Did GOD Really Write the Holy Bible?

A View of Very Deeeeep Space

Look at the picture above. The Bible says that the LORD created the Universe. Can we use Science and Math to prove that GOD wrote the HOLY Bible speaking precisely and directly through 40 different men?


We are going to use science and Mathamatics to absolutely prove once and for all that the LORD GOD is not only our Creator, but that yes HE did write the entire Holy Bible from the very beginning of Genesis all the way to the very end of Revelations and everything in between.

Take a little bit of time to study these amazing articles, and I guarantee you will be

Your faith in GOD, the Bible, Creation and just about everything else you can think of having to do with JESUS, are about to be stretched to a much higher level.

Intro - What is Theomatics?


Mathamatical Numeric Structure of the Bible


Scientific Proof of the Discovery of Bible Theomatics


What Theomatics is Revealing


*Incredible! - Theomatics Example #1
*Incredible! - Theomatics Example #2
*Incredible! - Theomatics Example #3
*Incredible! - Theomatics Example #4