Demonic Spiritual Warfare!!

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Do I Need To Fight Back?

The A B C's Of Spiritual Warfare

Are You Sad or Lonely?

I Do Not Need Happiness!


You Will NOT Kill Yourself!

Part 1

You Shall Live & Not Die!

Part 2

What On Earth Is Going On At Nighttime
 While We Sleep?

Stand Up Child Of GOD

Here Is Our YouTube Channel

Demonic Street Magicians!

Uh Oh........

Advanced Spiritual Warfare!
Derek Prince

Pornography Is A Lie

Our 10 Part Audio Series On ->
 Sadness, Loneliness & Depression.


Hormonal Birth Control Pills - Uh Oh!!!

The Flesh

Satan's Main Deception!

 (The Opposite Sex)


 The Real Battle!!

Special Mention ->  Dreams, Visions & Nightmares!!!

Someone taught this little girl how to bind the demons attacking
her in dreams while she sleeps!!!

Sleep Paralysis!

Where Exactly Can The Demons Live?

Pride & Porn

Self Condemnation! 

Part 1

Shame, Guilt & Condemnation

Part 2

14 Minute Video On  Spiritual Warfare

Satan's Big Gun -> Loneliness!!!

 Are You Drinking Energy Drinks?


 Are You Christian & Gaming?
Oh Wow!!

Special Mention - PART 1

Wow Is Life Hard, Wow!!

Why Is Life So Hard?     PART 2

*Wrists Cry Tears of Blood*
(One mans incredible testimony of just how far JESUS will go to bring one of his lost sheep out of the clutches of Satan and darkness, back to the Loving arms of JESUS)


 Martial Arts / Spiritual Warfare

The Horrendously Evil Roman Catholic Inquisition

The Catholic Religion? The Muslim Religion?

Drugs & Demons


9-1-2001 Echoes Of Darkness!

 The LORD, Dating, Snares & Traps

The Real Game

 If I am FREE in Christ, why am I still in bondage?



 Denominations!  Hmmmmmmm

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