JESUS, I Already Love You, But How Can I Go Much Deeper With YOU???

This article is more for the person who already knows and loves JESUS, but is seeking direction on how to go deeper and deeper with the LORD. It is for someone who is really trying to walk with JESUS like Enoch did, or the Apostle John or possibly even Moses and let‘s throw John the Baptist in this list too. This article is for the one who wants to be so close to JESUS, that you can feel the Presence & Power of JESUS in you and all around you like an INCREDIBLE FORCE .

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Mark 4:20 - And the seed that fell on good soil represents those who hear and accept God’s word and produce a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times as much as had been planted!”


This article is for those of you who don’t want the 30 percent, who don’t want the 60 percent of the LORD. This article if for those of who want to be walking with the LORD and having JESUS living inside of you 100 percent!!! When you reach the 100 percent with the LORD, you are now completely through with sin, and your flesh man inside of you, or some might call him your carnal sinful nature has been crucified on the cross and he is now dead! There are very, very few of you living in the world right now, but oh how precious you few are to the LORD GOD. Oh how precious you are!!!

I pray this article will bless you beyond imagination, and bring you to the 100 percent of the LORD living in you!

Love Garrett

GOD Says in Psalm 82:6 - I say you are GOD's.

One of my favorite names for GOD is - Lord of Heaven’s Armies!

We just learned that our GOD is the LORD of an army; We could also assume that the Angels and Christian’s are the soldiers.

Here is David speaking right before he slew Goliath, Listen carefully!

1st Samuel 17:26 - David asked the soldiers standing nearby, “What will a man get for killing this Philistine and ending his defiance of Israel? Who is this pagan Philistine anyway, that he is allowed to defy the armies of the living God?”

* As you can see now, we are the army of GOD, and since we are in a military, what better way to study how to get closer to JESUS then by starting off with the Military.

*Many years ago when I was in prison, I had cried out to JESUS for help and he came to me in a powerful way and turned my entire life around. During my time in prison, the LORD taught me to plan out a very strong Christian schedule or routine to follow everyday. After I started following a strong Christian routine each day while in prison, I noticed that my days started to fly by. I also noticed that my relationship with JESUS was growing at a very swift pace. While following my routine each day, it was no time at all that the LORD put me in charge of worship for the church during the week, and even used me to speak to many other men about how wonderful and merciful JESUS truly is. So it seemed smart to follow a similar, yet powerful routine with the LORD even while we are living free outside of prison too!!

The USA military soldiers also follow a very powerful routine. The military has learned that these routines in the men and women’s lives create discipline, character and especially OBEDIENCE!! After training the men in many months of following a very strict routine from the time they wake up, till the time they go to bed, the higher ranking Officers have learned that now the soldiers can be trusted to obey their commands, and to follow their orders precisely.

If the USA Military has their soldiers following strict routines, HOW MUCH MORE should we soldier’s of GOD be following a strict routine or schedule too?

Since GOD is much, much more important then the USA Military, maybe we should start considering putting in a powerful Christian Schedule into our life right away!


Since following a demanding routine really helps the militarie's of the world to be able to function with success, how much success do you think you would have if you did the same with JESUS? Oh Wow your life is about to change incredibly if you will Just follow a powerful, somewhat demanding, but very rewarding Christian Routine too……

Here are a few different examples of a powerful Christian Schedule or Routine to Follow.

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*You are Single and Unemployed!

*You are Single and Working a job!

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*You are Married and Working a job!

*You Are A Student!

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