attack from the demons of homosexuality, humble yourself, pray more and spend much more 1 on 1 time with JESUS.

Start telling JESUS how badly you need him! Tell him how you need his help, grace, mercies, blessings and protection too!

Start really sharing your heart with JESUS all about these issues and you will melt his heart for you FOR HE LOVES YOU DEARLY!!!

Most children of GOD are being turned gay because they are watching porn! 

And watching porn while drunk or high is very very dangerous as stated earlier!

The reason why is, when you are high or drunk and watching porn, a combination of demons will now attack you all at the same times! And this can be devastating to say the least to the child of GOD who has fallen down into this mess!

You are a child of GOD whom JESUS died for! So you are precious beyond all imagination to GOD AND HIS SON JESUS
Oh the demons would just love to turn you gay if they could!!!

Now if you are battling the demons of homosexuality, you are not gay! I say it again, you are NOT gay.......

You are battling evil, amen on that right? But you are not gay!

So do not call yourself gay, nor call yourself a homosexual! Because all of that are lies from the enemies.

Just realize you are under demonic attack and that - You are battling a specific type of twisted sexual demon!

Once again, you are a wonderful incredible child of GOD whom JESUS loves far MORE than mere words could ever say!

You are NOT gay, you are simply battling a perverted type of sexual demon who wants to turn you to a gay type of lifestyle!

Never say you are gay because you are not! You are a child of GOD!

You are a CHILD of GOD!

And do not be embarrassed to ask for help either.

Do not be too embarrassed to call a friend or two that you are sure you can trust and confide in them you are under attack!

So if the demons are pushing you to be attracted to the same gender -->>>>

 1). Humble yourself day and night.
2).  Pray much more.
 3). Spend more 1 on 1 time with JESUS

Start really sharing your heart with JESUS, tell him how you want to get out of this lifestyle, tell him how badly you need his help!

Tell JESUS how you want to be more like him! Share with him everything you are going through and he will help you for sure!

The demon of homosexuality has to be kicked out of you!

Derek Prince said - A person battling the demon of homosexuality will usually NOT get free until they realize they are under demonic attack. 

That makes perfect sense to me. As long as the demons can hide in deceptions and darkness, it seems that they will stay in the person until they are kicked out! But if we can realize – Hey, this is a demon attacking me. Hey I want this evil twisted spirit out etc etc, you are shining the light of JESUS CHRIST on this demon now and this will greatly help! Exposing the demons can greatly weaken their attacks on you!

If you really start humbling yourself and sharing your heart with JESUS, why on earth would he say no to you? HE WILL SET YOU FREE.

Your freedom might come in 5 seconds!

Your freedom might come in 5 months!

Your freedom might come in 5 years, but it will come for sure as you humble yourself more and pray more and more each day too!

The demon of homosexuality has to be kicked out, then the LORD has to tone down your flesh! JESUS will also clear up your mind too from all of the evil, from all of the filth, from all of the bad pictures your mind has seen! The LORD can do this easily! Amen to that!!!

Anyone could be turned gay at any second! YES ANYONE! YES that includes you or I too......

If you think you could NOT be turned gay, oh wow I feel so sorry for you! satan already has his claws in you! In your pride, in your ego, in your self righteousness.

the demons of homosexuality could turn anyone on earth gay if the LORD would allow it!

Praise GOD that his son JESUS does not allow it too often! Praise GOD he is guarding  most of us, amen praise GOD!

The only reason you are not living in a gay lifestyle now is because of GOD'S grace protecting you!

The only reason you might be free from drugs or alcohol or porn is because of GOD'S grace!

Believe me, you and I do not deserve this incredible grace that is for sure! This protection from the demon of homosexuality that GOD is giving you and I, or most of us is a GIFT FROM GOD!

You are not better or worse than any other child of GOD! Neither am I. If you think you are better, you have been greatly deceived and you are already infested with demons!

So do NOT look down upon your brothers and sisters in JESUS CHRIST who are battling against the demons of homosexuality!

Be humble! Be kind! Be loving!

Support your brothers and sisters in JESUS!

Give grace to your brothers and sisters who are battling against these sexually perverted demons!

Give mercy! Give mercy to your brothers and sisters in JESUS CHRIST who are battling against these evils!

Why? Why give grace, mercy, kindness and love to them?

Because that is what JESUS is doing and that is what GOD expects you to do too!

But why else?

Because it could be you!

Do you realize without GOD'S grace, you could be living a gay lifestyle tomorrow? Yes in a few hours from now you most definitely could be!

It is all GOD'S love and grace raining down on you and protecting you from this evil!

I pray most of you understand this, I really do!

Because if you look down upon others who are battling this demon of homosexuality, guess what?

GOD might have you battle this demon for the next 3 years too! And boy will you be sorry then!

You will be so sorry then, and all because of your pride!

You will be so sorry then for the way you looked down upon them, the way you secretly judged them, the way you were disgusted by them.

Be careful children of GOD, be very very very careful on this topic and all other sinful topics too!

Be careful about what? Be careful not to judge, nor condemn, nor be disgusted by your brothers and sisters who are battling this demon of homosexuality.

It could be you! In the blink of an eye, it could be you!

Have any of you ever heard of -->>> Demonic flash attacks?

I did not make up that title. Brother Thomas did. I use the name also!

Demonic flash attacks are very very real!

I have experienced them multiple times, so have other people I know too!

That is when out of NOWHERE, a demon attacks you so hard, so deeply that you are sinning literally seconds later!

If you have NOT experienced these flash attack, well praise GOD amen to that! Praise GOD!

But many others of you here HAVE experienced demonic flash attacks to where you are sinning absolutely out of nowhere in minutes!

So when I tell you that you could be doing a gay lifestyle literally in minutes, or an hour, you better darn well believe that I mean it! I am not joking here, we have to be very very humble!

If not for GOD'S grace, you would be a serial killer, serial rapist, you would be molesting little babies and you would be eating human flesh too. 

If you disagree with that last statement, well once again I feel sorry for you! You are still not understanding GOD's grace and how it works.

So if you want to go around judging other Christians who are battling the demon of homosexuality, wow I feel so sorry for you!

So what should we do with our brothers and sisters who have fallen down into a gay lifestyle?

How about we love them?

How about we show them compassion?

How about we show them how much we care about them?

How about we give them grace and mercy?

How about we show them that we are not judging them?

How about we motivate them?

How about we encourage them to the LORD and to start praying more?

How about we try to instill in them a brand new level of determination to come to JESUS, the bible and praying more and more each day?

How about we show them that we are there for them no matter what the sinful topic is?

You see Christians get extra offended by the sin of homosexuality more so than most other sins!

But GOD said - If we have commit even one sin, we have broken the ENTIRE LAW!

You see when it comes to sexual sins, many newer Christians get extra offended, or extra ashamed by it, or extra embarrassed!!!

Do you think GOD acts that way?

Do you think GOD loves his children any less who are battling against the demons of homosexuality than any other of his children?

Didn't JESUS create all of the angels?

Didn't JESUS know before hand which angels would rebel against him?

Of course he did, I pray most of you understand this, I really do!

Didn't JESUS know ahead of time which angels would rebel, and become very evil, even sexually twisted evil? OF COURSE HE DID!

So do you really think JESUS views the sin of homosexuality any worse than his children who are stuck in the sin of fornication?

Do you think JESUS views battling the demon of homosexuality any more or worse than his children who are battling against the demons who are behind watching straight porn?

Think about these things children of GOD, meditate on them so you can love your brothers and sisters more who are battling this evil!

Be humble, be very very humble in your heart and mind when you sit around thinking about Christians who are battling a homosexual lifestyle.

But why be humble? Because satan is watching you very very closely!

But why else be humble?

Because GOD is watching you even down to the microscopic level, and GOD is very VERY AGAINST pride!

GOD is so against pride, he just might have you battle the demon of homosexuality yourself for 15 months if you go around judging your brothers and sisters in the LORD who are battling against these demons!

OH you didn't know GOD does this? OH BOY!!!

Have any of you ever heard of the incredible Christian singer named -->> Tonex?

Tonex Had the best voice I have ever heard in my life! And he has some very very GOOD Christian songs.

Tonex got turned gay for many years.

Do you think you are better than Tonex?

Do you think you are more holy or righteous than Tonex?

We have to watch the pride! We have to be very very humble when we are thinking of other Christians!

So just to wrap this up, yes homosexuality is caused by a demon! The demons turn the person gay.

Most likely - 1 demon compels the person to turn gay, while another demon enslaves that person to a gay lifestyle!

Most likely those two demons work together to turn a person gay quite possibly along with a demon of lust too!

Then! When you add in addictions to porn and masturbation, we are talking about a whole gang of evil spirits in that poor person!

It could be as little as one demon doing all of that, but most likely it is 2-5 demons attacking that person with all of that evil sinning and addictions!

So try to help everyone the best you can no matter what sins they might be stuck in!

Stop judging one sin as more disgusting than others, just try to love everyone the best you can and be a vessel GOD can use to help people!

So believe me, if Tonex can get turned gay, so can you, so can I... If you disagree, oh well I feel real sorry for you!

Why? Because you are still not understanding how GOD'S grace works! 

If you think you could never be turned gay, that is mega, MEGA AMOUNTS OF PRIDE!

1 single evil Cherubim angel could most likely kill every single human being on earth in 1 hour!

Some of the demons could be 100-200-300 feet tall or taller.... Who do you think you are to say you could never be turned gay!

We have to be humble! GOD's mercy and grace are protecting you and me tonight, so be humble!

The more humble you are, the more GOD can use you! Amen!

So one last time -->>>>

If you are battling against the demons of homosexuality try this ->

Start humbling yourself day and night. Start praying much more than you have been. Start spending more 1 on 1 time with JESUS!

Start sharing all of your pain and hurting with JESUS in intimate talks with him!

Start telling the LORD how badly you need him, how you want him, how you have fallen down, how you bow down at this throne!

And if you do all of that, THE JESUS I know will deliver you at HIS perfect timing!

That simply means he will kick those demons out of you, tone down your flesh, and heal your mind at HIS PERFECT TIMING!

How long will it take? Anywhere from 5 seconds to years and years. Only GOD and his son JESUS know!

But no matter how long it takes, keep humbling yourself, keep praying more, keep spending 1 on 1 time with JESUS!

And if you are battling the demon of homosexuality right now, I praise GOD for you right now.........

The LORD is with you child of GOD, JESUS is with you and he will never ever leave you, not ever!

JESUS loves you and he will never stop loving you, not ever!

And I love you too!

And you are just as holy as I am, you are just as righteous as I am, praise GOD for that!

Praise GOD for this great news, Praise GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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