Battling Sin!!!

Battling Sin – Part 1

As I fall back down into old addictions on a semi regular basis, you better believe I am blaming that evil pride in me as the # 1 culprit!

It is now the weekend and we children of GOD are much more apt to falling back into sin on the weekends than during the work week.

Is there a single Christian person on the entire earth who does not sin anymore? Hmmm think about that very carefully!!!!

Can we children of GOD ever quit sinning?

When we children of GOD quit watching porn for a few weeks or a a few months, does that mean we do not sin anymore? Of course we still sin!

I tell you the truth, all children of GOD on planet earth sin on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons why we NEED JESUS in our lives. We need his blood to cover us as GOD sanctifies us over a period of time. Changing us from the inside out to be more & more like his incredible son JESUS!!!

Even though we constantly sin in different ways, if we stay in JESUS, abiding in JESUS, GOD sees us as 100% righteous and holy!!!

If you are stuck in the most terrible addictions this weekend, know this -->> JESUS still loves you and he will never stop!!! There is nothing you can do to make JESUS stop loving you, nothing at all! Now the demons will try to make us feel and believe that GOD doesn't love us anymore, they surely will try to do that all the time with us. But it is a lie!! The demons are constantly trying to get us to believe that GOD does not love us.... Even though the demons are lying, I know that their attacks sure can seem real at different times.

If your suffering terribly this weekend, if you are sure GOD does not love you anymore, know this -> It is all a lie! GOD loves you!!!

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Think about this -> If JESUS were to stop loving his children who are stuck in a porn addiction, he would lose 70% of his entire body!! Now I am not saying doing any of these addictive behaviors is OK, because it is not! But JESUS still loves you no matter what your stuck in at this time in your life! 

So if you have fallen down badly this brand new weekend, do NOT allow the enemy to tell you that GOD does not love you anymore...... GOD loves all of his children equally, praise GOD for that!!!!! GOD only accepts the righteousness of JESUS.... NOT YOURS OR MINE!!!  So GOD will see you and me as righteous as long as we have JESUS truly living inside of us..... GOD will only look at JESUS' righteousness!

You and I cannot be righteous, that is completely impossible. But if we have JESUS living inside of us, his righteousness covers us!!! His righteousness now makes us RIGHT WITH GOD! GOD sees the righteousness of his son JESUS inside of us now and this pleases GOD! GOD is now pleased with us.

So if you are stuck in terrible sin this weekend, keep JESUS with you, yes!! Even during the sinning and addictions KEEP JESUS WITH YOU!!!

Just because you quit porn does not make you righteous. Just because you read the bible does not make you righteous!!! You cannot be righteous, that is absolutely impossible!!! GOD will ONLY see HIS SON JESUS' righteousness and NOBODY else!!!

So this means if you are stuck in a terrible World of warcraft addiction, while you play, keep JESUS with you constantly the best you can!!! That means even if you are stuck in a terrible porn addiction, keep JESUS with you even while your sinning...... Your sinning will not shock JESUS nor surprise him.... JESUS created you! THE LORD knows everything already even before he made the earth!

Let me prove a point to you please !!! How many of you children of GOD are helping orphans? How many of you children of GOD are helping widows? How many of you children of GOD are on fire with all of your heart and soul with JESUS? How many of you children of GOD are putting aside all of your selfish ambitions and shouldering your cross daily? How many of you children of GOD are praying without ceasing?  As you can see children of GOD, just because you quit porn doesn't mean you do not sin anymore! All of us sin all the time!!! There are sins of commission!! There are sins of omission!!! This is why we need JESUS so badly in our lives!! We need his blood covering, we need his righteousness to cover us every single day!!!

So just because you or I have quit porn does NOT mean we can call all our friends and tell them that we quit sinning... Of course not!!!

As you can see children of GOD, we will be sinning until we take our very very last breath.......... Now we are being sanctified by GOD slowly over a period of time, and sure we are sinning less and less as time goes by, this is true! But THE BIBLE SAYS that if we commit one sin, IT IS JUST LIKE WE HAVE COMMITTED THEM ALL!!!   Now the bible says that true religion is helping widows and orphans in their time of need.  When is the last time you have helped any widows or orphans?

So yes we do want JESUS to help us to quit porn, crack, weed, sex, gaming etc etc etc, but do not think you are clean then! We are only clean when we are repenting our sins to the LORD JESUS, and when we are keeping fellowship with JESUS on a day to day basis! JESUS and only JESUS can make us clean.

No matter what sin we commit, TO GOD it is as if we have committed all of the sins.... Since JESUS created you, surely he knows all about this system that HE put in place here on earth!! This system of sinning..... JESUS designed the system then he created it and implemented it... Now you and me are stuck in it. It was also JESUS' plan to come and die for us, for our sins........ We need to stick with JESUS even during the terrible times of suffering, hurting, pain, addictions, crying, and sinning! Why? Because JESUS is our covering........ JESUS is our salvation and there is no other...

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So lift your head up tonight! If your stuck in porn, crack, world of warcraft, weed tonight, lift your head up... JESUS loves you, JESUS will forgive you!!! And at just the right time, JESUS will set you free!! Maybe permanently, or maybe not permanently, but JESUS is faithful!!! Don't beat yourself up tonight anymore, that is what satan wants!!!

So you might be thinking how come other Christian people can overcome porn but you or I cannot? The truth is = THEY CANNOT OVERCOME PORN EITHER, none of us can.... Only JESUS can!!! JESUS has set some of your friends free from porn and drugs, it is as simple as that... Your friends did not set themselves free from porn and drugs, only GOD can do that!!!! So do not say that your friends can overcome porn but you or I cannot. That statement is incorrect!! No child of GOD on earth can overcome porn, gaming, world of warcraft or anything else. Nobody can except JESUS!!!! 

So let us all humble ourselves before the throne of JESUS and bow down right now. We need you JESUS to set us free from the crack, from the sex, from the internet gaming, from the alcohol, from the terrible sadness, loneliness and depression we pray JESUS!

And, at the right time, JESUS will!! Why? because he loves you, he adores you, he cherishes you, he created you, he died for you!!!

If your internet gaming at this time, please trust me and
 check this out -->>

Do all of you remember how GOD allowed satan to overwhelm and come against Job? Do all of you remember how satan sent a messenger to attack Paul and JESUS allowed it? Do all of you remember how GOD allowed king David to get overwhelmed at different times in his life? We read about these experiences that David went through in the psalms. Have all of you read Ecclesiastes and saw how Solomon would get overwhelmed too? Now that is exactly what I am talking about tonight! Sometimes GOD purposely allows the flesh and the demonic to come against us and overwhelm us taking us down into a terrible valley experience! 

Does GOD do this? OH YES HE DOES! Many Christian's do not believe me when I say GOD does allow this but HE sure does allow it!!!  

Why? Mainly because of our pride, ego, self righteousness, pride in our theology, pride in our church, pride in our own walk with JESUS etc.

If you are stuck in addiction and you cannot get out, the fight is NO LONGER YOURS.... That fight now belongs to JESUS to fight for you!! So children of GOD, since the porn or gaming battle is not yours, GEESH RELAX TONIGHT MAN........... JESUS will fight for you and set you free... Wanna hurry up the process? Humble yourself constantly day and night and JESUS will speed it up!

If you cannot quit porn, smoking, drugs, world of warcraft now the battle belongs to the LORD and JESUS is very VERY POWERFUL!!!!

So why are you and I keep beating ourselves up over and over again when the battle is NOT ours to begin with? Why do you or I do this? Maybe we should practice stopping beating up ourselves from now on and humble ourselves instead... Then, THEN JESUS will really fight for us! If a temptation to watch porn comes to you and you can say no, well praise GOD but even you saying no WAS GRACE FROM GOD! We cannot overcome anything, so when we do say no to watching porn, that is because JESUS is giving us grace to say no!!! So when you say no to watching porn this weekend, do NOT get puffed up, do not get pride, because it was grace from GOD helping you to say no!

Do you remember when Paul told Timothy that he was the chief of all sinners, that he was a terrible sinner? And that was Paul speaking!!!! Do you also remember in the psalms when David would talk about all of his terrible sinning and how he could not stop? Well, we sure are learning a lot here.............. If Paul kept sinning even though he did NOT want to, that teaches us a lot here! That teaches us that the battle actually belongs to JESUS and that we cannot stop sinning whatsoever until JESUS orders it stopped!!!

Wow big deal, I have not seen porn for a while. Does that mean I quit sinning? Of course not, you and I still sin all the time!!! But on the other hand, when JESUS does set us free from a specific sin, that is a cause for great celebration and giving glory to GOD amen!! I am not saying it is not a big deal when JESUS sets us free from a specific sin because it is a HUGE deal, but we are still sinners people! I am warning you now, just because JESUS set you free from a specific sin does NOT mean it cannot come back........... The flesh and the demons sure can come back, you better believe they can whenever JESUS says they can!!! Paul speaking as a old man to Timothy clearly said that he is still battling sin..... The battle will go on until we take our last breath! The flesh and the demons under satan will never ever ever leave you alone until you take your very last breath, or until JESUS tells them to

JESUS' blood and his death on the cross covers our sins...... Of course we still sin, but as we repent, GOD forgives us because of JESUS!!

A few Christian people tonight said that true Christians do not sin anymore...... Now that is very very wrongful teaching........

Did you children of GOD know that masturbation is a sin? It sure is!!! It feeds the flesh and allows the demonic to enter us.... Do any of you people realize what percentage of Christianity masturbates? It could be about 99% percent of us............ Nobody can teach other children of GOD that we do not sin anymore now that we are born again.... OH YES WE DO SIN!!!! But because JESUS died on the cross for our terrible, filthy disgusting sins, now we can repent and be washed clean!!!!

Did you know the bible says that NOBODY on earth is seeking GOD, no not a single person. It sure does!!!

Read this carefully please -->>

Romans 3:10 – 10 As the Scriptures say,
“No one is righteous— not even one.
11 No one is truly wise; no one is seeking God.
12 All have turned away; all have become useless.
No one does good, not a single one.

Now if we are not seeking GOD, surely that is a sin, right children of GOD? Do you know why you or I seek out JESUS from time to time? Because GOD THE FATHER gives us grace to seek out his son JESUS. It is not us doing it, it is GOD doing it with his power!!!!

But as GOD sanctifies us, we do sin less and less as time goes by because of the blood of JESUS, grace, mercies, blessings and the cross.. Even though we sin less as time goes by, we still sin all the time! If you or I even commit one single sin, we could not get into heaven without JESUS in our lives, in our hearts, transforming our souls, covering us with his blood!

Peter knew what a wretched sinner he was, Peter was also being humble and exalting JESUS when he asked if he could be crucified upside down! John said in 1st John, now that we are born again, we are sinning less and less............ That is true, we do sin less now praise JESUS! But give me a break, we still sin!!!!!!!!!! Don't you children of GOD know that? 

But, because of what JESUS did for us, if we truly have JESUS living inside of us, GOD SEES US AS HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS...... PRAISE GOD!!!

Just because we can repent, like I had to do last night, and was forgiven, does not mean I am gonna lie and say I have stopped sinning. 

I do not want to be a fake phony Christian!

We sin, but we can repent and be washed clean............. GOD washes us clean because of the blood of CHRIST on the cross and the cross.

So, if you are stuck in terrible addiction, this fight is NO LONGER YOURS... The fight now belongs to JESUS, so relax a little bit!!! I am not saying that your addiction or mine is OK TO DO, because it is not OK, but stop beating yourself up over it!!!

Think about it this way... If you actually could stop sinning, YOU WOULD NOT NEED JESUS ANYMORE!! Or if you actually did stop sinning, you could actually ask GOD the FATHER to bring you up to heaven immediately! Because you are perfect.. Now, with JESUS truly living inside of us, even though we still sin, because of JESUS, GOD now sees us as perfect too!!! This is yet another reason why all glory is going to go to GOD and JESUS! It is only JESUS living inside of you that makes you right with GOD!

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Every single Christian on earth has darkness in them, some more than others. If you had NO darkness in you, you could actually ask GOD if you could come up to heaven now in a rapture.........

Did Paul sin less as he got older and older? Of course he did.. Yet he made it clear to Timothy he was still the worse sinner of them all. I am sure Paul was simply being humble there, yet of course Paul was still sinning. Only JESUS never sinned! And as JESUS sanctifies us over time, we are sinning less too just like Paul sinned less too as he got older and older in the LORD.

There is not a single man or woman on earth who does not sin anymore. We all mess up, we all fall down from time to time, we all fail! This is why GOD'S plan is so incredible... GOD knew we would need a savior, HE knew we would need a hero.... So he sent his son JESUS to die for our terrible sins!

JESUS' blood covers our sins and the LORD slowly sanctifies us, changing us, changing us from the inside out. It is a process......

I have been walking with JESUS for a while now, yet just last night I messed up badly!!! We all do, can you admit this publicly? Or will your pride stop you from telling the truth? Nobody is special here on earth, not a single one of you children of GOD is. Only JESUS is special. Only JESUS never sinned, only JESUS overcame the world, sinning, satan and all temptations......

The most powerful Christian man on earth that I personally know of was repenting on live radio a few months ago for a terrible sin!!! I saw he was going to be on the internet show for 30 minutes and I was very excited to find out what he was going to say tonight. Well, I watched it, and GOD truly taught me a lot. This man went on to admit publicly on live internet video that he had been battling a porn addiction for 10 years now. We all sin, we all fall down, we all fail the LORD on a semi regular basis! Only JESUS is special!

Just humble yourself, day and night keep humbling yourself at the throne of GOD! Letting the shame and guilt go the best you can, all the while praying for help day and night! Since the battle belongs to JESUS and not you or I, let us practice letting the shame and guilt go, let's throw all of that demonic crap right out the window where it belongs in the trash can!

Let us practice staying with the LORD the best we can even during the terrible sinning and JESUS is faithful and true to set you free at JUST THE RIGHT TIME!   Praise GOD!!!

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Sincerely, your brother Garrett