Does GOD Love Me?

Does GOD Love Me?

I noticed that many times when we are going through terrible suffering, tests or even addictions, we children of GOD can slowly get frustrated and even get angry at GOD.

I know I have done this quite a few times in the last 10 years. Sometimes the suffering gets to be so bad, and I am in so much pain, that I get frustrated with JESUS and I start to believe the demonic lies that GOD and his son JESUS do not love me anymore. This does not usually happen right away, but as the months of suffering slowly pass by, and as the demons keep whispering to me that JESUS does not love me anymore, many times I have fallen for these demonic lies and I have lost all hope that JESUS loves me.

Yes I said demonic lies up above because the demons are more than happy to keep telling us day and night, day and night that GOD does not love us anymore. That his son JESUS has turned against us now and this is why we are going through such terrible suffering.

Once we children of GOD lose faith that GOD loves us, now a entire horde of evil spirits will enter us and start attacking us with → Rejection, sadness, loneliness, disappointment, hurting, anger, hopelessness, despair and if possible, this can even lead to suicidal thoughts.........

Up above is just one simple example of how dangerous it is to believe that GOD does not love us anymore.

In fact, one of the most dangerous demonic lies and deceptions we could ever fall for is the lie and deception that → GOD does not love you anymore! Pure lies!

Once we lose hope in GOD'S love, all hell will rain down on top of our heads.

Now many of you can start to see why the demons lie to us so much all the time about GOD'S love for us. This is a huge HUGE attack that the demonic army uses against children of GOD all over the world.

And once the child of GOD falls for these lies, we now have a huge portal or door you might call it opened up inside of us for the demons to enter.

And once that happens, we will find ourselves in a whole world of demonic and fleshly trouble!

Keeping our faith in GOD'S love for us is absolutely VITAL for a healthy Christ centered daily walk.

Because this is true, I pray you will read below very slowly and very carefully and that GOD will super bless you with these bible truths →

I am using The NLT bible below so people who live all over the world can understand the English!

Romans 8:38

Verse 38 - And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love.

*Here Paul tells us point blank → Nothing in the entire universe can ever separate us from GOD'S love.

Verse 38 - Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,

*Paul continues to tell us that whether we live or die, GOD will NOT stop loving you. Then Paul goes into the angelic realm. Paul states that neither the holy angels nor the demonic evil angels can make GOD to stop loving you too! There is nothing the angels can do regardless if they are holy angels or evil angels, I say it again, there is NOTHING they can do to make GOD stop loving you!

Verse 38 - neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.

*Next Paul explains that no matter what is happening in our lives today, or no matter what might happen in the future, GOD will still NEVER stop loving you.

*This means that if you are battling terrible sins right now, GOD still loves you. Or if you are battling vicious addictions right now like an addiction to porn or crack cocaine, GOD still loves you and he will never stop loving you not ever.

*Then to finish verse 38, Paul makes it clear that even all of the power of the evil angels cannot make GOD stop loving you. There is nothing the demons can do in your life to make GOD stop loving you, not now, not ever praise GOD!


But let us continue now to see what else Paul tells us!

Verse 39 -  No power in the sky above or in the earth below—

*Here Paul tells us that there is no power in all of the universe, this includes unseen entities that we do not know about yet, the angels, and everything else in all creation! Paul states that NONE OF IT can make GOD to stop loving you!

Verse 39 - indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

*Here is the Grand Finale of GOD speaking through Paul → GOD speaking through Paul tells us point blank that there is NOTHING in all of the creation, yes the creation of GOD that could ever separate us from GOD'S love. This means that GOD WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND HE WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU - As seen through his son JESUS dying on the cross for you.

*Here GOD is saying that he loves you so much, that he sent his son JESUS to die on the cross for your sins. But that is not all he has done for you. JESUS then redeemed you, yes he bought you from satan who owned you. JESUS paid for you with his own blood. Now that is true love. Then JESUS created you, he is guarding you, calling you to himself, protecting you during your entire life, and GOD his DAD is sending you grace so you can draw closer and closer to JESUS as the days pass by in your life.

*GOD'S ultimate display of love for you is what he has his SON JESUS do for you!

 In a nutshell this is what JESUS did for you →

*JESUS grabbed you out of the like of fire where you were going to be burned real badly for all of eternity. He washed all of that filth off of you, he gave you a new beautiful white robe to wear on top of a brand new powerful body that will never get sick again. He placed you in paradise for all of eternity and if that were not enough, he also gave you a brand new mansion to live in!

*Right there in the above paragraph are only a few examples out of possibly thousands of how GOD displays his love for you through his son JESUS THE CHRIST!

So when the terrible trials come to us, when the terrible tests come and we fall down into old sins and addictions, we have to remember Romans 8:38 that no matter what happens, GOD still loves us and nothing could ever make GOD stop loving us, yes NOTHING in all of creation......

We also have to remember that when the times of suffering do come to us and they always will at different times in our lives, we must REBUKE the demons when they tell us that GOD stopped loving us. We must shut down those demons from spreading those lies to our heart and soul. We must say no to those lies, no to those deceptions and remember what GOD says to us through his HOLY BIBLE.

This is what GOD says to us →


I LOVE YOU............................................. GOD and his son JESUS!

Love, your servant Garrett

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