Change Me JESUS

Change Me JESUS I Pray!

I am sorry JESUS for just not loving enough!

I am not giving up LORD, yes I wanna be more like you! I am not giving up on this goal.

I am definitely far different than you JESUS, but I am not giving up!

I am soooooooooo thankful that Phil 1:6 Guarantees that GOD will finish what he started in me.... In you too children of GOD.

Look at what I mean → Phil 1:6 - And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. 

Yeah the process is going slower than I was hoping, but you know what?

I can clearly see that yes GOD is changing me into the image of JESUS!

So if your upset, or depressed or down because you are not too much like JESUS, keep your faith! Keep praying, keep asking, keep seeking out GOD to change you more and more and guess what? As times goes by HE will! Why? Because he loves you dearly......

GOD promises in Phil 1:6 that he will change you, that he will finish what he has started in you!

Do not worry, GOD cannot lie! If he says he will finish his work in you guess what?


Now for me in my life so far, it is going slowly! Sometimes I wish it would go faster, I am talking about GOD going faster in changing me into the image of JESUS!

But I have asked GOD to go faster in my life before and guess what?

All hell broke loose!

I learned my lesson I pray! Do not, DO NOT try to rush GOD in your life......

GOD'S speed for changing you is perfect.......... Since this is true, why try to rush it? Oh how I wish someone would of taught me this years ago. I keep trying to rush things and all hell will break loose then. Now I know that GOD has the perfect timing and he is perfect and everything he is doing in my life will work out wonderfully for my good.

I have tried to rush GOD on a few occasions and each time it turned out very bad for me!


Because if you ask GOD to go faster guess what? He just might take you up on that offer and you will be very sorry!

I feel a little impatient right now on a few areas in my life, that is true!

So if you are like me, I guess we gotta slow down, NOT try to rush GOD, and try to practice resting in JESUS!


Because GOD knows what to do with our lives and we do NOT! Sure we think we know what to do in our lives, but we are only fooling ourselves and we are mostly deceived. Only GOD truly knows what to do in our lives, only GOD knows what is best for us, only GOD knows what speed is best to go in the transformation of our souls! Believe me children of GOD, we absolutely do NOT!

Now it is my belief, that all true children of GOD usually cry out to GOD to change us into the very image of JESUS! And GOD is doing it and GOD will continue to do it amen to that! The bible promises GOD will do it in Phil 1:6.

But we are always in such a hurry to get going in different areas of our lives.

GOD is working in your life. This is an absolute fact. Even if you do not believe he is, or even if you do not see any changes, GOD is.

Many times we are blinded to the changes in our lives that GOD is doing! Even though GOD surely is changing us day to day, hour to hour, we just cannot see it. Why?

 Because of our pride, our ego, our flesh, the demonic angels, the world etc etc! Or maybe simply because we are not looking. We are not getting quiet time with JESUS and self analyzing ourselves. Or we are not meditating on how we use to be 5 years ago compared to how we are now. Or in other words, we simply are not taking the time to take a good look at the wonderful changes GOD is doing in our lives.

But rest assured, GOD is working in your life, GOD is changing you, GOD is transforming you for sure! The holy bible promises this.

But you might say - Garrett! I have fallen down into porn AGAIN for the 20th time.

But I say - GOD is working in your life, he is changing you, transforming you, molding and shaping you. Keep your eyes on JESUS!

Do not focus on your failures, that is what satan wants you to do! Do not count how many times you have sinned or fall back down into old addictions. Do not even think along those lines at all, that will trap you into more bad thoughts....

Keep your eyes on JESUS, on the bible promises, on helping people even while you are suffering in terrible addictions! Try to spend more time helping people, that will greatly bless you during these difficult times and experiences.

Just because you fell down into porn again does NOT mean GOD is NOT changing you! Of course GOD is changing you, the holy bible promises it!

Why? Because GOD loves you, because he chose you, because he promised he would change you into the image of JESUS.

So do not let your circumstances tell you that you are still the same year after year because you keep falling down into porn!  Those are all lies from our enemies...... From these evil angels!

You are being changed, you are being sanctified, you are becoming Christ like and do not let any stinking demons tell you otherwise!

Of course you want to be changed faster.... So do I! We people are impatient, or we worry, or we have anxiety about this topic!

Or we fell down into drugs and porn again - And we give up hope that GOD is not changing us now.


Take your eyes off of your sins, off of your failures, off off off of yourself and get them on the bible promises!

And guess what will happen then?

Grace will come! It will come at the perfect timing in your life and GOD will set you free from the porn, drugs, smoking etc etc!

Try this - Lay down and meditate on how you use to be. How you use to think, act, speak and behave! Try to remember how you use to view things, how you use to treat other people, how you use to respond to your family, friends and strangers!

Now lay down and meditate on how are you now. How you think about things now, how you talk to people, how you spend time in prayer and bible reading, how you have more love now for others, how you have more compassion, how you care more about important things.

It is awesome!!!!!

Some Christians preach that we can be JUST LIKE JESUS NOW, while on earth, living in our flesh! I do not agree with them, but I love those people!!!

GOD is sanctifying you now, changing and shaping you now..... And------------>>>>>>>

When JESUS comes back to earth, then we will be just like him!

We will have the mind of CHRIST after we die, when JESUS comes back to earth! Praise GOD.

In the meantime, GOD is changing you, shaping you, molding you, blessing you, and hearing your prayers!

GOD hears your cries when you cry out to him late at night because you fell down into sinning for the 200th time!

GOD will change you, he is changing you, he will continue to change you - Amen to that!

So do not give up! Stop looking at your own life.

Look at the author and finisher of your life, of your soul, of your grace --- JESUS!

GOD will finish the masterpiece which is called - Your life! And he will finish you for sure...... Try to be patient!

I will try to be patient too as I continue to mess up, sin, make mistakes and all kinds of failures too as I continue to live on this cold dark planet day to day.

Believe me, GOD knows what he is doing in your life, he knows how fast to go and it is all going to work out perfectly!

So stay calm as you continue to mess up over and over and over again. GOD has your back!!!

If your stuck in terrible addictions at this time, do NOT doubt that GOD is changing you!

Or if your stuck in terrible sinning at this time, keep your faith that GOD will finish what he started in your life!

Cast out your doubt! Cast it out in the name of JESUS because doubt is an evil spirit!

Your circumstances good or bad have NOTHING to do with GOD changing you!

Get your eyes off of your circumstances...... Keep trusting in the bible promises!

And guess what?

The bible promises will come true in your life, in your lifetime........... The will for sure beyond a shadow of a doubt! Why?

Because nobody is more powerful than GOD......... And nobody is more powerful than his son JESUS..........

You are being changed, whether you can see it or not, you are being changed!

In the powerful name of JESUS I say it again → You ARE being changed!

Stop doubting GOD is changing you and your life around. Just keep praying, keep sticking with JESUS and the bible!

Paul made terrible mistakes..... So did Peter...... So did John and his brother too!

I make terrible mistakes...... You will too! Without a doubt we will keep making mistakes in our lives as we live day to day here on earth.

Do not lose hope child of GOD, do not lose hope!

No matter how slowly your sanctification process is going, no matter how bad your sins and addictions are now, do not lose hope!

GOD is going to come through for you, just watch and see!

Just keep your eyes on JESUS and the bible and watch and see what JESUS is going to do for you!

Just watch and see, it will be so amazing! Just watch and see!!!

Sincerely, your servant Garrett

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