Can We Trust GOD

How Can I Trust GOD In The
 Midst Of This Mess?

I know many times we like to tell GOD that we trust him.

I know that we also like to tell our friends that we trust GOD too if the topic comes up.

Or we might find ourselves on Face book putting up a post of how I will trust you LORD in this storm etc etc.........

But how can we trust GOD when all hell is breaking loose in our lives?

I remember at different times in my life when all hell was raining down on top of me......

I was having sex with women, watching porn, getting drunk, stealing, Internet gaming all day and night etc etc... In fact there was so much hell, I could not possibly even type it all here.

Did I actually trust GOD that he knew what he was doing with my life during these terrible valley experiences?

No not really!

I figured that I had fallen down into multiple sins and addictions again and GOD was punishing/correcting/disciplining me.......

I figured that GOD was angry at me...........

I am sure a lot of you believe this too as of tonight!

But that is the whole point of this article. To show you a different way of thinking so please be patient!

I remember when the battles with lust/porn/masturbation and sex were so bad, there was no way on earth I would of believed you if you had told me that GOD is doing all of this for my good. I never would of believed you!

But let me share a few things with you now please →

GOD is perfect and yet his son JESUS is perfect too..... They are perfect....

So because GOD and his son JESUS are perfect, everything they do is perfect too right?

Of course. They are perfect so everything they do in the universe is also absolutely perfect too.

Does the bible state this?

Take a look at this →

Mathew 5:48 - even as your Father in heaven is perfect.

*Here we have JESUS telling us that his FATHER in heaven is perfect!

Psalm 18:30 - God’s way is perfect.

*Here we have David telling us that GOD'S ways are all perfect.

Hebrews 5:9 - In this way, God qualified him as a perfect High Priest

*Here we have GOD telling us that JESUS his son is a perfect high priest.

Hebrews 9:14 - Christ offered himself to God as a perfect sacrifice for our sins.

*Here we have GOD telling us that his son JESUS is the perfect sacrifice.

So! What does all of this have to do with our suffering, with all hell raining down on our lives over and over again as the years pass by?


Since GOD is perfect, since his son JESUS is perfect, they have created a perfect plan for your life.

GOD never makes mistakes, so the plan that GOD has for your life has ZERO mistakes in it. In other words it is a perfect plan.

*I remember when I lost two years of my life in jail and prison........ I never would of believed you that this was a perfect plan of GOD back then. But many years later tonight, I am starting to see how GOD is using everything for my good and that yes his plan is perfect, even the evil that has happened to me and in my life too!

*I remember in the past when my first and second wives both divorced me. I never would of thought that was a perfect plan back then, but now that GOD is teaching me more, yes I can see that everything GOD does is perfect, including everything in my life!

*GOD is powerful enough to use even evil for good in our lives. Or to word it another way, GOD can use evil perfectly in our lives to bless us, HE HAS THAT KIND OF POWER!!!

So when it comes to your life, GOD has you on a perfect plan too.

But you might be thinking → Garrett! How can it be a perfect plan that my wife ran off and left me for another man and took our children too?

Brother! I have no idea, but I do know that GOD never makes mistakes..... Everything that GOD has planned for your entire life to happen is a perfect plan and there is NOT one single mistake in it!

Look at this scripture →

1st John 1:5 - God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all.

*Think about it. JESUS' DAD is pure light, light that shines out larger than our entire universe and there is NO darkness in him at all. Not even a little bit of darkness. Not even a tiny bit.....

*Not even a microscopic amount of darkness can be found in GOD! Now that is just awesome to think about and it is also incredible news for us too!

Why you might ask?

Because as I look back at the thousands upon thousands of hours I wasted Internet gaming, I now realize that all of this was GOD'S perfect plan for my life and it really helps me to feel better.

It really helps to get rid of the shame, guilt and self condemnation inside of me over wasting so much time Internet gaming!

GOD's plan for your life and my life are absolutely perfect and there is NOT one single mistake in the entire plan, no not one!

Maybe you disagree with this statement, but that is simply pride......

Look at this scripture →

Romans 12:2 - Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

GOD'S will for my life that I would waste thousands upon thousands of hours Internet gaming is absolutely perfect!

And if GOD planned for your wife or husband to leave you and to take the children, that also will work out perfectly for you too!

But how can we be sure?

Because everything JESUS does is perfect. He never makes mistakes. JESUS never messes up. JESUS never falls down. JESUS never does evil........... NOT EVER!!!!

So what should we do when all hell breaks loose in our lives?

Start speaking out loud that GOD is perfect, that his plan for my life is perfect, that GOD will use these very difficult situations that are happening in a perfect way for me....

Start praising GOD, yes even praising in him the terrible storm. that can be quite powerful to do each day.

Realize that GOD never makes mistakes, so there must be some very important reasons why these brand new circumstances are happening in your life all of the sudden........

Realize that all of it, yes even the evil, even the heart breaking, even the soul shattering events will all be used for your good.....

And when you realize all of this, it changes your entire attitude.

And as your attitude changes, now your latitude will change and you will feel better and better as you go through the very very difficult times that GOD has planned for you!

2nd Samuel 22:31 - God’s way is perfect.

*Everything that GOD and his son JESUS have planned out for your life is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, YES EVEN THE evil that has happened is also being used perfectly by GOD to bless and help you!

I never thought I would say this, but GOD really blessed me by giving me 2 years in jail and prison, he really and truly did. I would not trade those experiences for NOTHING in the universe!

But you might be thinking → Garrett! My baby died at 8 months of age, how on earth can this be a perfect plan?

I have no idea brother...... I have no idea sister...... But let me tell you what I do know!

GOD is perfect and he never messes up, he never makes mistakes, GOD is far FAR beyond the definition of the word perfect could ever be!

So GOD will use this pain in your life, this loss, this tragedy that happened to you and GOD will use it perfectly to bless you, to change you, to help you, etc etc etc............

GOD is a perfect FATHER to you and me, and GOD would never ever hurt you....... Everything that GOD does in your life is based off of perfection!

One more time → GOD has the power to easily to evil, hurting, crying, death etc etc for our good and to bless us and GOD probably does this 10,000,000 times a day, or an hour!!!

So when the bad times come and they will come for sure, JESUS will use these hard times for absolute perfection in your life!

*I remember in jail when I had some enemies that were seriously talking about doing some harm to me........ Even that GOD used for perfection. Now I did not understand this back then, of course not.

But now I am learning that all of it, the entire 50 years of hell raining down on my life is a incredible PERFECT wonderful plan of GOD for my life!

And when the terrible times come into your life, and they are going to come for sure, even those are being used perfectly by GOD in your life too!

But how can we trust GOD in the midst of this mess we are in?

How can we trust GOD when our baby just died, or when our husband just left us, of when our church is gossiping about us?

Because GOD is perfect! Because everything that GOD does in your life GOD is using to perfect you to be the son or daughter of GOD that GOD has planned for you to be!

I remember a specific valley experience I was in a while ago. I had gone back to all of the old addictions once again. I had a multitude of demons inside of me. All of my Christians friends had left me long ago. I was battling against sadness, loneliness, depression, lust, despair, hopelessness, anger, rage, frustration, short temperdness and SO MUCH MORE!!!

I never would of believed you if you told me back then that GOD's plan for my life was perfect. There was no way I would of believed you, in fact I would of hung up the phone on you!

But now years later, I can see that EVERYTHING GOD is doing in my life, IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.....


GOD really blessed someone I know from the Internet. GOD gave him a vision. And not just a vision, but one of the most incredible visions I have ever heard of. GOD shows him the entire creation in some spectacular supernatural way. GOD showed him the entire creation from start to finish somehow and guess what?


THE ENTIRE PLAN OF GOD FOR ALL OF CREATION IS ABSOLUTELY 1000000000000% PERFECT, and there is NOT even one little tiny mistake in it, NO NOT ONE!!!!!!!!!

The GOOD that GOD has planned for your life and my life is working out perfectly...

The BAD that GOD has planned for our lives is also working out perfectly!

And the terrible, the absolutely terrible times that GOD has planned out for our lives is once again working out perfectly for us too!

I hope and pray as time goes by you will start to see the same that I am seeing in my life. That all of the experiences that GOD has planned for us is all working out for our good, that it is all perfect and beyond perfect for us!

Because of all of this, you can relax tonight no matter what you are going through! You can let the fear go now. You can let all of the anxiety that you are battling against go too. You can let all of the hurting, the pain, the depression and even the mind boggling disappointments go now too!


Because every little thing you are going through at this time in your life is a masterpiece of perfection all planned out by the MASTER of the UNIVERSE!!!


GOD and his son JESUS love you dearly and you are soooooooooo precious to them!!!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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