Great Deception Part 2

The Greatest Deception Part 2

What I am about to share with you many of you will agree with me, while many of you will disagree with me! Praise GOD either way...

Millions and millions of people all over the world claim to have been abducted by something or someone! I am talking about people who are being abducted late at night right out of their bedrooms or homes.

What if some of these people all over the world were actually telling the truth?

Here is what happened people -> Your Government leaders sold you out to these evil angels we call demons! Many Governments of the world ESPECIALLY the USA made a deal with these evil beings....

This is a (being) caught on a camera outside by a tree!

These evil angels tempted our leaders and our leaders fell for the temptation and sinned. They sold us to these evil beings and gave the demons permission to abduct us.

Military jets flying with a UFO shaped craft!

These means our world leaders traded you for super technology and other benefits from the demons! This is one of the main reasons why we went from propeller style airplanes to Hyper Advanced Space ships in a very VERY short amount of time.

So when men, women and children are abducted by these evil spirits and evil beings they are doing this with PERMISSION from your Government officials!

Google earth captures a snap shot of one of the High Tech ships!

I tell the truth to your face. Your leaders traded you and your UN born babies for technology!

History keeps repeating itself so we can also assume the demons did the EXACT SAME THING in the old testament too!

Now it gets even worse people!!! The USA & other Governments of the world have given these evil angels bases here on earth!

Yes these so called Grey aliens/fake/demons and hybrids actually have bases on earth all over the world!

This is the evil that men and women do when they do not have JESUS in their lives!

And it gets even worse people!!

The Governments especially the USA are allowing them to create hybrid beings! These hybrids are extremely evil beings who will be full blown satanic followers and following their dad – satan completely!

Some of the Grey fake aliens you might see could either be a demon pretending to be one, or a real hybrid!

The demons are doing this with the PERMISSION from the Government of the USA and other countries too!

About 6 years ago I was studying Bill Schnoebelen! He had stated that the U.S. Government had everything in the Star wars movies!  Bill said that we had everything in the Star Trek movies too! 6 years ago, I found this very VERY hard to believe! After 6 years of yard core studying, it turns out Bill was right.

We have space ships, a few other countries have space ships too like Russia and Japan & Nazi Germany! Bill had said 6 years ago that the USA had technology about 50 years more advanced than what the average citizen knew about. That surely was hard for me to believe back then.

It turns out, Bill was right again!

I tell you the truth - We have EVERYTHING in Star wars and Star trek!

We have space ships and technology so advanced right now, it would completely blow your mind!

Even though the USA & others have HYPER advanced technology, you do realize to get this they gave the demons PERMISSION to abduct you, your children, your UN born babies, and your body parts right?

So was it worth it? Getting sexually abused by demons? Or having your babies stolen? Or having DNA stolen from you? Or being tortured? Or even being killed? I am asking you to your face - Was it worth it people?

I mean surely the USA and others are using this HYPER ADVANCED technology to solve starvation in Africa right?

Surely the USA and others are using this HYPER TECHNOLOGY to stop child abuse? Or to stop divorce? Or to stop crime right?

Surely the USA and others are using this HYPER ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY to solve the world wide human trafficking problem right? Or surely they are using this to clean our drinking water right? Or to start producing newer and better ways of growing fantastic food for us to eat right?

No people!!!!!!!!! Nothing could be farther from the truth!!!

No people, they are using this HYPER ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY TO further satanism, to do all kinds of hideous DNA experimentation to created evil hybrid monsters!

I tell you the truth, none of this advanced technology is being used for good, not any of it!

A Nazi Base On The Moon. They could have many more!!!

The USA, Russia, Japan & Nazi Germany built bases on the moon and other planets with this technology!

and evil things are being done. They are being done far FAR AWAY from where the Christians are here on earth, but GOD knows all about it and will take care of all of this very shortly!

People, there are hybrid satanic beings living on the earth, the moon and other planets too. They have cars, they have technology more advanced than ours, and they have space ships too. These are not aliens people, I say it again, they are NOT aliens... They are actual beings that satan and evil mankind are creating doing evil and sinister DNA manipulations.


From what I have studied - Russia and Japan are the most powerful in space! Not the USA..............

The black triangular shaped UFO's have been seen extensively. I am not sure if they are Hybrid ships, or which country owns them.
 My intuition tells me these are from the USA!

So when you see the USA talking with Russia or China about getting permission to attack Iran......... IT IS ALL A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or when you see Russia hiding in the background the last 30 years since Communism supposedly fell, it is all a scam. Russia is a huge AND POWERFUL space power!!

The entire political system on earth is all a scam!!!!!! They are ALL WORKING TOGETHER IN SPACE................. Almost every single thing you see here on earth in the political realm is all a scam and lies and deceptions!

The basic space ships the Nazis were building 70 years ago!

When I say they, I mean - The world ruling families, Russia, Japan, Nazi Germany, the USA and possibly others working with the demons!!

I am sorry if this is too hard for some of you to hear right now, but there are very important reasons I am doing this today! Super important! One of the ways we can help to take down satan's kingdom is to reveal it. We must reveal openly to the general public what is really happening in space, what is really happening with our underground bases, what is really happening between our Governments and the Demonic angels!!!

IT is quite possible satan is building a hybrid army!!!! An army that lives on other planets and earth, an army that has HYPER TECHNOLOGY! An army that does the exact will of satan without ever questioning his motives or plans!

Now there are bible codes that say - The UFO'S are Seraphim angels!! This would be Seraphim evil angels! There are also bible codes that state - The aliens are demons!!!! This is a proven fact, these bible codes have been found!!!

You can read even more about this here -->>>

Now from what I have studied - Some of the abductees are taken into real ships and hurt badly!!!! Many are even killed!!! I mean they are sexually hurt very badly, or even tortured physically! While other less fortunate people are actually killed and never seen of again.

Looks like a very early Nazi space ship design here!

While some of the other abductees are NOT taken into a ship, but they think the are. They are experiencing very powerful hypnosis put on them by the evil angels. This hypnosis is so powerful the man or woman or child who this is being done too, would swear to you that they were on a real metallic ship! They would go on to tell you that they felt the icy cold floor that they walked on, that the felt the metal table that the so called aliens put them on and experimented on them! But there is some evidence coming out now what is really being done to the poor person is, they are having some very advanced hypnosis being done to them.

If you do not know JESUS, boy you better go get him in your life immediately!

The demons are also taking animal parts from cows and such and human parts too! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT for children of GOD to learn!

Why> Because you and I are human, and our brothers and sisters who do not have JESUS are under a very VERY SINISTER and satanic ATTACK HERE!

The only thing saving you and I from these demonic attacks are JESUS himself and the bible promises!

Christian!! YOU CANNOT BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND ON THIS EVIL TOPIC! We must get educated on exactly what satan is doing here and I will tell you why a little later in this article!

satan is also mixing up the human DNA just like it seems he did back in the time of Noah too!! We must know about this, we must learn truth.

Next! Many of the UFO ships you have seen in the sky belong to the demons/evil angels and the hybrids! The hybrids do have space ships!

Most of the space ships we see in the sky over the USA would be our own space ships that belong to the USA.

A Nazi space ship fighting with a propeller plane!

Some of the space ships you have seen belong to Russia or Japan or possibly even Nazi Germany!!!

Many of the UFO ships and things you have seen in the sky are actual demons! They could be Seraphim evil angels transforming into space ships!!!

Can some of the demons do this? Oh yes they can and much MUCH more too! A seraphim evil angel can transform his body to look like a metallic ship!

The demons know their time is almost over and they are starting to manifest physically more and more now!!! Many of you have actually seen the demons themselves up in the sky or in the clouds!!! OR you have seen them without knowing it.

People, I am sorry to be the one to tell you. We have space ships, space colonies, we have teleporters and all kinds of HYPER TECHNOLOGY! The US Government decided a long time ago to keep all of this secret... Can you blame them? If you sold out your own population to the demons for advanced technology, you would want to keep it secret too right?   But GOD sees everything!!!!   GOD will take care of everything at just the right time.

From what I have studied, there is NOTHING GOOD OR CHRIST Like happening on the moon or our space colonies, nothing at all!!!

This picture might be fake, or it might be real, I am not sure!

Now the leaders of the world do not want to tell you any of this. They do not want to tell you that they are DEEP IN BED WITH THE DEMONS! For example, our own CIA is an extremely satanic organization! Extremely evil, even beyond words can explain here – Evil!

JESUS - GOD'S son is our only protection and there will never be any others! If you do not have JESUS, you gotta go get him now!

Millions and millions of people have been abducted in the last 60 years from what I can study! It is real, it is really happening and people out there in the world suffering in evil need our help child of GOD! They NEED YOUR HELP.......... But how can GOD use you to help them if you keep your head in the sand? We gotta get super SUPER EDUCATED child of GOD!!!

Hosea 4:6 – My people die from a lack of knowledge.

So why should you be surprised now that most Governments of the world are spraying  poison up in the sky with chem-trails! This is the evil that men do without JESUS in their lives. When men and women do not have JESUS in their lives, they are given over full force to the demonic army. So of course they are spraying poison down on us from the sky! Of course they have poisoned our drinking water with Fluoride! Of course they are poisoning us with Aspartame etc etc etc etc etc!!

But it gets even worse! The Governments of the world have been purposely poisoning you with fluoride for the last 60 years too! The spiritual war is really building up now! I am warning you, the spiritual war we are all in is getting more serious now! If you are not worshiping JESUS, your gonna get blown away!

Without JESUS, without a super close relationship with JESUS, you are never ever ever gonna make it through the next 7-8 years!

There is a reason why Christians are not abducted by these demonic angels and hybrids, or at least, it is very very rare !!! The reason why is because of JESUS! JESUS himself and the bible promise are our only hope to make it through the 7 year Great tribulation.

So yes, the demons can pretend to be ships, yes the hybrids have space ships, yes the Japanese, Russians, Nazi Germany & the USA have ships too! Ships that can do anything that is in Star Trek!

Yes there is a hybrid army! Yes the demonic are about to raise hell here on earth and it is going to be like a Sci-Fi movie soon!

I tell you the truth, satan guards these secrets I am exposing to you right now AS MUCH AS ANYTHING ELSE HE GUARDS IN THE UNIVERSE! This is why so few people believe us when we try to reveal these truths to people.

But you have to learn the truth, You must learn the truth, this is very important to learn what our MAIN ENEMIES ARE DOING HERE on earth and out in space!

Now we can pray against this, we can get closer to JESUS, we can take the bible more seriously, we can help others who are being hurt!

And the saddest thing in the world is - The leaders of the USA and other countries gave satan permission to hurt us for technology!

It is so sad to see what happens to mankind without JESUS......... Now they feel they have to poison our water, air, toothpaste too because they feel there are too many people on earth. The satanists who run and rule this world want the population to be reduced from 7 billion down to 500 million. So they have been poisoning us for a very very long time now! This is also what HIV and Aids are all about. These are man made viruses made in a laboratory to take down the world wide human population!

So the ships are real, the hybrids are real, many abductions are real, space colonies and moon colonies are real, the entire thing is all real! 

Oh the evils being done underground below the USA, oh wow if you only knew!!! But GOD will be taking all of this down very shortly and satan's entire kingdom will be destroyed very soon!

We want to pray more to GOD or his son JESUS! We want to take the bible more seriously! If you are not worshiping JESUS now 7 nights a week it would be a very good time to get started!

Now, it gets even worse!

Many Nazis got away in world war 2.. Many Nazis were brought into the USA & Russia to work with our Governments in secret programs. Many escaped to other parts of earth like Argentina or the South Pole etc etc, but many of them went to the moon in their space ships!

It is true, the Germans had space ships, very generic low technology ships, but they had them during the end of world war 2 - This is a fact! I have seen pictures of some of these very basic space ships myself with my own eyes! From what I have learned, the demons gave the Japanese in world war 2 the technology to build simple space ships!  The Japanese went to the moon with these simple ships. Then the Japanese went to their allies the Germans and taught the Nazi's how to build them too!

Many Nazis went up to the moon as the USA and Russia were slowly winning the war against Germany on the ground on earth!

So why is this important? Because we might be facing these enemies in the very very near future!

We might be facing the hybrid enemies in the very near future....... We better be walking with JESUS!! I mean really knowing JESUS in a close 1 on 1 intimate relationship!

If you are not truly walking with JESUS hand in hand, you will never make it through the next 7 years! satan will take you down for sure. There is no time for faking it with JESUS anymore. The spiritual war is about to explode on you and I real shortly from now!

Now are you starting to see why this talk today is so important? This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to know what our enemies are doing, our spiritual enemies!

Once again - The space ships are either demonic angels, or hybrid ships, or ships from Japan, Nazi Germany, USA or Russia! We have got to learn all about this, and then use this information to pray more, to read the bible more, to take JESUS more seriously!

From what I can study now, the demons are manifesting in our skies up in the clouds now!

Or in other words, the demons are getting more bold now!! They are getting much MORE BOLD NOW!

Once again – Many of the grey fake aliens are the hybrids.......... while many of them are actual demons!

Since the demons are getting more and more bold now. Do not be surprised if they show up in your house physically!

They are showing up in our houses and our bedrooms now more and more and I gotta warn you!! It is my job to warn you!

CHRIST, THE CHRIST expects me to warn you!! And I will warn you because I love you!

These demons and hybrids might show up looking like a grey alien, a nordic alien, a little girl, a full grown sexy woman, or a monster! They might show up in your room looking like a bear, a spider, a black shadow, a evil person in a black cape with red eyes! The demons might show up in your room looking like a holy angel!!! They might show up looking like a black ball type of thing.

You remember this warning child of GOD!! You remember what I am telling you here..... They are about to go to war against you, in fact they have already been at war against you your whole life, but the war will be getting a little tougher now the next few years!

Yes they will and do have GOD'S permission to do this, but do not worry, you belong to JESUS & THE LORD holds you in his hand tightly! Let us make sure we do not give the demonic permission to come against us by our blatant sinning, or our UN godly acts and behavior!

Child of GOD, one of the reasons you are here on earth is to allow JESUS living inside of you to take down satan's kingdom!

This war we are in with satan has only about 7-8 years left and it will be over.... The fighting is really going to start now!

You have to listen to me, we have to stop sinning, we must get rid of our internet gaming, our porn, our drugs, our alcohol, our pills!

I have got to work on getting rid of things in my life, you do, we all do, these things are allowing the enemies to attack us!

When the demons come in your room, you might smell them, hear them, see them, feel them, or discern them! It depends what gifts you have! I am talking about spiritual gifts from GOD............. Not a single night goes by without them being in my room! They are always with you too, but you might not have realized it yet, or you might not be discerning them in your room yet, or you might not have these gifts from GOD yet..... But you can pray for these gifts!

JESUS and the bible promise truly are our only hope to make it through the coming onslaught of the enemy in our lives and in our world!

Love, your servant Garrett

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