Bible Secrets

Bible Secrets!

    1). JESUS tells us in John 6:39 when he will rapture the church! Go read it, have a great time learning more truths!

    2). You cannot find a single Pastor running a Christian church in the New Testament.............

    Pastors running churches as the head of a church is demonic, pride, ego and a complete lack of bible reading!

    3). Did you know that the old testament gave the exact date, I mean EXACTLY when the Messiah would enter into Jerusalem on a donkey, even a donkey's colt?

It sure did!

Read Daniel chapter 9 and be super blessed by more truths from GOD!

4). GOD is larger than the universe, so is his son JESUS..............

Go read Job 22:12, 1st Kings 8:27 and Ephesians 4:10 just to name a few and be super blessed by more bible truths!!!!

5). After JESUS dies on the cross, the new testament never tells us to tithe again!

In fact, no tithing can be found in the bible after JESUS dies on the cross period......

Before JESUS dies, the Jews are following the law!

After JESUS dies on the cross, the law is now fulfilled and the Jews were NOT required to follow the law any longer.

Yes tithing is a part of the old testament law!

    6). Nowhere in the bible does it say that satan ever led worship in heaven, nor did worshiping in heaven, nor anything else having to do with worshiping GOD....

7). All things come from GOD.............

The word all there = Everything in the universe...

That includes the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the joyful and the terrible things too...........

All things come from GOD.

John 3:27 - A man can receive nothing unless it comes from heaven.

Ecclesiastes 7:14 - Enjoy prosperity while you can, but when the hard times strike, realize that both come from GOD.

Isaiah 45:7 - I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I am the LORD that doeth ALL THESE THINGS!!!

1st Cor 11:12 - But all things are of GOD.

2nd Cor 5:18 - But all things are of GOD.

    8). No matter how many times you fall down, no matter how many mistakes you make, no matter how many times you mess up from weaknesses, as you continue to truly repent throughout your life --->>>>>

GOD is NOT condemning you!

GOD is NOT shaming you!

GOD is NOT holding you guilty!

Read Romans 8:1 and be super blessed by bible truths!

9). You did NOT choose JESUS, HE chose you!

John 15:16 - JESUS says -> You did not choose me, I chose you!

Christians quite often think they are saved because they chose JESUS....

That is silly!!!

JESUS chose you!

    10). Disasters come to cities worldwide because GOD HAS planned it.

Amos 3:6 - Does disaster come a city unless the LORD has planned it?

    11). JESUS CHRIST lives inside of you!

I am NOT talking about the HOLY GHOST, but JESUS' spirit lives in you too!

They both do!

Col 1:27 - Christ lives in you!

Romans 8:10 - Christ lives within you!

    12). Witches, satanists, occultists and other evil people CANNOT put a curse on you child of GOD, unless there is a reason for the curse to stick!!!

Proverbs 26:2 - The curse that is CAUSELESS, alighteth not -->>> OR in modern English --->>>

Prov 26:2 - A undeserved curse will NOT land on its intended victim!!!

    13). We are suppose to rejoice and have joy when bad things happen to us...........

James 1:2 - Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way consider it an opportunity for great joy!

    14). Wars that have NOT happened yet, that are coming shortly -->>

Psalm 83

Ezekiel 38

Isaiah 17

Isaiah 19

And many more it would seem!

    15). Martha tells us in the new testament exactly, EXACTLY when the rapture takes place...................

Go read John 11:24 and be super blessed by more bible truths!!!!

16). The resurrection and rapture of the chosen ones on earth happen at the exact same time..................

Read 1st Thess 4:16-17 and be super blessed by more bible truths...

PS: Since they happen at the same time, this clearly tells us there is NO pre-tribulation rapture!


The resurrection cannot happen pre-trib because nobody has died yet!!!

17). JESUS CHRIST is the end of the law............... Enough said on this one!!!

Read Romans Chapter 10 and be super blessed by the bible truths!!!

    18). The prophetic books in the Holy bible named after prophets are NOT in Chronological order!

    19). The book of Revelation is NOT in chronological order!

20). Mathew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13, the 3 chapters all about the Great 7 year tribulation ARE IN chronological order!

    21). GOD has a mark! And there is a Mark of the Beast too!

Read Exodus 13:16 to learn about GOD'S mark...

Read Revelation 13:16 - To learn about the Mark of the Beast!

    22). Joseph's life story in the old testament has all kinds of symbolism about JESUS CHRIST.........

    There are many MANY of them to be studied and found out! As you read about Joseph, keep JESUS in the front of your mind and be super blessed with more bible knowledge.

23). The book of Esther is extremely symbolic of the main characters in the Great 7 year tribulation, and many parallels can be found in the book having to do with the Great time of testing!

Read the book of Esther with the Great 7 year tribulation in mind only and get super blessed by finding these treasures in the book!

24). Joseph, Moses, David & Mordecai were all a type of Man-child ministers!

The 144,000 found in the book of Revelation are Man-child ministers too!

25). The story of Joshua's people marching around Jericho 7 times before the walls fell down on the city, is EXTREMELY SYMBOLIC of how the Great 7 year tribulation will happen!

Read the story of the Jews marching around Jericho and getting ready to attack the city, but keep the Great 7 year tribulation on your mind the entire time, and get super blessed by finding these hidden treasures of GOD!!!

26). The tribe of Benjamin made some incredible military soldiers..... Those guys were super tough!!!!

Do a word study on the tribe of Benjamin with your bible study guides and find out just how tough those soldiers were!

27). When David killed Uriah the Hittite, most people never knew that Uriah was one of the 30 MIGHTY MEN! Or 33................

Study the story of David murdering Uriah, then do a word search on his name with your bible study software and get super blessed by learning more bible truths!!!

28). GOD has never asked you to join a religion!

Scour the new testament for the end of eternity and see if you can find anywhere that GOD asks you to join a religion........

You will never find it!

29). GOD'S son JESUS is also at least as big as the universe........

Read Ephesians 1:23 and 4:10 To be super blessed by even more bible truths and learn that JESUS is much bigger than we ever thought he was!!!!

30). The bible never said that Adam and Eve ate an apple.............

Did any of you ever notice Apple's logo? It is an apple with a bite taken out of it!

Scour the bible all you want, you will never see GOD telling us that Adam & Eve ate an apple from the tree and sinned.

Not once!

31). satan is NOT mentioned even one single time in the 150 Psalms........

Yet satan is constantly on the minds, thoughts and tongues of Christians!!!!

It seems we are constantly talking about him, thinking about him, imagining about him etc etc etc.........

Even more so than we do JESUS......

Yet NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE Psalm mentions him.........

32). The demons are mentioned ONLY 1 SINGLE TIME in 150 Psalms.....

And the Psalmist was not glorifying the demons, but simply stating out loud that the Jews were sacrificing their children unto the demons.........

Read the 150 psalms and see if you can find any mention of satan............

Or any mention whatsoever of the demons except for the Psalmist telling us ONE SINGLE TIME that the Jews were sacrificing their children to them!

    33). GOD parted water 4 different times in the bible............

    1). The Red sea for Moses and the Jews.

    2). Jordan River for Joshua and the children of GOD.

    3). Jordan river for Elijah.

    4). Jordan river for Elisha!

34). There is NO prosperity preaching in the entire new testament, absolutely none...........

Scour the new testament slowly and carefully, look and see if you can find any prosperity preaching anywhere.......... Good luck hahaha.

I have found the closer and closer we get to JESUS, the less and less money we usually have. This is NOT a 100% rule, but I have found this is true quite often, or almost always!

I pray you have enjoyed these bible truths and that GOD will draw you closer and closer to his incredible son JESUS, and the holy bible every single day of your lives......

Love, your servant Garrett

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