Could The USA Be The Mystery Babylon Mentioned In The Book Of Revelations?

Since ancient Babylon which is also a part of modern day Iraq have been occupied by the USA, yet the book of Revelations reveals that Babylon is to rule up until the very end, we are left to consider what modern entity fulfills that type. Consider these bible scriptures that it is the USA which symbolizes Babylon. Most of these scriptures are fulfilled right now by the USA, but a few of them will come to pass shortly.

The USA is mystery Babylon in the book of revelations, if you study below you will clearly see that the USA and only the USA could fulfill all of these prophecies concerning mystery Babylon.


As you read below you will see over and over again that only the USA could possibly be the Mystery Babylon that gets completely destroyed.

Revelations 17:5 -
5 A mysterious name was written on her forehead: “Babylon the Great, Mother of All Prostitutes and Obscenities in the World.” 6 I could see that she was drunk—drunk with the blood of God’s holy people who were witnesses for Jesus. I stared at her in complete amazement.


* has the symbol of the GREAT EAGLE. ( Ezk. 17:3,12; Dan. 7:4)

* is the head of the nations in the latter days. (Dan. 2:28,37,38)

* has a king called lucifer who rules the nations through her. (Isa 14:4,6,12; Hab. 1)

* is the greatest endtime nation. (Rev. 17,18)

* is conquering the same middle eastern nations. (Jer. 25:15-26)

* gathers all nations into a one world order. (Hab. 2:5; Rev. 17:3)

* has a mother (Britain) who symbol is a lion. (Dan 7:4; Jer. 51:38)

* is a mother of GODS people. (Jer. 50:12)

* is the queen of the nations. (Isa. 47:5,7; Rev 18:7)

* is the praise of the whole world. (Jer. 51:41)

* is the richest nation in the world. (Rev. 18:3,7,19,23)

* is the center of world trade. (Jer. 51:44; Rev. 17:18, 18:3,19)

* has merchants who rule the world through her. (Rev. 18:23)

* is a nation rich in mineral wealth. (Jer 51:13)

* is the leading agricultural nation in the world. ( Rev 18:13)

* is noted for her cattle, sheep and horses etc. (Jer. 50:26,27,37; Rev. 18:13)

Are you starting to see that only the USA could possibly fulfill these scriptures????

Please continue  reading the scriptures below

* is noted for fine flour and mill operations. (Rev 18:13)

* is a nation of farmers that harvest huge crops. (Jer. 50:16,26)

* is famous for music. (Rev. 18:12)

* is an air and space power. (Jer. 51:53)

* is a great seaport nation. (Rev. 18:17-19)

* is a coastal nation that sits upon many waters. (Jer. 51:13)

* trades with all who have ships in the sea. (Rev. 18:17-18)

* is a melting pot or of mingled people. (Jer. 50:37)

* is a nation whose prosperity has made them soft. (Isa. 47:1)

* is a nation perverted by higher education. (Isa. 47:10)

* falls from occultic false counsels. (Isa 47:13)

* has many demon possessed and unclean people. (Rev. 18:2)

* lives in the pleasures of the world. (Isa. 47:8)

* offends GOD with her many sins. (Rev. 18:5)

* deceives the world with her sorcery. (Rev. 18:23; Isa 47:9-12)

* has an unmatched military machine. (Hab. 1,2; Jer. 50:36,51:30)

* is a nation with a great voice in world affairs. (Jer. 51:55)
* is the most powerful nation in the world. (Isa 47; Jer. 50,51; Rev. 18)

* is used by GOD to bring down the nations. (Jer. 51:7)

* considers herself invincible. (Isa. 47:7-9)

* has the muslim world for enemies. (Isa. 21:2, 13:7; Dan. 5:28)

* is ambushed by what are now Islamic people. (Jer. 51:11,12)

As you can see, no other nation can possibly fit the symbolism and description of the GREAT EAGLE of Babylon except the USA. If your an American Christian reading this article, we must listen to GOD. JESUS who is GOD wants us to come out of her. That doesnt mean we have to move out of the USA, it means we must come out of all of her evil ways. We have to stop watching her terrible Tv programs, Her terrible music videos, her terrible movies that she produces, her terrible magazines that she prints, and all of the other evil desires that America is exporting to the rest of the world. Now is the time for us to crucify our flesh and to start practicing to
abide in JESUS day and night the very best that we can.

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