Fear & Anxiety

    My Christian brother David says from time to time, that "satan is just about ready to use his two BIG GUNS - Fear and Anxiety against the Christian saints worldwide."

As we see the wars and rumors of wars spreading throughout the world, and then mix in the complete economic collapse of our global economy, Fear and Anxiety are running rampant. I am afraid to say that these two kinds of evil spirits are also attacking and gaining control over a huge portion of the world wide Christian body.    

               Are You Sad or Lonely Tonight?

Not a day goes by in the news where we don’t hear about earthquakes, or major drought problems, or serial killers running loose, or even how madmen in the middle east now have acquired nuclear weapons. Because of the Fear and Anxiety that the media is force feeding us every single day and night, Christian’s are now walking off of the path of faith with JESUS and the Holy Bible and are themselves falling prey to the evil spirits of Fear and Anxiety.

Out of the over 200 FREE Christian Videos that my site has to offer through UBM ministries, I wanted to make a special link to showcase 2 very, very special videos that David has put together to help you to overcome Fear and


I want you to trust me now and watch part 1 and part 2 of the video series called =

Fear and Anxiety.

Each video is 58 minutes long, so make sure first of all that you have the time to watch it all the way through, and second of all, have a pen and paper by your side ready to go so that GOD can bless you even more so by taking notes.

I promise you that these videos are going to greatly bless you and help you to feel better immediately!

Love, your servant Garrett

These 1 hour videos do require your computer to have RealPlayer!
Almost all new computers are Pre - loaded with Real Player so you probably already have it!

If you do NOT have RealPlayer, here is the link to download the free version.

Fear & Anxiety


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