Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

If it is your birthday today. I just want to say -->>>> Happy birthday to you........... Praise GOD for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise GOD for creating you to be so wonderfully different, unique and special!!!

Praise GOD for creating you on this day.....................

There is NOT a single person on earth who is even remotely close to being like you!

You have your own unique DNA, your own unique spirit, your own soul, your own fingerprints, your own unique eyes......... So! On this wonderful day that you were born,

 I praise GOD for you!

You are not only completely unique, but you are very special too!

JESUS adores you so much.

No matter how old you are on your birthday today, praise GOD for you - And the LORD JESUS is on super fire for you!!!

You are incredible child of GOD and there is nobody else like you in all of the universe.

And if today is your birthday, but you do not know JESUS, OH WOW DOES HE KNOW YOU! and DOES HE LOVE YOU!

JESUS knew you and loved you long before he ever created the universe... Then if that was not enough. Even though you were NOT even born yet, the LORD died for you and your terrible sins on the cross 2000 years ago.

Now the LORD is calling you to himself to experience and to enjoy a fiery, romantic, personal and intimate relationship with GOD'S son.

That is only a tiny glimpse of how special you truly are!

You are precious in the sight of the LORD JESUS and I love you too just like a younger brother or sister!

So how can I know that I am older than you? Hahahah because I am quite old. I have had many birthdays on this cold dark rock we call Earth. 

So happy birthday. And if you are all alone on your birthday guess what? You are not alone..... JESUS IS WITH YOU!

And I am also here through this article telling you that I am thinking about you, that you are super important to GOD and his son JESUS and that I am thinking about you too!

Go out to dinner tonight on your birthday, order a wonderful piece of cake for your birthday and have a great time with JESUS tonight.

Or maybe you are all alone and you have nobody to wish you a happy birthday today!! Well guess what?

I wish you a happy birthday right now!!!!!!!!

I have also spent many birthdays alone so I know how you feel, but praise GOD that his son JESUS is with you right now and THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

You are not alone on your birthday today.

So! We all wish you a happy birthday right now!


Do not sit around being sad and lonely on your birthday!

I know money is tight, but take $15 and go out to dinner tonight. Get dressed up in your nicest clothes, put on some wonderful cologne or perfume, go to your favorite restaurant, order yourself a great dinner and guess what?

For dessert order yourself a wonderful huge piece of cake!


Because TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY and GOD loves you so much..

Praise GOD for creating you on this very day years ago! 

Go out tonight and have a wonderful fiery romantic date with JESUS on your birthday. He will be sitting with you at the restaurant while you order a great dinner, and eat a wonderful piece of cake.

Why will he be with you?

Because he created you on this day many years ago, because he adores you, because JESUS cherishes you and your birthday is very VERY VERY IMPORTANT TO JESUS.

Our time is winding down here on earth for the children of GOD, so go out to dinner tonight and get a wonderful dessert on your birthday.

Believe me every single person that GOD created through his son JESUS is a incredible unique, wonderful, fantastic miracle of GOD!

You are a miracle!!!

And guess what? Today is the day years ago that you, YES YOU – The very miracle of GOD was created.......

You are special, you are wonderful, GOD loves you all because of what JESUS did for you on the cross and guess what? --->>>>>

Today is your birthday and we celebrate this with you right now on the internet together! Yes all of us together with GOD and his son JESUS too!

Today is your birthday and here is our present to you --->>>>> We love you! We love, we love you we love you and cannot wait to see you in heaven soon!

But always remember we are saved by our faith, trust and belief in JESUS............. Salvation is found NO other way but in JESUS and JESUS alone.

Praise GOD for you, today is your birthday!

the LORD has been so kind, he has allowed you to see another birthday here on earth. Yes it has been difficult, but JESUS is with you! Yes you did have to cry many times here on earth, yes you have battled against sadness, some loneliness and depression too.... Yes sometimes the battles against lust have been UN bearable, but guess what?


So brother in CHRIST, get dressed up, stop pouting, stop being sad, go out to dinner with just you and JESUS and get some wonderful cake for dessert too.

Sister in CHRIST wipe away those tears. Get dressed up, put on your perfume, go out to dinner with JESUS tonight, have a great time, focus on the LORD, order a wonderful dinner and do NOT forget about that incredible piece of cake for DESSERT!


Because today is your birthday and you are very special to GOD and I love you too!

Today is your birthday........ let's celebrate it together all over the Internet.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY -  Praise GOD for you!!!

Go to your favorite place to eat, sit down, order a great dinner and dessert too. Reach out your hand and hold on to JESUS' hand too! Have a great time together tonight just and HE.

We praise you JESUS, we praise you for creating all of the birthday people who had birthdays this week to be so unique and special!

Everyone who has had a birthday in the last 7 days or in the next 7 days, we praise JESUS for you right now and --->>>>>>>

Happy birthday for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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