Current Events

Current Events In Regards to The Bible!!!

Current events, the bible & prophecy!

Most of us can still read the bible without being arrested, beaten & tortured. Let us at least try to take advantage of this fact!

I tell you the truth, bible reading in the USA will be against the LAW in about 4 years from now.

We should be at the mark of the beast in approximately 4 years from now as of January 1st 2013.

At that time, the bible and Christianity will be illegal! It will be illegal to preach to people too.

It should be about 4 years from right now, give or take 6 months.

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There was a time when the German families lived next to the Jewish families in housing and apartment complexes!

The German and Jewish families were great friends, helping each other, lending and borrowing food and money back and forth!

Then, out of NOWHERE, in the BLINK OF AN EYE............ It all changed!!! The Germans turned against the Jews lightning fast!

How & why did this happen out of nowhere?

Because the demonic entered the German people and took them completely over to the demonic side and turned them against the Jewish people living in Europe!

When the demonic takes over many many many American citizens especially our government, things will change here too IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE!

The demonic will completely take over the American leadership, government leaders and most of the entire population. And when that happens, The bible and Christianity will be illegal. It will be illegal to try to convert people in your house or on the streets or at work. It will even be illegal to preach to anyone the true Gospel of CHRIST in your own church or group meetings.

It might seem to you like everything is normal in the USA, but I tell you with GOD listening to this... THINGS ARE NOT normal here!!!

Have you ever been at work & saw a co worker lose complete control in the blink of an eye? I sure have many times right in front of me!

That is how fast the demonic can take over a person!!! Literally in seconds.

Did you know it is already illegal to pray in school?

Did you know you cannot wear a JESUS shirt in school?

Did you know you cannot read the bible in school?

Did you know you cannot display the 10 commandments publicly?

Did you know you cannot wear a cross outside of your clothing in school?

Did you know that 70% of the Christian teenagers who enter college, will end up leaving the LORD JESUS?

Did you know the secret services have infiltrated all of the major churches in the USA?

Did you know that if your a hardcore Christian, the government has computer files on you already and it is being updated constantly?

Did you know that every-time you use your debit card, the Government computers are tracking you?

Did you know the Fema camps, the labor camps and the torture centers are already all built and ready to go?

Halliburton admits that the camps are already built.

It is all true UN fortunately.
So start taking the bible very very seriously, I know I am trying to myself too!

We do not know where GOD is going to move us when all hell breaks loose in the USA... There might be NO bibles there!!

Did you know we are in the book of Revelation right now? Yes, in your life time you are actually living in a bible book!

Right now, the woman is pregnant with the Man child and is about to give birth any week or month now.

Right now, in your life time, the rider on the white horse is about to get started!!!

Imagine, we live in a country/USA where we cannot display the 10 commandments anymore......

When I tell you that reading the bible, praying out loud in public preaching to people will be illegal in about 4 years, do not be surprised, you are being warned ahead of time!

GOD might move us to the wilderness, to a FEMA camp, to the outskirts somewhere, to a prison or labor camp.....

Because this is true, we want to memorize as many scriptures as we possibly can because where we go there could be no bibles.

If you memorize scriptures, then GOD can use you even more to help and bless and teach others.......

If you refuse to memorize scriptures, quite possibly GOD might use you less because you know less, you have less knowledge, you care less..

I told you the truth, these facilities are already built, they are empty now, but they are gonna be filled with Christians/Jews & OTHERS very shortly from now.

Start memorizing the bible as if your very life depends on it, as if the very salvation of others might depend on it because it does.

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Some of you already know that history has to repeat itself! GOD has ordered in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that history will keep repeating itself over and over again as time goes by!

The leadership of the USA are going to lose their minds for 7 years just like the king of Babylon, lost his mind for 7 years too!!!

History will repeat itself!!

Our leadership will lose their minds for 7 full years and it will happen in the blink of an eye. When that happens guess what?

They are going to attack Christianity, the Jewish people and government dissenters with full force using modern technology, modern weapons, modern Hi tech spy equipment, extremely powerful computers, and if all of that was not enough, the demonic will be in them, possessing them, helping them to attack us.

Why? Because GOD has ordered this and because prophecy has to be fulfilled and because history must repeat itself over and over again!

The more you love, the more you care, the more compassion you have, the more you study --->>>>> The more GOD can use you to bless others!!

So just like I am trying to do, study the bible 7 days a week whether you want to or not. Force yourself like I have to some nights.

Most likely -> As fast as things changed in Nazi Germany, it will happen just as fast in the USA too!!! And from the way I see things, these changes have already started in the USA!!!

And why not? We brought the Nazi scientists here to the USA.... And that was one of the largest mistakes this country has made EVER!!! We brought the Nazi scientists here towards the end of WW2.

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If you are American, and you had worldly plans to stay here a long time building up a business, or empire, or even a large family, I am very sorry to say, there is no time left!

But the great news is, there is STILL time to work for and build up the kingdom of GOD!

There will not be a single Christian person on earth in about 8 years from now or slightly less....

So what can we do? Probably all of us especially me should start getting ready to meet our creator face to face at his judgment seat!

So what can we do to get ready to meet our creator? There is nothing we can do because it is ALL GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I guess we better pray for grace to read the bible, to pray more, to help people more, to understand more, to draw closer to JESUS!

We need grace badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If your worried that maybe your bible has been changed, here is a PERFECT Numeric New testament bible -->>>

Did you know that the attack at Columbine high school targeted Christian students only? As far as I know, that is true and a fact!

Our Numeric New testament bible has been free for years, it is still free as of now. Grab it fast for free -->>>

Now where are we in the book of Revelation?

The rider on the white horse in the book of Revelation is just about ready to start riding out!!!

The woman is pregnant with a child..... The baby is just about to be born any day or any week now!!! The baby that will be born soon are the 144,000 man-child ministers!!!

Those are two signs among others where we are in the book of Revelation at this time as we start the year 2013!!!

Many Christians think that the riders on the horses are already riding..That is not true. But the white horse rider will be going very soon!

I know I am not ready for what is coming to the USA and the rest of the world!

I need grace badly........................ Join me each day and all of us start humbling ourselves and really start praying for grace!!!

Will the demons fight back when they see you changing things up in your life? Yes.............

Will your flesh fight back when you start forcing bible reading 7 days a week? Yes...............

But................. Will JESUS start fighting back for you too? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will JESUS send holy angels to start fighting for you too? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will you fail, fall down and sin in old addictions from time to time? Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Will JESUS send us repentance again so we can repent to him and be washed clean again? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will JESUS pick up back up again and put us back on our feet? Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

So like me, if you always wanted a baby, hold hands with your spouse and pray with real faith, love and tears to GOD for one now because our time is winding down quickly!

If like me, you know you never read the bible enough, start reading it a TON right now!!!!

If you always wanted to feed the homeless, get a real urgency in yourself because time is so short. Go out and start feeding them!!!

If you always wanted to record your Christian song GOD gave you. Time is short, work on it now real hard with grace and help from GOD!

If you always wanted to draw closer to JESUS, but you never really tried. Time is short, pray for grace now and go for it!!!

This is what your going to see in the USA in the next few years or sooner -->>>

You are going to see 1 or MORE tidal waves most likely hit the coasts of the USA.....

You might see a super volcano go off in the USA!

You are going to see very very BAD earthquakes at any time now especially in the center of the USA, and other places too!!!

You are going to see martial law very shortly, in fact, some towns in the USA are already in martial law now!

You are most definitely going to see a civil war in the USA in about 3 1/2 from now give or take a year or two. This should happen right around the Mark of the Beast, or possibly right before the Mark of the Beast goes into effect!

You are going to see more so called terrorist attacks on the USA...Some might be real, some are gonna be faked by our government!!

You are going to see massive food shortages!

You are going to see incredible disease in the USA.

You are going to see huge shortages of drinking water!

You are going to see food prices sky rocket up very very high!

You are going to see drones, many drones, MANY MANYYYYY DRONES all throughout the USA filming us, spying on us, attacking us, killing us.

If you want to go pass out clothes to the homeless, especially since its a very cold winter, go do it now because things will be changing very shortly from now.....

You are going to see terrible war in the middle east!!!!!!!


You should see the USA turn against Israel, and when that happens, wow............ The USA is doomed then!!!

You are going to see the USA dollar crash all the way down to just about nothing...... Probably a new form of money will come out then!!!

Gold prices should sky rocket up, but at some point, even gold will be worthless if I understand prophecy correctly!!!


I know it is hard to believe some of the things I am speaking about here, but it is true!!!

You are gonna see the demonic start attacking us harder, more often, IN FACT THAT HAS ALREADY STARTED!!!

You are most likely gonna see some fake, some lies, some deceptions about UFO'S appearing in the skies everywhere!!!

When and if the UFO/fake aliens appear, if you had not been reading the bible, you are gonna be in big big trouble!!!

Watch out for those damn Nephilim in the UFO ships to come back.... You gotta read the bible for protection!!!!

It is true, those Greys are NOT aliens........ They are demonic beings, most likely the Nephilim and are most likely possessed by demons! These seem to be beings that the demonic angels have been breeding somehow....... Many of the so called aliens are actual demons themselves taking the shape of a so called Grey alien!!!

You will see labor camps, torture centers, FEMA camps, prisons, and especially UNDER GROUND FACILITIES AND PRISONS!!!!

We have had dreams and visions the government will be taking us underground when they kill us and hurt us so nobody will see it!!

Now is the time more than at anytime before to be truly and really clinging to JESUS with the grace that GOD gives us. Likewise, the Holy Bible is alive and just reading the bible will completely transform our lives!!!

People of GOD, we gotta START TAKING JESUS much more seriously than we have been, I know I have to.

Oh FATHER in heaven, we need grace so badly...... Send us your grace, mercies, blessings, protection & love so we can live our lives like your incredible son JESUS!!!   Amen.....

Sincerely, your brother Garrett