Christian! What Music?


 What Music Do You Listen To?


At the very end of this FREE book, we have some of the mostSHOCKING & AMAZING VIDEOS that are about some of your favorite musicians & recording artists. After watching the videos, your view on music, the world, satan, Hollywood & your favorite artists WILL NEVER EVER BE THE SAME!

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Chapter 1 


It seems there is a lot of confusion in the Christian body on the topic of →

What music can we children of GOD listen to!!!

I have heard all kinds of opinions from different Christian people, but the most important thing is to try to find out what GOD thinks about this topic.

Let us all put aside our own personal opinions for a moment and  find out which way GOD is leading us in this topic of music!!!

Children of GOD, did you know there is music in heaven? In fact, as we read the bible from the old testament to the new, we can clearly see that music is very VERY IMPORTANT to GOD.........

If you study near death experiences, you will find that many of the people who died and went to heaven, heard the most INCREDIBLE MUSIC being played.......... Music that upon waking back up in their bodies, they cannot describe! Music different than anything we have here on earth...


GOD CREATED THE NOTES, THE NOTES WE CAN HEAR ON EARTH & the notes we cannot hear but will hear when we get to heaven. Yes when we get to heaven we will be hearing new notes, new kinds of music we cannot even imagine or dream of right now. Oh wow!!!!!

We can see in the old testament that GOD taught the people how to make musical instruments like → the harp, horns, percussion instruments and other stringed instruments too.

King David Played A Harp

Do you understand that GOD designed all of the musical instruments in the world? Man did not make the instruments, all of the design came from GOD......

This is a $250,000 Bosendorfer Imperial Piano 
 My favorite piano. GOD created this piano, not men or women. Everything comes from GOD!!!

Why would GOD give us music? Why would GOD teach us how to build musical instruments?

Why would GOD teach Johann Sebastian Bach how to tune the harpsichord and piano in the key of C Major?

Could it be so we would write wonderful music to be used to praise, worship and lift up GOD?

Could it be so we would write and perform wonderful Christian music to uplift the church, the body of CHRIST?

Could it be so that when we get sad, lonely and depressed, we could put on a Christian CD and in no time at all, GET UPLIFTED AGAIN IN THE SPIRIT?

Do you see what I am getting at here children of GOD?

Music is most powerful when it is being used to lift up GOD in praise, or to lift up the body of CHRIST with encouragement, motivation, determination and love! Music is most powerful when it is being used for holy, righteous, loving, compassionate purposes towards GOD or his church, or even to lure the non believers into knowing JESUS too!!!

Of course satan knows all of this and it would be very VERY important on his part to twist all of GOD'S plans when it comes to music, when it comes to what men and women will listen to and most importantly, WHAT EFFECTS THE MUSIC WILL HAVE ON PEOPLE WHEN THEY LISTEN TO IT.

We also know by reading the bible that before judgments and other important heavenly things happen, many times an angel or a priest or man blows a trumpet  real loud!!! For example, like at the battle at Jericho when the walls of the city fell down.

GOD gave many people in the bible a new song to sing............ Like Moses and the children Israel. GOD gave the psalms to David to sing and GOD gave a new song for Mary, the mother of JESUS to sing..

Since we can clearly see how important music is to GOD,

would you agree with me that music would be a very important tool for satan to use for his plans of evil too?


Child of GOD, there is a war going on!!! This war is actually being fought over for the control of your soul.

There are two spirits at war here that are trying to gain control of your soul.

We have GOD'S spirit where if you are truly born again, you have living inside of you – Called THE HOLY GHOST or HOLY SPIRIT.

Then we have satan's spirits = his huge demonic army of evil spirits who are also trying to gain control of your soul.

A lot of this war is being fought inside of you, with thoughts, imaginations, with feelings & emotions etc etc.

But, some of this war is being fought from the outside. Some of the weapons being used by GOD and satan are – The things we see, the things we read, the things we do each day, the things we watch &

 especially the things we hear.

For example, I have the entire bible in my telephone, so when I am lifting weights and exercising I can actually listen to the bible through my ear-buds. By listening to the bible, GOD can greatly, GREATLY uplift me, teach me, deliver me from sadness or depression & even rain down revelations to me. 


Many times while walking outside, or even driving my car, I listen to fantastic Christian music. By listening to the music, the HOLY GHOST can once again, teach me, uplift me, encourage me, give me new motivation, greatly uplift me spiritually, emotionally and even give me revelations!

By just listening to great holy godly things on the radio or internet, my entire life can immediately change.

This is how powerful an effect of what we listen to can have on us!!!

So we find here that by listening to the bible, or listening to good godly preaching on the radio, or by listening to real hardcore Christian music, GOD'S spirit inside of us actually gets stronger. We can actually feel the presence of JESUS with us more quite often when listening to good godly things. Many times after listening to the bible or great Christian music, we can feel more peaceful, more loving, more compassionate, more at rest, more spiritual, MORE FREE etc etc etc............

GOD can use what we hear to greatly bless us, greatly uplift us, greatly teach us, deliver us from evil and lift us up spiritually and emotionally too!!! GOD can use what we hear whether it is the bible, preaching or great Christian music to bring us love, joy, happiness, strength, power and all kinds of other wonderful things.

We children of GOD know that all of this is true, that GOD can use in a real powerful way what we hear to greatly benefit us in so many different ways...........   Praise GOD!!!!!

We can see in the bible that GOD accepts people dancing and playing music to him and for him as a form or worship and praise! People also danced in the bible and played music as simply a celebration for how good GOD was to them etc etc etc!

I noticed that by listening to the bible or great Christian music, quite often GOD can send angels of peace, relaxation, clarity, happiness etc etc to me.......... By listening to the great godly things, this can allow GOD to send wonderful angels to our presence to bless us..........    Praise GOD!!!


Is it possible satan can also do the same thing?

But with the opposite effects? With opposite intentions? Using the opposite angels we call demons?

Is it possible that satan and his army of spirits can use what we hear to bring us spiritually, emotionally and even physically down?

Is it possible that satan and his army of spirits can use his music to bring to us children of GOD →

Lust, sadness, loneliness, depression, despair, rejection, anger, frustration, greed, rebellion, occult type feelings, thoughts of sex etc etc ????

Is it possible satan can use his music to make us weaker spiritually, weaker emotionally, to feel the presence of GOD less?

Since we know that GOD can and does give us wonderful revelations quite often when we listen to real good Christian music, is it also safe to say that satan will give us evil revelations, evil thoughts, evil feelings when we listen to his music!

Most children of GOD have experienced feeling GOD'S presence much stronger after listening to good Christian music. So would it also be safe to say that when we listen to worldly/satanic music, that GOD'S presence would slip away from us? Getting weaker and weaker with us as we continue to listen to worldly music?

Of course this is true...........

Do you think GOD is gonna stick around in a very powerful way with you as you listen to Black Sabbath? 

Do you think all of those wonderful angels that GOD had sent to you are gonna stick around as you listen to the Rolling Stones?

Do you think the angel of peace is going to stay with you as you listen to Lady Gaga for 3 hours?

When I was a teenager the rock band – KISS was still very famous................ This was back in the year 1982......... We were just teenagers, what did we know!!

After all what harm could there be going to a KISS concert?

Children of GOD – Did you know what KISS stands for ?

KISS stands for – K knights I in S satan's S service.

It is correct – KISS stands for – Knights in satan's service

Let's dig a little deeper into this topic and see if GOD will teach us some more truths to help us decide what is right and what is wrong to listen to.

If some of you children of GOD do not believe that music is that important, please look at these statistics →

Men and women in the world spent

 $68,000,000,000 Dollars on music in the year 2011!!!

That is a WHOPPING 68 BILLION DOLLARS ON MUSIC for one single year......

I am sure the statistic for the year 2012 would be even higher!!!

Yes people, MUSIC IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT TO GOD, it is very important to satan and as we can see above, music is very very very important to people too!!!

Chapter 2 


Look at GOD'S incredible design in this pic!!!

Now what exactly is the definition of satanic music?

 Or does satan even have music here on earth? Let's take a good look at this.

Since there are only two spirits in the world, GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT and satan's demonic army, the music we listen to is either leading us to GOD, or it is leading us AWAY from GOD and to satan and his evil plans for you!

There is NO third choice here!!!!

There is only GOD and satan....................

Everything we see, everything we read, everything we watch & everything we hear is either leading us to GOD, to the bible, to JESUS, OR it is leading us away from GOD, away from the bible, away from JESUS and closer and closer to satan!!!!!

This is the system GOD has designed here on earth and there is no way around it.

Everything on earth is either leading us to GOD, or it is leading us away from GOD..... And if we are being led away from GOD, we naturally are given up by GOD to satan........ Yes, as we leave GOD, we are naturally and supernaturally given over to satan.

There is no middle ground, there is no
 third choice!

Look at this scripture →

Matthew 12:30

“Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.

Children of GOD do you understand what JESUS is saying?

He is saying that any artist, any band, any musician, any singer
who is not actually singing for GOD, for his kingdom, for JESUS 


Now that is scary!!!!

Listen child of GOD – You might be thinking that it is safe to listen to Madonna, or it is safe to listen to Britney Spears, or that it might even be safe to listen to Led Zeppelin or the Beatles!

But NOTHING could be farther from the truth.

There are only two spirits in the world, so every artist and performer either has GOD'S spirit living inside of them, or they have the demonic spirits living in them.

There is NO middle ground!     
There is NO third option!

That means that whether Britney Spears knows it or now, since she is not performing music for JESUS, she is actually working against him! Since there are only two spirits in the world, she is actually working for satan................

What JESUS said above is → What we watch, what we think, what we imagine, what we do, what we read AND ESPECIALLY WHAT WE LISTEN TO are either leading us to GOD and heaven, or they are leading us away from GOD, away from heaven and towards satan more and more!!!

Just like how listening to great Christian music can bring GOD'S presence into us stronger, how it can bring holy wonderful angels to us too, likewise listening to worldly music will push away GOD'S presence from us, and it will bring demonic angels to us!!!!!!!!

Demonic angels of lust, sadness, loneliness, depression, despair, greed, rebellion, anger, frustration etc etc etc!!!


I have a Christian friend that I have known now for 11 years. He is much younger than I am, in fact I met him when he was only 16. About 4 years ago some very devastating things happened in his life. He crashed completely down spiritually. He got very VERY angry at GOD and left GOD for a little while. When I talked to him, I told him that this was very dangerous what he was doing. I shared with him that the demonic are going to come now and really start to ruin your life, ruin your relationships and there will be terrible tormenting.

You know what he said to me?

He said Garrett, just because I am leaving GOD does not mean I am going to satan. I am going to stay in the middle now. I do not want to go to satan, but I am far too angry at JESUS right now to follow him. 

When I heard him say this, I very nicely, very lovingly, very carefully tried to share with him how there is NO third option. How we either follow JESUS or we are given up over to the demonic side.

To make a long story short – Just 1 year later he was worshiping demons, studying heavy demonic occult spells and activity, watching gruesome videos on the internet, and struggling with pills, drinking, internet gaming & a whole lot more!!!

JESUS told us, at one point, my friend had 50 demons inside of him!


We are either walking very closely with JESUS, or we will be given over to the demons in full force.


So what exactly is satanic music?
 Or what exactly is satan's music?

Satan's music in the world are any bands, any performers, any musicians, any singers who are not performing for GOD and his kingdom. 

All singers, musicians and writes who are not singing, not performing, not writing music that is for GOD, for heaven, for JESUS, for repentance etc etc ARE ALL ACTUALLY WORKING FOR satan whether they know it or not!

Every singer, musician and writer in the world have a spirit in them. They either have GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT in them, or they have satan's demonic army of spirits living in them.

This means whether she knows it or not, Madonna is actually working for satan!!!

It is very VERY IMPORTANT that we learn all about what listening to music can do to us people of GOD.

It is very important to learn why music is so important to GOD...

It is very important to learn why music is so important to satan and his demons!!!!

At the very end of this FREE book, we have some of the mostSHOCKING & AMAZING VIDEOS that are about some of your favorite musicians & recording artists. After watching the videos, your view on music, the world, satan, Hollywood & your favorite artists WILL NEVER EVER BE THE SAME!

Chapter 3

The War

Is it safe to say that our flesh, that evil carnal nature living inside of us is what attracts us to the worldly bands and artists? To their worldly music that is obsessed on sex, money, greed, sexual attraction etc etc?

I mean after listening to worldly music for one hour, can you tell that your flesh now got stronger?

Or do you feel that after listening to Madonna for 1 hour, your spirit would get stronger?

Let me ask you one more time please.

If you were to listen to AC DC for 3 hours straight after dinner, would you say that your flesh is now stronger inside of you? 

Or would you say that the spirit of GOD and even your own spirit are stronger inside of you now?

If you were to be honest with yourself and GOD, obviously listening to worldly music feeds our flesh. The more worldly music we listen to, the stronger and stronger that evil flesh inside of us becomes.

We naturally love listening to worldly/satanic music because this makes our flesh happy.

While listening to Christian music makes our spirit happy.

GOD told my Christian friend a few years ago that our flesh acts like a beacon that attracts the demons to us. So as our flesh gets fed and gets stronger, it is like a beacon flashing that will attract the type of demons to us depending on what we are doing.

If were listening to sexual dance music, or X rated rap music, then very likely our flesh will attract a demon of lust to us, possibly a demon of sexual defilement and most likely other demons too.

And right there child of GOD is where the war is being fought. The war is being fought inside of you. 

Your flesh is battling your spirit for control over you! Whichever one you feed is going to get stronger and stronger.

Likewise, whichever side we starve will get weaker and weaker.

If we feed the flesh by listening to worldly/satanic carnal music, our fleshly nature will get stronger and stronger. As we being children of GOD listen to more and more worldly music, our flesh can get so strong, it will start to take over our lives. And the truth is, the flesh is never satisfied......... The flesh will not stop just with worldly/satanic music, in no time at all it will be pushing you to watch worldly/satanic TV, worldly/satanic videos, worldly/satanic internet sites, etc etc etc!   

Let me ask you this child of GOD. When you are listening to Led Zeppelin, or Britney Spears, or Snoop Doggy Dog, can you honestly say your being uplifted in the spirit? Can you honestly say that the songs are bringing you closer to JESUS and his presence?

Black Metal Musician

Or let me ask you this. As you being a child of GOD listen to worldly/satanic music, do you feel better spiritually speaking while your listening to the worldly/satanic music? Or is it safe to say that while listening to the music you are actually feeling worse than before?

Child of GOD, have you noticed that when your done listening to dance music that you now feel lustful?

The music industry learned a long long time ago that sex sells.............  Out of all of the various topics that artists sing about in the world, the topic of sex has to be the number 1! As we listen to songs where the singer is singing about sexual innuendos, what you will find is that the person listening to the song will start to feel lust, or get lustful!

Why? Because that singer, band or performer are infested with lustful demons of various kinds. When we listen to her music, the demons can and are passed on to us too! The demonic angels actually get permission to enter us and torment us when we listen to the worldly/satanic music!

Britney Spears has become a very VERY WEALTHY WOMAN by using sexual innuendos in a large portion of her songs. Have you been to a Britney Spears concert? Have you seen the sexual outfits she wears on stage? Have you seen the lingerie she wears during certain parts of her concerts? Have you seen her perform on stage while sitting on a bed or laying on the bed on stage that is?

The worldly/satanic songs are about sex, drugs, partying, rebellion, money, cutting, suicide, depression, pain, rejection, loneliness, new age beliefs, hidden satanism and in your face direct satanic messages. Many many of the rap songs demean women, encourage rebellion against parents and the Government, promote drug use, and all kinds of X rated sexual innuendos! The songs are all anti GOD, anti JESUS, anti bible.

And why are the songs all about these very bad topics? Because the artists are infested with demons and since the performers are infested with the demonic spirits, these bad topics are what satan wants them to sing to you! It is what satan wants to push on the world using his very VERY POWERFUL satanic music!!! Many artists know this! They do not have JESUS living in them yet, so all they know, all they breathe, all they live every day are the terrible topics typed up above!

Chapter 4 

Hidden Messages

Songs from the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and most other bands of the world have hidden messages in the lyrics. The average listeners all over the world have no idea what the songs are really about. The lyrics are written this way on purpose to hide their real meanings. So while a listener is listening to a Beatles song, the person has no idea that the song might be really about something very sinister, very dark, even satanic in nature. In the 1960's – 70's & 80's most of the artists hid the real intentions of their song lyrics this way. But as we entered the 1990's – 2000 and now in 2013, because of how dumbed down society is now, because of just how satanic the people of the world actually are now whether they know it or not, the bands and artists can write lyrics that are very direct, very straightforward in their real meaning now. And what are we finding? We are hearing on the radio X rated lyrics, very sexual lyrics, songs with new age doctrines & if all of that were not enough, we are hearing very in your face direct satanic songs............ The artists in this day and age no longer have to hide their lyrics, they no longer have to use innuendos! Today, the more sexual the song is, the more record sales the band can achieve! The more satanic lyrics a band uses now, the more fame and fortune the band can expect.

How sad.


Starting in the late 1960's and early 1970's, some bands figured out that they could put secret messages in their albums by recording the messages backwards.......... It was highly suggested that the Beatles did this, among many MANY other bands...... Many of these messages were quite evil in nature, with some bands even recording backwards some very direct satanic statements or messages. Many bands put very sexual messages in their back-masking. The bands were using back-masking because they could not put those lyrics in the real songs yet. After all this was the late 1960's and very early 1970's........ But wow, in today’s music, you can get away with explicit X rated lyrics, lyrics that are obviously and very directly glorifying satan, glorifying suicide, glorifying all kinds of evil sexual behavior! 

When you listen to their worldly/satanic songs, your sub-conscience mind can pick up on their satanic messages that they are recording backwards. You will find all kinds of different modern back-masking techniques even in the movies that Hollywood produces!

These modern back-masking techniques are being used much MUCH more than we think they are! They can even be found in commercials that we watch on TV.


True Stories

True Story

 I got a job working for a limousine company two nights a week dispatching in the main office. Because it was only two nights a week, I was really struggling to pay my bills. The company did not need me to dispatch any other nights except the two nights a week so I was stuck. GOD gave me the idea to go study for my B class commercial license and by getting a commercial drivers license, I could then ask my boss if I could drive the party buses two nights a week to make more income. Three months later I passed all of my tests and my boss started giving me driving jobs during the week so I could earn more money.

They do not call it a party bus for nothing. I quickly learned driving the party buses at night time that not only were there sexual acts going on in the back, drug use, fighting, screaming, incredible amounts of alcohol etc etc etc, but I was now forced to hear the terrible, sexual, satanic music that the clients would play on the music system as loud as the stereo could possibly go in the back of the bus.

Driving these buses is when GOD introduced me to what is really going on in society at this time, to what music was being recorded for this generation to hear by the various rap artists, pop stars, rock stars and heavy metal bands. The sexual music, the X rated music, the satanic lyrics in song after song after song could drive a child of GOD crazy. I remember many jobs where I was counting not only the minutes, but the seconds to drop the clients back off at home because I could not handle the music any longer.

The inside of a party bus!!!

As the clients would blast the terrible music in the back of the bus, I carefully watched the spirit realm. Most of the songs would bring demons of lust... In fact, just about all worldly/satanic music brings a demon of lust to the person listening to it. Whether it is a rap song talking about hardcore X rated sexual acts, or dance music talking about bodies, sex, etc etc.......... Most songs I noticed were bringing spirits of lust to the people who were listening. Ummm that included me too, their driver!!! As I started driving the party buses to earn more money, the LORD JESUS had me go through some very serious battles against lust and other giants that were attacking me.......   As the clients would get drunk and high in the back of the bus, and while listening to that terrible X rated satanic music, many times the girls who were not even half my age, would start flirting with me. Praise GOD that the LORD warned me about this, that it was a satanic attack or temptation being used on me. Very very young pretty girls after drinking alcohol and listening to that terrible music, would actually start to flirt with me...............    Yes you can blame the alcohol for this, but we must also blame the music that they are being bombarded with by satan every day of their lives!!!!

One job in particular I remember. I was driving a very small party bus that seated only 14 people. I showed up at the very large house where the teenagers were standing outside for me. The dad payed me for the job in cash, he gave me a very good tip and the kids got into the bus. I was going to drive them 30 minutes away down to the beach where their winter formal was to be held at a hotel. As soon as we took off, they hooked up their mp3 player to the buses stereo system. What words can I explain to you now to describe the X rated lyrics that were being sung.............. The lyrics were as bad or worse than what you would hear watching pornography!!! Remember, these were 16-17 year old teens. Many of you think that maybe this was a isolated incident with the kids listening to that kind of music.


This is happening in party bus job after party bus job 7 nights a week all over the USA.......... In job after job after job that our company does, these terrible kinds of music are being played in the back of the buses. I have done jobs where the children in the back of the bus were more around the ages of 10-15 years old. Yes, they too would hook up their mp3 players to the buses stereo system, and what came out next would shock you right out of your body!!!!!!!!!!

GOD taught me quite a lot during the 9 months I drove party buses. In fact, before driving the buses, I did not realize just how bad society was doing, I did not realize what the worldly/satanic music the children were listening too, in fact, I had no idea this music even existed!!!!

 This music is being heard  nation wide in the USA and possibly even in most countries in the world.

At the very end of this FREE book, we have some of the mostSHOCKING & AMAZING VIDEOS that are about some of your favorite musicians & recording artists. After watching the videos, your view on music, the world, satan, Hollywood & your favorite artists WILL NEVER EVER BE THE SAME!


Black Metal Band - Marduk

Black Metal!

Black Metal!   Many of you reading this had no idea that black metal even existed, let alone that it was being listened to by millions and millions of people all over the world.

The word - (Black metal) was used as a synonym of – (Satanic metal). In black metal you will hear the vocalists use shrieking, screaming and snarling sounds quiet often. Most of the black metal bands write lyrics that are very anti Christian. Many of the black metal artists have been linked to Neo Nazi groups and beliefs. Many of the black metal bands will write about glorifying satan, sin, cannibalism, Nazi Germany, hating Jews, killing, torturing, maiming, raping and sex!!!!

This very dark, very evil, very satanic type of music was introduced to the world from Norway during the 1980's. It has now spread all across Europe and most of the world!

What Does Wikipedia say about this music?

Here is what Wikipedia says about Black metal →   Black metal was originally used as a term for extreme metal bands with Satanic and anti-Christian lyrics; today, the most common lyrical theme is opposition to Christianity !

Did you know that Christians are listening to Black metal, death metal and speed metal
 all over the world?





Cradle of Filth



Rotting Christ

Impaled Nazarene



Hecate Enthroned


Black Funeral 

Can you believe that there are Christians all over the world listening to this very dark, very evil, very satanic type of music?  It is true, they are!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember the Christian friend that I mentioned up above, the one that I met when he was 16 years old? He use to listen to black metal, death metal and all kinds of other metal too. In fact, he was still listening to this music as of just a few months ago, that is 11 years later after we met. GOD use to use me to talk to the young man about the harm that this kind of music could do to us. We had talk after talk after talk throughout the 11 years of our friendship. I remember a few years passed by and we had not talked about this very serious music topic. I naturally thought that he had listened to GOD, listened to me and quit the music years ago. Wow was I in for a surprise....

Little did I know at the time, but he was still listening to this music on a regular basis.

No wonder year after year he would constantly tell me – Garrett, I cannot worship JESUS, I just cant. I do not have any love in me, I have no idea how to love..........

Those were the kinds of statements that this young man would tell me on a regular basis on the phone.

Little did we both know at that time, just how much damage was being done to this young man by the music he was listening to.

Even after all of these years, every time he and his wife have a terrible fight, or every time he is going through terrible tribulation, he reverts back to this very bad, very satanic type of music.

He would put on his headphones and blast the black metal music for hours and hours and hours while he would play occult internet games like World of warcraft or whatever!!!

And I am not saying I am innocent either. Many times when I get sad, depressed, lonely, lustful or even living in despair, I will also put on a few of my favorite pop artists who sing very sad music, very depressing music too!!!

If your listening to black metal, death metal, speed metal, rap, dance music, pop music, country music, rock or anything else I have left out of this list →

Here is a short list of the type of demons that can enter a person who is listening to these types of worldly/satanic music →

Remember these are actual demons who will attack you and torment you and torture you!!!!

A demon of →

Lust -

Racism -

Suicide -

Occult -

Rebellion -

Homosexuality -

Anger -

Murder -

Revenge -

Frustration -

Aggravation -

Sadness -

Hopelessness -

Loneliness -

Depression -

Rejection -

And if possible, even demons of Despair!!!

And many MANY MORE demons, far to many to even try to type here!!!

Here is just one example among 100,000 songs I could choose to give you an idea of what satan has been forcing the world to listen to →

The Doors – (The end). In this song we find a young boy about seven years old, grab a knife, walk to his parents room, kill his dad and then rape his mom with a knife in his hand.

Chapter 7


Approximate  Total Record Sales For the Following Artists →



Michael Jackson – Record sales World Wide – Well over 750,000,000

Madonna – Record sales World Wide – Well over 300,000,000

AC DC – Record sales World Wide – Well over 200,000,000

Britney Spears – Record sales World Wide – Well over -  100,000,000+

Rihanna – Record sales World Wide -  Approximately 100,000,000

Iron Maiden – Record sales World Wide – Over 85,000,000

Beyonc'e – Record Sales World Wide – Over 75,000,000

Jay Z – Record sales World Wide – Approximately 50,000,000

Nirvana – Record sales World Wide – Over 75,000,000

Tupac Shakur – Record sales World Wide – Over 75,000,000

Ozzy Osbourne – Record sales World Wide – Over 100,000,000

Black Sabbath – Record sales World Wide – Over 70,000,000

Lady Gaga – Record sales + Single sales World Wide – 64,000,000

Marilyn Manson – Record sales World Wide – 50,000,000

Kanye West – Song sales, NOT album sales, but digital song sales in the USA – 30,000,000

Vanilla Ice – Record sales – Approximately 20,000,000

Rob Zombie – Record sales World Wide – Over 15,000,000

At the very end of this FREE book, we have some of the mostSHOCKING & AMAZING VIDEOS that are about some of your favorite musicians & recording artists. After watching the videos, your view on music, the world, satan, Hollywood & your favorite artists WILL NEVER EVER BE THE SAME!

Chapter 8 

The Topic of Suicide in songs.


There have been hundreds and hundreds of songs that have been written by artists on the topic of suicide. Far far too many to put in this short article. Artists have been writing about suicide, glorifying suicide, encouraging the listen to suicide etc etc for decades and decades now!!!

Here are just a few of the bands/artists and their songs written about this very topic  →

Judas Priest – Beyond the realms of death.

Sentenced – The suicider

Ozzy Osbourne – Suicide solution.

Metallica – Fade to black.

Marilyn Manson – Coma white

Staind – Waste

Pearl Jam – Jeremy

Pantera – Suicide note part 1 & a second song – Part 2

Nirvana – Lithium

Creed – What's this life for

Megadeath – Skin O my teeth

Can we even count the number of teens and children who have committed suicide in the USA and the rest of the world partially because the music they are listening to, has pushed them and encouraged them to kill themselves?

We already learned above that by listening to worldly/satanic music this will now give the demons permission to enter us.....

What would be a greater victory for satan than to get a young child or teenager to end their own lives?

Yes children of GOD, this is a much MUCH BIGGER problem than we have ever realized, than we have ever given credit to.


Christina Aguilera - In the video - Dirty!!! Do you see the crosses being worn by a few people?

The topic of sexual themes in songs!

Thousands of songs, even tens of thousands of worldly, satanic songs have been written using sexual themes!

If we typed out all of the sexual songs the world has created, it would be a 1000 page book.

Here is a very tiny example of just 10 of them to show you child of GOD what is really going on in the world →

Chuck Berry – My ding a ling -------------------- A song about masturbation.

R Kelly – Bump N Grind

Prince – Darling Nikki ----------- Has masturbation in the song.

Daft Punk – Harder better faster stronger

George Michael – I want your sex

Prince – Little red Corvette

Tori Amos – Icicle -------------- Has masturbation in the song

Missy Elliot – Work it

The Buzzcocks – Orgasm addict

Jimmy Buffet – Why don't we get drunk and screw

Do you realize children of GOD I could probably type 100,000 songs here that are written about sex, masturbation or have sexual innuendo in them..........

Now let me ask you child of GOD ---   WHAT BUSINESS DOES A CHILD OF GOD HAVE LISTENING TO THIS WORLDY/satani music?

The answer is →


Child of GOD, did you know that the lust you feel, the loneliness, sadness, depression, despair, rejection, anger, frustration etc etc are all evil spirits living with you?

It is true! Those evil emotions we feel are actually being brought to us by demonic angels!

So if a child of GOD listens to dance music for 3 hours hearing all of that sexual talk, naturally that person would now be feeling somewhat lustful, or possibly even a lot of lust!

What that truly means is this → By listening to the dance music for a few hours, now a demon of lust got permission to enter you and he is going to torment you day and night in lust.

And why?

All because we listened to music that is anti-god............... Anti-bible.......... Anti-god's spirit Anti-love...... Anti-caring.............Anti-compassionate!

Worldly/satanic music is →


Now Finally!!!!!


Here are the shocking, amazing, TRUTHFUL, eye opening videos about some of your favorite recording artists and musicians I have promised you!

Get ready child of GOD to have your reality changed on the topic of music and what is really going on in the world we live in!!!

Pray first!!!

Then watch and listen to the videos very carefully!!!

I pray GOD will bless you more and more with the truth, with love, with compassion for others, with JESUS CHRIST his son!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply Click On An Artists Picture To Be Directed To The Video Series On Them!!!

The videos are NOT in any particular order!!!


Lady Gaga Video Series -     A Second Totally Different Video Series


Madonna's Video                 Britney Spear's Video


Michael Jackson Video                 Vanilla Ice Video

Jay Z & Beyonce Video

Kurt Cobain Video                 Tupac Shakur Video

Ozzy Osbourne & Heavy Metal Video

The Power Rihanna / Kanye West Video Series

Iron Maiden Video

A Powerful Video Series On MTV!!!

A Huge & Powerful Video Series On Hollywood, Music
 & The Demonic

I pray that GOD has used this free book and the videos to bless you in so many different ways! Changing the way you think, changing the way you view things in life & especially changing the music that you listen to!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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