Dreams, Visions & Nightmares

Someone taught this little girl how to bind  the demons attacking
 her in dreams while she sleeps!!!

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Dreams/Visions & Nightmares




I wanted to talk about dreams tonight for a short while.




I had a dream two nights ago, it was very very gruesome!!!




Before I talk about that dream, or nightmare actually I wanna talk about what are our dreams!




Did you know that the dreams you have while your sleeping are actually visions? Yes it is true.... Dreams are visions!!!!




But because we are sleeping during the vision, in our generation we call them a dream or dreams......




But dreams are actually visions that can come to us from 3 different persons.....




Our dreams/visions that come to us while we are sleeping can come from GOD, they can come from satan & they can come from us!!!




So when we have a dream/vision while we are sleeping, we need to use godly discernment to find out where the dream/vision actually came from




So after you have a dream/vision while your sleeping, first you might want to find out who sent the dream to you!!!





The bible tells us that GOD sends us dreams...........




The bible also tells us that GOD said that we give ourselves dreams.





Remember people, when I say the word dream, they are actually visions you are getting but you are sleeping.......




So the bible tells us clearly that dreams/visions can come to us while we are sleeping from GOD & from ourselves, this is a fact!!!!





Now, is there a scripture in the bible that tells us that satan can give us dreams? None that I know of!!!




Even though I do not have a scripture to show you that satan can send us dreams/visions, let me go into this topic for a few moments!!!




Have you ever had those really evil dreams/visions that we normally call nightmares? I know I sure have! I had a bad one 2 nights ago.




Did you know that if you look up the word nightmare in the dictionary it is a = Night demon.............. It is true!!!




Now am I telling you that your horror dreams, and super sexual, super defiling dreams are all from satan? No but most are if not almost all.




So we have the dictionary calling a nightmare a = Night demon....... Now what other facts and proof do we have?




When I had the nightmare two nights ago, I awoke up immediately terrified and guess what? There were demons in my room!!!




I used the gift of discernment to know right away that there were at least two demons in my room the second I woke up from the nightmare!




Yes the demons can attack us while we are sleeping and give us those terrible nightmares, or super sexual dreams, or defiling dreams/visions




Every single time I have had a terrible nightmare dream/vision the last few years, there was a demon or demons right above me in my bed!




GOD gives me the gift of spiritual discernment to know that there are demonic spirits either above me, or at the edge of my bed!!!




Two nights ago when I woke up I had terrible goose bumps all over my body the second I woke up from that horror dream/vision they gave me!




Many times when the demons come into my room strongly, my body breaks out in huge goosebumps!!




These goosebumps could be coming from the demon of fear who is in the room, or from their electromagnetic stuff going on in the room too!




So not only did this demon or demons attack me in my sleep with a terrible dream/vision, but now I have to war against them when I woke up!




Two nights ago is not the first time this has happened, no not even close, this has happened many times late at night while asleep.




I am sure this has happened to many of you too because many of my Christian friends go through these experiences too....




So they attack us in a horror dream/vision, now when you wake up and your afraid, now you have to battle the demon/demons too!!!




Now two nights ago, the demons attacked me terribly in that dream, then I woke up and they were laughing at me and harassing me.




If you are not sure that the demonic can do this, just ask the LORD about it and he will help you to learn what is going on.......




Now if some of you think that JESUS would never allow this to happen to his children, you have made a terrible mistake!!!!!!




JESUS sure does allow the demonic to come against us by giving us nasty dreams/visions......... OH YES HE does!!!!




The LORD is building up an army here and we are far far TOOOOO WEAK right now....




So when I woke up, the spirit of fear was in the room.... My body was freaking out in fear and goosebumps!




Now I was a little rusty.. It had been over 1 year since the demonic attacked me that badly in a dream/vision & in my room!!




That is when THE HOLY GHOST will tell you what to do... The most powerful thing you can do then is to quote scriptures!




Scriptures like - Psalm 27:1 - The LORD is my light and my salvation so whom shall I fear!!!




There is nothing more powerful than the word of GOD!!  JESUS is the word of GOD, so is his holy bible!!!!




I also learned many years ago to pray for GOD to send warrior angels to my room immediately..........




There are different kinds of angels so pray for the angels who know how to fight to be sent to your room to protect you.......




I always ask JESUS to send angels who use different weapons, who have different kinds of weapons so my battle group is diversified!!!




I am an ex gamer, so I learned all about in gaming how to bring different weapons or different teammates with different weapons!!




This is real, this is more real than we are because they are spirit and we are temporarily flesh... The spirit is more real than the flesh!




So they attacked me badly in that dream, and now I woke up and said ->> Uh oh, they are actually here too!!!




So I quoted Psalm 27:1 over and over while asking GOD to send down powerful warrior angels to guard me and protect me!




I also quote part of Psalm 23 - Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I WILL FEAR NO EVIL!!!!! Over and over again




At first those few demons did not leave right away. But as you or I continue to quote scriptures their presence will be less & less!!!




Now as your quoting scriptures & a few more warrior angels show up to fight, the demonic presence will continue to leaver more & more...




During some late night attacks in my room, the demonic did not leave right away!!




Then is when you sit in bed and start repenting your sins, having a heart to heart talk with JESUS for minutes, or 30 minutes!!!




I have had the demonic try to kill me now about 15 different times while I was sleeping. This is NOT a JOKE, this is drop dead serious...... And yes GOD does allow this!!!!




Look → Lamentations 3:37 – Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S permission.............




So we can be sure that JESUS is giving the demonic permission to do these various things that  they do to us from time to time!!!




When the demonic does not leave right away that is when you forgive all your so called enemies, bosses, family members forgiving everyone!





When you have that terrible nightmare/dream/vision Sometimes their presence is so strong, you might want to turn your light on!!!




That is the kind of dream and evil presence I had in my bedroom two nights ago, it was sick..........




Use your discernment, if you feel you need a few more warrior angels, just ask for them and you will receive them!




One terrible night about two years ago, I prayed for a few warrior angels to show up, then a few more, then more & more and more!!!!!




You will feel in the spirit how much more help you need or you do not need! GOD will help you, teach you & show you what to do.




Now I am not saying that there is a evil demon giving us every single bad dream, no not at all!!!




Some terrifying dreams can come from GOD or ourselves too!!! GOD makes this clear to us in the bible.





But when they jacked you badly in your dream, you wake up, there is evil everywhere in your room, that is a demonic dream/vision U just got!




Those terribly vivid and evil sexual dreams are NOT coming from GOD... They can possibly come from us and the the demonic for sure!!!




If you have a terrible dream of sexual homosexual activity, that would be a demonic attack against you!!!!




If you are having a very vivid and terrible sexual dream, or torture dream, or hideous prison dream etc etc that could very well be demonic!




Yes children of GOD, JESUS does allow the demonic to do this and we must come to terms with this and battle against it when we can!




I know multiple people who woke up late at night only to have a demon choking them to death!!!




Yes GOD does allow these things to come against us............




So when you have a nightmare/terrible sexual or defiling dream/vision.. As you wake up, go to war against the demon or demons attacking you!




When I woke up two nights ago, I did not see the demons with my eyes. I knew they were laughing at me because I saw it in the spirit!




Yes children of GOD, each time they abuse us or getting us to act sinful or silly, they laugh at us... It is hilarious to them!!!




So when they turn us gay, turn us to watch porn, or turn us to masturbate or even a bad nightmare they are laughing at us usually speaking!!




Your dreams your having at nighttime are visions.... So you cannot say you never had a vision anymore.. You are getting visions every night!





When you have a dream that you find might be very interesting or important, pray, meditate with JESUS and ask HIM what it means!




If you want to learn what your dream/vision meant, ask the LORD, pray about it, think and meditate on it and he will help you!!!




I am getting so many dreams every night, this is once again a sign that we are in the end times... That our time is just about over!!!




So I am getting so many dreams now, I cannot keep track of them, I cannot even cry out for help to learn what they mean!!!!




But when that very special dream comes, when that very important dream comes, that is one you want to learn what it means!!!!




If you are not having dreams now, all you have to do is ask JESUS for dreams and ---- wallah....... You got dreams coming now......




A dream is when GOD is talking to us, teaching us, molding & shaping us or even warning us while we are sleeping They are pictures from GOD!




GOD is using pictures while we sleep for all of his wonderful reasons, plans, teachings & warnings to us and for us.......




Yes it is true and biblical that some dreams come from ourselves too. I have no idea how we can give ourselves a vision but its interesting!




When you have that terrible nightmare, super evil sexual or defiling nightmare/dream/vision from the demons do this --->>>>>>




As soon as you wake up and you feel the demonic with you, start quoting scriptures, start praying to the LORD for help!!!




Command holy warrior angels to come down from heaven to guard you and surround you!!!!




Ask for more angles, more warrior angels if your spiritual discernment tells you that you better pray for more... Pray for more then!!!




Start repenting your sins during this demonic attack too!!!




If it is a really bad attack, go turn your lights on in your room or house or whatever!!!




Start having a heart to heart talk with JESUS and as you do all of the above, you will feel the demonic presence slowly fly away - Slowly!




JESUS is our only protection against the demonic and there is no other!!!!!




The LORD is raising up a powerful army now and part of this is allowing the enemy to attack us viciously in our dreams/visions!!!





Those demonic attacks while your sleeping could be for a spiritual test for you to go through, or possibly because of sin in your life!




They could come against you to give you another chance to practice overcoming satan, or it could be that GOD is testing you!!!




There could be many multiples reasons why the demonic might be allowed to attack you at night while you sleep so find out why!!!!




Two days ago, I was sharing with a Christian sister about how these nightmares work and operate.................... She was listening...




A few hours later that night, I was sound asleep and the demonic came and jacked me in my dream/vision!!!!!!




Yes they can get permission to do this to us............





So children of GOD I want to make it clear that these dreams are actually visions & that they are coming from GOD, satan or from ourselves!




If you have a nightmare/dream/vision tonight, wake up, start quoting wonderful scriptures over and over again!




Pray for the super tough warrior angels to be sent to you immediately in the name of JESUS!!!




Sit up if you can, do not lay there in fear.... Sit up, turn your light on, start walking around your room quoting scriptures!!!!




Two nights ago I was practically frozen in bed in fear.




See they attacked me with a very fearful dream/vision while sleeping, then as I woke up, I was groggy and not sure what was going on!!!




It takes a few seconds to wake up and go - Oh wow, I am actually under attack in real life too!!! How sick.... OK ----->>>>>




OK demons, Psalm 27:1 - The LORD is my light and my salvation so why should I be afraid ------------ Over and over again!!!




And as you believe that, as you pray for angels to come, as you start talking with JESUS the demonic presence will leave you more and more!





The demonic angels who just attacked you do NOT want anything to do with JESUS, that is for surezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!





Watch out children of GOD, the demonic know their time is very very short... They will manifest more and more and more now!!!!





We gotta get stronger brothers and sisters...... And JESUS is using our nightmares/dreams/visions to give us chances to practice!!!




Now if your living in blatant pre - meditated sinning right now and you get attacked in your sleep do this ---->>>>>




I am sorry for the porn O LORD, I am sorry for gaming, I am sorry for smoking weed, send your holy warrior angels now and protect me I pray!




And do this -> I am sorry FATHER, I have rebelled against you...... Now start quoting scriptures, talking to JESUS, praying for help!!!




I know I have been weak the last few months LORD, I know I have fallen down badly, please help me in my time of distress as my enemies come to attack me I pray JESUS!




About two years ago, I had a demonic dream/vision that was so bad, I woke and was frozen in bed from fear........




I start quoting scripture after scripture...... I prayed for GOD to rain down warrior angels from heaven into my apartment...........




I start praying and talking with JESUS..............




The demonic presence was still bad so I got out of bed, turned on my lights and made a few phone calls!!!




There was another person in this nightmare they attacked me with so I called that person to make sure he was OK......




I stayed up 1-2 hours with the lights on because the demonic presence in my apartment was so evil, so fearful and so heavy!!!




If you have not experienced any of these evil attacks yet, watch out, as you start growing closer and closer to JESUS you will!!!!




As the demonic starts to manifest more and more, watch out, get ready, memorize what your going to do if you wake up and your under incredible attack!!!!




Start memorizing your scriptures, start especially memorizing your scriptures that war against fear, anxiety, evil etc etc etc!!!!!!




I pray this blessed you and is encouraging you to get closer and closer to JESUS as you read this article on dreams.....




Yes children of GOD, you are getting visions at nighttime while you sleep, amen to that!



Sincerely, Garrett

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