Christian, do not tell

Christian, Do Not Tell Us To Shut Up!


Christian, don't tell us to shut up!


I want to talk about something different now with the grace of the LORD!!!



I speak a lot on the internet, I have been for a very long time now.



Many times when I share truths with other children of GOD, they say to me - Garrett, that is not in the bible!



So each night someone will type to me - Garrett, that cannot be found in the bible, please stop teaching that!



I have a few peaceful and loving comments on this topic!!!




First of all, is that person sure that it is not in the bible? I mean has that person studied the bible full time the last decade to know?



So when that person says it is not in the bible to me, is that person sure, I mean would that person bet their lives on it?




Now, here is another part on this exact same topic -->>>


There are many MANY MANY THINGS NOT in the bible!!! Are you trying to tell me we cannot teach these ?




For example, the topic of masturbation in a Christian's life is NOT mentioned in the bible.....




Are some of you trying to tell me that the HOLY GHOST is not teaching us about the evils of masturbation? OF COURSE GOD IS come on!!!!




So on the topic of masturbation, because it is not in the bible, does that mean it is perfectly OK for Christian's to do this?




This way of thinking is actually a BUILT IN DEFENSE MECHANISM that Christian's use when they do not agree with something!




When the Christian disagrees with a topic, they will quickly say it is not in the bible...... Without really being sure if they are correct!




Now I also teach guitar, but guitar teaching is not in the bible!




I also teach people about porn addictions, about caffeine addictions, about internet gaming yet those are not in the bible either!



Some children of GOD are saying that because it is not mentioned in the bible, we better not talk about it!! I disagree completely!!!




If GOD is teaching us that his children should be battling against masturbation, even though it is not in the bible, let us help others!




Let us spread the word about masturbation to other children of GOD so GOD'S holy truths can spread throughout the church!!!




What I am saying is, NOT EVERYTHING is mentioned in the bible....




As GOD is teaching us that his children should be warring against masturbation, should we be quiet about it because it is not in the bible?




That type of thinking is very closed minded and it is actually UN BIBLICAL!!




We know this is true by reading the letters from Peter, Paul and possibly others!




There are many MANY TOPICS that are not in the bible! Does that mean GOD cannot teach us his truths? Of course not!




Let us not be closed minded!!!! Of course the bible is our holy guideline, yet the bible does NOT have everything in the world in it!




There is NOT a single scripture in the bible that says satan cannot read our minds!




Yet the church teaches that satan cannot read our minds even though they do not have a single scripture!!




Real deliverance ministers, men and women who do REAL deliverance's from the demonic will tell you that satan CAN read our minds!!!




Can you see the contradiction children of GOD????




The church teaches that satan cannot read minds even though there is NOT a single scripture to back this up..........




I share with people that GOD is teaching us now that we want to start praying against and warring against masturbation!!!




It is true there is no scripture in the bible on this topic of giving up masturbation, yet GOD is definitely teaching his children this!




Anyone who does real demonic deliverance’s will tell you without a doubt that the demons CAN READ OUR MINDS!!!




This is common knowledge to us!




But some would say last night that I cannot speak about this because it is not backed up in the bible!




This kind of thinking is extremely close minded..... The Apostles themselves did not have bibles!!!!




Just about NOBODY in the early church had a bible for the first 1600 + years!! Did you know this?




Did you know that nobody had bibles for approximately the first 1600+ years of Christianity?




Did you ever ask yourself who was teaching them? Wasn't it GOD? Wasn't it GOD that was teaching the church without bibles? Of course!!



Did you know that GOD has clearly taught some of his children that the demons can read and hear our thoughts & see our imaginations?




It is true, I promise you that I love you and I would never ever ever lie to you!!!




It is not I who am lying to you, it is actually satan and the world who is telling you that he cannot read your mind when he can!!!




satan is mind raping you, and he is using the church to do it too!!!




In other words, satan teaches the world wide church that he cannot read our minds when he can!!! Now that is real deception!!!



Our thoughts are most likely out loud to the spirit realm..... This is why when people go to heaven, they can hear each others thoughts!!



So, do not tell me that I cannot speak about something because it is not in the bible!! That is silly, that is childish and UN biblical!




GOD taught people for centuries and centuries and centuries without them having bibles!!! GOD can do this, he is powerful enough!!!!




I thought masturbation was OK for a while in my walk!!! Now GOD told me it is UN Christ like....




We can share these truths that GOD is teaching us!!!!




If GOD teaches you something, and you are sure it is from GOD, do not be afraid to tell others...... satan wants you to be afraid!!!!



Playing world of warcraft is not in the bible.... Yet GOD is teaching us to stay away from that game!!!




Don't tell me I cannot talk about this when GOD has made it clear that it is a diabolical sin!!!



Yes, satan can read your mind easily and they do all day long!!




And it is true, I do not have a scripture to prove this!!! But he can!!!



If you have ears to hear, praise GOD!!! If you cannot understand this, ask JESUS to teach you the truth on this topic!!!




Now GOD does not tell Christian people to stop masturbating this is true!!!!




It is not commanded to Christian people to stop masturbating!!!




Yet GOD is teaching many of his children now that we most definitely want to pray and war against masturbation!!!




GOD is teaching many of us that masturbation is UN Christ like!!! That it builds up the flesh in us etc etc etc.....




So should I be quiet and be afraid to say what GOD has taught me? Oh no no no no I will not be quiet.......




Why? Because I love you!!




This is all about love.




JESUS loves me, JESUS lives in me, so I naturally love you!




Because I love you so much, I want you free from the flesh and the demonic......




So I will share with you many, not all, but many of the incredible revelations that JESUS tells me!!!!




Some of these will be in the bible, in fact most are in the bible, and a few will NOT be in the bible! Like satan can read your mind easily.



Remember, owning a bible is a very very NEW THING!!!!! It is only the last 100 years people could even possibly get a bible!!!




Are you saying for the last 1900 years of Christianity we should not teach what GOD is telling us because we don't own a bible?




Now that would be silly!!!




Let us talk about the topic of the demons living in us or not!!!!




The bible does NOT say the demons can live in us!




The bible does NOT say that the demons cannot live in us!!!




So therefore we need to use our discernment from the HOLY GHOST living inside of us to start to discern what is really going on here!




Any Christian who does any deliverance ministry at all is working on mostly if not only Christian people!!!




I have studied this. Talk to real deliverance ministers, they will tell you that JESUS is only using them to deliver Christian people mainly.




It is true!!! Contact some of them, show you care about the truth, find some REAL deliverance ministers out there! Ask them about this.




GOD is using us almost always, just always to deliver Christian people!!!




Anyone who does any real work against the satanic kingdom will swear to you that all, I said ALL Christian people have demons in them!




All addictions will have demons behind the addictions, yet this is not clearly said in the new testament!




Are you telling me that we should be afraid to teach this? You gotta be joking!!!!




Derek Prince told us for almost 50 years that the demonic are behind our addictions..... Is Derek Prince a liar?




Now I do not believe this is mentioned in the bible!! So should I be quiet? No! I love you, and some of you are listening!!!





Stop telling us that we cannot talk about a topic because it is not in the bible!!! Most of Christianity never even had a bible!!




The printing press was only created a short time ago. Most of the people in heaven now did NOT have a bible to read, yet GOD taught them!




Now I am telling you the truth, the demonic can not only see your thoughts or hear them, but they can see your imaginations too!!!



Just because a topic is not directly mentioned in the New Testament does not mean GOD is not teaching us this topic!!!




Now, do you remember JESUS talking about the strong man living in someones house? That is a demon living inside of us!!!




The story of the strongman living in the house is satan or a demon living inside of us... Only someone stronger than him can kick him out!




So, there is 1 scripture for you right there!!!!




Stop telling us true children of GOD to be quiet on a topic just because there is not a direct scripture in the new testament on this topic!




You are actually trying to shut up real ministers of GOD who love you dearly, and that is a crime!!!




Did you know JESUS said when a demon leaves your body, it will go away and search possibly for 7 more evil demons to enter you? It is true!!




JESUS clearly said that the demons can live in us, why wont you believe me?




JESUS clearly tells us that satan can live inside of us.... But when I try to share this with you, many of you argue and fight!!!




The demons are living in you and I, it is almost like a science fiction movie!!!




Now once and for all, the demons can live inside of a born again believer, Not IN OUR SPIRIT where GOD lives, but in our soul and flesh!




Now on the topic of the demons being able to hear your thoughts and see your imaginations, I do NOT have a scripture to prove this!!




Is that your weak argument to say that it is UN true? You gotta be kidding me!!!




Are you telling me that a demonic Arch angel cannot hear your thoughts? You gotta be dreaming!!!




Are you telling me that a very high ranking Seraphim evil angel cannot see your imagination when you masturbate? Ask the LORD about this!!!




When we are masturbating, they see what we are thinking about. If we sin in our mind, the demon might come and attack us!!




Air conditioners are not mentioned directly in the bible, so I cannot speak about them either?




If I tell you that the demonic is all over Hollywood where I live, are you telling me to be quiet because Hollywood is not in the bible?




Here is another truth that I do not believe is directly said in the bible --->>>


When we drink alcohol, a demon or demons have permission to enter us!!!




It is true!!! I would be a liar if I told you otherwise......




When you or I drink beer, a demon can ask for permission to enter us. I find that JESUS DOES give the permission most of the time!




Do you people understand that when Peter said that satan prowls around like a roaring lion he did NOT have a single bible scripture to back that up. In fact, he had no bible yet!




Children of GOD, did you not know that the HOLY GHOST teaches us himself too? It is true, the spirit does teach us truths that are not talked about in the bible like the masturbation topic.




When you tell another real minister of GOD to be quiet because he or she does not have a scripture to back it up, you are actually fighting for satan temporarily!




O LORD JESUS help us all to be one family, one church, one fellowship in love with you at the center of our hearts, the center of our relationships we pray!




So if you are one of those Christian people that tells other men and women of GOD to be quiet because they do not have a scripture to back up what they are saying, PLEASE STOP THAT!




Please stop shutting up the heavens, please stop shutting up the HOLY GHOST who is speaking through us. You are actually hurting the kingdom of GOD when you do that!




Yes people, GOD is teaching us many truths during this end time generation. Some of these truths we do not have a direct scripture in the bible to show you.




That does NOT mean that GOD is not teaching us truths, because he is. He is teaching us just like he did the church for the first 1900 years when NONE of them had bibles to read.




When you hear a preaching that is not directly in the bible, before you tell that person to shut up, why not ask GOD first if that person is speaking the truth or not!




Here is another example. GOD directly taught us that our flesh acts like a beacon to the demons. That the demons are attracted to our flesh like a beacon flashing!




I do not have a scripture to prove this to you, yet GOD did teach us this truth and it is true.




Right there is the perfect example of what I am talking about..... GOD does have the power and authority to teach us truths that are NOT directly spoken about in the bible....




Christian people, listen to this very carefully this is quite interesting ----->>>>


1 Peter 5:8 8 Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.




There Peter is writing a letter to the believers all over the world that satan prowls around like a roaring lion....




Did you read what Peter wrote carefully?





Now let me ask you - How did Peter learn this?




Peter did not read this in the bible because the bible was not written yet, at least the New testament was not written yet....




Because Peter had no bible, how on earth did Peter learn that satan prowls around like a roaring lion?




Obviously Peter learned this from GOD himself!!!




God taught this to Peter himself through his spirit this truth that satan does prowl around like a roaring lion!!!




Can you imagine if someone said to Peter -> Hey Peter, you cannot say that, it is not in the bible!! Can you even imagine this?




Can you imagine Christian people telling Peter to shut up about satan prowling around like a lion because it is not in the bible?




Of course nobody would do that because GOD is teaching us through his HOLY GHOST too!!!




So, since Peter did not learn this in the bible, should we tell Peter to shut up? Of course not, he learned this truth from GOD himself!




This shows us that the HOLY GHOST teaches us in spirit and truth, and GOD uses the bible in our lives to teach us incredibly too!!!




So when I tell you that the demons can either read or hear your thoughts out loud, I do not have a scripture to prove this, yet is is true!




How did Paul learn that our real enemies were principalities, powers, spirits in the air? Did he learn this from the bible?




Paul did not have a new testament bible so he could not have learned this in the bible yet.... GOD taught Paul this!!!




So when Paul went around telling people that our real enemies are the spirit realm, should people of told him to be quiet? To shut up?




Of course not!!! Paul was speaking the truth that he learned from GOD that our real enemies are from the spirit realm, the evil spirits!




So when I tell you that satan can read our minds, I do not have a scripture to prove it to you, yet the angels CAN DO THIS!!!




And when I tell you that the demonic do live inside of us born again believers, it is true and JESUS said so too in his strongman parable!




And when I share with you that the demons can see our flesh, the flesh inside of us like a beacon shining on and off, it is true!!




No I do not have a scripture that proves that the demons can see our flesh like a light or beacon going off, but this is what GOD taught us!





So when I tell you that if you get drunk, a demon or demons will enter you, I do not have a scripture to prove it, yet it is true people!!!




So here is my point -> Should we tell other Christian people to shut up because what they are teaching us is not directly in the bible?




GOD forbid no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Because they can be getting incredible revelations from JESUS himself just like brother Thomas does!!! Just like many of us are getting now.





So when the LORD gives us special revelations about a topic, we quickly make it into an audio, or article, or book, or video or whatever!!




We do not hide these incredible revelations such as like -> Yes, the demons can hear and read our thoughts, no we share them out loud!


I love cats!!!!!!



And why? Because we love you! Because once you learn how your being attacked, now you can pray for help and start fighting back!!!




GOD had to do this in his church for the first 1900 years because nobody had a bible yet, and GOD IS MOST DEFINITELY DOING THIS TODAY TOO in our time!!!




I love you brothers and sisters so much, praise GOD for each and everyone of you................


Sincerely, Garrett

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