Don't Give Up

Do Not Give Up Child Of GOD, Do Not Give Up!

GOD has brought something to my attention lately that I would like to share with all of you please!

Very recently, GOD has been bringing people into my life who are all angry at GOD because their prayers are not being answered fast enough!

As I spent some time to find out with each one of them why they were angry at GOD, I kept hearing the same answer!

For some reason, these Christian men and women all thought that GOD was suppose to answer their prayers right away!

I am not quite sure where all of them got this strange idea!

I did ask each one individually where did you get the idea that GOD must answer all of our prayers right away?

Just about all of them would then side step my question, or basically speaking, they would change the subject and never answer!

Now I am NOT judging them! No way and no how, I love them all!!

And by the way, sometimes I get angry at GOD too for not answering my prayers fast enough!

Sure I have experienced this myself, sure I have gotten angry too, amen to that!

So I am not judging any of them!

But nowhere in the bible does GOD say he will answer all of our prayers right away!

So I was simply wanting to know where did these people learn this!

My spirit leads me to believe that these people got the idea that GOD would answer all of their prayers right away from the demons!

Children of GOD are getting these wrongful and hurtful ideas from the demons and from very bad internet preaching, internet videos, internet articles!

But I tell you to your face, nothing could be farther from the truth!

Yes GOD does answer some prayers immediately! He sure does sometimes! The key word there is sometimes.

A Pic Of A Laptop Just Like Mine!

I remember the time I went outside for a long walk and I cried out to JESUS for a brand new laptop!

Guess what? Just about the very next day my friends mom called me and told me to find a great deal on the internet for a laptop for her & I. She went on to tell me that she wanted a new laptop and that I should order one for myself too with her paying for them O PRAISE GOD!

I found the most incredible deal you would never believe - It must of been done supernaturally the deal was so good on the Toshiba laptops. I found two very fast Toshiba laptops with a 17” screen, quad core chip, Blu ray player and everything else for only like $479.00. Praise GOD!

So yes sometimes GOD does answer a prayer right away and we must admit this, praise GOD for this, and tell others about this!

Yes GOD does answer prayer!

But nowhere in the bible does GOD nor JESUS say he will answer all of our prayers right away!

A Pic Of A Car Like The One My Dad Got Me

I remember I started praying for a new car a while ago. I finally got one about 2 years later! Yes it took a couple of years and I will never forget that night. My dad offered to take me out to dinner. And at the very end of dinner boy did he surprise me. My dad went on to tell me that the Ford dealership had a Ford Focus on a special sale right now and would I like to have it! Ummmmmm Yeah, duh!!!  Yes dad I would love to have it praise GOD!!!

A Pic Of A Keyboard Just Like What My Dad Got Me!

I remember the time I needed a Midi Keyboard to start writing Christian music. You might say well that is not a big deal Garrett. But let me share with you, those start at $1000 dollars. So I called my brother and asked him to pray with me on the phone. Why? Because I was about to walk down the block to my dad's house to ask him if he could buy one for me with his credit card. We prayed, I started walking down the street towards his house while I was praying. I was nervous, I mean the one I wanted was almost $2000 dollars. I was very afraid. I entered his house and asked him if I could talk to him, he said yes. I asked him if he could help me to get the Yamaha Keyboard and he said yes! Praise GOD he said yes........ A few weeks later we went to buy the brand new keyboard at Guitar center.

But what about the times when the prayers were not answered right away. What about the time it took years to have a prayer answered?

I remember the time I started praying for a Christian wife, for a wonderful woman to marry!

Well guess what? I am still single!

I started praying for a wonderful woman to marry about 14 years ago.... Yes everyone, I am still single!!!

Yes I have gotten angry at GOD from time to time about this, I sure have.

Sometimes I feel like this

Not so much angry, but disappointed!!!

And the bad thing about disappointment is, many times disappointment turns to anger a little while later.

Quite often when we are disappointed in GOD, we will find ourselves angry at GOD a little while later!

I remember when Joseph in the bible was falsely accused by Potipher's wife. Potipher had him arrested and thrown into the prison.

Joseph In Prison!

Joseph ended up doing about 13 years of hard time in prison. Or about 13 years if I remember correctly.

I am quite sure at first, Joseph was disappointed at GOD too!

Sure he must of been after all, he turned down having sex with Potipher's wife and why? He turned her down because of GOD! Because Joseph loved GOD he said no to her sexual advances over and over again. Praise GOD Joseph had good character and he respected GOD enough to say no to her.

Joseph turned her sexual advances down all because of his love for GOD, and he did not want to sin against GOD!

So I can just hear a very young Joseph complaining in prison ->

*I tried to follow GOD, but look what happened, look what happened to me now, this is not fair!

As a younger man, or even just a late teenager, Joseph's disappointment probably turned into anger for a little while against GOD.

But what happened next? GOD used those 13 years in prison to humble Joseph, to mold and shape him, to refine Joseph. Joseph entered prison as a very young man or possibly even a teenager, but during these 13 years of living in prison, GOD transformed him into a incredible man of GOD with incredible integrity, moral values and great wisdom!

And what did GOD do next? GOD had Pharaoh release Joseph and eventually promote Joseph to be in charge of all of Egypt! Now that is just shocking. That has to be one of the greatest examples of being down and out to being highly exalted we have ever seen. From being a Jewish slave in prison to running all of Egypt is just shocking grace from GOD!

So when our prayers are not answered fast, we want to practice, the key word there is practice to NOT get angry at GOD!

11 YEARS ago, GOD introduced me to a wonderful Christian woman...........

We Are Still Both Waiting For This Day To Happen

To make a long story short, we are still engaged! I have been waiting to marry her for about 10 years now this coming August!!!

The truth is, throughout the last decade of waiting for her, yes I have been quite disappointed at times!

Sometimes I Feel Like This

Yes this disappointment has turned to anger at times, yes it sure has....

But as year after year goes by as I wait for her, I can see that GOD is changing me, molding me, shaping me and it is all for my good!

I remember in the bible when GOD told Abraham that he would have a baby! Of course we must remember that Abraham and Sarah were very very old at this time!

But here is the key -->>

 Abraham believed GOD! 

So Abraham was seen as righteous in GOD'S eyes because he believed GOD even though he was a very old man at the time when GOD promised him a new baby!

But what happened next? Year after year went by and guess what? No baby ever came!

I am sure after Abraham got this incredible message, yes he and Sarah tried to have a baby quite often!

I can only imagine how I would of responded as year after year passed by and still there was no baby!

I could just hear my wife saying, come on Garrett, let us try again, GOD said we would have a baby, let us keep trying, do not give up!

But I am surely not Abraham...... I know I would of gave up as the years turned into decades and still there was no baby in sight!

But after about 20 years of trying guess what happened? GOD gave Abraham a brand new baby who turned out to be Isaac!

GOD's promise finally came true, and a little whiel later, Isaac would grow up and have a brand new baby who was Jacob. And GOD would turn Jacob into Israel! A entire nation of people......

We Are Both Still Waiting To Have Our Wedding Cake Together

I have been waiting only about 10 years to marry my fiancee' and I have to constantly practice to be patient, to wait and to NOT get angry!

So when these younger Christians all contacted me individually, and they were all angry at GOD, boy COULD I UNDERSTAND, yes I could that is for sure... Why? Because I am going through the exact same experiences too. And because of this, and with GOD'S grace, I am able to understand exactly how they feel and what to share with them!

But we must use our experiences to help the younger Christians...... We must share with them our knowledge so they can get rid of that anger, so they can practice getting rid of the disappointments, so they can practice to trust GOD that he knows what is best for us!

So I shared my true stories with these younger Christians and most of them felt a little better! And that is what this is all about.... The whole thing is about learning from GOD about the experiences we go through, then sharing them with other people so all of us can grow in the LORD.

I want all of you to know, GOD will answer some of your prayers right away, while other times he will purposely wait till a much later date. And other times, we might be praying for decades until we finally hear the answer from GOD.

It is all a test brother and sister, it is all a learning experience, it is all GOD molding us and shaping us while changing us from the inside out. Yes I say it again, some of your prayers might take years and years or even decades before you hear an answer from GOD. I started praying really hard for my family to be saved, to have a relationship with JESUS starting about 14 years ago now. I am not giving up. Neither will you! So let us keep praying for our family members and other goals we might have no matter how long it takes and never ever give up child of GOD, not ever!

The key here is → 

 We want to practice getting rid of those evil feelings of disappointment!

We want to practice saying no to disappointment and I am not saying this will be easy!

Because of how hard this is to do, I purposely use the word practice, let us practice saying no to disappointments!!!

And guess what? We cannot do it! We can only say no to disappointments when GOD gives us grace to say no! It is absolutely impossible to say no to disappointments with our own power.... We can only do this with the grace of GOD raining down into our heart and soul so we then CAN say no to the disappointments we feel at different times in our lives.

Look at this scripture → 

Psalm 44:5 – Only by YOUR power can we push back our enemies.

This scripture shows us that it is all by GOD'S grace when we can finally say no to being disappointed all the time, praise GOD!

So this entire topic all starts with grace and it all ends with GOD'S grace.

Nowhere in the bible does GOD tell us he will answer our prayers right away. So let us get rid of all of those thoughts right away, because they are not from GOD, they are not from the bible and I assure you, they are coming from a evil place!

I can only imagine JESUS as a young boy saying FATHER, FATHER, is it time yet to get started? Is it time yet FATHER? Of course he was only 8-12 years old at this time in his life.

I can only imagine JESUS between the ages of 13-18 saying FATHER, FATHER, IS IT TIME YET? Is it time yet for me to get started?

But most likely something happened... between the years of 18 and say maybe, possibly 26 years of age → 

JESUS was growing up, hearing GOD better and better, quite possibly remembering more and more of who he actually is!

And as JESUS grew in age, maturity, wisdom, knowledge and in the spirit, HE FINALLY CAME TO REST that when GOD says it is time, its time and there is no need to be disappointed, there is no need to get angry, there is no need to worry or stress about it. JESUS realized that GOD is larger than the universe, that HE knows everything and that being in a hurry for anything is such a waste of time!

So guess what is happening to me?

As I waited the first 1-2 years to marry my fiancee', I kept saying FATHER is it time yet? Is it time yet?

Then as a few more years would pass by, I kept saying FATHER is it time yet for me to marry her, is it time yet?

Then a few more years would pass by, and I slowly started to wonder →  Oh wow, what on earth is GOD doing here with this situation in my life?

Then a few more years passed by and I started to realize - Wow Garrett, you better learn to relax, this is not going the way you were hoping, this is not going the way you were praying about. Wow Garrett, you better start practicing some biblical principals here otherwise the disappointments and anger will take you down to places you do not want to go!

Then a few more years would pass by as I struggled against the enemies of sadness, loneliness, depression, disappointments and even anger at GOD.

THEN A few more years passed by and here we are tonight!

Not only do I have to practice waiting on the LORD, practicing to get rid of disappointments, but I gotta practice to NOT get angry~ I also have to keep studying all about this so GOD can use me to help others who get disappointed or angry at GOD too!

I have to practice that when the disappoint, depression, sadness and anger attack me, I gotta remember GOD knows what is best!

Many times I think I know what is best for me, but the honest truth is, surely I do not!

I mean when I prayed for my laptop, I got one right away!

Some Prayers Are Answered Right Away!

When I prayed for others to get married, some of them got married right away!

When I prayed for jobs,  sometimes I got them right away!

But this time it was different!

When I prayed to marry this specific woman, GOD did not do it right away!

Sometimes I Get Upset At GOD

And what right did I have to get angry?

Sometimes I Act Like This

When I get angry do you realize what that is? It is I am acting like a spoiled brat, that is the truth!

Sometimes we Christians think GOD should answer our prayers right away and when he doesn't, we act like spoiled brats!

I know I am guilty of this!

So after 10 long years of waiting for my fiancee' guess what?

I am not giving up!!!

I have given up on certain nights when I was down, sad, depressed and hurt, amen I have given up!

But JESUS came and lifted me back up again!

Each time I have given up, JESUS came and lifted me out again out of the quicksand of despair!

So as of tonight, with the grace GOD is giving me this week → 

 I am not giving up!!!

Yes she is thousands of miles away, amen.......

Yes she does have cancer amen........

Yes she has had cancer for 10 years now amen........

Yes most other women on earth would of been dead already amen.......

Yes there seems to be no hope at all amen.......

Yes I am sure she has given up many times too amen.......

But our GOD is bigger than 10 years of time!

Our GOD is bigger than Leukemia!

Our GOD is bigger than thousands of miles of distance!!

Our GOD is bigger than sadness, loneliness and depression!!

Our GOD is bigger than disappointments!

And our GOD is even bigger than when we get angry at him, than when we act like spoiled brats, when we act ungrateful towards him!

Our GOD is bigger!!!!

So child of GOD, I have no idea where you got the idea that GOD must answer all of our prayers right away, I have no idea at all!!

But it is not in the bible that is for sure.

Most likely you got those ideas from demons talking to you and from very bad internet preaching!

Joseph had to wait about 13 years to get out of living in a terrible prison!

Abraham and Sarah had to wait years and years and years and years for their baby that was promised by GOD to finally be born!

David was anointed to be king by Samuel! Then he had to wait years and years and years to finally be crowned king!

Jacob had to work 7 years for his first wife, and I am talking about very very hard manual labor!

Then Jacob had to work another 7 years for his second wife, the one that he truly loved. He had to work 14 years for his two wives!!

Moses & The Jewish People Leaving Egypt

Moses had to leave Egypt and then live in the wilderness 40 years before he saw the burning bush with GOD in it!!

Then even though Moses was innocent, he had to wander the wilderness with the children of Israel for 40 years because of the sins of the Jewish people! In other words Moses did not sin, yet he was the human leader of Israel and had to also wander about the wilderness for 40 years as GOD punished the Jewish nation. GOD did not really punish them, he refined them and purified them out there in the desert!

40 years! Can any of you imagine how long 40 years is?

I have been waiting for my fiancee' to marry me for almost 10 years now.....

but what is 40 years, or 13 years or 10 years? what is that really?

What is 40 years, 20 years, 13 years or 10 years compared to GOD molding, shaping and changing our souls for eternity?

It is nothing children of GOD, it is absolutely nothing!!!

You see GOD was working on Moses. GOD had Moses leave Egypt and spend 40 years out there while gaining a wife and herding sheep! GOD was changing Moses, refining him, purifying him spiritually and emotionally speaking.

You see GOD had Joseph taken away to prison so GOD could change Joseph from the inside out. Then promote him to RUN all of Egypt only 13 lousy years later. Wouldn't you wait 13 years if you knew GOD was going to promote you to be the leader of your country? Of course you would, so would I!

GOD changed Joseph's soul during those 13 years! GOD changed the way Joseph was thinking. GOD changed everything about Joseph during those 13 years in prison and he is doing the same for you!

So do not give up child of GOD, no matter how long you have been waiting, no matter how long you have been praying for things to happen in your life, do not give up child of GOD, do not give up!

Do you think Joseph was angry when Pharaoh elevated him to second in command and gave him a young lady to marry?

No Joseph was not angry, no he was elated, he was ecstatic!!!

Do you think Abraham was angry when he finally got to hold his brand new baby Isaac? Of course not, he was ecstatic!!!

Moses Leading The Jews Across The Red Sea

Do you think Moses was angry when He was 120 years old and GOD allowed him to climb the mountain to see the promised land?

Moses Looking At The Promised Land Right Before He Dies

Of course not, he was ecstatic!!!!

You see GOD is using our waiting to mold us, to shape us, to change us more and more into the very image of JESUS and this is sooooooooo incredible!!!!

And if that takes 10 years, 13, 20 or 40 years, so what!!!!

It will all be worth it just watch and see. It will all be soooooo worth it, so do not give up child of GOD, do not give up I say!!!

Your changed soul, your soul that GOD molded and shaped will now enter into eternity forever living in paradise!!!

Will it be worth it child of GOD?

Oh yes it will! It will all be worth it..... So practice saying no to the disappointments that life will bring for sure!!!

Practice being patient while you wait for GOD to answer your prayers. Yes this will be hard, but get to practicing and with GOD'S grace, you will get better and better at this.



Just keep practicing and doing the best you can, then let GOD do all the rest.

We will get better brothers and sisters with GOD'S grace, let us practice letting the anger go!!!

Practice letting the anger go, I know this is hard, boy do I know, I know I know, but practice with me!!!

We do not want to be spoiled children of GOD any longer do we? I surely do not, neither do you! So practice with me.

I forgot to tell you - My fiancee' cannot come here in normal means, that is impossible! Because she has cancer, her doctor will not let her come marry me. So her doctor partially stopped this. Of course you and I both know that GOD is sovereign and all of this is GOD'S plan for our lives. Her doctor said that I/Garrett cannot afford her medicine and he is correct. So he will not write her the letter she needs for the embassy to approve her fiancee' visa to come marry me.

She has to be teleported to me by GOD! Yes, she will not fly on a plane to be with me, she has to be supernaturally brought to me!

We Both Are Still Waiting To Have Our Wedding Cake Together

And guess what? I am not giving up@@@@@!!!!!!!!!.COM

No way, no how, no no no no!

Do not give up child of GOD, do not give up I say!

I am not giving up and neither will you!

Do not give up on your goals, do not give up on your dreams, do not give up on your heart's desires.

Do not give up on the things in life that are very important to you.......

Do not give up praying just because it is taking longer than you were hoping!

I say it again, do not give up on praying!!!

There might have been some dark cold nights in prison that Joseph gave up, amen to that. But guess what?

Just a few years later HE WAS RUNNING ALL OF EGYPT –


It is only a test child of GOD, it is only a test, it is only a learning experience!!!

And most importantly →

  Do not give up on GOD!!!

The evil spirits would like nothing more than to get you so angry at GOD, that you give up on him, this is one of their main goals!

Do not give up on GOD........... He knows what you want!!!

Do not give up on GOD, he knows your hearts desires, after all he put them there!

Do not give up on GOD! he knows the things you are praying for!!!

GOD hears all of your prayers and he will answer them in his own perfect timing.....

GOD will not answer them in your timing, that is for sure! GOD will do something much MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!!


Do not give up on GOD, for he is the only one who will ever truly love you!!!

Do not give up on GOD, for he knows you, he loves you, he created you and you are precious to him!!!

Do not give up on GOD'S son for he will hold you in the midnight hour when you need him the most!!!

Child of GOD – I say it again → Do not give up........ Do not give up!!!!!!!

Sincerely, your servant Garrett

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