Can We Trust JESUS?

Can We Trust JESUS?

JESUS is thinking about you!

JESUS has you in his imagination!

JESUS has you in his heart!

JESUS has you on his mind!

JESUS has your entire life in the palm of his hand!

JESUS has the city you live in, in the palm of his hand too!

JESUS has your entire country in the palm of his hand!

JESUS has your entire continent in the palm of his hand!

Your problems are very important to JESUS.

JESUS has the entire earth in the palm of his hand!

JESUS feels your pain, he is living inside of you!

JESUS has our solar system in the palm of his hand!

JESUS cares incredibly about your disappointments.

Your failures are very very important to JESUS............. He is helping you! Your getting a tiny bit stronger each time you fail and he picks you back up again.

JESUS has the Milky Way galaxy in the palm of his hand!

The important things on your mind are also on JESUS' mind.

Did you know Ephesians 4:10 says that JESUS fills up the entire universe with himself? It sure does.

Did you know 1st Kings 8:27 - Says that GOD is larger than the universe? It sure does!

A random snap shot of somewhere in space.

1st Kings 8:27 - Will GOD really live here on earth? Why even the highest heavens cannot contain you!!!

JESUS has all of the galaxies in the universe in the palm of his hand!

The Hubble Telescope snaps a picture of what looks like a HAND doing something in deep space!!!

OUR GOD is much MUCH larger than we ever thought!

It might even be biblical to say that JESUS has the universe in the palm of his hand!

After all JESUS can count all of the stars and call them by name!!! Maybe, just maybe he can count the stars because through his spirit, he is actually larger than the universe!

So quite possibly he has the entire universe in the palm of his hand......

So we are learning now that JESUS is much MUCH bigger than we had ever thought.

Maybe your hurt because your boyfriend broke up with you, well JESUS cares a lot about things that hurt you! These things are very VERY important to JESUS!

Even though JESUS is most likely bigger than the universe, he cares so much about every single detail of your life!

All of this is just a small glimpse of how incredible JESUS is!

Even though he can count all of the stars which in itself is shocking, he also knows how many hairs are on your head! GOD is a personal GOD............ JESUS is a personal LORD!!!

There are also other scriptures that tell us that GOD'S glory is even higher than the universe can go.

JESUS cares, he really and truly cares about every single detail of your life even going down to the microscopic level.

You are not alone in your suffering, JESUS is with you hand in hand every single step of the way! You have never been alone.

I guess we are finding out that JESUS is much bigger and much more powerful than we ever had thought of even dreamed of!

Even the animals, fish, insects and reptiles are very important to JESUS.... He is an extremely personal LORD!

When you get to heaven and see how much GOD loves you, when you see how much JESUS was involved in your life, you are going to be shocked!!!

Did you know JESUS designed the stars that are facing the earth to tell his entire gospel story? It is true!

The guy who died on the cross naked has the power to design the stars and spread them out with his hands to tell his own gospel story to people on earth!

I pray some of this is really lifting you up spiritually!

And the really shocking thing is, his DAD is even more powerful! Now who could ever understand that kind of power?

6000 years ago JESUS held the matter of the universe and effortlessly stretched it out with his hands!

It is funny, the NON believers say the universe is expanding out from a big bang -Pure lies!!!

The bible says that JESUS stretched out the universe with his hands and the bible says HE did it effortlessly!

Here we see a computer simulation of what the universe might look like. Imagine if GOD and JESUS are much MUCH larger than the box in the picture. This is amazing to think about, GOD is amazing!

All of these bible truths are just tiny glimpses of how powerful JESUS is!

So if your short $100 dollars this month to pay your bills, do you realize your praying to someone larger than the universe?

Maybe your battling a demon of lust who might be 3 feet tall. But you can pray to someone who is larger than the universe – JESUS! Doesn't knowing that help you to feel a little better right now?

Maybe your suffering in sadness because your boyfriend broke up with you. Do you realize you can ask JESUS to hold you tight?

Maybe sometimes you feel that JESUS is not with you! Did you realize he is actually living inside of you? It is true!

Maybe you lost your job this week. You do realize the guy your praying too is larger than the universe right? Do NOT worry!

Maybe you just got diagnosed with cancer. JESUS is with you, he is living in you, he can easily make it disappear, in fact he already took care of your cancer at the cross.

JESUS creates the Horse-head nubulae

Yes the universe does end somewhere out there because the bible says that GOD is larger than the universe! Yes you are very VERY important to JESUS. Oh Praise GOD!!!

Do you realize this GIGANTIC entity living in heaven whom we call JESUS shrunk himself to be born in a human little baby?

And quite possibly JESUS' DAD is even BIGGER!

It is shocking!!!!

Maybe you have a few addictions right now. But you do realize your praying to someone larger than the universe right? Do not worry!

Although JESUS is living inside of you, he also somehow visits us personally when he comes into our church or our living or into our bedroom sometimes.

GOD is so much more powerful than we think he is. If we can start to realize this, we will worry less, we will have less fear in our lives!

The 12 disciples had no idea whatsoever who they were walking around with on earth 2000 years ago, Oh boy they had no idea........

Oh boy do the 12 disciples know who JESUS IS NOW! OH YES THEY DO. Judas also knows exactly who JESUS is now too!!!!!

Judas is very very very sorry now, you better believe this.

GOD is everywhere, JESUS is everywhere and we have billions and billions of angels who are just about everywhere too! You are NOT ALONE!

Why do you think the demons were freaking out in pure terror each time they faced JESUS in the bible?

Well if you were the size of the universe we would all be terrified of you too!

If you had the power to create a universe we would all be terrified of you too. Are you starting to get a glimpse of some of JESUS' power?

Look what JESUS did here!!!

One of the reasons we have so much anxiety and fear is because we are not understanding how BIG or POWERFUL JESUS IS! I know I am guilty of this!

You do realize the GUY walked on water in the dark of the night with huge waves all around don't you? Oh yes he did!

Did you realize when JESUS walked up to some demonic people the demons said to JESUS - Did you come to torture us?

Are we children willing to admit that we are UNDER ESTIMATING JESUS' POWER? I know I am guilty of doing this!

If we can realize that JESUS is larger than the universe somehow, is there any reason we should worry anymore?

Maybe your getting low on food this week. You do realize JESUS held the matter of the universe in his hands right? Do not worry!

Maybe like me, you have no friends... You do realize that not only does JESUS live in you, but GOD the FATHER lives in you too, right? So there are two friends who are closer to you than a brother.

If your low on food, you do realize that JESUS had a bird bring Elijah meat, right?

Maybe you cannot quit the porn addiction! Do you realize how big JESUS IS? Do you realize how powerful he is? Do not worry, keep praying!

JESUS is LARGER than the universe. Satan might be 200-300 feet tall in his natural form... Ummmmm why are we living in fear and anxiety?

Maybe you are about to lose your place to live in. JESUS is larger than the universe, pray, worship and cast OUT all fear!

Maybe you just found out that your boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on you. Do you realize that JESUS is madly in love with you?

Maybe the Muslims are taking over your village right now. Ummm JESUS held the matter of the universe in his hands and stretched it out effortlessly to create the universe!

Do not fear!

Maybe your baby is sick right now... Cast out the fear, cast out the worry, pray, have faith, stand on your bible promises and do not budge! JESUS is holding our solar system in the palm of his hand!

If JESUS is making sure that the spiders get food, that the fish get food, that ants get food, JESUS will take care of your baby! Believe!

Every dot of light in this picture is a separate galaxy!!!

One of you might say - Garrett - My baby died last year, JESUS did not save her. My whole life is falling apart! But I say to you - your baby did not die, only her little tiny body of flesh died. Your baby is in heaven waiting for you to arrive too! O PRAISE GOD!

You might say - Garrett - My boyfriend left me, he never came back, he never called me again. Ummm JESUS is on fire for you sister!

JESUS is on pure fire for you to have a loving, passionate, intimate relationship with him........ He has a wedding gown waiting for you! Why not start trying it on for size?

You might say - Garrett - The Muslims killed my parents!

Your parents did not die, they are in heaven and you will see them soon and rejoice for all of eternity living in your brand new mansions!

JESUS is larger than the universe but he also lives inside of you! There is no need to worry, no need to have fear, the CREATOR is in you!

                Col 1:27 – Christ lives in you!

If you can start to study and realize that, you will not worry about being $100 short for your bills this month. Cast out the fear, cast out the anxiety in the powerful name of JESUS and live in freedom with JESUS CHRIST.

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I would like to ask if you could design sands on the seashore to tell the entire gospel story? Of course not, no human could!

Look at what JESUS did here!!!!!

But JESUS took stars, stars that are thousands of light years away from each other and designed them to tell his own gospel story! Can you even imagine this child of GOD?

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OK so your getting low on food. Pray, believe, worship, have faith... GOD can easily make food appear in your kitchen or at your front door! GOD can even put food into your stomach so you will not be hungry anymore. GOD has done this for a friend of mine and his entire family. 

Luke 1:37Nothing is impossible with GOD!

When I was low on food one time, GOD had two Christian people bring bags of food over to my apartment with no notice or warning at all!

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Cast the fear out, cast the anxiety out, use the name of JESUS to do this and be free from the satanic bondage living in you! With the grace of GOD - Practice your spiritual warfare child of GOD.

So Christians have come up with all kinds of new doctrines to explain away the book of Genesis. Why? Why do they do this?

Because their LORD JESUS is weak, he is small, he is powerless, their JESUS cannot create everything in 6 days, so they explain it all away with satanic ideas, satanic doctrines and all kinds of lies from the pit of hell.

This is very bad!

There is NOT A single Christian on earth who can even come close to understanding how powerful JESUS is!

There is not a single Christian on earth who can understand in their mind or imagination how big GOD is!

So if your low on food, do not worry! If you have no friends, do not worry! If you are all alone, do not worry, your not alone!

JESUS loves you so much!

Sincerely, your servant Garrett

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