Don't You Dare

Don't You Dare Child Of GOD, Don't You Dare!!!

Hello hello brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS!

I wanted to talk about something very specific please.

When we become born again, JESUS baptizes us with the HOLY GHOST which is GOD'S spirit!

And when we have the HOLY GHOST inside of us teaching us, empowering us and helping us, we change, we children of GOD change completely.

But when we do truly become born again, something else happens to children of GOD all over the world which is NOT so great!

Many times brand new Christians or people who have only been born again for a year or two fall into a trap.

Let me share with you how brand new Christians, or even other Christians for that matter get trapped!

When someone asks you a question, and you know darn well that you do NOT know the answer, yet you answer anyway, you are cursing yourself!

So for example - If someone asks you a specific question about the rapture of the church, but you clearly do not know the answer, right here is where -  Millions of Christians spit out answers anyways and guess what happens?

They are cursing themselves!

How are you cursing yourself you might ask me?

Because anytime you teach false doctrines you are literally cursing yourself!

Look at this scripture please -> 

Revelation 22:18 – 18 And I solemnly declare to everyone who hears the words of prophecy written in this book: If anyone adds anything to what is written here, God will add to that person the plagues described in this book. 19 And if anyone removes any of the words from this book of prophecy, God will remove that person’s share in the tree of life and in the holy city that are described in this book. 

When we add to the bible or take away from the bible, we are NOW living under GOD'S curses............

Yes child of GOD, this is EXACTLY JUST HOW SERIOUS IT IS when you teach badly to other people.

It would be far FAR better child of GOD if you simply kept your mouth shut, than for you to spit out silly answers out of your mouth that you know darn well you really do not know nor have learned yet.

Now why do Christians pretend to know the answers to everything?

1). They now have been baptized by the HOLY GHOST, they have a brand new love inside of them for people all over the world. Because of this brand new godly love, Christians want to help one another. And this is how a trap gets started.

Because you love other people now, you naturally want to help people too. So when other people ask you biblical questions, or questions about JESUS, prophecies, parables or simply just life questions, you try to help the best you can. But that is where you get into danger......

Because you want to help so badly, because you truly love people now, you will find yourself spitting out answers out of your mouth that are simply wrong, or unbiblical, or blasphemousin nature........

And by doing this, you are cursing yourself once again........

Look at what James says here -> 

James 3:1 New Living Translation (NLT)
Controlling the Tongue

3 Dear brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.

Look at GOD's warning speaking through James up above. GOD is literally telling us that we should not want to be a teacher........... That you will be judged much more strictly.

So brothers and sisters in CHRIST, every time you let garbage spew out of your mouth on topics that you know darn well you know nothing about, you are judging yourself, you are cursing yourself in a sense and all hell will rain down on your life!

Once again – It would be far FAR better to keep your mouth shut and tell the person you are speaking to that you have no idea what the answer is, than to let more lies and filth flow out of your mouth...

It is more blessed to stay quiet and humble in this topic, then to answer wrongly and curse yourself.

So because of this children of GOD get trapped into trying to answer questions that everyone knows they do not know the answer too!

Here is another reason why Christians try to answer every single question asked of them -> 

2). Pride! Pride!!!!!!!!!! That big, gigantic, humongous evil living inside of all of us that we call pride.

Every single person on planet earth has pride inside of them, we all do this is a fact! Only JESUS did NOT have pride!

So when someone asks us a question that we do NOT know the answer too, our pride forces us to spit out a answer!

And when a Christian spits out silly answers that are very UN TRUE, they are cursing themselves and you are also hurting the other person.

Have any of you ever thought to consider the following -> You are hurting the other person you are speaking to because you are giving them false information.

Now that person you gave the false information too goes all over the world wide internet and spreads that lie to everyone that he or she can........

And guess what happens next?

Potentially thousands of tens of thousands of people on Twitter, Google+, Face book, You tube and every else fall for the lie too........

Now we have tens of thousands of people who are believing lies, evil doctrines and UN-biblical doctrines all over the world and why? Why did this happen?

ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your mountain of pride inside of you is causing you to spew out answers out of your mouth that are completely wrong, or partially wrong, or somewhat wrong and you are hurting other people.

You are hurting your other brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS by giving them false information.

I know I was given tons and tons and tons of false information by other Christians on TV, or the internet, or especially on Christian radio and it did hurt me greatly.

It took GOD years to undo some of those lies that sank into my heart and soul.

We Christians need to learn how to say this sentence -->>>> 

I am not sure! Brother or sister, I am not sure of the answer to this question, maybe we can study it together? Maybe we can meet next week on the telephone and go over the bible and find out what it has to say for sure on this topic so we do not believe anymore lies?

We need to learn how to talk like that!

When someone asks you a question that you do not know the answer too, you BETTER NOT spit out an answer. You better not let your pride cause you to force out an answer that you are only 50% sure might be the truth. You have got to catch your tongue from speaking before pride takes control of it.

If someone asks you a very hard biblical question, or a difficult question about JESUS himself and you fake out an answer, you guess and give the person an answer, YOU JUST CURSED YOURSELF AGAIN......

And guess who administers the curse?

You got it!

The demons do!

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The demons here on earth administer GOD'S curses and you will get attacked by the demonic. 

Why? Why does this have to happen?

All because of your pride...... You feel the need to force out an answer on every single question that is asked of you by people all over the world and by doing this you are cursing yourself!

Now I also have got trapped in this mess too, when I tried to answer questions that I was simply not sure about!

So I have done this sin too, I am also guilty of doing this just like all of you are too!

Now what business do brand new Christians have trying to get involved in very complicated bible topics? Or better yet -> What business do Christians have who do not read the bible to get involved in very complicated bible topics?

In other words, you are not reading the bible, yet you feel a need to answer every single question that is asked of you by other people...... I mean if you are not reading the bible nor studying yourself, what makes you think that you would have the correct answer?

I will tell you what it is, it is your PRIDE!

When I first started my ministry, I told people ->>

 Hey brother, JESUS loves you man!

Hey sister, you do not have to cry, JESUS will hold you tight tonight I promise!

Hey brother, let us pray together, GOD can help us to stop watching porn!

I got into talks like --- You do not have to kill yourself sister, JESUS is real, I know him, you can know him too!

I got into talks like ->

 Hey brother, let us find a good church to go too!

Hey sister, forget about that last boyfriend, I happen to know someone who is very rich, very powerful and he already loves you, he is GOD'S son JESUS.

Those are the kinds of talks I got into the first few years of my ministry and GOD used me constantly all over the world via the internet.

So why do children of GOD get into talks about prophecies and parables that GOD and satan both know the person has no idea about?


The demons.

Yes the demons!

The demons want to get you trapped into purposely doing bad preaching so they can attack you!

The demons will set up traps for you, testing your pride, having people purposely ask you questions! 

Now I should NOT say the demons are doing this, GOD is the one who is orchestrating the entire test for you!

Look at this -> 

Job 7:18 – HE examines us every morning, HE tests us every moment. You are being tested every single moment of your life child of GOD!

And when YOU SPIT OUT fake answers, that everyone in the spirit realm knows darn well you do not truly know, you just cursed yourself again!

The demons will work with your pride, and other evils inside of you to tempt you to speak out when you know darn well you should of kept quiet.

Now I myself have done all of this sinning too, that could be one reason why GOD is writing this article through me. Because GOD and myself both know real well that I am guilty of this sin over and over again too!

We must, have to, we got to learn to keep our big mouths shut when the HOLY GHOST is whispering to us to keep quiet.

Otherwise when we speak, we will simply curse ourselves again and again!

Do all of you want to hear a lie that has spread all over the entire globe>????

Would you give me permission to share with you a demonic prideful lie that most Christians still believe today all over the world?

The ENTIRE PRE- Tribulation rapture idea is a demonic prideful lie THAT HAS SPREAD WORLD WIDE NOW. Children of GOD all over this entire globe we call earth have fallen for this demonic prideful lie and the damage has already been done! The damage is so devastating for the people who fell for this lie, GOD is raising up another army of his children who are trying to share with other parts of his body that there is NO Pre-tribulation rapture, none whatsoever...........

There is NO pre tribulation rapture, there never has been, there never will be!

Yet somewhere on earth, one man or woman started this world wide global lie. Somewhere, in some place, at some time in the past, this entire lie of a pre-tribulation rapture got started.

And guess what?


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And because this lie all got started somewhere, somehow by someone, now we find ourselves with movies, books, magazines, websites, articles and videos ALL ABOUT THIS PRE-TRIBULATION LIE!!!! Oh wow this has got to be one of the largest lies that has spread world wide! NOT the largest, but one of the largest............

So here is what we have now ->

We have children of GOD all over the world in almost every country repeating this pre-tribulation rapture lie, and everyone is cursing themselves over and over again while the demons are literally infesting GOD'S world wide church........

This lie of a – Pre-tribulation rapture has indoctrinated the entire globe now!!!

Christians from Russian, to the Philippines, from Romania to India and especially the USA have all fallen for this lie!

Brothers and sisters, if someone asks you a question and you do not know the answer, you MUST SAY - I am sorry brother, I do not know! Or I am sorry sister, I have no idea what the answer is, can we study it together? Or can we pray and ask GOD to teach us the answer as soon as possible?

Why must you say this? Because it is the truth, Because that type of answer will crush your pride!

Because you will safeguard yourself from sinning against GOD! Because you will safeguard yourself from adding to, or taking away from the HOLY BIBLE.

Because if you answer like that, you will be protecting yourself from GOD'S curses which are administered by the demons!!!

We must humble ourselves and learn to say --- I am sorry sister, I have no idea what the answer is to that! We must do this!

Why? Because if you continue to lie and play games, that person could spread that lie to 100,000 people on the internet!

And guess who is responsible? You are! You are responsible for 100,000 people all believing that garbage you spit out of your mouth to one single lady a few weeks earlier.

Do not let pride curse you!

Do not let the demons curse you!

Do not let your wanting to help people, your loving people, force you into saying fake things too and by doing this, you will get cursed once again.

Be honest with people and learn how to say ->

 I have not studied that yet, that is a really good question, but I honestly do not know!

Here is another lie that has spread world wide -->>>>

 The demons cannot read our minds or thoughts...... PURE GARBAGE!!!

A demon somewhere somehow someway got a man or woman to believe that the demons cannot read our thoughts and it went world wide. Through quite possibly one single person who believed this lie, this lie was then repeated over and over again until it went world wide! Now in the year 2014 – This demonic, prideful silly lie has spread world wide.

Christians from China all the way to Hawaii mostly believe the silly lie that the demons cannot read our thoughts when of course they can. 

Because of one man or woman, this lie has spread world wide too, so make sure you are not that one man or woman who is spreading pure garbage or you will be hurting potentially hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

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By spreading prideful, demonic lies to other people who were asking you for help.

Do you see how important it is to learn how to say --> 

Brother, I am not sure of the answer here, let us study together and find out!

Do you see how important it is here to say - Sister, I do not have the answer to that prophecy, let us study together and find out!

Our mind is spirit, our thoughts are spirit, our imaginations are spiritual in nature, I mean they are surely NOT physical right?

So because of this, the spirit realm, yes GOD, JESUS, the holy angels and the evil spirits can either hear our thoughts, or see our thoughts, or know our thoughts in some spiritual way.

It seems to me that our thoughts are out loud to the spirit realm.

I have seen videos of people who were taken to heaven for a visit who saw other people speaking without moving their lips. It was like their thoughts were out loud.

Because your thoughts are all monitored by the spirit realm starting with GOD, and going to the angels and demons too, you are not getting away with anything. This means that as you think sinful thoughts, you are being caught, you are being corrected and disciplined too, and you are even being attacked all because your thoughts are being monitored!

There is NOT one single scripture in the entire HOLY BIBLE that tells us there is a pre tribulation rapture, YET EVERYONE BELIEVES IT!

There is NOT one scripture in the entire bible that says the spirits cannot read or hear our minds, YET EVERYONE BELIEVES IT!

This is exactly how lies get started!

Lies start because of our wanting to help people because we love them, because of our pride, because of our egos, because of demonic encouragement and temptations and especially because of a lack of bible reading on the part of the Christian person.

A lack of bible reading.

A complete total lack of studying the bible is ANOTHER HUGE REASONS why we spew lies out of our mouths.

You see you were too busy playing internet games, or working your job, or spending hour after hour with your boyfriend to ever get to the bible.

And because you did not read nor study the bible, now you are NOT equipped to answer basic questions about the bible, nor JESUS when someone asks you.

Because you ignored the bible for most of your life, you simply speaking do not have the knowledge to be able to answer biblical or godly questions.

Now when someone asks you a question because they need help, you either spew out lies because you love the person and you truly want to help, or you spew out lies because your pride is forcing you to give an answer so you do not embarrass yourself, or the demonic who are living inside of you are encouraging you to spew out lies so you will curse yourself and hurt the other person too!

Yes your lack of bible reading is a HUGE HUGE REASON why all of this is happening too.

A total and complete LACK of bible reading is ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS WHY there are so many lies, deceptions and half truths in the world wide church today.

For example please ->

There is NOT 1 single scripture in the entire bible that tells us there is a pre-7 year tribulation rapture, yet most of the entire church believes this nonsense.

Well how does this happen?

It happens because people are not reading their bibles.

It happens because people are not studying their bibles.

People are not using their bible search engines to study a specific topic in the bible like the rapture of the church......

Let me prove my point please ->

Right here JESUS tells us when the rapture of the church takes place ->

John 6:39 – And this is GOD'S will. That I should not lose one of all of those GOD has given me, but that I SHOULD RAISE THEM UP ON THE LAST DAY............

That raising us up on the last day is the rapture of the church....

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Now all you have to do is find out when the LAST DAY IS for Christians on earth, and guess what?


And people of GOD, the LAST DAY is not, NOT, NOT the first day of the 7 year tribulation.

As you can see, there is no pre-tribulation rapture coming or JESUS would be a liar!

Lies get started because the demons are tempting us to give out silly answers out of our mouths.

The lies get started because we are too prideful to say --- Sorry brother, I have no idea on the answer to that question!

The lies get started because we are too prideful to say --- Sorry sister, I wish I could help you, but I cannot, I have not studied that before.

We must humble ourselves children of GOD and learn how to say -->>> I have no idea, I have no idea about that prophecy, I have no idea when the rapture happens, I have no idea what that parable is about etc etc.

We must learn how to say -->> I do not know the answer to that!

We must learn to keep our mouths shut when we are not sure what the correct godly biblical answer is......

Wow for the first few years of my ministry, I was talking about JESUS, love, repentance, forgiveness!

I was telling people do not kill yourselves, JESUS is real! There is a better way to go at life!

But nowadays, since the internet has exploded, OH MY GOSH....... EVERYONE IS A HOLY APOSTLE NOW!! HOW SILLY,,,, HOW STUPID! And all of you are cursing not only yourselves, but you are cursing other people too all over the internet who actually believe the lies that you share with them.

Children of GOD!

GOD get super educated first on a topic, then ask GOD to help you or guide you to share the brand new truths you just learned with other people!

People there is NO pre-tribulation rapture, you have cursed yourself and many other people too!

And you have to repent tonight, you must repent because it cannot be found in the entire bible!

If you have taught people the demons cannot hear your thoughts, or see your thoughts, or know what people are thinking, you have to repent. Because obviously they can!

People who teach and change the bible are under a curse! This is very serious and we must repent for all of the terrible preaching and speaking that we do in our lives. As soon as GOD shows you that what you have been saying is wrong, repent with all of your heart and soul and be free from the curses associated with it.

This is why James tells us ---- It is better for you to NOT be a teacher, because you will be judged more harshly for your teachings.

Be humble people!

I have had to repent many many times for teaching badly, and you are going to have to do this too or your curses might continue that you are living under.

What happens is, I would believe the silly garbage on the internet, repeat it to other people, and find out later in the bible I was wrong.

I have to repent when I teach badly, we all do, or we are in big big trouble with GOD.

If you are not reading the bible, if you are not willing to study, then please for the LOVE OF GOD, STOP sharing with people!

Not only are you cursing yourself, but you are hurting many others too!

We have to repent this very night! We must, because our pride has led us to teach people with silly lies and garbage that we mostly picked up from our pride, from the demons and  from garbage we found on the internet!

So I repent and I encourage you too do the same!!!

Start practicing to keep your mouth shut about topics that you honestly do not know the answers too!

And if you practice being quiet, you will NOT be cursing yourself, but you might even start getting blessings from GOD, now wouldn't that be wonderful?

Look at what GOD says here speaking through Solomon -> 

Ecclesiastes 6:11 - The more words you speak, the less they mean. So what good are they?

The more you keep speaking through your pride, through the demonic, through your complete LACK OF BIBLE READING, the more you are cursing yourselves and others too!

You are hurting people!

Do not let the fact that you love people and you want to help people cause you and force you to spit out silly garbage to them!

Do not let the fact that you have tons of pride force you to spit out silly garbage to people because you are hurting yourself & others too.

Do not let the demons encourage you to speak up when you know darn well you do not have this education yet! You will hurt yourself! If you do. GOD warns us in multiple locations in the bible that you will hurt yourself and curse yourself and cause yourself to be judged much more harshly!

Be afraid children of GOD! Be very very afraid of what comes out of your mouth!

Have a reverent fear of GOD!

Have a reverence for the HOLY BIBLE!

Be very very afraid to say something wrong to people, be terrified!!!

Maybe by practicing all of that you will keep your mouths shut when you have clearly not learned a specific topic yet.

I pray this will help some of you reading this, I really really do! I pray some of you will be blessed by this free book and that GOD will really send you grace to start changing the way you do things when it comes to speaking to other people.

Now stop everything you are doing and go and repent for all of the garbage you have told others and GOD will set you free from the curses!

It will feel really really good to repent tonight! Just watch and see........

Praise GOD for all of you incredible holy people of JESUS CHRIST. I love all of you!

Love, your servant Garrett

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