Do You Realize How

Do You Realize How Blessed You Are?

Praise to GOD for giving us a good day!

Maybe your saying - Garrett - Today is a terrible day for me, everything is going wrong.....

Well, your still alive, you can still repent your sins and know JESUS, you can still buy a hamburger, you still have clothing!

You still have a place to live, you still have a computer, internet, electricity, fairly good health and you can read the bible!

OH praise GOD - Praise GOD --- PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TODAY IS A GREAT DAY GOD has given us!

We did not die last night, we can still repent, we can still talk to JESUS............ Oh how amazing we can talk to the creator of the universe anytime we want. Wow!

We have clothing and a place to live, we have food, we know JESUS, we can read the bible for free on the internet!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!

The apostles & disciples 2000 years ago would of gone crazy if they could read the bible on the internet, or go to Burger King and order a Whopper, large french fries and a Coke!

You can go to Burger King and buy a whopper with french fries, the Christians 2000 years ago could not do that!

You are super SUPER blessed child of GOD!

Do you realize that you not only have GOD living inside of you, you have JESUS living in you too! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!

The Jews in the old testament would of done almost anything to have not only the FATHER, but the SON too living inside of them too.......

Do you realize I can drive 2 minutes away to the super market and buy a chocolate cream pie? Or a banana cream pie? OH MY GOSH!

We children of GOD are super blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you realize how hard it might of been for Paul or Peter to be able to afford to buy a dessert ? It was probably almost impossible!

You do understand child of GOD nobody in the new testament owned a complete old testament bible except possibly a few Pharisees possibly.....

You have a bible, old testament and new testament. Do you realize what this means? Do you really realize????

Nobody in all of history of planet earth had a complete bible except very very recently in history!

I can go to the store right now and for 10 lousy dollars buy a new pair of basketball shorts to wear outside in any color I want!

Do you realize how hard it is for people all throughout the world to buy new clothes? They cannot afford it!

You are super blessed child of GOD, super super blessed...........

Solomon did not have hot showers.... Solomon did not have all different kinds of bars of soap to use to clean himself!

olomon could not even dream of having a shower built like this one here!

King Solomon did not have working toilets....... You and I have working bathrooms.... Are you understanding how blessed you truly are?

Do you realize you could go to You tube right now, and watch Christian concerts, Christian videos, Christian lecturing & teaching?

Are you even understanding all that GOD is doing for you?

Do you realize how hard it was for Paul to get a message to Peter or John?

Paul's letter had to be taken by hand, on ships, on horse back, through oceans, through deserts and mountains to get it to John!

We have Twitter, we have the internet.... You and I can get important messages to each other literally in seconds!


Do you realize how impossibly hard it was for Paul to get his letters to all of the churches?

Yet our churches right now can video tape their live processions and put them immediately on the internet for all to watch!

Are you really realizing how much GOD is doing for you now?

You or I could drink a Coke now, or a 7-up, or we can easily make a custom lemonade literally in seconds!

Do you realize how hard it might of been to make lemonade for your family during the time of Paul or Peter or even king Solomon's time?

Could you even find a lemon tree anywhere? Did you have sugar? Could you find sugar? Did you have ice cubes?

Do you see how blessed you are? Do you really see?

If for any reason your not happy with your church, you can hop on the internet yellow pages and find 100 other ones to go check out!

In Paul or Peter's time, there was no such thing... You could not really go anywhere that you could not walk to.

We have planes, buses, trains, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards to help us move around. In Paul's time they walked, or went by ship! Very very very few real Christians could afford to buy a horse.

You are super blessed child of GOD... The problem is, we are not seeing these blessings!!! We are not sitting back and meditating on them! We are NOT giving GOD credit for everything he is doing for us.

Do you realize you know and love JESUS? Have you ever sat back and meditated on this?

Did people in king Solomon's time know JESUS?

What about the lost people of the world who will never ever know nor love JESUS? They will never read the bible, not seriously that is... They will never have fellowship with GOD'S son, yet you do! Are you starting to realize just how BIG THIS IS?

Can we even add up this last blessing!

A Christian sister told me that she was having a terrible day today. That when she woke up, she made her lunch but it all dropped to the floor.

Now I am not picking on her, in fact I love her and pray for her daily!! But do you see how twisted our perceptions are sometimes?

Do you see how the world, the flesh and satan can twist the way we are thinking, the way we perceive things?

You do realize that there are Christians all over the world who are being arrested for reading the bible, right?

Are you being arrested for reading the bible yet?

You are super blessed child of GOD!!! OH MY GOSH!!!

You do realize that even if your body did die tonight, you would now be a powerful spirit living in paradise. Right? OH MY GOSH!! And if all of that were not enough, you also get a brand new mansion made just for you!  Ummmmmm So why are you so sad tonight?   Why are you depressed today?

You do realize that there are Christians all over the world who are being tortured hideously in prison because they love JESUS, right?

Christians being held in a prison because they love JESUS!

Are you being tortured tonight? Is there a chance the secret police will show up at your house tonight to beat you & drag you away?

TODAY IS A GREAT DAY THAT THE LORD HAS GIVEN US............. It is a great, Great, GREAT DAY....

You are super blessed child of GOD..... Stop believing the lies, punch through the deceptions of satan in your life.....

Pray to GOD to help you to see clearly and GOD will and you will be amazed at how blessed you truly are!

Do you realize I could go to the market right now and buy, Mexican food, Italian, French, Middle Eastern, American all at the same market!

Could Paul do that? Could the church in Corinth do that? Could king Solomon do that in all of his splendor?

Let me ask you child of GOD! Did king Solomon or Paul have Chocolate chip cookies?

You do realize there are Christians living in tiny cells all over the world right now with no toilets, right? You do know this right?

You do realize these Christians have to live in these tiny cells with no windows, dirt floors, sleeping next to their own waste, right?

You do know this right child of GOD?

You are super blessed I say... I say it again, you are super blessed!!!!!

You do realize that the prison guards urinate on the Christian prisoners and do other terrible things to them, right ? You do know this right?

So maybe you have a headache tonight. Maybe your sad or lonely or depressed. Maybe your battling lust tonight. OK I understand this! These things are UN comfortable, these things can torment us, amen boy do I know this for sure!

But you are super, Super, SUPER BLESSED BY GOD!!!!!!

OK maybe your low on money right now.... So what. Paul was low on money his entire life yet GOD wrote huge portions of the bible through him. Just imagine what GOD can and will do through you!

You might say - Garrett - I have not been sleeping well lately. Well Paul and Christians all over the world are not sleeping well while living in prison cells! Do you see what I mean child of GOD? We have to change our perceptions on how we see things!

You are not in prison because of JESUS, you are not in a tiny cell with no toilet. You are not being tortured yet!

You are super super blessed tonight!!!! Ask GOD to change your perceptions....

By the way, the bible will be illegal in the USA in about 4 years from now!

By the way Christian, the prisons and jails are already built in the USA just waiting to be filled up with Christians....

By the way, JESUS will be illegal to know and love in about 4 years from now too, so as of tonight, you are super blessed child of GOD, SUPER BLESSED!

So as of tonight, we can read the bible and pray to JESUS without being arrested! Isn't that great news child of GOD?

You are super SUPER BLESSED child of GOD!!! Rejoice tonight.......

Rejoice I say, rejoice in the LORD of Heavens armies............ Rejoice!!!!

JESUS loves you.... You are doing better tonight than millions of other Christians who are suffering terribly right now all over the world!

Think about it - I can read the bible without being arrested, then get in my car and go buy a vanilla shake, a Whopper and french fries!

Could Paul take a hot shower? Could king Solomon?

After that we Christian people can take a hot shower, wash our feet and our hair, then we can go to the kitchen and make a custom lemonade!

After that, we can hop in our car, go to church, pray with 30 other people tonight without being arrested, without being put into jail!

OH MY GOSH........ You are super blessed!!! On the way to church, you can put on your car radio and worship JESUS with music on!

Could Paul do that? Could king Solomon do that? Could John do that?

On the way home from church, we can go to Marie Calendars and buy a huge piece of coconut cream pie!!! Ummm yeah!!

Did king Solomon have transportation like this?

After eating the pie at Marie Calendars, I can hop back into my car, play my MP3 player and load up 2000 Christian songs blasting the music through my ear buds! And the really crazy thing is, I can do all of this without the fear of being arrested yet!

Oh my gosh are you super blessed!!! Man, you have no idea how blessed you are You are more blessed than anyone else in the history of earth!

Multiple people have asked me about the bible and JESUS being illegal in 4 years from now give or take a few months!

Yes this is true, you can argue with me all you want, but your wrong. In about 4 years from now give or take a few months all of Christianity will be illegal in the USA and the world!

The bible and JESUS will be completely illegal at - The Mark of the Beast! This should be about 4 years from now approximately!

The prisons are already built. The jails are already built. The under ground bases are already built! It is all just about ready to go.

 A Christian is being beaten in N Korea or China!

Rejoice!!! We can read the bible tonight without the FBI showing up!!! Rejoice child of GOD......... Rejoice in JESUS because you are more blessed than any other generation in the entire existence of earth!

You are super blessed, much MUCH MORE BLESSED than even king Solomon could ever dream of!

Could king Solomon hop in a jet plane and fly to Rome? Could he fly to the Grand Canyon?

We have very very little time left child of GOD before the entire world turns against us with a pure, evil, sinister, deep hatred!

Rejoice tonight, we can praise JESUS on Twitter and not be arrested yet!

Will you rejoice with me?

Could Paul or John the Baptist go to a Christian concert?

Could Paul go to I-Tunes and download 1000 Christian songs? Could king Solomon go to You Tube and watch godly concerts?

O MY GOSH you are super blessed..... If only you would realize this........ Oh GOD, if only we would realize this.

Did you know that in many prisons, they bring in the children of the parent and torture the children in front of the Christian parents?

Did you know they torture the children until the parents denounce JESUS, until they turn away from JESUS and reject him?

Did you even know this is happening? Did you know this will be coming to the USA too in just a few years from now?

Praise TO GOD we can worship JESUS tonight with our children being tortured!

Did you know sometimes the jailers will bring in the children of the Christian parent and will torture the parent in front of the children?

Did you even know this is happening? Do you even care? Do you even pray for the persecuted church?

Do you see how blessed you are child of GOD?

Or are you too busy driving in your expensive car to church, praising JESUS on your MP3 player and buying BBQ chicken at restaurants?

I can go eat whatever I want, drink whatever I want, put on great clothes of all different colors... Could Paul do this? Could Peter?

Did Paul or king Solomon have 10 different pairs of shoes like I have varying from all different colors and styles?

Here is the smart phone I own. The LORD JESUS does a lot of ministry work on my phone..... Can you even begin to imagine what GOD could of done through Paul and Peter if they had smart phones?

I have loaded up my smart phone with over 1000 Christian songs and videos and concerts.... Could Paul do this? Could Solomon do this?

Oh LORD GOD, please change us from the inside out..... The world has blinded us, satan has deceived us, our flesh has betrayed us! We have so much corruption inside of us JESUS please save us O LORD GOD, please have mercy on our souls!

Did you forget child of GOD that the Christian families were eaten alive in the Coliseum by wild animals in front of their children, or with their children dying too in the Colosseum?

Did you know dogs do not kill their prey first. Did you even know dogs eat you alive starting with your legs, or stomach or whatever?

Now dammit, don't tell me you have problems tonight.... I tell you, as long as you have JESUS, you are doing great, you are doing awesome! You are MORE blessed than any other children of GOD in the history of this planet...

Did you know the people in the coliseum were cheering as the Christians were eaten alive? OH MY GOSH YOUR SUPER BLESSED TONIGHT!

Do you realize you could go to Amazon right now and choose from over 1000 Christian books to buy and be blessed by?

Could Paul do that? Could king Solomon do that?

Can Christians all over the world do that? No, they cannot because they do not have enough money...

No they cannot because they have to hide the fact that they and their children are Christians or they too will be arrested!

Are you even aware of any of these things going on in the world with your brothers and sisters?

Do you want to go find out about what is truly going on with your brothers and sisters all over the world? Do you even care?

You better care or you might not even get into heaven....

We need you JESUS to change us from the inside out..... Please LORD hear my cries, change your church, change us, change us, change us we pray O LORD!

We are so blinded, we are so confused, we are so deceived O LORD GOD.... Clear up our minds I pray, clear up our hearts JESUS!

Help us to see clearly JESUS, please shatter the confusion in our minds I pray!

Love, your servant Garrett

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