Do I Need To Fight?

Do I Need To Fight Back?

Child of GOD, I want you to know that the demonic are fighting a little harder now in their spiritual warfare against us!

I am not saying this just started tonight, I have noticed for the last say 7-8-9 years that each year they are fighting more & more! The LORD is allowing the demonic to come against us a little more now and I want you to be aware of this.

Our time is really winding down now for children of GOD... I feel this is one of the reasons the demonic are manifesting more now! We are going to see satan pull out all of his weapons against us now, even his whole UFO/fake alien scam too most likely.

One of the reasons the LORD is allowing the enemies to come against us more now is to give us practice doing our spiritual warfare! How can we get better at practicing spiritual warfare without sparring against the enemies?

Sure we can watch videos on spiritual warfare, sure we can read articles but that is only head knowledge...

That is NOT heart knowledge!

When it comes to spiritual warfare topics, head knowledge is NOT heart knowledge!

So GOD is really giving us chances even on a daily basis now to practice our spiritual warfare! Even hour by hour he is too....

If you do not believe the demons are real, you are saying you do not believe the holy angels are real!

If you are saying the holy angels are not real, you are saying that JESUS is not real. And by saying that, you are saying GOD is not real!

The demons are just as real as the holy angels are! Many many people have seen demons, including myself! Our enemies are real, they strategize against you, they plan against you, they work against you, they hate you!

We have got to fight back with the grace, strength and power that JESUS is giving us!

We must fight back or you will get slammed!

Now I know sometimes the enemies overwhelm us and we cannot fight back, we are too weak to fight back, I UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!

That is when JESUS himself will come to your rescue and set you free at just the right time....

But I have noticed that the demons are now coming against us not only every day now, but even hour by hour there is warfare going on.

Now maybe you do not have a gift to know that your under attack.... If that is true, it is OK because you have other gifts from GOD.

But some of us have gifts having to do with spiritual warfare, these gifts are from GOD.... We did not earn them nor deserve them!!!

They are gifts. Some of us who have gifts having to do with spiritual warfare want to warn you that the attacks are getting serious!!!

Maybe you have been battling lust much worse than in the past..... That is an attack against you by your flesh and the demonic. One of the reasons this is happening now is because JESUS is starting to separate the wheat from the tares even right now. To explain this better, JESUS is allowing the flesh and the demonic to come against us more now so as to cause a separation to happen!

The demons are manifesting more now from what I can tell! They are appearing more now, being more bold now, more sneaky now!!!

Maybe you cannot stop the bad thoughts now, maybe you cannot stop masturbating, maybe you cannot stop internet gaming now. These are examples of your flesh and the demonic coming against you a little stronger now than in the past possibly!

These are attacks from your flesh and the demonic.... Your evil flesh work with the demonic as a team, they tag team us!!!

So what can we do? Let us pray for grace first of all, let us humble ourselves second of all.

Pray for grace, humble yourself day and night, NOW pray for GOD to teach you how to do spiritual warfare!!!

Ask GOD to teach you how to do spiritual warfare and he will for this is very VERY VERYYYYY IMPORTANT TO GOD to teach you how to fight back!

Why? Because GOD is raising up an army and if we do not know how to fight, we cannot be in his army!!!! We are soldiers in this army...

GOD will teach you spiritual warfare for sure, just ask him too and watch how the lessons will start shortly thereafter!!!

But I wanna warn you! When you seriously ask JESUS to teach you spiritual warfare, make sure your ready.......

I've seen people pray with me to learn spiritual warfare only to see them get jack slammed by satan a few months later!!! I have seen this multiple times with my own eyes and this is not funny, this is not a game, this is drop dead serious!

Make sure you want to really and truly learn what is going on here on earth with the demons hurting us, and spiritual warfare! Do you really want to learn why we get sick? Why we get sad? Why friends keep dumping us? Why Christians stab us in the back? If you really want to start learning the truth about what is going on here on earth, in our cities, in our lives, in our Christian walk, ask the LORD to start teaching you spiritual warfare!!

satan will not want you to learn how to do spiritual warfare!!! This is why he has the churches purposely NOT teach about this topic! This is why the demonic have infiltrated most of the churches of the world and PURPOSELY suppress teachings on how to do spiritual warfare!

The churches of the world have completely let us down and dropped the ball!! They do NOT teach spiritual warfare ....

Because they do not teach it, we do not know how to fight back! We are UN educated in this very very important topic.

Here are all of our spiritual warfare videos, audios, articles and more all on one page -->> 

I want to warn you again, JESUS will allow you to taste some defeats!! He will allow the enemies to body slam you a few times........

You are not going to go UN defeated as JESUS teaches you how to fight this rebellious group of angels who hate GOD!!!

Don't say you were not warned, I am warning you right now brother and sister...

You might be asking me - Garrett - Why do I have to fight? Why doesn't JESUS fight for me?

JESUS does fight for you 24/7 that is the only reason you are still alive.. But JESUS will fight in you, using you to set the captives free. For JESUS to fight in you, he has to teach you how to fight in your spiritual warfare battles. Then when you are getting good practice in, now GOD can use you to help others to learn how to fight back too against our enemies.

JESUS is going to take down satan's kingdom during the 7 year tribulation but he is going to do it living inside of true children of GOD!

It will be JESUS inside of you doing the work!!! How can JESUS use you if your not willing to enter the fight......

This is all about spiritual warfare, I pray it will bless you greatly ->>>>

You might be saying to me - Garrett - I am not under attack from anything... If you believe that you have already been completely deceived!

You might say to me - Garrett - I do not need to learn how to fight back, JESUS will rescue me........

JESUS will rescue you but if you are not willing to enter the REAL WAR, how CAN GOD use you ?

How can we enter the REAL WAR without learning how to fight? Without learning the rules? Without sparring against the enemies? Without putting on our weapons and armor? Without studying the bible? Without having a healthy prayer life?

How can you cast out demons if you do not really believe that they are even real?

How can you talk to people about quitting masturbation when you are NOT willing to fight against it yourself in spiritual warfare?

How can you free people from the demonic game of
 World of warcraft if you are not willing to do your spiritual warfare against it first?

How can GOD use you to help others to get free from porn if you are not practicing your own spiritual warfare first ? GOD CANNOT!!!

We must fight back against satan or you already lost! How can GOD use you if your not willing to enter the fight? And the truth is, these enemies are 1000 times stronger than Mike Tyson!!!

Any guy can carry a gun and shoot people... That does not make you tough brother... Try fighting against the demon of lust!

Do not tell me how many gang fights you won, big deal! Tell me you are fighting against lust, against masturbation, against loneliness!

We have to fight against our spiritual enemies of - Lust, demons of loneliness, depression, migraine headaches, porn, alcohol etc etc.

If you will not fight back, the enemies = Your flesh and the demonic will abuse you over and over and over again!

The church HAS COMPLETELY dropped the ball on teaching us spiritual warfare..... GOD is not happy about this!

Now I warn you again, when you enter the war, the enemies hit back!! This is not a game man, this is not a game woman.. You will get hit!

And its going to hurt! Child of GOD, it is going to hurt sometimes.... Sometimes they will even crush you, crushing your heart, shattering your soul, coming against your body in sicknesses and disease!

If in your theology you do not believe JESUS would allow the enemies to crush you, you are really being MIS LED! You are wrong.... Do you remember Job?

It is also very important to JESUS that we taste defeat! One reason among 1000's for this is because it humbles us! So you are going to get defeated from time to time and it is gonna hurt real bad............ But so what!

So what that we will lose from time to time in our daily spiritual warfare battles! Let us get back up, get back in the fight and GOD will send us grace so we can get back up, so we can get back to the REAL FIGHT!

Children of GOD, the real fight is not in Iraq, it is not in Iran, the REAL FIGHT is against the evil flesh living inside of us and against the evil spirits that satan rules!

This is the REAL FIGHT!

Paul did not quit when the enemies overwhelmed him!! Peter did not quit either...... John did not quit either and neither will you I pray! Why?  Because GOD came to the rescue just in time as always!

Now all of our education on spiritual warfare comes from GOD himself and the bible.........

If GOD leads you to some spiritual warfare videos or articles or audios, praise HIM MORE AND MORE for wanting you teach you!

But,,,,,,,,,,,, Be very veryyyyyy careful what you study!!! Make sure GOD is behind you reading it or watching it.......... The FALSE prophets are everywhere in this end time generation, I mean EVERYWHERE!!!

satan would love to teach you some FALSE spiritual warfare fighting techniques that will never work....... So be very VERY CAREFUL!!!!

All of our spiritual warfare is going to be centered on JESUS himself, bible promises and us being humble!!!

Here are the 3 again ------------ JESUS himself, the bible promises and us children of GOD being humble!

Some of the ways the enemies are attacking us are = By giving us headaches, flu's, cancer, making us deaf & dumb, crippled etc etc etc.

Some other ways they attack us are - demons of fear, anxiety, lust, sadness, loneliness, depression, despair, anger, rage!

Some more ways the enemies attack us - porn, alcohol, drugs, caffeine addictions, over eating, under eating, smoking, smoking weed!

Some more attacks from the flesh and the demons - masturbation, computer or internet gaming, console gaming, TV watching, watching movies, watching bad videos, listening to bad music.

Some more ways the flesh and demonic attack us - sending a hot good looking non believer for us to date, or NON believing friends to us to build up UN biblical friendships!

They can attack us with nightmares..... Yes they can give us very defiling dreams that really scare us and bother us when we wake up!

Yes the LORD JESUS does give the enemies permission to do this.

More attacks of the enemies - Causing divorce, causing marital separation, causing children to run away, causing family arguments, terrible family disagreements, causing huge divisions in families and churches and Christian bodies of believers.

More attacks from the flesh and the enemies - Homosexuality is a huge HUGE attack from the demons. Causing people to do sex change operations is a huge attack on a poor helpless person that the demons laugh at GOD about. Pushing women to get breast enlargements would be a direct attack from the enemy, the same for men who also want to make parts of their bodies bigger too! These are incredible attacks from the flesh and the demonic.

You cannot just walk around doing your lovey dovey marshmallow preaching children of GOD... You must enter this WAR! And your gonna get beaten down from time to time and it is going to hurt bad!!! But so what..... Get up, hold JESUS' hand and pray for grace from GOD so you can fight back!

The keys to fighting spiritual warfare are - Abiding in JESUS, hearing and doing exactly what he says to do, when he says to do it, how he teaches you to do it. Not thinking you are a know it all, because in all honestly, you know just about NOTHING when it comes to spiritual warfare. We must go to the MASTER to learn how to fight the flesh and the evil spirits.

Studying the bible as if your very very life depends on it because it does! And being humble.. Being humble is big time spiritual warfare!

Don't be intimidated, the LORD is the LORD over all warfare! He will watch it carefully guarding you every second of the way while you practice.

Here are all of our audios on spiritual warfare to bless you --->>>>

How can we fight back if we do not learn how? How can we learn how if we are not willing to enter the fight? How can GOD use us more and more if we are not willing to enter the fight? How can we be a true child of GOD if we will not do things that allow GOD to use us more and more?

The enemies have been beating the living $%^&*(( out of you all of these years.... Don't you want to learn how to fight back now?

Don't let the demon of sadness beat the living $%^&*( out of you!!! Learn to fight back...... Ask JESUS to teach you & he will for sure!

Don't let the demon of lust take you to the lake of fire with him... Cry out to GOD to teach you how to fight back and he will!

Do you understand the entire story of king David was about = Spiritual warfare? Sure it was about other things too! But spiritual warfare was one of the main themes for you new testament Christian to learn as you read the entire story of king David!

Did you know that David killing Goliath is symbolic of us putting our flesh to death!! It is symbolic of us overcoming our giants!!!

What are some of our giants that children of GOD face? How about lust? Masturbation? Alcohol? Porn? Sadness? Depression? Loneliness? Drugs? Anger? Frustration? Cancer? Sicknesses and Diseases?

You have giants, I have giants... How can we overcome them if nobody teaches us how to do spiritual warfare?

We all have giants we have to battle against just like David had his giants he had to overcome too!

Joshua had his giants he had to overcome... These stories are symbolic to us fighting our spiritual warfare!

Do any of you understand how TOUGH JESUS was in doing his spiritual warfare when he was in a human body?

No of course you don't understand........

NONE of us can understand how TOUGH JESUS was!!!!!!!!

JESUS was so tough, so strong, so determined I cannot type words here to explain it!!! It is impossible to explain!!!

How can we call ourselves a disciple of CHRIST if we are not willing to act like him doing our spiritual warfare like he did his?

JESUS had to do his spiritual warfare that GOD allowed to come against him just like you and me have to do ours too.

And if you refuse to fight, if you refuse to learn how to do this, you are going to die 10,000 deaths!

You absolutely have to learn how to fight in spiritual warfare because the demonic are freaking out now!!!

In a short time from now, you will see the false prophets even calling down fire from heaven onto the streets in front of people!

How are you going to handle that if you have not been practicing your spiritual warfare?

satan might UN leash his whole UFO/fake alien deception soon.. How will you handle this if you have not been fighting in spiritual warfare?

In a very short time from now your going to be hunted down because you do not have a mark on your right hand or forehead from the government!

How will you be able to handle being hunted down by the Government, secret services, the military & citizens in the very near future if you are not practicing your spiritual warfare now?

O LORD JESUS, teach us how to do our spiritual warfare we pray. Show us what to do, when to do it, how to do it, help us O LORD GOD to fight back against our spiritual enemies we pray.

JESUS, give us the strength we need, gives us the power we need, give us the grace we need, give us the encouragement and motivation we need to fight back against the enemies that have been harming us and abusing us throughout all of the years we pray.

Help us JESUS we pray, Help!

Love, your servant Garrett

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