Have Your Baby

Abortion Part 3:

Have your baby!

If you are thinking of having an abortion at this time, please slow down, please reconsider.........

Please take a few breaths and read very slowly what I am about to tell you.

Believe me, if you murder your baby this will haunt you every single day of your entire life! I have heard from other women via the internet who have had abortions. They talk about how not a day goes by in their lives when they do not think about their baby they murdered. 

Slow down, consider having your baby. Why? Because your baby will love you unconditionally and you will have so much joy then! You always wanted someone to love you unconditionally every since you were born and guess what? Your newborn baby will do that just!

Once you have your baby, your baby will smile at you, laugh with you, and he or she will just love it when you hold them tight! Going through this incredible experience with you newborn baby will even bring some happiness into your life.

You might be thinking - You cannot afford the baby. But your FATHER owns the cattle on a thousand hills.......... Your FATHER in heaven owns the entire earth, the solar system, the galaxies and the universe!

Your FATHER in heaven will help you, he will hold you too, he will bless you with your food, clothing and shelter! You and your unborn baby are extremely important to GOD and he will show you just how faithful he truly is by taking care of all of your needs, just watch and see.

You might be thinking - But my husband or boyfriend left me....Well that is their loss...... You are incredible and so is your unborn baby! So if they cannot see just how incredible you and your unborn baby are, oh well move on now, move forward now with JESUS and be super blessed by the LORD.

So if your husband, fiancee' or bf left you during this pregnancy, oh well that is there loss that is for sure. If they do not want to be a man, a real man and take care of their brand new family, it might be for good that they left. Now you can get your attention on JESUS and raising your newborn baby to know the LORD and the holy bible.

When you see your baby smile at you for the first time, IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT. It will all be so worth it just watch and see!

Your newborn baby will want you to hold him or her all the time...... Wow isn't that what you always wanted? Someone to hold on to?

Have your baby. Push away the fear and have your baby............. You will be so happy you did!

GOD will not let you down. GOD loves you and your baby so much more than you love yourself.. GOD will not let you down!

Your newborn baby will want you to hold him or her all the time.... GOD will use this to heal your broken heart, to heal your shattered soul. GOD will use this to teach you more about love. HE will use the love your newborn baby has for you to teach you so much it will be wonderful!

Do not have an abortion! If you do, it will haunt you the rest of your life. Just use Google and research what women say about this horrendous topic.

Sure satan wants you to murder your unborn baby, of course he does. Of course his demon spirits are pushing you and encouraging you to go forward with an abortion/murder.

Yes satan wants you to kill the unborn baby, he wants another murder on his hands. He wants to use you to do his evil dirty work! And the really sinister part is, he wants to use you to kill your own unborn innocent baby who has not even sinned yet.

Say no! Say no to satan, say no to the demons, say no to their whispers pushing you and pushing you to kill your unborn baby!

Say no to abortion, say no to the fear, say no to the anxiety you are feeling. say no satan! I will not kill my precious baby!!!

Say no satan, I refuse you. GOD will take care of both of us, the LORD will provide, the LORD will provide amen!

push away the fear. Do not fear, GOD will help you and your baby, he will for sure just watch and see!

I want you to know women, most abortion facilities will murder you unborn baby in the most painful & hideous of ways!

Many abortion clinics use sharp scissors and knives to tear your baby to pieces alive.

And your baby will be screaming in your own stomach...... This will haunt you your entire life!

I want you to know that many abortion clinics will tear apart your baby one limb at a time. They then pull the limbs out of your stomach!

Your own unborn baby will be torn to pieces in your own stomach while he or she screams and screams!

You can use Google and look at the pictures of the limbs of the unborn babies being taken out of the mothers/murderers stomach and placed on a tray by her.

Your unborn baby in your stomach will use her tiny hands to try to push away the sharp scissors that are cutting her to pieces!

But her tiny hands will be too weak to push the sharp scissors way. Your own baby will be murdered in your very own stomach! And guess what? You will be responsible for murder. Sure I realize abortion is still legal in the USA, but to GOD, it is murder and you will be held responsible. GOD trusted you and gave you a brand new baby to take care of, to love and to raise up to know his son JESUS and the holy bible. And what did you do? You murdered this brand new life-form that GOD trusted you with!

Now women! I want you to slow down, I want you to take a few breaths, I want you to re think everything you are doing!

In a worse case scenario, if you simply just do not want your baby, there are thousands and tens of thousands of couples who do!

There could be potentially hundreds of thousands of couples who would love to raise your baby in a great home with lots of love! Some of these married couples would even allow you to keep in touch with the baby year after year. Anything can be worked out through prayer and just talking about it with the new couple.

You have so many options women! You have so many options and option number 1 is to give your life to JESUS and he will help you! He will help you to make the right loving decisions with your unborn baby.

The best option will be to have your wonderful baby, and start trusting JESUS to take care of you!

JESUS is very powerful and I know he can handle one more baby on planet earth!!!! And guess what? He loves you so much & your baby!

Men! Do not push your wives, fiancee's or girlfriends to have an abortion. You will be sorry every single day of your life if you do this!

Men! Never ever ever encourage your girl to have an abortion. If you do, you will be responsible for the murder!

Men! When your baby is screaming in your girlfriends stomach because she is being torn to pieces, you will be responsible.... This sin of murder will land directly on your head and the demons will rush into you to attack!

Be afraid men, be very very afraid to commit legal murder........... You will never ever feel good again the rest of your life if you go through with giving permission for doctors to torture your unborn baby to death!

Be strong men, know that GOD will take care of you and your wife, fiancee or girlfriend.... GOD will not let you down men!

Men! Have your baby! Raise up the baby to know and love JESUS and the holy bible. Be a real man of GOD and take care of your responsibilities.

GOD will give your family food, clothing, and shelter! just ask GOD and watch and see!

Men! If you have been encouraging your wife, fiancee or girlfriend to have an abortion, repent. Repent now while you still can!

Tell the LORD how sorry you are men. Tell your girlfriend how sorry you are. Tell your wife how sorry you are. Be strong, raise this baby to know GOD and to love the bible!

Men do not allow satan to use you as a puppet to murder another unborn baby in the most hideous and painful of ways, especially your own baby. You might be thinking → I do not even have a job, I cannot take care of this baby, I cannot even take care of myself at this time! All of that might be true, but I know someone who can take care of you and your new family. He is GOD'S son who created the entire universe. You are important to him. Your unborn baby is very important to him. Cry out for help and JESUS will help you for sure.

Men! How would you like it if you were in a torture chair and someone cut you to pieces with sharp knives and scissors?

No men, you would not like this one bit. So why on earth would you push your wife, or girlfriend to have an abortion - Which means your own baby would be cut to pieces one limb at a time while alive and screaming!

Men! Your own little unborn baby will try to push the knives away, you can see pics of this on Google pics.............

Men! Say no to abortion...... In a worse case scenario, you and your girlfriend can give the baby away to adoption!

Give your baby a chance to grow up, to see the flowers, to play basketball, to dance, to hopefully get married and have her own children, to get to know and love JESUS. Give your baby a chance.

Have your baby!

Men! Do not push or encourage or force your wife, fiancee' or girlfriend  to have an abortion........... DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE men! Provide for your family, take care of them, guard them and protect them, and most importantly → Lead them all to the LORD JESUS and salvation!

Men! When satan can use you as a tool of evil to encourage your girlfriend to murder a unborn baby, this is one of his greatest victories!

Men! Do not be a slave of satan. Do not let satan use you to push and encourage your girlfriend to kill your unborn baby. Say no to satan!

Have your baby...... Be blessed, be super blessed by your newborn baby!

Men and women, have your baby!

GOD says - Have your baby! Be super blessed, have your baby.

Sincerely, your servant Garrett

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