Be Encouraged!

Be Encouraged Child of GOD!

The LORD is with you child of GOD!

JESUS is right by your side tonight and he is NOT going anywhere...... He is not budging!

Do not give up child of GOD, do not give up!

No matter what your stuck in at this time, do not give up!

No matter what sins you might be facing at this time in your life, JESUS is with you! You will make it through this.

No matter what addictions you might be trapped in at this time in your life, do not give up!

Do not look down on yourself, do not self condemn yourself!

You are a mighty warrior for GOD!

You might say to me - Garrett - I am stuck in porn, I am not a warrior..... But JESUS is living inside of you and HE IS A WARRIOR!!!

Since JESUS is living inside of you, this makes you a warrior too. You are a WARRIOR in CHRIST........ The key words there are → In CHRIST!!!

The creator is living in you and at the right time, he will shatter your addictions........... HE will shatter your sinning. He will get you back on your feet with his grace, mercies, blessings, favor and protection.

The LORD is with you child of GOD! The LORD is with you I say...........

You cannot lose, you will not lose, you must not lose, it is impossible for you to lose because JESUS is holding you!

But you might say - Garrett - I am stuck in porn and playing world of war-craft... BUT JESUS says - You are his!!! You belong to HIM......

You are important!

Do not give up! I say it again -->> Do not give up child of GOD! The LORD is with you.......... You will win because JESUS is holding you!

If your thinking of giving up right now, please click here -->>>

Do not give up, it is going to get better............ Only because of JESUS it is going to get better so let us praise GOD right now!

You are important, your life matters, we need you in the body of CHRIST.... We children of GOD need you with us in our body!

You will not give up child of GOD, JESUS loves you! Now stand up......... Repent......... stick with JESUS!

The LORD is with you, even in your battles against porn or crack, the LORD is with you I say! You will win.... JESUS loves you!

Even in your addiction, stick with JESUS...... Do not leave the LORD just because you fell down into sin or addiction, do not leave him!

JESUS loves you, I love you, our FATHER in heaven is waiting and waiting to hold you real tight on his throne! You will not give up → In the powerful name of JESUS → You will not give up!

It might look real bad now, it might look impossible now – Mathew 19:26 →  but with GOD - all things are possible!


Mark 9:23 → Anything is possible if a person believes!

You might say - Garrett - I cannot keep going, the lust has completely overwhelmed me...... Oh boy do I know how that feels, yes I do!

But I am still here, I am still moving forward, I am still breathing and you can and will too... Why? I thought you knew! Because of JESUS!

I love you and I say right now - You will not give up!!!! Check this out if you have hit rock bottom -->>

You might say - Garrett - I have fallen back down into alcohol, there is no hope for me!

Oh boy do I know how that feels too! I sure do.... But I am still here, I am still breathing and you will win because of JESUS!

Sticking with JESUS during the terrible sins and times of addiction are the key to everything!

The LORD is faithful, he will not let you go! 

Even if your problem is pornography, sex, alcohol, internet gaming or occult activities - Stay with JESUS, do not leave him!

Keep talking to the LORD, keep repenting, keep sharing with JESUS, keep crying with JESUS if you need to cry during these hard times!

You are important, I say it again, your life has incredible meaning to it!

The LORD JESUS is sovereign over everything, including your sinning, including your addictions... JESUS is in control and he knows exactly what to allow you to go through and exactly when to stop it all. Everything that JESUS allows is going to work out for your good. We know this because Romans 8:28 – Guarantees this!

You might say - Garrett - I am watching the most wicked porn now, there is no hope for me. Well, I have done that too and I am still here!

I have also fallen down into the most terrible sins and addictions, but after a while of suffering, JESUS set me free again and he will do the exact same for you especially if your repenting and humbling yourself!

JESUS can and will set you free too at just the right time. Do not give up! Stand back up, even in sin, stand up, repent, pray for help!

If JESUS can get me through those terrible times, HE will surely do it for you too!

You might say - Garrett - I have been in porn for 3 months now, it seems hopeless... Well I have been stuck there too for 3 months, yet I am still here, yet JESUS still loves me, yet THE LORD is still holding on to me and he will do the exact same for you too!

You might say - Garrett - When will the addictions end? They end when JESUS says they end and not a second sooner or later!

Your flesh and satan are NOT in charge, they are NOT in control. Even in your terrible sin and addiction JESUS is still sovereign!

Look at this → Lamentations 3:37 – Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S permission!

JESUS is sovereign over his entire creation and he is not going to share his power or authority with anyone, especially not satan... AND ESPECIALLY NOT your flesh either.

Even your sinning and addictions are being monitored very VERY CLOSELY by JESUS............ He is on top of the entire situation!

Rain down your glory JESUS, rain it down now on all of us who are suffering in terrible sin and addiction.... Help us O LORD WE PRAY! We are sorry for our pride, we are so sorry JESUS for being pride the last few months. We are so sorry now for judging others... We repent JESUS, we repent!

The LORD is with you mighty warrior.. You are extremely important to JESUS........

JESUS loves his entire body equally, that means whether we are in terrible sin and addiction or free right now, HE LOVES YOU exactly the same, with the exact same measure of love for JESUS is incredible!

So stand up child of GOD, repent for the sins, reach your hands up high and grab a hold of JESUS' hands and allow him to hold you!

You might say - Garrett - I have been stuck in porn for 4 months now, it looks like JESUS has let me go. NOTHING could be farther from the truth child of GOD!! JESUS is still with you and he is NOT going anywhere! JESUS would never ever ever leave you in your weaknesses!

JESUS would never ever leave you in your failures!

JESUS would never ever leave you in your mess-ups!

JESUS would never ever leave you when you have fallen down again.. Oh NO NO NO child of GOD!

JESUS is far FAR greater than that!!! Sure people would leave you in your sins and addictions, but JESUS never EVER EVER WOULD! You do realize that JESUS has the word – FAITHFUL written on him right? The very definition of faithful is  = JESUS!

You might say - Garrett - I have been stuck in porn now for 6 months, where is JESUS in all of this?????

JESUS is in the exact same place as he was when you were first born as a baby! HE is RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE and he is NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

Since JESUS is not going anywhere, keep in contact with JESUS even during your terrible sins and addictions, even during the acts of sinning and this can be quite powerful at times if you would try this.

So like me, if your stuck playing world of warcraft 15 hours a day, keep JESUS with you during the sinning, during the suffering, during the complete failure of this kind of addiction and the LORD will walk you through this mess and carry you out of the valley of the shadow of death!

Or like me, if you have battled against porn for most of your life, keep JESUS with you while your sinning..... Keep humbly repenting, realizing how helpless you truly are without JESUS, realizing just how weak you are without JESUS, realizing just how sinful and awful you truly are without JESUS... These can be very powerful lessons that are really good for you! They are good because it is important to learn these truths about ourselves!

Keep humbling yourself during the sinning, keep humbling yourself after your done sinning for that time, stick with JESUS the best you can with the grace GOD is giving you!

You are MIGHTY TO SAVE JESUS!!! I cannot believe how faithful you are........Show your church body how faithful you are LORD! Set the captives free JESUS for you are incredible!

You are incredible JESUS!! You blessed me more during my terrible porn addictions than you do when you give me grace to quit!

You are wonderful JESUS... Show your children how much you love them, bless them incredibly as they struggle, show them LORD your love!

This is not over child of GOD... The LORD has got you in his powerful arms and your addictions will be over soon!!! Humble yourself.

Keep telling the LORD how badly you need him, how much you want him, how lost you are without him, keep in communication with him telling him all of these wonderful truths and at the same time, these struggles you are in are humbling you which is a very good thing!

Do not give up, I say it again you will not give up because JESUS is with you, JESUS loves you, JESUS will set you free soon!

Do not give up! JESUS loves you very much child of GOD. You are not alone in your suffering, GOD makes sure that all of his holy children go through sinful times and addictions!

You are not alone in your addictions, there are tens and tens of thousands of Christians stuck in the exact same stuff...

Humble yourself! Oh my gosh is this important.... Keep telling JESUS how badly you need him, do not get angry at GOD because of your current situation. I know many times when I have fallen down into addictions, I have gotten angry at JESUS............. Not wise!

Do not get angry at GOD when you fall down again. He has very important purposes for these times of incredible struggle! And GOD is going to use all of these times of terrible suffering for your good just like he does for me!

Do not get angry when you fall down, that is what satan wants. The demons will even talk to you over and over about getting angry at GOD! They will say GOD does not love you, or GOD is allowing you to suffer again etc etc... It is all lies!! Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Each time we fall down into bad addictions, it is almost automatic for us to get angry at GOD.... But let us stop doing that!

Do not get angry because GOD will turn these terrible times around for your good...... Remember the story of Job!

Your porn addiction is not as bad as what Job went through!

My gaming addictions are not nearly as bad as what Job went through and Job did not curse GOD!

Your alcohol addiction is not nearly as bad as what Job went through, yet Job would not curse GOD!

The LORD is crazy madly in love with you child of GOD....... He will use your times of sin and addictions to bless you, just watch and see! Sure it will be terrible suffering as you or I go through the valley of the shadow of death experiences, but when JESUS brings you out, you will see clearly how he is blessing you!

Change your attitudes about your sins knowing JESUS will turn it around for JESUS is awesome, JESUS is mighty, JESUS is holy and everything he does for you is all good for you O PRAISE GOD!

Do not copy me and complain over and over again when you go back to sin and addictions.. Do the opposite of me! We do not want to murmur and complain, that is what satan wants us to do!

If you have fallen back down into drugs or sex or porn, repent, praise JESUS still, love him still, keep talking to him & do not stop!

If you change your attitude then your latitude will change, your entire spiritual atmosphere all around you can change just by you changing your attitude!

The LORD is with you mighty warrior!

If JESUS left every one of his children who have fallen into porn, HE would have NO body left in his entire world wide Christian body of believers. The LORD would be all alone!

Even though I sin JESUS, I love you!

Even though I fall down into masturbation, porn & alcohol at times, I need you JESUS, I want you LORD in my life!

You are amazing JESUS, there is nobody like you in all of the earth! There is no man or woman even close to being like you.

What other friend in all of the world would stick by us as we struggle in porn, sex, drugs, prison, gaming, alcohol, drugs, sadness, loneliness and depression etc etc? Only JESUS!

Bow down at the throne of JESUS and throw the LORD your crown. Because you and I do not deserve these crowns! We are weak, pathetic, filthy and disgusting sinners who can only make it in life day to day when the LORD JESUS is holding onto us real tight! Can we be honest about that?

We need you JESUS, we want you, we have got to have you O LORD in our lives. We bow down at your throne not daring to move!

We bow down at your throne right now LORD and we will not dare to speak...... We will not dare to budge or even make a sound!

Only you JESUS are good, only you JESUS are holy, only you JESUS are powerful, only you JESUS went UN defeated!

We bow down at your throne O LORD, we fall down and we will not even dare to lift up our head to look at you!

We are worthless JESUS yet you are amazing. We are weak JESUS, yet you are powerful! We are sinful LORD but you are HOLY!

You O LORD JESUS are everything we ever have, you are everything we will ever become, you are everything we can hope to be! You are our EVERYTHING JESUS!

Praise to the LAMB OF GOD who loves us whether we have fallen down for the 1000th time or not.......... JESUS!

Now child of GOD, change your attitude, then your latitude will change, then your life will change, then your universe will change!

Start thanking GOD for your sinful times, for your problems, for your ailments, thank him, thank him, THANK HIM I say! 

Children of GOD, join me right now and throw your crowns down... We do not deserve them. We fall face down at your throne JESUS right now!

You JESUS are LORD even over our sins, you are LORD over our addictions, you are the MASTER of the UNIVERSE!

There is nobody like you JESUS, for you love us even when we do hideous sins, even when we hurt ourselves in addictions - You LOVE us!

You are our victory even in the terrible storm you are a ROCK we can hold on to, a very powerful UN movable UN unshakable rock!

Even in the terrible porn addictions, you are our rock and you are not moving, you are not budging, you are UN defeated JESUS!

No wonder the demons are terrified of you JESUS!

We praise you now no matter how good or bad things are going tonight. We praise you right now I say JESUS!

Worthy is the LAMB of GOD who took away the sins of the world!

So arise! Arise daughter of GOD........... Arise son of GOD...... Stand up again........ Repent, humble yourself, stick with JESUS!

Your past sins, your present sins and your future sins are all washed away by the blood of JESUS as long as you stick with the LAMB!

You are faithful JESUS you will not leave us in our weaknesses, you will not leave us in our addictions you are FAR TOO incredible for that!

Praise to the LAMB OF GOD who took away our terrible sins.............. JESUS...............

Praise to the one who left heaven to live with us, to heal us, to teach us and to die for us on the cross for our sins..... JESUS!

Now child of GOD, let the shame go, let the guilt go, let the self condemnation go and REPENT and be free IN CHRIST!

 Be free for JESUS loves you!!!! Be free.

Love, your servant Garrett

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