God's Sovereignty

The Incredible Sovereignty Of GOD!

I would like to talk about something this morning that is very important!

In fact this might be one of the most important topics that Christians might ever study or pray about!

And even though this Christian topic is extremely important, it seems that very few people ever talk about it. At least it seems this way!

I know many years ago as a much younger Christian, just about nobody was talking about this topic, nor preaching about it, nor writing about it as far as I could tell!

The topic I am talking I am talking about is →  

 GOD'S sovereignty!!!

I was praying to the LORD to send me a wonderful woman to marry!

I remember years go when I was a much younger Christian and I had just become single again!

I was praying quite a lot about this important topic. I always wanted to be married and have children. This has been a goal of mine for quite a while now.

So what did I get from all of my prayer effort?

This is what happened ->

 As the weeks turned into months, and the months turned into years as I continued to pray for a wonderful woman to marry, I experienced tears, crying, sadness, loneliness, depression, anger, frustration, a broken heart, a shattered soul and terrible battles against lust!

But! I did not give up! I kept praying year after year after year through the heartache and pain. GOD sent grace and I kept praying, I kept marching forward with one of my main goals in my life to be married and have children!

Throughout the years, doors were closed in my dating life over and over again!  Something would always happen between myself and another new lady I might of met to end the relationship very quickly!

I mean some doors were closed on the very first date! I remember the time this lovely Christian lady came by to pick me up in her car so we could go out to dinner together. Remember, this was a very first date. We went to a real nice restaurant to eat dinner right by the beach. But check this out → This is what happened next. During our dinner the topic of sex came up. I got grace from GOD and I quickly told her → I do NOT do sex before marriage.

Well to make a long story short, this is what happened → We ended up getting into a argument right in the middle of dinner. She lost her temper, I lost my temper as we debated this topic and a few others too. She raced me back home in her car and I remember as I exited her car, I slammed her car door real hard!

Well be patient with me people, I was a much newer Christian back then!

As the years passed by, I went through experience after experience just like the one above or even worse. Things never worked out my way. Either the woman was interested in me and I was NOT, or I was interested in her and she was NOT!

Supernatural events were occurring left and right, over and over again to make darn sure I stayed single!

And guess what?

I was giving satan all the credit for this and because I was doing that, my life was miserable!

I remember one day in particular! It was about 5 pm, I had been going through some very very very tough experiences trying to find a wife!

One young so called Christian lady even lied to me and deceived me out of $1700.00. dollars! Over a two month period, she was deceiving me into making me believe she was interested in me only to find out a few weeks later, the entire thing was all a lie!!!

Can any of you even imagine how angry I was, or how hurt I was. You see children of GOD, I was working about 60 hours a week to get this young lady the money she needed for her mother's operation, or for whatever other emergencies she kept having. Little did I know the whole thing was one big scam being played out on me. 

I needed GOD'S grace big time to start the long process of forgiving her. 

During these years of vicious experiences, one after the other, I fell down a few times into terrible sexual sinning for a short time. Other times I would end up doing UN-biblical things on some of my dates etc etc.......

Yes the entire 13 years of praying for a wife, of crying out to JESUS, of going through the terrible times of sinning with a woman, or whatever else was extremely difficult to go through!

One day when I was doing quite bad emotionally speaking, I called my brother Jay on the phone! I went on to explain to Jay what I had been going through the last 5 years while praying and trying to find a wife! Even though we talked quite often throughout the years, these experiences were not the type that you just talk about with everyone on the phone. In fact nobody knew I was going through so much suffering except GOD himself, I had not shared it with anyone yet!

I told Jay on the phone story after story of the pure hell, trials, tribulations, tears, sadness, depression & especially loneliness I was going through as the years were slowly dragging by!

To culminate our entire 30 minute talk on the phone -

I said Jay! ->>>

 Does satan really have this much power?

 I said does satan really have this kind of authority and power to cause this much trouble in my life over the topic of praying for and looking for a wife?

I said Jay! Can satan really do this?

Now of course this was a while ago and Jay and myself were much younger Christians than we are tonight!

I was almost in tears as I was driving down the highway talking to my friend!

I was waiting impatiently for his answer as he took a breathe to speak!

Then the answer came. I was so upset, I was under emotional attack during this phone call, during the years I was searching for a wife that I could barely think straight. I mean I was practically in tears on the phone.

Finally it happened! I got Jay's answer -->>>>

 Jay said Garret, I have no idea!

So my question was once again ->

 Jay! Does satan really have this much authority and power to cause this much hell in my life? I mean look what he has been doing to me all of these years brother!

At that time in both of our lives, neither of us had the knowledge to truly answer that question!

So we ended the phone call without either of us knowing much at all about GOD'S sovereignty! And when I hung up my cell phone, I was in the same emotional mess as when we started talking. But GOD had a plan, he had a plan for both of our lives that would unfold over the next few years.

That phone call I believe is the day that GOD really started to get me to walk down a path to learn more about his sovereignty, more about his authority and more about his power!

Way back then, I had no idea what satan could do or not do. I had no idea who was really running things in the universe! We needed GOD'S help badly to learn the truth about this very important topic. And praise GOD help was on the way!

After that phone call and during the next say 8 years, GOD started showing me some of the most wonderful things about himself and his son JESUS. Topics like how bid is GOD, or has all of the authority in the universe and who doesn't. Topics like who has the real power and who can use it! GOD led me to brand new websites, brand new books, he started opening up my mind to scriptures I was reading in the bible and all of this was greatly helping me.

I wanted to share just a few of them with you this morning so that you could feel better, so that you could breathe easier, so that you could start practicing to rest in the LORD JESUS on a day by day basis. I am not saying this is going to be easy, that is why I purposely used the word – Practice!

Please let me get started with this -->>>>>>

Lamentations 3:37 - Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S PERMISSION!!!

That scripture is not a question, it is a powerful bold, in your face command!!!

Once again - WHO CAN COMMAND THINGS TO HAPPEN WITHOUT THE LORD'S PERMISSION!!! Read that real slowly, let the words sink into your heart. Pray for understanding from the LORD to get the deeper meanings of this sentence!

That means that everywhere on earth, everywhere in the universe, everywhere in all creation nothing can happen unless JESUS gives permission.

That means nobody can steal from you unless JESUS gives permission for it to happen. It also means that nobody can hurt your feelings unless JESUS gives permission too! That scripture means that you cannot get fired on your job unless JESUS gives permission -- This just happened to me by the way! My last boss fired me from my very, VERY GOOD JOB for absolutely no reason whatsoever except just to fire me. This also means you do not get a wife/husband until or when JESUS gives permission!

But let us continue please ...... This also means the holy angels cannot do a single thing unless JESUS orders it! The angels cannot move, nor take a single step unless JESUS gives the permission!

JESUS has to give permission for anything and everything in all of creation to happen otherwise guess what ? 


If you do not believe me, look at this story here and study what happens between GOD in his conversation with satan → 

Job 1:10 You have always put a wall of protection around him and his home and his property.  

*Here we see satan cannot do anything to Job at all! Why? Because GOD put a wall of protection around Job and everything he owned.........

Do you see children of GOD that satan is completely helpless unless GOD gives permission for something to happen to us.

Do not believe me? Look at the next scripture → 

Job 1:12 – 12 “All right, you may test him,” the Lord said to Satan. “Do whatever you want with everything he possesses, but don’t harm him physically.” So Satan left the Lord’s presence. 

*Did you notice children of GOD in the above scripture that GOD gave satan PERMISSION to come against Job?

He sure did!

But did you also notice it is GOD who gives satan the rules too!

GOD said to satan → You may do this, but you CANNOT do this!

GOD makes the rules, GOD must give permission for satan to do anything to us whatsoever!
And without GOD'S permission, satan is completely helpless!

As you continue reading the first few chapters of Job, GOD gives satan permission to come against Job a second time too. It is GOD who tells satan what he can do to Job or his family and belongings, and what he CANNOT do!

GOD makes the rules here.

Look at this scripture → 

Job 2:6 – 6 “All right, do with him as you please,” the Lord said to Satan. “But spare his life.” 

*Here we see GOD giving satan permission a second time to come against Job. But read it slowly and carefully because you will also see that GOD makes the rules! GOD says to satan what he can do to Job and what he CANNOT do!

Once again, satan and the demons cannot make a single move unless GOD gives permission for it! Not anything!

Now we have to be very careful when we try to build theology on a single scripture! We have to be very very very careful doing that! Children of GOD and even the NON believers all over the world will take a single scripture and build a entire theology on it.

And guess what?

That is a huge, HUGE HUGE MISTAKE that Christians make.

Some scripture you can build a theology on and most you CANNOT!


Not only is it a stand alone scripture, it also matches all of the rest of the bible on the authority and power of GOD too.

I usually call GOD THE FATHER -> GOD........ And I usually call JESUS -->> LORD!! But this is not important, they are both THE LORD!!! So in Lamentations 3:37 it could be using the word → LORD – To say GOD, or it could be JESUS. Either way, the scripture is crystal clear. Nothing can happen, not a single thing in all of creation unless GOD or his son JESUS give permission for it to happen.

Now since GOD'S son JESUS died on the cross and was resurrected, THE FATHER HAS PUT ALL AUTHORITY AND ALL POWER UNDER HIS SON JESUS!

But it really does not matter which one of them we are talking about.


Because JESUS always does the will of his FATHER anyways................

Do any of you remember psalm 110:1?

  Here it is →

King David says → The LORD said to my LORD, sit at the place of honor at my right hand while I humble your enemies as a foot stool beneath you!

As we can see here – There are two of them and king David is calling JESUS LORD. Yet he also calls GOD LORD too! Praise GOD!!!

So when that young lady many years ago cheated me out of $1700.00 dollars, GOD gave permission for her to do this to me!

Yes child of GOD, it was NOT satan, it was GOD who gave the permission!

Did GOD use satan through that lady to steal from me? Most likely he did!!!

HOW CAN GOD DO THIS? How can he use the demons so easily in this way?

Because GOD and his son JESUS are most likely LARGER than our universe......

While satan in his true form and any of the most powerful demons are probably only 100, possibly 200, maybe 300 feet tall, 

GOD and his son JESUS are most likely LARGER THAN THE UNIVERSE!

If you do not believe GOD and JESUS are that big, please look at this → 

Job 22:12 - GOD is so great, HIGHER than the heavens, HIGHER than the farthest stars!

Or if that does not satisfy you, look at this → 

1st Kings 8:27 - Will GOD really live here on earth? Why even the highest heavens cannot contain you!

In those two scriptures - The HIGHEST HEAVENS and THE FARTHEST STARS include the ends of the universe!

Now what about JESUS?

 Look at this → 

 Ephesians 4:10 - HE fills up the entire universe with HIMSELF!!!

Yes that is a modern day English translation I am using, but I love it.

JESUS is filling up the entire universe with his spirit!

I remember I was laying on my bed one day and I was imagining this → 

“I wonder if the demons could go out into deep space where GOD is NOT located and cause trouble there”.

Then GOD answered me - He said - I AM everywhere, I am all over the universe. There is nowhere in the universe I am not there!

Still do not believe JESUS is that big?

Look at this → 

Ephesians 1:23 - it is made full and complete by Christ, who fills all things everywhere with himself.

*Paul says JESUS fills up all things everywhere!

Praise GOD that even his son is at least as large as the universe.

Can we even imagine how he had to shrink himself up in his spirit to live inside a brand new baby?

How amazing! 

I remember I was laying in bed another night and I was asking JESUS → 

 Could the demons move planets and cause trouble?


 “Yes! But I do not allow them”.

So because GOD and his son are larger than our universe, and because satan is only about 100-300 feet tall ---->>>>>

GOD is using satan and the evil spirits like dumb farm animals!!!!

Whether the demons know it or not, GOD uses them to do his will all over creation just like they are dumb animals on a farm. And we need to learn this and study this so we can rest in the LORD and let all of our worry, anxiety and fear go right out the window of our soul!

Let me show you a couple of scriptures that prove this → 

1 Samuel 16:14
New Living Translation (NLT)
David Serves in Saul’s Court

14 Now the Spirit of the Lord had left Saul, and the Lord sent a tormenting spirit that filled him with depression and fear.

Here we see that GOD sends a EVIL SPIRIT of FEAR and DEPRESSION into Saul.
GOD takes full credit here for using demon like a dumb farm animal to torment king Saul with fear & depression!

Here is another example of GOD using a demon like a dumb farm animal → 

1st Kings 22:19 – 19 Then Micaiah continued, “Listen to what the Lord says! I saw the Lord sitting on his throne with all the armies of heaven around him, on his right and on his left. 20 And the Lord said, ‘Who can entice Ahab to go into battle against Ramoth-gilead so he can be killed?’

*Here we have GOD summoning all of the spirits to his throne! GOD wants king Ahab to be killed in battle so he asks all of the spirits who is willing to trap the king?

“There were many suggestions, 21 and finally a spirit approached the Lord and said, ‘I can do it!’

*Here we have most likely a demon/evil spirit talking to GOD at his throne. Can you see now GOD is using all of creation for his purpose?

22 “‘How will you do this?’ the Lord asked.
“And the spirit replied, ‘I will go out and inspire all of Ahab’s prophets to speak lies.’

*Here once again, we most likely have a demon who is talking to his daddy on the throne, yes his DAD who created him!

“‘You will succeed,’ said the Lord. ‘Go ahead and do it.’

*Here we have GOD telling the spirit to go ahead and do it, you will succeed.

GOD uses the demons just like farm animals!!!

One more time, all of creation is doing exactly what GOD wills for it to do and nobody is powerful enough to say to GOD → No!

23 “So you see, the Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouths of all your prophets. For the Lord has pronounced your doom.”

*Here we see GOD is the one who has put a lying spirit into all of the kings prophet's mouths!

YES GOD has the power to do this and nobody can fight him, not anyone!

So how can all of this help you to feel better today?

By knowing child of GOD that satan cannot do a single thing on earth unless JESUS gives permission! And that in itself is just incredibly great news!

And guess what? JESUS LOVES YOU! JESUS loves you dearly and everything he allows in your life will work for your good!

So when JESUS allowed that young lady to steal money from me, YES IT DID WORK OUT FOR MY GOOD, amen to that! It crucified my flesh and it shattered some of my evil pride that I have living inside of me!

And when JESUS allowed problem after problem, trial after trial in my personal life  while I was seeking out a wife, YES IT WORKED FOR MY GOOD and it is still working out for my good. It teaches me to take my focus off of women, off of sex, off of marriage and practice putting it on the LORD himself and helping people!

JESUS heard my cry that day in the car while I was talking to Jay........ Praise to the LORD who hears us!

GOD WILL keep teaching me and you about his sovereignty and power especially if we ask him too. 


Because this is real important to GOD and he wants us to know these wonderful things about himself!

He wants us to know just how powerful, just how much authority his incredible son JESUS truly has in all of creation. So expect these lessons and education on their authority and power to continue for most of our lives until we take our last breath here on earth!

Now look at this incredible scripture -->>

 John 3:27- A man/woman can receive NOTHING unless it comes from heaven!!!

That word (Nothing) in that sentence includes = EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE, EVERYTHING IN ALL CREATION!

So we cannot receive a job unless it comes from heaven/unless heaven orders it!

We cannot receive a new friend/boyfriend/wife or ministry partner unless it comes from heaven.

When I was a newer Christian, I use to preach on the internet that yes - satan can send guys and girls into your life to deceive you.

Well this was years ago, and I am ashamed I use to speak so much blasphemy, but praise GOD I/you/ we all can repent and GOD will forgive us because he loves us, and his son JESUS died on the cross for our sins and stupid theological errors we make on a regular basis!

satan cannot send any man or woman into your life unless JESUS gives permission for it to happen, and even then the new person you just still came from heaven!

How do we know this?

Because John 3:27 tells us this clearly!

You cannot qualify for a new car/house/motorcycle or computer unless it comes from heaven.

You cannot get ministry work helping other people unless even that comes from heaven.

You cannot understand the bible, nor draw closer to JESUS unless it comes from heaven first!

You cannot do anything, not breathe, not eat, not sleep, not wake up in the morning nor drive your car safely to work unless it comes from heaven!

In my opinion all children of GOD should have Lamentations 3:37 AND John 3:27 MEMORIZED ASAP!!!!

Why? Why is this so important out of the tens of thousands of scriptures?

Because we will need to use, quote and know those two scriptures every single day of our lives until we take our last breath here on earth!

For example you are driving down the road and someone cuts you off very badly. In fact you almost died --->>>>>>

satan did not order that, and we NEED to know this! JESUS has to give permission and he did give permission for you to be cut off!

Remember the LORD uses the demons like dumb farm animals, they all do his will ALL OF THE TIME whether they know it or not.....

Let us say your boss screams at you so badly in front of everyone else at work, that you just about start crying.

JESUS had to order that and give permission for this to happen otherwise there is no power in the universe that can make that happen to you child of GOD.

Why? Because of John 3:27 ---- A man/woman can receive NOTHING unless it comes from heaven!!!

That means you cannot receive your boss screaming at you unless it comes from heaven.

Because of those two scriptures, you can now rest easy today in the LORD! You can know breathe deeply and relax! You can let your fear, anxiety and worrying leave you in the powerful name of JESUS because ONLY THE LORD is in control, not anyone else!

I was just unemployed for 3 months straight. That hurt my savings real badly. I am just about broke..........

satan did NOT do this to me. The LORD gave permission for my boss to fire me for no reason whatsoever! This CAME from heaven!

We must learn this, we must understand this, we must know this deep in our heart, because knowing this will allow us to relax and rest in the LORD.

Learning this will crush the fear and anxiety plaguing many of us children of GOD.

Because all of this is true, this is one of the main reasons why the demons were terrified of JESUS when the LORD was walking on earth as a man.

And believe me, if they were terrified of JESUS walking in the flesh as a man, CAN WE EVEN IMAGINE HOW AFRAID THEY ARE OF THE LORD NOW?

NO WE CANNOT...........

I am not saying that every single evil spirit is aware that GOD is using them like dumb farm animals. Because they are sowing deception here on earth and in the universe, we can be sure they themselves are also deceived!

JESUS gives permission for the good things that happen in your life, and the bad things too. So because we have learned this now, we can rest in the LORD and relax from our worrying and stress! Once again, I am not saying this is easy, I am not saying I can do this perfectly, no no no! But let us keep practicing the best we can with the grace GOD is giving us to be truly free from the cares and worries in our lives!

satan is not sovereign over anything, not anything at all!

MORE BAD PREACHING → satan is in control of hell, or satan is sovereign over hell, or satan is running hell..........

Child of GOD, that is more lies, deceptions and terrible preaching!

GOD has given his son JESUS all authority and power in heaven, on earth and under the earth!

Satan is not running hell, nor will he ever. The old testament scriptures teach us that satan will be a prisoner in there. That other people will be staring at him wondering → Is this the one that caused all of the destruction on earth?

Now here is some more truth → 

The LORD JESUS also has to give permission for the terrible things to happen in our lives sometimes too, BOY DO I KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS!

We very young and new Christians almost always believe that satan is either doing this, satan is doing that, while many of us believe that satan is doing all of the bad things in our lives.

But that kind of theology and preaching is pure nonsense, pure lies, pure deceptions and very bad teaching!

Do you realize in all of the psalms king David wrote about suffering, HE NEVER MENTIONED satan nor the demons once?

I will tell you why.

Because David knew that THE LORD DOETH ALL THINGS!!!

Even king David knew this living under the law in the old testament. HE DOES NOT mention satan once, not once for all of the terrible trials and tribulations that David had to go through.

On the contrary, in psalm after psalm after psalm David gives GOD all the credit for the suffering, for the pain, for the trials and tribulations.

YES CHILDREN OF GOD, David gives GOD all the credit!


Because David had learned that ONLY GOD is in control and not anyone else, not anything else!

Right there would be the goal that we new testament Christian men and women would want to have!

We must learn that GOD doeth all things..........

We want to have the goal of knowing, quoting and memorizing lamentations 3:37 and John 3:27 ------

Even David knew that the LORD was in charge of everything so why are we new Christians getting so deceived on this topic?

I will tell you why! Because the demons want you to believe that they are all powerful, that they can do almost anything to you! That they can torment you anytime they want, for however long they want.

 All of that is pure garbage, all of that are lies and deceptions that they use against us. they are trying to trick you with these lies.

NOW WHY DOES GOD GIVE THE demons permission to try to deceive you about their power and authority?

Because GOD actually expects you to read and study the bible while memorizing important scriptures that each of us come across!

GOD also allows the demons to deceive us as a learning experience, as a growing experience when we are new with the LORD.

Anyone who reads the bible seriously will learn real fast that GOD and his son JESUS are in full, utter, total, complete control!!!

Look at this amazing scripture → 

1st Peter 3:22 - Now Christ has gone to heaven. He is seated in the place of honor next to God, and all the angels and authorities and powers accept his authority.

*Everything that is alive accepts JESUS' authority and power now!

There is only one person ruling everything, that is GOD the FATHER ruling through his son JESUS.

And guess what? Nobody can move a single inch in all of creation unless JESUS allows it, not anyone or anything.

Even some of the most powerful holy angels in all creation cover their heads and bodies with their wings when they approach JESUS on his throne!

The holy angels are doing every single thing that JESUS commands and they never ever ever waver to the left or right, so why on earth would anyone think that the evil angels can? Of course not! The evil spirits cannot do a single thing either, not move to the left or right, not even one single step unless JESUS gives permission for it!

If you do not believe that GOD is the one who does all things,

 please look at this -->>>

Isaiah 45:7 - I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I AM THE LORD THAT DOETH ALL THESE THINGS!!!!

THE LORD does all things.......

So as you get up and out today, you have nothing to worry about because ONLY 1 GUY IS IN CONTROL, NOT ANYONE ELSE!

Every single instance of your life is all planned out BY GOD, ordained by GOD and he gives permission for it to happen.

If you do not believe me please look at this -->>>

Psalm 139:16 - You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed!

Your entire life was planned out before the universe was ever created.

Every single moment was planned out, and nobody in all creation has the power to change it, not anyone!

So we can relax now from our daily worries, struggles and fears that try to come against us in our walk with JESUS. Every single day was planned out, that clearly means that the demons cannot do anything to us at all unless it was planned out first. Unless GOD gives permission for it to happen. Unless it comes from heaven!

So relax, let the fear go now, let the anxiety go now and be as free in JESUS CHRIST as you possibly can each day with the grace GOD is giving you!

If you are unemployed now, relax and rest in JESUS because he planned it, he gave permission for it to happen and HE LOVES YOU!

If you are still single like me after many many many years of praying, relax child of GOD.............

Why relax?

 Because JESUS planned it, he ordained it to happen, and he is giving permission for your singleness to occur!

So relax about being single, let the loneliness go to the LORD JESUS now....

Let the depression fly right out of the window of your soul and start really seeking out JESUS today!

Enjoy your singleness like I am learning to do.

Why? Because JESUS has ordered for you to be single and there is no power in the universe that can change it UNTIL JESUS CHANGES IT.

So enjoy this time, for only the LORD IS sovereign not anyone else, not anything else, not anyone else.......

The demons will whisper to you how they can do this and that, and this and that to you. Hahahahhahah PURE LIES!!!

Look at this incredible scripture → 

Deut 32:39 – Look now, I myself am HE. There is no other GOD but me. I am the one who kills and gives life. I am the one who wounds and heals. NO ONE CAN BE RESCUED FROM MY POWERFUL HAND!

Oh wow, did you read that?

Did you just read what GOD says there in Deuteronomy?

No one can be rescued from his powerful hand.

GOD takes full credit there for killing, for giving life, for wounding and healing.
Yes child of GOD it is GOD who doeth all things!

GOD is in complete, utter, absolute control of his universe and there is nothing anyone or anything can do about it!

The demons and bad preaching on TV will tell you how satan set you up for this deception and that deception --- PURE LIES!!!

It was all planned out BY GOD and his son JESUS before the universe was ever created! So since this is true, why are we giving satan this credit and glory? 

And guess what? Nobody can stop their plans, it WAS ALL FINISHED BEFORE THE UNIVERSE WAS EVER CREATED! Yes child of GOD, the entire plan was thought of, planned out and ordained to happen before the universe was ever created. SO why are we saying satan is doing this or satan is doing that.

It is the LORD that doeth all things!

So we might as well stop complaining about our lives, that wont do any good at all except draw more demons to you.

JESUS is so powerful, every single moment he is testing you! I literally mean EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE IS A TEST!

Don't believe me?

 Look at this -->>>

 Job 7:18 - HE examines us every morning, HE TESTS US EVERY MOMENT!

Every single moment of your life is simply a test! So relax child of GOD, let the worry, fear and anxiety go right out the door. It is only a test!!!

Yes I did get deceived into thinking that satan could do this and that, this and that to me for many years of my life actually!

But then GOD started getting me to study more and guess what? Then finally I started learning more godly truths in the bible.  satan cannot do anything, not a single thing unless JESUS allows it!

So even though I am still single, even though life has been extremely difficult, very hard, even impossible at times, JESUS IS IN CONTROL!


satan does not have the right to use power unless it is given to him from GOD! The angels have no right to use power unless they get permission from GOD too!

We human beings cannot do anything either unless it is given to us from heaven!

The entire universe cannot move a single inch unless GOD gives permission!

JESUS HAS THE RIGHT TO USE ALL POWER that he has, and he has it all, so because of this, his plan for your life will continue!

And remember child of GOD, his plans for your life were all thought out and finished before, BEFORE THE UNIVERSE WAS CREATED!

Look at this incredible scripture -->>>>>

Ecclesiastes 6:10 Everything has already been decided. It was known long ago what each person would be. So there’s no use arguing with God about your destiny.

Solomon tells us there is no use complaining about our lives, wow hahhaha what a waste of time that is!

Solomon tells us in that scripture that it was all planned out long ago!

To study GOD'S sovereignty is one of the greatest bible topics you can possibly choose to study!

It will set you completely free from the whole - satan can do this to me, satan can do that to me deception!

It will set you free from telling people satan is hurting me, satan is destroying my life, satan is ruining my life deceptions and trickery!

It will set you free from the everyday worrying and anxiety over your life and issues you are struggling against!

It will also set you free from thinking that your boss can actually fire you anytime he wants. 

I tell you the truth, all of this was planned out before the universe was ever created on day 1 and nobody can change it nor stop it!

So relax and flow with it! JESUS has ALL AUTHORITY, not satan..... JESUS has all power, not satan.

There is only one guy running the show, running the universe, running all of creation and that is now GOD'S son!

So relax today, breathe easier, calm down, and seek out JESUS for he loves you, he cares for you and he created you!

Oh praise GOD let us all study more and more about how big GOD is, how powerful he is, how all knowing he is and be amazed by him daily!

Look at this amazing scripture → 

Luke 1:37 – Nothing is impossible with GOD.

*The word (Nothing) in that sentence includes everything in all creation.

Read that sentence slowly, let it sink in your heart the next time your unemployed or when like me you are waiting year after year for a wonderful wife to marry!

There is NOTHING GOD cannot do!

Look at Luke 1:37's sister scripture → 

Mathew 19:26 – But with GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE...........

*Did you see the word (All)?


With satan, nothing is possible!


Because he needs GOD'S permission if he even wants to take a single step to the left or right!

I tell you one last time, satan can do nothing to you, not a single thing unless JESUS allows it!


And as I wind down this free book, I say this ->>

If JESUS allows it in your life, it will be for your GOOD O PRAISE GOD!!

Yes JESUS is powerful enough to use the bad times in your life for your good, amen to that!

Yes JESUS is powerful enough to use your hurting, pain, sadness and loneliness for your good, O YES HE CAN and he does every single day of our lives!

JESUS is even powerful enough to use the terrible times in your life for your good too.

JESUS is even powerful enough to use the times in our lives when you or I hit absolute ROCK BOTTOM! Even when we hit rock bottom JESUS still uses it for our good.

Romans 8:28 – And we know that GOD uses ALL things together for the GOOD to those who love GOD and are called according to his purpose!

*There is that word (ALL) again!

He is doing this for me and he is doing it for you too!


 Because he loves you........

Look at this scripture → 

Romans 8:31 – If GOD is for us, who could ever be against us!

Oh wow, that is powerful!

Romans 8:31 is another scripture that we all should memorize and start studying.

Child of GOD, life will bring us hard times, very very difficult times, even terrible times this is for sure so start getting use to them!

I AM NOT saying this is easy either. But we should be learning by now that very very difficult times will always come to us as long as we live and breathe here on planet earth!

So in our mind, in our heart, in our soul we must start to learn that GOD planned all of this, that it is GOD or ordaines it all to happen, and that the bad times will always come here on earth until we die and go to heaven!

But through it all, we are simply living out GOD'S plan for our lives, a ancient plan, a plan that was in effect before creation was ever created.

And guess what? This plan for your life will transform you to be more Christ like, and it will bring you into paradise for eternity! This plan that GOD planned out for you to live will also bring to himself a lot of glory.

Yes child of GOD, your life is bringing glory to GOD as you live day to day!

Yes GOD does use the angels, amen that is for sure. But he also uses the evil spirits too, the evil angels......... He uses them like dumb farm animals!



So because of this, stop, stop, stop giving the demons credit!! Stop giving satan their leader credit. They are JUST DUMB farm animals!

Yes evil can raise hell in our lives, amen to that, but it is all GOD'S plan, it is all being done with the permission from GOD'S son JESUS, all of it is coming initially from heaven!

O PRAISE GOD that he loves us, that he cares for us, that he uses our pain and hurting for our good!!!

Praise GOD that he even uses the terrible times in our lives, the addictions and the sinning we fall down into also for our good too!

One last scripture → 

Ezra 8:22 – Our GOD'S hand of protection is on all who worship him...........

Amen children of GOD, amen!


Love, your servant Garret

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