Are You A Christian Computer, Console or Internet Gamer?

 Did you know over 14 Million People play this game every single day ?

I should know, I was one of them!

I was addicted to World of Warcraft at approximately 10 different times in my life.

The LORD JESUS set me FREE from the game each and every time supernaturally with a snap of HIS finger!

There was no way on Earth that I could ever quit the game with my own power!
Now way and no how!

OH PRAISE GOD for HIS grace!


The game above has the STRONGEST demonic pull of any other game I have ever played.


Did you people reading this know that there is a demon or demon's behind every single addiction we have?








Some of you are wondering what I meant above by saying a demonic pull. Some of you did not know that satan himself is behind all gaming, and that means ALL GAMES.


For those of you who do not believe that satan is behind all gaming, please keep reading below and I am sure that with GOD'S help, by the time you are done reading this, you will fully and completely understand just what is going on in the world with the explosion that has happened with Internet, Console and computer gaming!


  The Average child in the USA will end up spending about 10,000
hours of his
life playing computer games at the time he reaches 21 years of age!!


Before I share with you what the LORD HIMSELF has been teaching me, and also some real life stories of Christian's who game, I want to blow you away with some gaming statistics!

Take a look at this please -->>

26 Million People Play this Every Month.                                63 million people play this every month

Do You still think I am foolish for saying that satan is behind all gaming?

OK Check out some more statistics -->>


There are 217 million online gamers worldwide in 2007


Can you even imagine how high the number is as we get closer to 2012?

I am Guesstimating that we are at about 500 - 600 million online gamers at this time!

2-3 Million Play this              750,000 People Play this               500,000 Play this                         300,000 Play this

Now we know that there are only two spirits in the world, because JESUS said (If you are not with me, you are actually fighting against me).       So we know that there is the spirit of GOD and there are the evil spirits that follow satan...............

After seeing the above statistics, are any of you honestly ready to admit that
GOD is behind the addiction to gaming?

Does GOD give us addictions?  Hmmmmmmmmm

People, can you now see  who is really behind gaming?

Still not convinced?

  Here are some more statistics for you to look at before the real article even starts!

Look at this please-->>

 From the best I could investigate on the Internet, about 200,000,000 to 300,000,000 People have bought one or more of the Gaming Consoles above. I know The Nintendo Wii expects to sale 25 million more units this coming year.


And that does NOT include the billions of dollars that the consumers spend each year purchasing the games.

PC Gaming statistics would be FAR TOO HIGH to calculate. Most Americans in the USA have a PC at home.

If you want to see some of the amazing statistics on the games themselves, take a look below!

Take a staggering look at these Sales Figures--->>

50 Million people bought this.    24.5 Million people bought this.      40 Million people bought this game!

Approx 25 Million sold.              17.5 Million sold.                8 Million sold.            9.5 Million sold.

 16 Million sold.                 4 Million sold.                 6 Million sold.                  5 Million sold.


People, I could insert hundreds of games here, but for the sake of the article, I will stop with just the short example above.

I pray that you are now starting to understand just how big, and how deep the World Wide Addiction to Gaming really is!!!!

In fact, the world wide gaming industry is sooo big, it has far surpassed the movie industry!


On average, nine games were sold every second of every day of 2007 

5 billion dollars were spent on video games in the month of December 2008


*And now finally we get to the real article! The real truth about what is really going on here with gaming!

Tonight was another cold, dark, evil and lonely night in my apartment just like it had been for the past few months. For the last 90 days since I had first bought World of Warcraft, my life and my walk with JESUS and the bible was being slowly destroyed by this terrible gaming addiction, and by the demons behind it.

Each night I would usually sit in front of my 22' flat panel monitor, turn off all of the lights in my apartment, and than I would light a few candles which would give my gaming center a very mid evil look and feel to it. I had just spent close to 2,000 dollars on my brand new gaming system, and trust me, I did not have the money so that really financially hurt. If any of you feel that 2,000 dollars seems kind of high, well my video card a lone was 450.00.

You see at this time in my life, I had been addicted to gaming for about 13 years, so spending 2,000 dollars on this powerful addiction didn't seem to bother me at all. In fact, I custom ordered the whole system with much energy and enthusiasm, after all, I was totally addicted!

What happened was, a few months earlier, a friend of mine who had been gaming with me for years together on the Internet came to live in my apartment for a few months. We didn't have any games to play together, so we casually drove to the local Compusa to search for a new game that we could play together.

Little did we know at the time, but the game that we decided to buy would help to completely and utterly destroy our entire walk with JESUS and the bible over the next such and such amount of time in our lives.

We walked around the gaming section of the Compusa, but we were having a lot of trouble finding a new game that looked good. A young salesman happened to walk by, so I asked him if he could recommend a new game for us that was really good.

He led us a few feet away to a game that he said over 5 million people playing. There are as of today 11 million people playing this game. I asked him if the game was good, and he said that not only was he playing it himself, but that the game was absolutely fantastic.

So I whipped out my credit card and quickly bought one copy for my friend and another copy for me. I mean after all, what is spending another 100 dollars when compared to feeding our gaming addiction!

We drove back to my apartment and installed the games on both of our computer systems. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into at that time. I can honestly say that that night was the beginning of one of the hardest lessons that both of us Christian men were ever going to learn.

It is many years later now, and my friend is still playing the game full time! And just so you know, he completely left the LORD JESUS and the bible 100 percent!

That night we started playing the game 7 days a week all day and all night long. Now sure I had a job, so 3 days a week I was not able to play the game too much. On the days I went to work, my friend was playing the game from the time he woke up, until the time he went to bed. I was no better! On my days off, we were both playing the game from the moment we woke up, until the moment we went to bed at about 5am in the morning. We barely if at all even took a break for eating dinner!

About 2 weeks after we had bought the game, my friend went back home to live with his mother. Now I was all alone at home completely and totally addicted to this brand new game.

We have to ask ourselves right now, do addictions come from GOD? OR do they come from satan and from satan through our flesh man inside of us?


Come on brother's and sister's in CHRIST, shouldn't we be honest with ourselves right here and right now and admit that all gaming comes from satan?


Isn't satan the one who ties us down?


And isn't JESUS the one who sets us free?


If you are still not convinced of this, please simply continue to read the full article below.


I tried to keep my prayer life with the LORD going strong, and yes I did try to read the bible, but I noticed that the more I played the game, the more impossible it became to abide in the LORD and the bible...........

After about a month of playing this game full time, I noticed that I was feeling very badly inside of me. I was very sad, very depressed, and I had the same emotional and spiritual pain inside of me as I did in the past, before I came to the LORD JESUS.

In fact, that 90 day period of gaming was one of the worse times in my entire life!

Week after week I was playing the game about 17 hours a day on my days off, and it was becoming harder and harder to pray to JESUS let alone worship him which at this time was completely impossible!

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I wont even mention how hard it was reading the bible during this time, because when you are playing occult games, you have opened up a window for demons to enter your life, and they do NOT want you reading the bible.

The spiritual resistance that the demons were putting inside of me was so strong, I could not pray anymore, I could not read the bible anymore, and worshiping JESUS was totally out of the question.

The demonic pull of the game was too strong inside of me, that I found myself having to, wanting to, and needing to play the game day and night so I could level my character up to a higher level. By leveling up my character, I would than be able to gain new armor and new weapons for my pretend character in the game. This seemed so important to me, I don't even know how to describe it to you.

All of my friends who were playing the game were pushing each other to level up all the time, so we even put peer pressure on each other to level up as fast as we could.

My friend who had gone back home now to live with his mother was completely obsessed with leveling up his characters in the game. It seemed like it was the only important thing in our entire lives! Nothing else seemed important to us any longer. Not JESUS, not the bible, not doing our ministry work, nothing was important to us anymore except to feed our gaming addiction. The addiction was so bad, and the demons inside of me were so strong, when they told me that there would be no World of Warcraft in Heaven, that actually bothered me greatly!

Right here I am going to stop for a second and let you people know that my friend mentioned above is in the title of Prophet. Yes he was one of the highest ranking members of the church body according to Paul. I myself am a Pastor, Teacher, Christian musician among a few other things.

So if this can happen to a Prophet, Pastor and Teacher, this is happening to Christian people all over the world.

While playing the game throughout the years, I came across Christian person after Christian person who was also addicted to gaming.

Look at this stat --->>> Average age of the video gamer is age 35.

And --->>> They are projecting video gaming sales to be at a staggering 63 billion dollars for 2012!

This was how the demons pulled in 11 million people to play this game. They lie to us, and deceive us, and they blind us to where we gamers feel that it is very important to level up our characters in the game. Satan somehow convinces us that it is extremely important to level up our characters in the different games that we Christian people are playing world wide. He constantly tells us that we can get better armor, or more gold, or better weapons if we would just play the game more.

Satan is also telling us that it is NOT as sin to game, I know, I get this from Christian people all the time. Satan tells us that gaming is no big deal, and that there is nothing wrong with it.

Wow is satan sneaky!


After about one month of playing this game, my Christian walk with the LORD was just about destroyed. Sure I did try to go to church on Sunday's, but even then, I would quickly race home to play the game until 5 am in the morning.

I did try to pray during this time, but my heart was not with the LORD anymore. My heart had been stolen by satan, and it was given to a game, to a very deep occultist game which we men and women of GOD have no business ever playing.

By the way people, World of Warcraft is only one game among hundreds that are of the occult!


I did not know it at the time, but just playing the game gives satan direct permission to enter our lives.


If you don't believe me, listen to this true story ?


A Christian sister of mine who lives in the Northwest USA told me the following story. One day she walked to her friends house next door to pay her a visit, and to spend some time with her.

When she entered the apartment, she saw that her friends brother was there playing World of Warcraft on the computer. As she walked into the apartment, she could feel the demonic oppression inside of the apartment like a heavy Myst. Then she told me the following ? as she walked into the apartment and took a look at her friends brother playing the game, she saw a real demon enter into her brother right from the computer monitor!

She shared this story with me and I confirmed with her that not only do I believe it 100 percent, but that I know for an absolute fact that the demons come right into us through the computer monitor when we game. They do the exact same thing when we watch porn, so why wouldn't they also enter us through the computer monitor when we sin by gaming? OF COURSE THEY DO.

Listen people, all gaming and I say ALL GAMING is from satan.


THE LORD GOD JESUS is Holy, and there is nothing holy about gaming whatsoever!

Some people might be asking why does satan get permission to enter us when we play these occult games?

That is because we are commanded in the bible to stay away from all evil! We are commanded to stay away from all occult activities. We are also commanded by John to stay away from anything that will take our heart away from the LORD JESUS.

This is how and why satan is allowed to enter us, and this is no joke people. If satan can use gaming to try to destroy the life of a Prophet and myself a Pastor, then we know that gaming is slowly destroying the lives of millions of Christian men and women who are gaming worldwide!

After all, we have to ask ourselves the following question - what are we doing in the games?


Are we killing people in the games?

Are we fighting with demons and zombies and the dead?

Are we going into dungeons where they use real names of real demons as our opponents?

Are we using magic?

Are we casting spells in the games?

Oh people of GOD, satan has deceived us!!!!!!!


The second month of playing World of Warcraft full time was even worse than the first. By this time, I had stopped praying and reading the bible completely. I felt so sad inside of me. Remember I was deceived at this time, so I had no idea why I felt so sad. I had no idea why I felt so depressed and the pain! Oh the pain inside of me was just unbearable.

You see when we leave the LORD JESUS, he gets very sad, and since we cannot do anything without him, our entire life starts to fall apart. When we leave JESUS, the demon of sadness comes right to us, the demon of loneliness comes, and the spirit behind depression enters into us and slams us full force.

Now we men and women of GOD are in big trouble!

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Remember JESUS is the vine, and we are the branches. Apart from JESUS we cannot do anything.

When we game, we are temporarily leaving JESUS. You see people when you game you are sinning, and for us to sin, we have to temporarily leave THE LORD.

When we leave the LORD, guess what happens next?

You got it, satan comes right into us and fills up that space where the LORD use to be.

Day after day, night after night I would sit in front of the monitor playing this game about 17 hours a day. I was now rude to people on the phone, I couldn't get any good sleep and in fact, I was tired constantly. I was very irritable and my life was completely falling apart. I was slowly ever so slowly being transformed into the very image of satan.





Another month of this addiction passed by, and I was now in my third full month of playing this game.

This time was so bad, I often tell people this was one of the worst 90 day periods of my entire life.

While I was stuck playing the game night after night, the LORD started revealing to me a few truths inside of my heart and soul. I started to slowly realize that this is very wrong to do, that something is very, VERY wrong in my life. And the terrible pain, the pain of being separated from the LORD, the spiritual and emotional pain of having the demons inside of me, the terrible pain of knowing that I use to worship the LORD all the time with all of my heart and soul, and now look what has happened to me.

So what happened was this; as I continued to game each night, I started whispering out prayers for help. I did not pray for anything at all except help. I would sit there all night long playing this game as the hours would fly by like a dream, just whispering to JESUS for help.

I did not pray for help because of me, oh no no no! The LORD was sending grace into my life now, and he gave me the grace to be able to start asking him for help. I never would of done this on my own, this is why some addictions can last a lifetime. I needed his grace so badly in my life at that time, and he started sending it to me. I was addicted to this game about 7 different times in my life, because I had lost count! Each time, each session of addiction, the LORD JESUS sent the grace to set me free.

Praise to GOD!!!!!


During that third month of gaming, I begged him for help, I pleaded with him for help, I asked him for help. During the long 17 hours of gaming day and night, I would cry out for help about every say 15 minutes of the night. I just sat there playing my game, saying the word over and over again ? Help!

After a few weeks of crying out to JESUS for help, I had noticed that I was starting to feel differently.

I started getting very tired of the game, or in other words, I was getting very bored with it. I started realizing how stupid this game is, and how stupid it is to sit here leveling up a pretend character inside of a pretend world.

Then it happened!


After about 3 months of being completely lost to the satanic world of gaming, I woke up one Saturday morning and THE LORD did something great. I turned on the game and played for a few hours, but I noticed that it wasn't fun anymore, I noticed that I didn't feel the same about the game as I did the last 3 months. Then I asked a few of my friends inside of the game to come and play with me inside of a dungeon, and they all said no to me! They all turned me down, and they didn't wanna play with me. I got angry, at them, and at myself and at the game and I quit. I said goodbye to everyone, and I deleted the game from my computer. That was the first time the LORD set me from this evil game, and from being addicted to gaming for 13 years.

Look at this stat -->> 13 is the average number of years adult gamers have been playing computer or video games. Men and women are both almost equally addicted to gaming, 40% female, 60% male.

And this -->> 65% of American households play computer or video games.

And one more -->> 80% of an expected 190 million households, 148 million households, with next generation video game consoles will have this console connected to the Internet.

The process of the LORD JESUS setting me free from computer gaming was a very slow, very gradual process that lasted for years.


When I was a brand new Christian, I was working as a courier driving my car between 200-350 miles a day Monday through Friday. It was then at that time that the LORD taught me to pray and worship him from the time my job started at 8am until the time I got home each night around 5pm. So, I was worshiping and praying about 9 hours a day. That wasn't the problem, that was in fact beautiful and a great time in my life. But here was the problem. When I got home from work, I would cook dinner, do some preaching to people, and then finish off the night with about 3-4 hours of gaming. This went on for a long time! After a while of doing this, the LORD slowly showed me how at the end of each night after gaming for 4 hours, how my spirit died down, or how I was on LESS fire for him now, than I was before I would start gaming each night. Like I said it was a slow learning process for me. This went on for a long time. I remember during this time calling my friend, the same friend mentioned above and talking to him about this. I said to him, hey, did you notice how after we game late at night how it kills our spirit? He said, yes he did notice the exact same thing. We were being taught by GOD ever so slowly that we WERENT EVEN SUPPOSE TO BE PLAYING GAMES PERIOD.

GOD was going to take the next 6-7-8 years to slowly show me just how satanic gaming is, or just how UN GODLY all gaming is. During the slow process in the very beginning of learning this, I actually thought that some games were worse than others. For example, I might of told you that playing an occult game was more of a sin than simply playing hearts or spades or poker. I actually believed this when I was a new Christian. But during the last few years the LORD is teaching me ever so slowly that all gaming is a time trap.

Some of you might be asking what a time trap is?


A time trap is something that steals our life away, or it steals our time away from JESUS and the bible, or it steals our time away from spending quality time with our family.

So a time trap such as gaming, movies and many other addictions ARE A SIN, because it is taking us away from GOD, The Holy bible, Worshiping, Praying, Studying Christian articles, and quality time with our family and children.

Look at what GOD says through Zechariah!


1 Then some of the leaders of Israel visited me, and while they were sitting with me, 2 this message came to me from the Lord: 3 “Son of man, these leaders have set up idols in their hearts. They have embraced things that will make them fall into sin. Why should I listen to their requests? 4 Tell them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: The people of Israel have set up idols in their hearts and fallen into sin, and then they go to a prophet asking for a message. So I, the Lord, will give them the kind of answer their great idolatry deserves. 5 I will do this to capture the minds and hearts of all my people who have turned from me to worship their detestable idols.

So let me say it straight out to you – ALL GAMING IS SINNING.


If you are playing hearts or spades or solitaire, it is sinning.

If you are playing World of Warcraft or any other heavy demonic games, that is sinning.

If you go online and play chess for hours at a time, that is sinning.

All gaming is a time trap, and satan is stealing our time from GOD and the bible one hour at a time.

Satan is stealing our lives away from us and from GOD one hour at a time, and this has to stop!


My same friend mentioned above, played World of Warcraft approximately 15 hours a day for the last 16 months straight. That comes out to 7,200 hours over the last 16 months stolen from his life. Now think about that people – 7 thousand 200 hours were stolen from his life!

That time he lost cannot ever be replaced here on earth!




Are any of you doubting me that satan IS and I say IS behind all gaming ?


Now I am not picking on my friend, because I did the exact same thing for 3 months, and if it were not for the grace of JESUS, I would still be doing it.

Some of you might be thinking, even if JESUS did not send the grace, surely Garrett you would of quit playing the game.

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Well anyone thinking that is drop dead wrong. Let me prove it to you.

As I told you, I was addicted to the game about 7 different times over a 3 year period.

During the years, I would go ahead and turn the game back on, and start playing again, and guess what?

Almost every single one of my old friends was still there playing!!

Now that is scary!


Even today this holiday week, they are still there playing it. All of them are still there, each and every one of them. This just brings me to tears as I write this article.

Here is another stat for you PARENTS TO READ -->>

  94% of the time parents are present at the time games are purchased or rented.


And -->> 63% of parents believe games are a positive part of their children’s lives.

And -->> 83% of the time children receive their parents permission before purchasing or renting a game.

Parents, you are destroying your children and sending them straight to the Lake of Fire by buying their games, and allowing them to game, and even participating and gaming with them!





I am not saying this to condemn you, I am saying this because I love you, and because JESUS loves you and your children 1 million times more than I ever could!


Here is another true story for you


My real brother who lives in Las Vegas use to work at the church where he attended. He worked the day shift there full time 5 days a week for a few years until the Pastor moved away.

During this time he became good friends with the secretary there. During the years they worked together, my brother noticed that her son would come over almost every single day to the church to visit his mom. He was about 13 years old at the time. My brother also noticed that her son would play World of Warcraft every single day on the laptop while he waited for his mother. This went on for years.

He would sit there day after day inside of the church, playing World of Warcraft on his mothers laptop.

He wouldn't talk, he wouldn't do anything at all, but sit there playing the game day after day, week after week, month after month for a few years.

The Pastor of the church moved away and the church building was sold to another church who moved in. many years had passed by until very recently, my brother ran into the same lady and her son. My brother found out that her son was still, even after all of this time, playing World of Warcraft full time!

People! This is not a joke. Gaming is not a joke, in fact it is a huge, HUGE weapon that satan is using to destroy the lives of the non believers, and he is using gaming to destroy the lives of the Christian people too.


The gaming industry is much, MUCH larger than the movie industry is now, and all of us true children of GOD are well aware that satan owns Hollywood!

When we game, we are giving the demons permission to enter our souls. We are allowing satan to steal our lives away one hour at a time. We must realize what satan is doing here, and we must pray for grace from the LORD JESUS to enable us to quit all gaming, and to get all gaming out of our lives.

During the 10 years I have been walking with the LORD, I can estimate that I probably gamed on average of about 30 hours a week. If you multiply the hours I spent gaming, we would come up with about 14,400 hours I wasted of my life and gave directly to satan.

Now for some of you who game much less, let me show you how the hours add up.


Let us say that some of you game on average only one hour a night after work.

If you game one hour a night for an entire year, that comes out to 365 hours a year that you completely gave to satan, and that satan and his demonic forces had stolen out of your life.

Think about that Christian people, 365 hours stolen from you, that you can never ever get back.

What will we do if the FATHER in Heaven asks us – how did we spend the time that he gave us here on earth?


Do you think if we answer him that we gamed with the time, that HE would be happy with us?

Are any of you reading this article still doubting me that all gaming is from satan?

Are any of you reading this article doubting me that GOD is completely and totally against all gaming of any way, shape or form?


If you are still doubting me, then you have been deceived and you need to pray for grace from the LORD JESUS.

I want to share with you people that it was all grace from JESUS that set me free from gaming.

I know that myself and others who have been set free from gaming praise the LORD with all of our hearts and souls! We love you JESUS.

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Could I ever game again ? Yes I could! If I leave the LORD and the bible, I know from first hand experience I will GO DIRECTLY back to gaming!!!

We must stay with the LORD JESUS, so we can truly be in our destiny with GOD, so we can be true children of GOD and be true disciples of THE LORD JESUS.

JESUS' true disciples do NOT game. If any of them are gaming as they read this article, pray for grace, pray that the LORD will give you eyes to see, pray he will give you ears to hear what this article is saying.

Once again, true disciples of JESUS and true children of GOD do NOT game. OH HOW I WISH SOMEONE WOULD of taken the time to teach me this the last 10 years of my life.


So the LORD decided that I WILL BE THAT SOMEONE!


If we leave the LORD for a few days, or even a week or two, the demons behind the addictions to gaming will come right back to us. We are only protected when we are abiding in CHRIST. When we temporarily leave CHRIST, satan does come rushing back to us to tempt us to game.

We must be afraid to leave CHRIST, we must cling to JESUS as if our very lives, as if our very souls, as if our very spirits depend on HIM, BECAUSE THEY DO.

If any of you godly men and women reading this article are thinking to yourselves, that you would never game, or that you are too strong in the LORD to game, then you have already been deceived.

If any of you godly men and women think that you know the bible far to well to ever fall into the temptation of gaming, then you too have been deceived.

If any of you godly men and women feel that your relationship with JESUS is sooo powerful, or sooo loving, or sooo close to where you would never fall into the temptation of gaming, then you too have already been deceived.

It is all grace brother's and sister's!

GOD created everything this way so NO man or woman COULD BOAST.

Oh praise GOD.


Here is another true story for you-->>

I preach quite often to a 13 year old Christian boy on the Internet. He came up to me a few days and told me that none of his prayers were being answered. After talking to him back and forth while I was carefully dissecting exactly why his prayers were not being answered, I learned that he was NOT spending any time with JESUS and the Holy bible. When I asked him why he wasn't spending time with the LORD and the bible, he calmly told me that he didn't have enough time each day. So I started digging deep into his life, and how he spends each day. I wanted to find out what he was doing all day and night with his time. Well, he went on to tell me that he was GAMING and watching TV.

Oh praise GOD the truth came out. I quickly talked to him about the evils of TV and GAMING, and he seemed to really understand. It seemed like the LORD gave him grace to see how evil GAMING truly is, and he as far as I know, had tried to quit gaming the very best he could with the grace that JESUS is giving him.

Look at this Holy Scripture through Zechariah the Prophet -->>

6 “Therefore, tell the people of Israel, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Repent and turn away from your idols, and stop all your detestable sins. 7 I, the Lord, will answer all those, both Israelites and foreigners, who reject me and set up idols in their hearts and so fall into sin, and who then come to a prophet asking for my advice. 8 I will turn against such people and make a terrible example of them, eliminating them from among my people. Then you will know that I am the Lord.

Did you notice that GOD said he would eliminate us from being his people?

Wow that sounds kind of scary to me!

You don't believe GOD will do that?


Read the last true story below--->>>

Here is one last true story that I pray will greatly scare you Christian people reading this article.


The Christian brother mentioned above, the same one who came to my apartment to live with me for a few months, well I had met him when he was 16 years old. He had such a wonderful and energetic excitement about JESUS and the Holy bible when I met him. He use to have so much excitement and energy for JESUS and the bible, he quite often kept me on the telephone until 2-3 am in the morning talking and talking. I talked to him 4-6 nights a week about the LORD, and the bible, heaven and everything else having to do with the Kingdom of GOD. Not only did he have the HOLY GHOST living inside of him, but he got direct, clear and precise messages from GOD. Yes people, he was under the title or Prophet. When he was a young boy, he use to play the Sony PlayStation games day and night. So because of this, he has been gaming most of his entire life. He use to read the bible all the time, we would pray together quite often, we went over incredible things and revelations that JESUS was revealing to both of us, and this went on for years.

I am NOT saying he was a perfect Christian? LOL – of course not, sure he had many struggles just like I had, and just like all of you had too.

The LORD gave him many precise messages, and JESUS did many miracles for him. It was wonderful to see, it was very uplifting too, because many times GOD would give him a message for me. And those messages directly from GOD are just so wonderful and glorious to get. THE LORD JESUS has revealed to my friend here, some of the most wonderful messages, and given him precise dreams of things that would be happening in the very near future. He was even given apocalyptic dreams of the end times too.

My friend had read the bible from start to finish many, many times in the 8 years I have known him, and for such a young man, GOD gave him and blessed him with understanding of what he was reading. I would talk to him about very advanced parts of Christianity and he would immediately and quickly understand the entire message. Oh praise GOD!

I guess that day that we both drove to the Compusa to buy World of Warcraft was something that was pre-destined for both of us to go through since before the world was created.

Yes that game hurt me more than I can even describe to you in this article, but what it did to my friend will bring tears to your eyes.

He couldn't put the game down. Not only did he play the game day and night during the 3 months I played, but he continued to play it day and night for the next 3 years! Yes from time to time he did take a break or two, not because he was able to quit, but because of outside circumstances forced him to take a break from gaming from time to time.

As the LORD set me free from the game each time, I would than call my friend on the phone and try to use the knowledge that JESUS had given me, to try to see if he could see the truth too about how bad gaming was for us. It was like talking to a brick wall. Satan had deceived him too just like he did me, and there was a blocking spirit inside of him. This spirit will not allow any godly seeds to be planted in him, so this spirits job is to block or stop any good advice, or godly advice from entering into him.

Month after month, and even year after year for 3 years, I tried talking to him, but it went in one ear and out the other.


My friend lost his job 18 months ago, and since that time, he dived head first into World of Warcraft even playing it 18 hours a day 7 days a week. By playing the game for this many hours, and by putting his heart into the game, satan took control of him more and more. Month after month satan put his hooks into my younger Christian brother, and he was literally changing right in front of my eyes.

As each month passed by during the last 18 months, he was getting meaner and meaner. He was starting to become very rude to people. He wasn't able to sleep anymore, and has a major sleeping problem now. In fact he rarely can get a nights sleep. As the months passed by, he started to slowly get angry at JESUS.

Now people, let me make something clear; there were other very important factors going on in his life too, which I am not going to mention here, and even though some of them were extremely important too, I am only going to mention the gaming part.


As each month passed by, he was being transformed slowly into the very image of satan.

Does satan do this to us?



Just like we men and women of GOD are being transformed into the very likeness of JESUS, satan also transforms people into his own evil image too.

And this was happening to my friend here right in front of my eyes.


During the last 6-8 months, not only did he completely and totally leave JESUS, but he also besides gaming, dived head first into satanism. He asked satan to send more and more demons to live inside of himself, and satan did this. The demons now talk to him, they teach him things, they explain complicated things to him now. They have given him even supernatural power to where he can slam his fist directly into walls creating holes in the walls.

They taught him and talked to him about how they use gaming to destroy our lives!




He dived so far into satanism, that he actually started gaming less and less because he realized that there are deeper ways to enter into satanism than besides gaming.

He has been extremely suicidal during this entire time, just like I was too during that 90 day period of gaming.

He has gone to the top of the mountain a few times to go and kill himself. Praise GOD people are praying for him, and the LORD stops him each and every time from ending his own life.

I could go on and on explaining even much worse things that have happened to him, but that is not what this article is about.

Now to finish up about about my friend, through godly prayers of people, the LORD JESUS not only took away his Internet, but also GOD destroyed his computer!

Does GOD destroy the computers of his godly saints?



And if any of you true saints of CHRIST reading this article do NOT quit gaming, watch and see how your computer or Internet will be taken away from you too by the LORD JESUS.

By the way people, my very expensive video card is broke right now too. Praise GOD!!!!


*If any of you would like to pray for this young man who once loved JESUS and the bible, please pray for him to come back to the LORD. You might not know the name of this young man who is now 24 years old, but JESUS does!


I know he will thank you when he sees you in Heaven, and I thank you right now for praying for him.

How do I finish up this article?


What can I possibly say now, that I haven't already said up above to make you people understand?


I will let the Apostle John finish up my article for me. Take a look at this Scripture -->>


1st John 5:21 - 21 Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.

Please people quit gaming, please!

Quit for JESUS, quit for salvation for eternity in Heaven, quit because of how Holy our FATHER is, quit for the sake of spending more time with your family, quit for having more time to read the bible, quit because satan is real, quit because the Lake of Fire is real,



Love, your servant Garrett

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