Deeper Truths on The

Deeper Truths On The Book Of Revelation!

Deeper Truths About The Book of Revelation.






I want to talk tonight about the book of Revelation in detail, going over all of the major players that are mentioned in the book.... Before I actually get started in the book of Revelation, I want to go to the Old testament for a few moments! In the old testament, you will notice that GOD changed Jacob's name to Israel! Or at least most of you have studied that before! A short time later, there was a huge corporate body of Jewish people that GOD called Israel!


We can see that first - Israel was a single man, then a short time later the same name -> Israel was used to describe a huge corporate body! GOD also did this with Cain..... Cain who killed his brother Abel....... Cain's descendants became the Canaanites! So we have GOD giving the name Cain to Abel's brother, then a short time later his name was used again to describe a HUGE corporate body!


To continue, the descendants of the 12 sons of Jacob all became huge corporate bodies too.


For example - The descendants of Jacob's son Judah, were all from the tribe of Judah. They became a huge corporate body of people!! Jacob's son Levi had many descendants who were all from the tribe of Levi As you can see first GOD gives a name, then later a corporate body GOD does this over and over and over again. Before I start with the book of Revelation, here are just a few more examples of what I mean!


Abraham's son Ishmael's descendants became known as the corporate body of people known as the Ishmaelites! A huge corporate body! Lot's one daughter had a son named Moab...... His descendants became a huge corporate body known as the Moabites! Isaac's son Esau’s descendants became a huge corporate body known as Edom, or the Edomites!!!


Once again, GOD does this over and over again throughout the entire bible. HE gives a name, then they become a corporate body later!!


In Micah 5:5 - GOD calls the huge Assyrian army - Him ....... GOD uses the words him, he and her etc etc to describe HUGE corporate bodies. GOD calls Israel in the old testament his bride! He also refers to Israel is a woman, as a young girl, even as a baby!!


Before I start with Revelation it is VITALLY IMPORTANT you understand what I am saying here...

GOD uses single names, or uses him, her, she, bride, woman etc etc to DESCRIBE HUGE corporate bodies of people!!!

One last example then I will get started ----->>>>

In Ezekiel 38:1-6 GOD uses the names of Noah's grandchildren to describe the end time Northern army that will attack Israel! So In Ezekiel, GOD uses single names to describe huge HUGE corporate military bodies that are about to attack Israel now!!!

For even more detailed study on how GOD uses singular names or words to describe a world wide corporate body, please
click here -->>>

Now let us get to the book of revelation please....

Did you know JESUS CHRIST has a corporate body? HE sure does - His corporate body is called Christian's and we are worldwide!

satan also has a corporate body........ satan's corporate body are NON believers who are also living world wide too..

GOD even says that Abraham has a corporate body. Abraham's corporate body are called the FAITHFUL.......... Faithful in CHRIST that is!!!




Now the woman who is mentioned in Rev 12:1 is NOT a real single woman. This woman is the corporate world wide church! The world wide church... The woman in Rev 12:1 are NOT church buildings, but she is the real church made up of men and women, boys and girls - A corporate body!

Here are a few pictures showing you who some of this womans corporate body are ->



A few members of the corporate world wide body of he woman, the church!!

So in the old testament we have GOD describing Israel as a bride or woman sometimes, and he does it again in Revelation.....That woman is about to give birth to a baby.... The woman is the church and she is about to give birth to the - Manchild......




The 144,000 getting anointed by GOD!

The manchild that the woman is about to give birth to are the 144,000 mentioned in revelation.. These men are just about ready to start! Now here is something you probably never heard before. There are two groups of manchild ministers, there are two groups of the 144,000. The first group of the 144,000 is about to be birthed right now, like this week, this month, or this year, but very shortly from now!!

This first group of manchild ministers are all male, they are alive right now and just about ready to get started. The 144,000 are only waiting on the incredible anointing of the LORD GOD to rain down on them. This is called the - Latter rain! They do not have the latter rain yet, but it should be coming from GOD any moment now, any week, any month now.... There are no women in the 144,000........ These I am guessing will be grown men, old men and possibly even some very young men or teenagers!


The woman is a huge corporate world wide body, and her baby the manchild is a huge corporate world wide body too of 144,000 men. These 144,000 men are in the body of the church.....


I repeat, these are huge world wide corporate bodies!!!!



Now GOD calls his true church elect - The bride, or his bride..... This is NOT a single woman, this is a huge world wide corporate body! As you can see, GOD speaks in the singular form saying the word - Bride, to describe a huge plural form corporate world wide body!!! NOT all people who are in the woman/the church will be a part of the bride. So we need to seek out our own salvation with fear and trembling just like Paul asked us to in Phil 2:12...


The manchild, the 144,000 male ministers are the head of the bride. They will teach, encourage, motivate and help the bride to start walking in holiness by obeying the bible and to be truly abiding in JESUS.

The woman, the manchild, the bride are all HUGE corporate world wide bodies of people who know and love JESUS..........




Now let us go to the - Two witnesses!!! These are NOT two men......... I repeat, these are NOT two men......

The two witnesses are a corporate body of Christian believers that GOD is going to send out to preach the good news to the entire world! If the two witnesses were actually two men, and they are NOT, but if they were, they could never ever preach to the whole world!!! The world is far FAR FAR too big, too complex, gated up much too well for only two men to preach the entire gospel too! The two witnesses are a huge worldwide corporate body of believers who will go out preaching judgments on the world!!!!


You could be one of the two witnesses...
 Oh praise GOD....


JESUS sent them out two by two in the gospels and GOD is going to send us out too when the tribulation starts very shortly!!! I repeat, the two witnesses are A HUGE corporate world wide body of believers in all nations, in all cities, in all towns, in all villages!! The two witnesses who are a corporate body will evangelize the entire world, while also speaking down judgments on the world too!!!




Now let us go to the false prophet please!!!

In revelation 13:11 - A beast comes out with two horns on his head. He is the false prophet!!!

The false prophet is NOT a single man........ I say it again, the false prophet is NOT a single man!!!!!!!!!!!


The false prophet is first and foremost a high ranking demonic general who is in command of a world wide body of demonic spirits!!!! The false prophet are men and women in the world who have these demonic spirits in them... Because of this, they speak and preach falsely!!! Just like all of the other signs GOD has given us, the false prophet is a world wide corporate body of people who preach falsely!!!!

THE FALSE PROPHET IS ALSO THE MOUTH OF THE BEAST....... The beast uses the false prophets of the world to do its speaking and demonic teaching to the masses of population.

No children of GOD, we are NOT looking for a single man who is called - The false prophet.....

Once again, GOD is using a singular name - The false prophet to describe a HUGE world wide body of people who have the false prophet demons living inside of them, speaking through them, teaching demonic doctrines through these men and women.

Here are some of the doctrines that the false prophets of the world are teaching us -->>

The false prophets of the world have shoved down our throats their satanic lies of properity preaching while others in the world are starving to death.

One of the main lies that has come straight from the pit of hell is that GOD wants us to be rich, and if we are not rich, there is something wrong between GOD and ourselves! These satanic lies of prosperity preaching have spread throughout the world wide Christian church. I have talked to Christians in the Phillipines & Africa who completely believed they too should be rich like the American Preachers that they see on TV.....

Meanwhile look at this -->>

A starving child in Nairobi searches the ground for an insect to eat.....  Someone is going to have to pay for this. I mean someone or a huge group of people are going to have to answer to GOD the FATHER on why they allowed GOD'S children to starve to death while millions of Christians in the world are millionaires!!

Children waiting for food to be passed out.


Forget about Nazi Germany, real live HOLOCOSTS are
happening right now in 2012............ Someone is going to have to answer for this to GOD the FATHER.... You better make damn sure it is not your church or even yourself who is responsible.

IF YOU HAVE ANY EXTRA MONEY AT ALL, give it to the poor and let's take DOWN this false prophet preaching of Christian prosperity!!!!

Here is a wonderful article that goes into great detail on the topic of - Can Christians be wealthy?

Remember children of GOD, this chapter is on the False prophet. I am using pictures in this FREE book to prove my points to you.

We have millions and millions of Americans right now
who are homeless all across our once beautiful country.

Here are a few brand new homeless people. Every single
week that passes in the USA, more and more people
are becoming homeless!

Now look at this -->>

Headquarters of Christian TBN......

Look at this blasphemy children of GOD......

Now stop looking for a false prophet to show up in the future BECAUSE THEY ARE ALREADY HERE!!

Here is a pic of some EXTREMELY WEALTHY
prosperity preachers......

A pic here of people throwing their money on the altar of a
prosperity church......  Isn't the altar where we were suppose
to bow down and repent our sins accepting JESUS into
our lives?

Remember children of GOD, I am using properity preaching as only 1 example of the false prophet preaching. I could use 100's of examples of the satanic lies and deceptions that they teach throughout the world....

The false prophets of the world are in every country, every city, every town, every village and on every island! They are a worldwide corporate body of people who have the demonic false prophet spirits inside of them. Many if not most of these people probably have no idea that they are teaching and preaching falsely...... It works almost like a delusion, they are delusional in to the fact that they think they are actually preaching GOD'S holy word, when in fact nothing could be farther from the truth.

*You will find the false prophets in just about ALL if not ALL of the mega churches of the world, especially in the USA!!!!

Did you know that the bible says that some of these false prophets will have the ability to call down fire from the sky?

It is true, as we start the 7 year tribulation soon, you might actually see with your own eyes some of these false prophets calling down fire from heaven, or even doing other supernatural miracles.........

We must NOT take our eyes off of JESUS, especially when these men and women do their silly little supernatural tricks to deceive the people of the world........

I know many of you reading this are deeply offended right now to learn that a large amount of our church leaders are THE FALSE PROPHET, but I am sorry to tell you that it is true..

The false prophets are the apostate leadership of Christianity who are teaching in the churches and pulpits, on TV, on radio, in magazines, books and especially on the internet!


Here is another example of the demonic false prophet teaching that has run itself around the entire earth -->>

False prophet teaching......

This T shirt displays false prophet teaching
right from the pit of hell.

Prosperity preaching and the entire abortion topic are two topics I have chosen to showcase here in this book out of hundreds that I had to choose from.

I now want to share with you how other types of false prophets use their fame, fortune or high ranking positions to sway the masses!!!

Lady Gaga uses her fame to spew out her false teachings to all of her fans world wide.

Madonna has done the exact same for decades now. Madonna recently has been pushing her new beliefs in the Kabalah on her world wide fans...

There is a war going on and the FALSE PROPHET is the mouth of the beast. The false prophet is used by the beast to do its preaching and speaking......

Have you noticed how Lady Gaga and Madonna have used their popularity to push a pro homosexual agenda on their fans?

Gay pride march in NY City - Lady Gaga

There is a whole lot more going on here than you have ever imagined!!!

To study much MUCH more on Lady gaga, Please click here!!

Here is another topic that the beast using the false prophet is pushing on the American population.

The homosexual agenda. I cannot think of anything in all of the USA that the false prophets are pushing on us any harder than the homosexual agenda...... We have gay TV shows on many of our TV stations, magazines, songs, gay parades, gay billboards etc etc etc............. Many many of the Hollywood stars have learned that they better be - Pro homosexual if they want to survive in Hollywood.......

Day and night the media pushes a homosexual agenda on us as hard as they possibly can, brainwashing the masses of people.... They even use elementary school across the nation to start brainwashing the tiny children on their false prophet homosexual agendas....

Tom Cruise or John Travolta can use their fame, fortune and overall popularity to preach to the people of the world, their false teachings such as their beliefs in the church of Scientology!

As you can see children of GOD, there are many types and kinds of false prophets of the world. With the worse of them sitting right in our churches preaching out of the pulpits and Christian TV.....

Part 2

The woman is here now, the bride is here now, the manchild ministers are alive right now but they have not started their ministry work yet!! The two witnesses are here on earth now, they could even be possibly you and me....


The world wide corporate body of the false prophets are here now too. They are speaking their demonic doctrines to all who will listen in their churches, Christian congregations, Christian TV, radio, Hollywood, Government speakers etc etc etc.


Some of the false prophets  are ruling Hollywood as Hollywood actors, actresses, musicians, directors, producers, finnciers etc etc etc......

The Hollywood sign high on top of the hills above Hollywood.

Decade after decade the beast has used Hollywood, their false prophets such as Tom Cruise or Lady Gagy to deceive the masses by the millions and millions sending them straight to the Lake of Fire if not for GOD'S wonderful grace.

In my opinion, Hollywood has done more damage to the world than any other thing I can possibly imagine or think of!

The terrible teaching that the church does that the false prophet is a single man has got to stop!


He is a corporate world wide body!!!

The false prophets are here now, everywhere, in every country, city, town, village and island!! Yes you are living in Revelation now!!!

A short recap now -->>

The false prophets of JESUS' time could be found in the body of the Jewish religious leaders. Since history has to repeat, they are many of our Christian leaders. Many of the so called Christian leaders you see on TV and the internet, are a part of the false prophet!!! The false prophet is a huge corporate body of people of all different ranks and religion who have the demonic spirits speaking and teaching through them!!! The false prophet is the mouth of the beast! Yes the beast you read about in Revelation. The false prophet is his mouth! They speak falsely.



The woman rides the beast.


Next - The Mystery Babylon mentioned in Rev 17:5 .......... This would be symbolized best by far by the USA...........This Mystery Babylon is the - Harlot who is riding the beast..... Nobody rides the beast system, this demonic system more than the USA!!!

Here is a wonderful study on the USA being Mystery Babylon!!

The harlot in JESUS' time were the false religious leaders. The Pharisees, Sadducee etc etc.... The Harlot during our time are the - Apostate Christian leaders and her apostate Christian followers because history has to repeat! The Harlot who is riding the beast is here right now, our Apostate Christian leadership!!!!! Those fat cats who are leading our churches.. These are Apostate Christian leaders all over the world who really do not understand the bible. They honestly do not know JESUS in a close, personal and fiery relationship. They milk their congregations for all of the money they can get, while many of the people sitting in the churches are starving, or cannot pay their bills, or need financial assistance quite badly!


The Harlot will teach watered down Christian principals deciding to completely skip the much harder principals such as repentance, forgiveness etc etc etc. The Harlot will teach out of their pews very soft, very cushy, very pleasing to the ear doctrines so as to NOT offend any members. The Harlot knows that if they offend their church members, people will leave their churches and then their tithes will be way down each Sunday.

So we have a spiritual Harlot, whom would be our apostate Christian leadership. Then we have a more physical Harlot riding the beast which would be best symbolized by the USA, or the United Nations who is being dominated and manipulated by the USA.........

In Revelation 17:6 – This woman riding the beast is drunk with the blood of the saints..... I tell you straight, the USA is going to turn against its Christian citizens in a very short time from now. It is going to be worse in the USA than it ever was in Nazi Germany.... Most of you reading this will not believe what I am saying here....... But when the demonic spirits enter the government officials, our military personal and our citizens, even possessing many of them, the USA will turn against Christianity in the BLINK OF AN EYE!!!    The USA who is riding the beast will be completely drunk from all of the blood of the Christians in her cup that she is drinking.......... In my opinion, the USA will be the HEAD, the LEADERSHIP of all of the countries of the world who are persecuting, torturing and killing its Christian citizens!





The beast during JESUS' time was the roman government, the roman army, the Romans.................

The Harlot, the apostate Pharisees and Saducees were riding the Roman beast. They manipulated the Roman beast to even kill JESUS.

In the spirit, the beast is a super HIGH ranking demonic General, the same one who ruled over Rome! This is a very high ranking demonic general.. This is why the bible says that he was, then he was not, then he will be again. This will be the same demonic general that ruled over the Roman empire during the time that Rome persecuted the Christian's and put them to death. Now in our time, the beast demon is in charge of a world wide corporate body of demonic spirits....... THEY ARE THE SPIRITUAL BEAST!!!

To study much MORE on the BEAST, please click here!!!

The spiritual beast is living inside of ALL NON believers world wide!!!!! People, the beast is here now!!! Right now in 2012!!!! Everyone who is against JESUS, who rejects JESUS, who denies JESUS has the beast spirits in them, there is no way around this brothers and sisters..... This is an absolute fact with no room for argument whatsoever. Right now in the year 2012, the USA and the United Nations are riding the beast/demonic system put in place here on earth by satan their leader.

When I say the beast system, here is a very short description of what I am talking about. The beast system in place on earth would be the following --->>>

The world has completely rejected GOD'S son who is The CHRIST. The people of the earth are completely infested with demonic spirits ruling them, abusing them, tormenting them and running their lives. We see here on earth satanic religion after satanic religion all over the world for example → Islam, Momonism, Judaism, Budhism, church of Scientology, New age religions , Wicca etc etc etc..... Atheism seems to be growing quite rapidly in the year 2012 as more and more people worldwide do not believe that GOD is even real. We have babies being killed by the millions and millions world wide in abortions and all other kinds of satanic rituals! The USA all by itself has destroyed over 50,000,000 UN born babies!!!!

Here is Lady Gagy giving a satanic occult sign with her right hand partially covering her eye! She knows exactly what she is doing making this sign, and many other occult people on earth understand it too!!

There are over 1 million witches in the USA as of 2012. Wicca is one of the fastest growing religions in the USA right now.
There are satanic cults rising up all over the USA from the east coast to the west coast.

Here is an example of the beast system here on earth influencing our youth through very serious satanic music. The Beast General, ruling through his lower ranking demonic spirits are incorporating a BEAST SYSTEM here on earth using our media, movies, videos, Hollywood, music, magazines, billboards, books and everything else you can possibly think of!

Satan is being worshiped all over the globe from Africa, to Israel, to Russia, China, all over the Middle East and especially, ESPECIALLY IN THE USA.......... The USA/Mystery Babylon is riding the beast, the beast system here on earth...... like nobody else has ever come close to doing since ancient Babylon.

The BEAST using pornography to destroy humanity!!!

The USA started and encouraged the World wide pornographic industry, one of the largest industries on planet earth financially speaking. About 50% of all Pastors in the USA are watching pornography! Christian after Christian person world wide is struggling against porn addictions, or ex porn addictions, or lust, or masturbation or having sex before marriage... Going back 40 years to the 1970's, our US Government allowed the filthy pornographic newspapers to be distributed all over the USA in newstands on our sidewalks. Where any teenager who had a lousy quarter, could easily put the quarter into the machine and pull out a few copies of this early form of pornography.

Now in 2012, about 15% of all internet websites are pornographic.

Every single second, well over 3,000 US dollars is being spent on pornography.

The worldwide porn industry pulls in well over 5 billion dollars a year.

25% of all search engine requests are pornographic. That is over 70,000,000 a day.

35% of all internet downloads are pornographic.......

I am using pornography on purpose here to show you exactly how the beast system is trying to destroy all people on earth.

Please click here to do a in depth study of the beast/porn!!!

Hollywood is exporting its filth all over the entire globe. I am talking about its horror movies, its torture movies, the pornographic videos, the death metal, the sexual dance music, and everything else that Hollywood creates is being spread all over the world. No wonder Islamic nations call the USA the great satan.

Here is a very tiny example of how the BEAST uses Hollywood to corrupt not only Americans, but to export this filthy to most of the other countries of the world -->>



These are real actual movies that you will find in any video stores of America.

Take a look at this picture --->>>>>

This store looks innocent enough doesn't it? Blockbuster video had at one time over 1,500 stores in the USA.
It is in innocent looking stores like this one here that the
 VERY HIGH ranking Beast General, ruling through his beast demonic army is pushing its demonic agenda on people of the world. It is in innocent stores like this one here that people are renting soft porn videos, horror videos, videos that are EXTREMELY anti GOD, videos that mock JESUS, videos that push the gay agenda, adultery, homosexual life styles, killing and murder, extremely anti GOD comedy movies, witchcraft and in recent years, the EXTREMELY FAMOUS vampire movies that Americans seem to be drooling over to get their hands on!

Here are just 3-4 examples of movies out of thousands to choose from that you can rent from video stores or internet video stores Look at the beast system in full force   -->>>


I probably should not of used this movie as an example. I pray it will not offend you. I am just trying to prove a point here about just how viciously the BEAST is attacking us.


Yes people, the BEAST IS ALREADY HERE, operating in full force world wide in thousands of different ways on earth.

Here up above is a perfect example of the BEAST SYSTEM operating in full force!!!

What is evil is being called good, and what is good is being called evil at this time on earth. Everything is backwards now. Homosexuality is being called good, yet when we Christian people try to feed the homeless people in the parks, the police come and kick us out! If we preach against homosexuality we will be arrested. Yet when a city has a gay parade in the USA, tens if not hundreds of thousands of people show up to stand on the side lines and cheer everyone on....

Gay Pride Parades are an excellent example of the beast system in place here on earth in full effect!

Here is another example of how the BEAST SYSTEM in place here on earth has effected us -->>

The beast fully controls our media. Here we see the beast system in place using the very FAMOUS Time Magazine to plant evil thoughts into the minds of Americans who see this. Did you notice the blood red they used?

The world is completely chasing after satan, after his beast system in place here on earth. Or in other words, the world is worshiping satan as their god. They are worshiping satan whether they know it or not because the beast system is in full force here on earth now! I could go on and on typing out another 200 pages on what the beast system is here on earth, but I feel you have a good idea what I am talking about now.


Up above are a few very small and very short descriptions of what I am talking about when I say that there is a world wide beast system in place here on earth. The false prophets worldwide are speaking for the beast...... They are even using the Harlot, the apostate Christians to speak through too!


What are some of the major topics that the BEAST is shoving un us through its false prophets and beast system?

Here are a few examples of what the false prophets are teaching throughout the world!

Here are a few of the satanic beast lies -->>>

*Abortion is a woman's right! A woman has a right to abort her baby after all it is her body.


*GOD is dead, or JESUS is only a myth, just like Santa Claus.


*Heaven is not real, hell is not real, the spiritual realm is not real, all of it is in our imaginations.


*Allah is the same god as our Christian GOD.


*There are many ways to enter into heaven, there are many roads that all lead to heaven.


*Christians can keep on sinning and fully expect to get into heaven. Or in other words, we do not have to be Christ like, we do not have to bear fruit, the fruit of CHRIST to get into heaven.


*The satanic prosperity preaching lies → GOD wants you to be rich, if you are not rich, if you do not have a house and wonderful cars, GOD must be mad at you or upset with you!

*The rapture comes BEFORE the 7 year tribulation. What an incredible deception and lie here that came from the pit of hell....... And guess what? The world wide Christian body fell for this deception COMPLETELY!

*You disagreed with your church elders so go ahead and start your own denomination. GOD will help you, GOD will be pleased with you for breaking away from your fellowship friends and start your own Church...   Pure lies from the pit of hell!!! GOD is very VERY VERY AGAINST us forming denominations.


*JESUS & satan are brothers. They are equals...... satan is an angel of light, he is the good one, GOD is the bad one in this entire war.........


As you can see children of GOD, the False Prophets are already here in every country, every city, every town, every village, every mountain and on ever island.... Do you recognize many of the false lies up above that they have been spreading world wide?


Here is one last example of the BEAST SYSTEM working throughout the world  --->>>

Right now in the world, approximately 600,000,000 people are either internet gaming, console or computer gaming. What an incredible END TIME attack satan is using on the people of the world to get about 600,000,000 people addicted to gaming.

This is HUGE PEOPLE.............


At its very height, World of warcraft had about 16,000,000 people subscribing every single month to play the game. The game is full of magic, occult, torture, monsters with real demonic names etc etc etc..........

I have never seen another game in my life that had the demonic pull to it the way World of warcraft does. I could easily believe the reports that I have heard where the makers of the game do real demonic spells over their game.

Whether it is the music, the movies, internet gaming, false religions, pornography and all sexual sinning, the satanic homosexual agenda etc etc, up above are a few examples to help you get a good understanding for what the BEAST SYSTEM is.




The bible calls Judas a - Son of perdition... This is one of the names used for Judas........ Just like we learned earlier →

 Judas also has a worldwide corporate body!!!

The son of perdition is NOW - A world wide corporate body that is in every country, every city, every town, every village and island!!

Judas was one of the 12, who turned in his master JESUS. So by this we know that there are Judas's in most if not almost all of our churches, our congregations, our home groups, in our Christian friends and other types of Christian fellowship that we do.





These world wide sons of perdition will be turning us in too, telling on us, reporting us, pointing at us too just like Judas did to JESUS. I HONESTLY BELIEVE that this is already happening now to many Christian people throughout the world, but I feel this will be MOST PREVALENT AT THE MARK OF THE BEAST............

At the halfway point of the 7 year tribulation, when the Governments of the world will force its citizens to take a mark, we CAN EXPECT many of our family members, our friends, our church members and other so called Christian people on the streets to → Tell on us because we did NOT take the mark. They will be turning us in just like they did JESUS. They will be calling the police on us, they will be pointing at us when they see us on the streets. History must repeat itself according to Ecclesiastes 1:9.............. I am sorry people,  but some of your own family, some of your own personal friends, some of your own church friends are – Sons of Perdition........... It is sad, amen but it is very true.......

Now Judas was so well hidden, that at the last supper when JESUS said someone will betray him, the other 11 disciples HAD NO IDEA WHO IT WAS............... That is how well Judas was hidden in the 12 as a secret → Son of Perdition........

These same Sons of Perdition right now are JUST AS WELL HIDDEN........ They are completely hidden in our church body, and I highly doubt that you know any of them at all unless GOD has been revealing a few of them to you, or unless you have experienced one of more of them already turning against you!!!

These Sons of Perdition are world wide, they are EXTREMELY HIDDEN in the body of CHRIST, and I know that when we see those very close to us turning us in, or turning your spouse in, or turning your own children in who do NOT have the mark of the beast, it is going to break your hearts! It is going to break my heart...........


The Son of Perdition - WORLD WIDE CORPORATE BODY THAT IS EXTREMELY WELL HIDDEN in the church..... You must learn this if you ever want to understand the book of revelation!!


     What happened to JESUS is going to happen to us too, because history has to repeat itself!





2nd Thes 2:3 - Paul says the falling away must happen first, then the son of perdition must be revealed!!!!

Christians right now, RIGHT NOW are falling away from Christ by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, by the hundreds of thousands! In my opinion, this falling away that Paul talked about in 2nd Thes 2 is STARTING TO HAPPEN RIGHT NOW in our time........

As they fall away, as you lose church members, as friends dump you, talk about you, gossip about you, the sons of perdition are being revealed.

Here is a personal note from myself to you..... Have you ever had any Christian friends who always disagree with you, even when you read a scripture to them directly out of the bible? Have you ever had any Christian friends who argue with you, gossip about you, whose fruit, whose Christian fruit is absolutely terrible. Christian friends who always pretend to know everything, yet they never mention JESUS' name, they never show up for prayer groups, they never mention anything in the bible to you, in fact you are not even sure if they read the bible?

I am sure many MANY of you have known so called Christian people like this............

Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Sons of Perdition are EXTREMELY well hidden in the church and they are EVERYWHERE!!!!


Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Very few Christian's know that Millions and millions of Muslim's travel to Mecca each year to worship allah, while facing towards this gigantic black box building!

Now for the big one -->> The anti-christ ....... The anti christ is NOT a single man. I SAY IT AGAIN → 

HE is NOT a single man that we are expecting to show up somewhere on earth...


We already learned above that GOD speaks many times using a single form word such as - He, she, him, her, my wife, my child etc etc to describe HUGE world wide corporate bodies of people.

The SPIRITUAL PART of the anti-christ is a very very high ranking demonic general too!! He has a world wide body of demonic spirits who obey his every command.

First and foremost, the anti-christ is a demonic general leading a huge world wide body of demonic spirits who are in every country, every city, every town, every village & encompass the entire earth.


These demonic spirits LIVE IN EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH who deny JESUS., who deny the gospel truths, who has left the churches, who follow a different GOD or no god at all....

ALL NON BELIEVERS ON EARTH HAVE THE ANTI-CHRIST demonic spirits living inside of them................  I would not include young children into the above group though until they get older and get to an age of some accountability with GOD.....


Unless they repent, here are some anti-christ's!!


Here, millions of people are worshiping satan/allah, the moon god......    Unless they repent, here are some more anti-christ's!


Unless the repent, here are some more anti-christ's!

Here is an incredible article on the anti-christ --- Read it slowly, and be super blessed -->>>>


SINCE THE CHRISTIAN BODY IS A WORLD WIDE CORPORATE BODY, the False Prophet, the Two witnesses, the beast and THE ANTI CHRIST have to be corporate world wide bodies of demonic spirits living inside of people too.

People, children of GOD, there is NO evil satanic superman guy showing up on earth soon! Actually, THEY, the anti-christ's are ALREADY HERE!!!   They have been here for 2000 years and they are still here today.



 The anti-christ is a HUGE corporate body of people who have rejected GOD'S SON JESUS, or people who have left the church, or people who have left what they first learned in the gospels about JESUS.........   The bible makes this extremely clear and there is no room for argument because GOD uses 1st John, 2nd John and 3rd John to explain this to us very clearly!!!



I say it again, we are NOT expecting a demonic superman to show up. The anti-christ are demons living in all UN believers of the world!


The NON believers of the world ARE THE ANTI-CHRIST!


Not only is the anti-christ here now- but THEY have been here for about 2000 years...


 No children of GOD, we are NOT looking for a demonic super man.

Any religion on earth that is NOT a hardcore straight and narrow path walking with JESUS hand in hand every day, are going to be - ANTI-CHRIST RELIGIONS.........

First of all, I am Jewish, I am a Messianic Jew......... So it hurts to put up this picture.......   All Jewish people who reject GOD'S SON JESUS are also the anti-christs!!!

When I was much younger, Tom Cruise was by far my favorite actor....... The church of Scientology rejects GOD'S SON JESUS as the savior of the world......... All of its members who also reject JESUS as LORD & Savior are the anti-christ!

Unless the repent, here are more anti-christs!

The anti-christ is a world wide corporate body of people who deny JESUS, who deny the truth of the gospel, & others who have walked away from JESUS! All of them are corporate bodies of people! Remember children of GOD, all of the major players in Revelation are all worldwide corporate bodies of people.........



Here are a few more examples of how some of the anti-christ's behave and operate in our cities & towns --->>>

Here we see the BEAST/ the beast system, using some of
 it's anti-christ's to put up a very UN godly billboard.

Here we see the BEAST, using some of it's anti-christs to put up a very UN godly message on the side of this bus. How many thousands of people see this message every day as the bus travels through the city?

It is true that the world will be divided up into 10 different regions with each region having a human leader male or female.......   But there will NOT be a demonic superman - aka - the anti-christ leading them.... The truth is, satan HAS ALREDY infested all of the world's leaders who do not know JESUS with his demonic spirits.

I repeat, the leaders of the world who do NOT know JESUS ARE ALREDY infested with demons living inside of them. satan is already in control of them through his demonic armies...

Here are a few MORE examples of the anti-christ --->>>

You heard that the anti-christ might show up wearing a million dollar suit, very good looking & he would be put quickly in charge of European governments!!  Sorry people, those myths are pure lies and garbage from the pit of hell....

*Here in the pic above is the anti-christ unless this poor man repents and accepts JESUS!!!!

Here are fans at a Marilyn Manson concert..... 
  Here is the anti-christ children of GOD unless these poor people repent!!!

Children of GOD, there is a war going on for your soul!
satan is using his beast generals and his beast system here on earth to attack the world, especially Christian's. satan is using his beast, his false prophets, his sons of perdition and especially his anti-christ's here on earth to try to take down Christianity completely!!!

Praise GOD that his 144,000 man-child ministers are about to get started in their super powerful ministry for GOD and for the bride of CHRIST!!!

To continue with the anti-christ -->>>

Unless they repent, truly repenting with their heart and soul, here are the anti-christ!

Unless some of these people truly know JESUS in their heart and soul, here is the anti-christ!!!!

Here we see the BEAST using some of it's anti-christ people to greatly insult GOD the FATHER in this billboard!

Here the BEAST uses one of its false prophets/ anti-christs - Lady Gaga to use music and images to continue to destroy GOD'S world through corruption and evil...
I am not picking on Lady Gaga, she needs people to pray for her very badly.

No children of GOD, I do not blame the men and women, I blame the BEAST system that satan has in place ruling the world right now!!!

Here are a few of the leaders of the world in 2012.... Unless they truly repent and cry out to JESUS, here are your anti-christ too!

No children of GOD, President Obama is NOT the anti-christ..... All people on earth who have rejected JESUS
 ARE THE ANTI-CHRIST & have the anti-christ demonic spirits living inside of them, ruling them!!!


The beast is going to burn the harlot, and eat her body.... The USA is completely doomed, the country has so little time left. If you live in the USA, I am sorry, if your crying, I am sorry, if you had hopes and dreams of a future here, I am sorry!!!! I don't mean to hurt you, I don't mean to scare you, I don't want to be the one to shatter your dreams, but The USA is going to be completely destroyed in a very short time from now.



The beast demonic spirits living inside of ALL NON believing people are going to completely turn against the USA in a very short time from now. Since history has to repeat itself, we can learn from the bible that the USA will be invaded by foreign armies, then most likely destroyed in a nuclear war. Or a war using other kinds of incredibly powerful weapons like nuclear weapons...... Since we know that Mystery Babylon is the USA, and since we know that Mystery Babylon gets completely destroyed, we have to come to terms with this in our heart...


We, you and I who live in the USA have so little time to live now. We must work on getting right with GOD. The only way to get right with GOD is through JESUS our LORD and Savior.




The Woman = Are the worldwide body of believers who truly know, love and follow JESUS....

The Bride = The bride are a worldwide body of Christian's who first of all are inside of the woman. Second, the bride are the - (Called, Chosen & Elect of GOD)...


The Man-child/144,000 Are a world wide corporate body of men who GOD has put aside for himself and for his LAMB JESUS..... These men are just about ready to get started in their very powerful ministry that they will be doing for GOD..... They are waiting for the LATTER RAIN outpouring from GOD to anoint them.


The Two witnesses - Men and women, boys and girls & even teenagers living worldwide - who will preach the gospel of the good news to the entire world! They will be sent out by GOD to completely evangelize the entire world. That could very well be you & me.


The False prophet - A world wide corporate body of people who have demonic spirits in them, speaking and preaching through them! The False prophets have completely infiltrated the churches of the world! In Christian churches, Christian TV, Christian videos & Christian internet, anywhere you find people, you will find False Prophets. The false prophets are not only tied to Christianity, no they are also actors, actresses, Government leaders & speakers from all of the religions of the world!!


The Beast - An extremely high ranking demonic general who leads a world wide demonic army of demons who live in all LOST people of the world. ALL LOST PEOPLE OF THE WORLD MAKE UP THE BEAST! The BEAST is also the beast system in the world that the people of the world are worshiping now......


The Spiritual harlot - The false apostate Christian leadership we have in this year 2012... Many of the Christian leaders you see on TV are a part of the spiritual harlot unless they repent!

The physical harlot/Mystery Babylon - The USA ...... The USA is mystery Babylon that gets completely destroyed in a few years from now. The Harlot is riding the beast.... Surely that is the USA, and those FAT CAT Christian leaders on TV, raping their congregations of money and teachings all kinds of satanic doctrines right out of their pulpits.


The anti-christ ----- A demonic general, leading a world wide corporate body of demonic spirits who live in EVERYONE WHO REJECTS JESUS!!!



All of these major characters in the book of Revelation are all CORPORATE BODIES that are world wide.......



Here is a link to do some very advanced studying on the book of revelation -->>



The RIDER on the WHITE HORSE - The rider on the white horse is NOT JESUS.... It is JESUS living inside of the 144,000 manchild ministers.....

JESUS will live in these 144,000 manchild ministers and ride out to conquer and to completely take down satan's kingdom........ GOD is going to use the 144,000 manchild ministers to take down satan's kingdom worldwide  delivering the bride of CHRIST from our bondage to satan and the curse.


The white horse rider is NOT satan!!! No that is very bad teaching.... satan does NOT go out to conquer now, NO his kingdom is going down. Satan's time is up and his entire kingdom is going to be destroyed first in the 7 year tribulation and the wrath of GOD, then it will be thrown into the lake of fire for eternity.


The white horse rider CANNOT BE JESUS...... Since when does JESUS ride out with a bow and no arrows?? Since when does JESUS have only one crown when the bible says he has many crowns.......... The white horse rider is JESUS living inside of the 144,000 manchild ministers in a very powerful and very anointed way... They will conquer.



The MARK of the BEAST


Now to the mark of the beast. The mark will come around the halfway point of the 7 year tribulation.....

Do tattoos offend GOD, do marks on our right hand and forehead offend GOD or could there be more meaning to this mark than we know?

First and foremost the Mark of the beast is a SPIRITUAL mark..... It is the spiritual mark that offends GOD so much........... Some people throughout the world FIRST TAKE THE SPIRITUAL MARK, then later GOD will force them to take the physical mark too!

It is the spiritual mark that is so offensive to GOD......... So what is the spiritual mark?


The spiritual mark is when people have a false JESUS, or they are worshiping and following a false JESUS!! The spiritual mark is when people rebuke the bible, when they follow their own bible commandments while rebuking other commandments! The spiritual mark can also be summed up by when we study the bible very badly, or when we are believing very bad bible teaching given to us. Or when we refuse to read the bible for ourselves thinking we already know everything. When we are studying a false bible, a false JESUS, when we are following a false JESUS -->>


The people who take the spiritual mark of the beast are ALSO GOING TO TAKE THE PHYSICAL MARK OF THE BEAST TOO!!! GOD IS GOING TO MAKE SURE OF IT unless they repent.........

It is not the tattoo or chip that offends GOD, it is when we rebuke his bible, when we rebuke his HOLY GHOST, when we have a FALSE JESUS!!! Everyone who has the spiritual mark GOD is going to make sure they also must take the physical mark.... We better turn to the real JESUS as fast as we can starting with repentance tonight.



If you take the mark of the beast, you cannot repent, it is over for you!!!!!


If the Government forces the mark on you physically, you can either cut it out, pray it out, or just worship until it goes out!!!!



The RAPTURE of the Church


Did you know that JESUS tells us 4 different times in John chapter 6 EXACTLY when the rapture takes place?

HE SURE DOES!!!!!!!!


So why can't the church see this? Could it be because of the beast spirits, the anti-christ spirits, because of the false prophet spirits? When the church cannot see that JESUS said 4 different times in John chapter 6 EXACTLY WHEN WE GET RAPTURED, now that is demonic!!!!

That shows us that satan has not only completely infiltrated the western church, but most churches of the world!!!!


Here are the 4 scriptures for you -->>> John 6:39, John 6:40, John 6:44 and John 6:54

Now go study and STOP BELIEVING LIES people.......


Here are some wonderful articles on the rapture!!!

Did you know that Martha also tells us EXACTLY when the rapture takes place? Why cannot the church see this?


Martha tells us EXACTLY when the rapture takes place in John 11:24 and JESUS does not correct her...

JESUS accepts her statement as truth!!!

Children of GOD, the anti-christs are everywhere right now, the false prophets are everywhere RIGHT NOW in your life time! Now, today!!!! satan wants you to think that your flying away....  satan has taught the world wide church that they do NOT have to go through THE GREAT 7 YEAR tribulation, that JESUS will come and take them away before the tribulation starts. So what happened is, the church believed these lies, they believed these deceptions and guess what? The world wide church is NOT ready for the coming 7 year tribulation. Satan's demonic plan has worked almost perfectly........ The American Christian's will be slaughtered like bloody sheep and very very few of us are getting ready for the terrible persecution about to take place.......... Yes people, the falling away has already started.....

Now go study what JESUS and Martha said about when we get raptured and be super blessed!




Whenever you want to study the book of Revelation, you must remember all of the major players are HUGE corporate bodies of people worldwide!

Here is where GOD tells you exactly, EXACTLY when the rapture happens -->> John 6:39 - 6:40 - 6:44 & 6:54 & John 11:24 ...........


Stop listening to your pastors, satan has infiltrated the church through the beast spirits, the anti-christ spirits, false prophet spirits, spirits of lust, pornography, and every other kind of wickedness that we cannot even dream exists, yet it does, in our churches....


I know 99% of you find this impossible to believe, that just goes to show you JUST HOW GOOD satan is at what he was created to do!!!! You better start studying, I am warning you!!!!! If you are relying on your pastor or your church to save you, you are in big BIG TROUBLE! They are too busy watching porn, having sex with their secretaries, drinking alcohol, smoking weed, arguing with their wives etc etc etc to be concerned about your salvation...


Here is a wonderful article on the rapture --->>>

Now when you study the book of revelations & you understand that everyone there are huge corporate bodies of people, now it will start to make more sense. When revelation says that the beast will overcome the saints, did you think this was some kind of monster walking around Los Angeles?

The beast is all people of the world who reject JESUS...... They will overcome us because GOD will give them this authority to overcome us Christian people for a short time.Yes children, we do WIN THE WAR because of JESUS CHRIST, but for a short time, the beast will overcome us and it will be very very bad!!

This is going to be worse than Nazi Germany, worse than what chairman Mao did, worse than the killing fields of Cambodia!!!! The 7 year tribulation will be worse than what Stalin did in Russia, worse than what the Babylonians did to their enemies, worse than what the Assyrians did to their enemies.............

And satan has the world wide church beliving that we are going to fly away BEFORE any of this starts...........


Oh how the church has been deceived.......




How do we know that the tribulation will be this bad? Because JESUS said so in Mathew 24 , Luke 21 & Mark 13, that is how we know!!!!


All of the players in Revelation are here RIGHT NOW!!! The son of perdition is already here, the falling away seems to have started already!

I tell you the truth to your face, most Christian people do NOT read the bible....

Revelation 12:4
His tail swept away one-third of the stars in the sky, and he threw them to the earth.

One third of the stars. When the dragon brings down 1/3 of the stars, those are NOT demons, I repeat, they are NOT angels he is taking down!!! satan has already taken 1/3 of the angels with him a long long time ago............. This is actually talking about how the dragon will take down 1/3 of the Christian's in the world. I repeat, when the dragon uses its tail to take down 1/3 of the stars, those are Christians who are LOSING their so called salvation.. Now very very few people on earth teach this correctly, so I am sure most of you have never heard this!!!!!

It almost brings tears to my eyes right now when I realize that 1/3 of us are going to fall away shortly and leave GOD & this has possibly already started. Remember, those 1/3 cannot be demons because satan already took 1/3 of them down thousands of years ago... These are Christians who fall down...


Now you should be terrified when you read this!!! You should be grasping your bible with your fingernails right now...........


You better take this serious, the shaking has already started!!!! There are prophecies that GOD is going to shake everything that can be shaken....... This shaking has already started in your life time! Let me prove it to you --- Haven't you noticed starting a short while ago how things have been getting harder and harder in your life? Haven't you noticed how there is one trial after another, one temptation coming to you after another now? Yes, the shaking has started!!!


Now the dragon is going to take 1/3 of Christianity and drag it out of heaven and throw it down to the earth............ Why are we in heaven when the dragon drags us down? Because we are seated in high places with Christ on his throne!!!




One last thing if GOD allows me...... The bowls, the seals and the trumps.......

The seals and trumps run together at the same time during the 7 year tribulation....... They run paralleled to each other!!! This is why it is so confusing to study them. We must realize that the seals and trumps run together at the same time during the 7 years!!!

The bowl judgments do NOT happen during the 7 year tribulation. These judgments come after the 7 year tribulation is over!!! After the 7 year tribulation is over, there is - A 1 year period called - The day of the LORD... Or the wrath of the lamb!!

GOD & JESUS are going to punish the world for 1 entire year for what the NON believers had done to us during the 7 year tribulation. This is called - The day of the LORD. The bowl judgments do NOT come during the 7 year tribulation, these are saved for the NON believers during that 1 year period!!!!!


Tribulation and Wrath are two separate things, two separate time tables!!!!!


The saints do NOT go through the 1 year period called the day of the LORD or the wrath of the LAMB or the wrath of GOD. So as you study, the seals and trumps run parallel together, the bowl judgments come after the 7 year tribulation is completely over!

At about 40 days after the 7 year tribulation is over, there will not be a single Christian person on earth anymore!!!!!!!!! Then - The day of the LORD will start, that 1 year period where GOD is going to PUNISH the NON believers for what they have done to you & me.

We must know that the seals and trumps run at the same time, or it all gets too confusing and it is impossible to understand!! The book of revelation is like riddles hidden inside of puzzles inside of secret prophecies. Very few people on earth understand the entire book. This takes a massive amount of studying and studying is not enough. If GOD does not give us wisdom, knowledge and revelation, forget about it then. Without GOD'S supernatural help to understand the book of Revelation, not a single person on this entire earth could possibly understand it correctly, no not one!


satan has whispered to the world wide church his teaching on the book of revelation and guess what? the whole world believed the lies and deceptions. This is why we get the books and movies called -->>
The left behind series........... Pure garbage, pure lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no demonic superman coming that the world calls the anti-christ!!! That mythological person will never come!!! In just a short time from now, the USA & the rest of the world will be treating Christians worse than Nazi Germany did! It will start just a few years from now so we must get ready.. By getting ready I am talking about getting ready spiritually only!!! We must get ready spiritually for what GOD is about to put us through.





If you know JESUS but you do not pray much, you do not read the bible, you really do not spend much time with JESUS at all – THEN  you are already taking - The spiritual mark of the beast!!!


What most of you Christian children do not understand!!!! This is NOT about you, this is all about JESUS............ GOD only accepts JESUS. GOD the FATHER only accepts the righteousness of JESUS. If you really do not know JESUS, GOD will not accept you!!!!! If you know a fake JESUS or a pretend JESUS or if you have changed JESUS into your own images, you are taking the spiritual mark of the beast.

Anyone who takes the spiritual mark of the beast GOD will FORCE to take the physical mark of the beast in about 4 years from now!!! We have to be honest with GOD, we have to be honest with ourselves...... We do not study the bible enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We do not pray enough to the LORD OF ALL lords, JESUS!!! We do not worship the LORD JESUS enough!!!!!!!!!!!

Muslim's bowing down to allah/satan....... Taking the spiritual mark of the BEAST.....


So how did the world wide church get into the demonic mess that we are in?

 GOD gave up HUGE portions of his church to anti-christ teachings, to false prophet teachings,    to the beast spirits!!! GOD has given up huge portions of his church to the demons of lust, the demons of perversion, the demons of sexual defilement etc etc etc.... This happened because his holy children did not want to read the bible, because they did not want to seek out the LORD with all of their hearts and souls, because his godly children truly did not want to abide in JESUS from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed..... No no no, the church wanted to be more like the NON believers in the world, then the Christian's we see in the book of acts...... And since most Christian's do not read the bible, how on earth could they possibly know how the Christian's acted in the book of Acts?

So because of this, now most of Christianity believes they are all flying away, and guess what? GOD allowed you to believe these lies on purpose!!!!! JESUS tells us 4 different times EXACTLY when the rapture takes place in John chapter 6....... But you won't believe the bible or GOD!!!! And how can you believe the bible when you refuse to study it, I mean studying it as if your very life depended on it, as if your very soul depended on it!!!


Instead of believing GOD and the bible on the rapture, you decided to believe the - LEFT behind series.......

Here up above, right here is the anti-christ

Here is the false prophet children of GOD!!!

Here is the beast system in full force, MIS leading Christianity, falsely teaching Christian's, shoving the beast lies down the throat of all Christian's world wide who fell for these lies!!!!!

This is anti-christ people

 Children of GOD, how can we see through the lies of the Left Behind series if we are NOT diligently studying the bible?

If you will not study the bible, anyone, I say it again, ANYONE can lie to you because you are not studying the truth in the bible.


Nobody, NOBODY, NO Christian person who is truly walking with JESUS gets left behind. No children of GOD, we


WHEN GOD says we are going through the 7 year tribulation over & over & over & over again in the bible & you will not believe, this is --->> This is a perfect example of how the false prophet is working in us right now, how the anti-christ is working in us right now!!!!

You have been looking for an anti-christ man to show up in the world all because false prophets have told you to look for him!!!!! Little did you know that they, THEY were always with you, in each church you go to, each time you moved, each city you moved to the anti-christs were already there waiting for you!



We have to repent, we must repent, we got to repent, we must beg GOD to forgive us......



You didn't want to read the bible so GOD gave you up!!! I am not playing brother, I am not playing sister, GOD gave you up to the deceptions and lies!!!! You do not want to read the bible so GOD allowed the false prophets of the world like the left behind series people to trick & deceive you! Does GOD do this? You better believe he does!!!!!!! He talks about this all over the bible actually!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you wont read the bible, if you don't care, if you wont seek out his son JESUS every single day, GOD will give you up to lying spirits!!


And this is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO the church in the USA, the western world, and most other parts of the world!!!!!


Here is another huge deception that GOD allowed ---->>> the demonic lies of prosperity preaching.. GOD gave you up to that one too!!! The demonic lies of prosperity preaching have traveled through the entire world from the USA, to the Philippines and everywhere else! Does GOD give up his church to these demonic lies? Oh yes he does all the time if you rebuke his bible, if you will not seek out his SON!!!

Do you actually think that Vladimir Putin of Russia is going to give up his monopoly of the Russian government for an anti-christ person? Do you think the Chairman of China would? Do you think Obama would give up his leadership to some anti-christ demonic buffoon... No people you have fallen for the lies and deceptions of the demons because you are not studying your bible for yourselves!!

Yes it is true that the world is going to be divided up into 10 different regions very shortly, but the leaders of the world have far FAR TOO MUCH PRIDE to give up their leadership to anyone........ And after all, the leaders of the world are already following satan very closely, so no mythological anti-christ person is needed because satan already has his demonic forces living tooth and nail inside of the leaders of the world.

Were going to have to start taking JESUS, the bible, ministry work, helping others and the kingdom of GOD much MUCH more seriously than we had ever, EVER IMAGINED!!!!!

GOD is not pleased with his church people,

HE is NOT pleased with us one bit!!!!



Love, your brother Garrett

Contact Garrett -->>