Garrett's Life


My life has brought terrible times, loneliness, suffering, hear breaks, heart aches, almost dying, suicidal, but JESUS is still awesome!!!!


No love here on earth whatsoever for me. My mom was very sick, satan slammed the rest of my family. I praise you JESUS for loving me, wow!!



Through the broken promises, broken dreams, broken goals, broken relationships, broken friendships, I still cannot explain how great JESUS is!!

One disappointment after another after another, yet through it all, JESUS is still there when I wake up each morning. What a friend!!!!!!



Through the tears, with kitchen knives in my hand trying to end my life, during the years of suffering, JESUS is still there. Wow, what an incredible friend!!!!


It has been terrible, heart break after soul shattering event, even jail & prison, but through it all, I can't stop praising JESUS!!@@@@!!!


Even during the especially dark nights when I tried my absolute hardest to kill myself, JESUS was there stopping me. Wow, what a friend!!!!


Even during the tears, the sleepless nights, the terrible demonic tormenting, the vicious attacks, suicidal plans - JESUS! JESUS was there!!

When I was broken, in pain, all alone, no friends, then you came! JESUS hold us tight & never let go!

When I was in terrible pain, you held me. You stopped me from killing myself! You are an INCREDIBLE friend JESUS!

With a knife in my hand, very little time to live on earth, you rained down grace O LORD JESUS...

When hope was gone, my fiancee' left, no money, demons alllll over the place, then, out of nowhere! JESUS came into my life.

When the world kicked me down to the gutter & then my fiancee, friends & everyone else sucker punched me, you JESUS loved me!

When my wife left me for our best friend, with no place to live, no hope, no money, not a single friend, you held me tight JESUS! I love you!!!

JESUS is all there is. I noticed everyone else leaves. Wives, family, friends, even children. They all leave! Only JESUS is remaining! HE is incredible!!

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If you are looking for true love from a man or woman, wow have you been deceived! Not during this end time generation. ONLY JESUS truly loves me!


What a cold, dark, lonely, hurtful, evil, prideful, lustful world this earth actually is. I cannot thank you enough JESUS for saving me!!!!




There has been ZERO love in this life time. Absolutely ZERO. JESUS has the word faithful written on his robe. Wow is JESUS faithful & loving!!


JESUS is the only bright spot in this very difficult, hard & lonely life. I praise you JESUS for choosing me to know you & love you!!!

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At the end of the day, when everyone else has left you, look around! You will see JESUS is still standing at the exact same spot he was when he first called you to him. Right by your side!!!!






I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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