Battling Masturbation

Battling Masturbation - Part 1

I remember when I was only 5 years old having terrible and very serious demonic oppression with me!

Even though this was about 42 years ago, I can remember it like it was only 10 years ago.

The reason why I can remember this so clearly is, the demonic oppression was quite terrible from the ages of 5 on up to an adult!!!

If you do not believe the demonic can attack children, wow have you made a terrible mistake!!!

There are many many reasons why the demonic can attack children, with most of the time it being because of what the parents are doing!

The demonic are much MUCH MORE involved in our day to day, hour to hour lives than most Christian people can possibly understand!!!

If your addicted to caffeine, smoking, drugs, porn, sex, TV, movies and especially internet computer gaming, YES, the demonic are behind it!

In our addictions we battle, the reason why they are so hard to break is because one demon compels us while another demon enslaves us!

The two demons work together to form an addiction!!

If your simply addicted to caffeine, you would have a demon compelling you to get it while another spirit enslaves you!!!!

Would the demons bother their time and energy pushing us to have addictions? It SURE DOES LOOK THAT WAY!!!

In fact it looks like satan is expelling a huge portion of his demonic manpower to forming and causing and keeping addictions in us!!

Instead of talking about porn or gaming or caffeine or smoking tonight, I am going to talk about another topic that is rarely spoken about!

The topic I am going to talk about tonight from a purely Christian perspective in holiness and righteousness is going to be masturbation!

Masturbation = A hidden addiction and secret enemy that Christian's battle against.

Hopefully your mature enough to talk about the topic of masturbation because very very few people are tackling this demonic attack!

Yes, I called it a demonic attack!!!

It seems our evil flesh with the demonic together tag team us on this topic of masturbation!

It seems our sinful carnal nature wants us to masturbate, it seems the flesh gets stronger and stronger as we children of GOD masturbate!

The flesh acts like a beacon that calls the demonic spirits to it. The flesh is like a beacon of light flashing on and off to the demons!

Now some of you might be wondering why on earth is masturbation evil? Well, that is a great question!!!!

As a child of GOD, one of our main goals is to be more and more like JESUS, or this should be one of our main HUGE goals in life!!

Now JESUS never masturbated!!! JESUS never ever did anything that would build up the flesh, or anything to attract the demons!

Since we can use common sense and bible knowledge to know without a doubt that JESUS never masturbated, would this be a good goal for us?

If one of our largest goals in life is to be more like JESUS, then would you agree with me that we would want to quite masturbating?

GOD wants to transform us into the very image of his incredible son JESUS.... This would include giving up masturbation!

As children of GOD masturbate, their flesh gets stronger, their flesh starts to climb down from the cross where it was nailed!

As we continue to masturbate, the flesh climbs down from the cross, it roars like an incredible dragon, and the demons take NOTICE!!!

If you do not believe me that the demonic are behind us masturbating, why don't you simply just quit for 6 months to a year!!!

Most people masturbate while thinking of some very sinful thoughts in their imaginations. The demons can see these imaginations in you!

You are not getting away with sinning in your imagination while you masturbate, not only does GOD see it, but satan sees it too!!

Yes people, you have been lied too.... The demonic can hear or read our thoughts, and they can see our imaginations too like pictures.

So if Christian people are masturbating while thinking of sexual images, this is going to attract the demonic to you BIG TIME!!!

Most Christian people have been masturbating for most of their adult lives!! Have you ever asked yourself why is it so hard to quit?

Come on people, don't be shy!! Why is it so hard to quit? Why not try quitting for one year and see what happens!!!

Did you know when we quit masturbating for a time the demonic takes notice? Oh YES THEY DO and they do NOT like that!!!

The demonic does not like when we quit all of the evil things in life, they do not want us becoming more Christ like!!!

So when you re dedicate your life to JESUS, and you want to try to give up masturbating too, watch out, a demon will come against you!!!

Try it, watch and see..... Try to quite masturbation for 6 months and watch and see how you will attract some enemies to you!!!

This enemy whatever he is called and possibly a friend or two of his will start to push you and tempt you to masturbate!!!

And now you are in serious spiritual warfare!

This spirit with your flesh together will try over and over and over again to get you to try to masturbate!!!

They do NOT want you becoming more Christ like!!!! That is the opposite of satan's goals for you!

Have you ever wondered why a man or woman masturbates from a very young age for most of their entire adult life, even till death?

Yes, there is a demon or demons behind this act we do with our body!

And here is the really sinful part.... The demonic will push us real REAL HARD to sin in our imaginations while we masturbate!!!

That spirit who is behind the masturbation that you do will NOT want to get kicked out of you!

And when you do command him to leave you, you will find that with the grace of the LORD, you will be able to quit for a while!

I say only a while because soon enough, he will come against you again and start tempting you to masturbate again so he can live in you!

Yes people, we are infested with spirits living with us........ Just like you see in a horror movie or a Sci Fi movie!!!

So if the spirit can get us to masturbate again, he will try to attach himself to us again!!!

If he can get permission to live in us again, he will live in our hand, or even in that sexual part of our body!!

You never knew this did you? It is the truth! All of this is the truth and we need to know, we need to pray, we need grace!!!

And now the battle is on!!! He will try to get us to masturbate over and over again, the LORD will continue to change us and mold us!!

I noticed that JESUS does not usually teach this topic to brand new Christian people. That is NOT to say he never does, he can do anything!

I feel GOD teaches this topic of masturbation to us a little later in our walk with his incredible son JESUS!!!

It seems that many times GOD first teaches us to stop using our imagination in evil sexual ways, so we practice that first!!!!

After we practice watching what we think about very carefully, now many times GOD will start encouraging us to quit masturbating completely!

And as you try to be more and more like JESUS, walking like the LORD walked, the enemies TOOK BIG TIME NOTICE OF YOU!!!

That demon who lived in your hand or the sexual parts of your body for most of your life, will be super pissed about getting kicked out!!!

It is strange how when children of GOD masturbate, they do not even think that GOD is watching them and satan is watching them too!!!

It is almost like children of GOD block that topic out when they masturbate, little do they know, they are being watched by both sides!!

If your confused about the topic of if a demon can live in us or not, please check this out and get super blessed -

So we know the LORD did not smoke, we know he did not do drugs, we know he did not have sex, so likewise we want to be like JESUS!!!!

Many times when we masturbate it attracts a demon of lust, I would guess 99% of Christianity did not know that!!!

Some of you might be wondering what is the big deal here? Some of you might say so what!!!

If we masturbate and we get a demon of lust with us, HE does not stop there. He will try to open up doors in you for more to enter!!

One of the main goals of a demon besides tormenting you is to get another door open in you for one of his brothers to enter!!!

Now we have two demons with us. Those two will torment us and try to get another door open in us for another demon to enter!

Before you know it, now we have 5-6 demons with us and we are starting to get into big trouble!!!

If you are straight, whatever you do, do NOT think of the same sex while you masturbate!!!!

You do NOT want a demon of homosexuality to enter you!! Now that would be very very very bad for a child of GOD.....

Many times when we look at porn and masturbate, the demonic will try to get us to look at the same sex we are........

This is a homosexual demonic defiling attack against us!!! They want to twist everything GOD made especially it seems our sexuality!!!

It seems that the demonic try to attack our sexuality as much as anything else I can possibly think of!!!

The demonic under satan's command has twisted the sexuality of huge portions of the people on planet earth now!

So if you are battling masturbation, whatever you do, do NOT think of the same sex people as you are. satan is watching your imagination!

Step 1 is going to repent.... If the LORD has shown you that masturbation is UN christ like, let us repent and be honest with GOD!!!

Step 2 - Let us pray for grace so we can battle against masturbation..... So we can start practicing to quit this fleshly action!!! After we pray, believe, really believe JESUS will help you to overcome this evil and he will! Keep your faith no matter how long you are waiting!

LET US HUMBLE OURSELVES...... Humbling ourselves day and night is one of the most powerful things we could ever do to show the LORD how badly we want to be done with masturbation!

Step 3 - When you are being tempted to masturbate, try to start praying or think of something else or go do something else real fast!

Step 4 - When all else fails, cry out to the LORD for help!

Cry out to the LORD for him to bring a spouse into your life to marry!!!

If you are married and while you masturbate you are thinking of another guy or girl besides your spouse, that is adultery!

JESUS made it clear to us that if we use our imaginations to have sex with someone, it is JUST LIKE we are actually doing it!!

So in your marriage if you are thinking of someone else while you masturbate, you better believe satan is seeing all of this!!!

Derek Prince who was used of GOD for about 50 years said that the demon of masturbation lives in our hand or fingers!!!

Derek Prince said that we should shake our hands while we command the demon out.......... This demon is real people!!!

When people are brand new with JESUS, brand new Christian's, the LORD might wait a while before he starts to teach the masturbation topic!!

What I am saying is, this is not really a topic that is taught to brand new Christian people, yet GOD can do whatever he wants to do!!!

I pray the LORD will teach you and show you all about this important topic of masturbation because it is very UN Christ like!!!

I am NOT saying it will be easy to quit, it is NOT easy, nothing that we do for GOD is easy!!!!

As you try to quit masturbating, you better trust me and know that the demon will come against you and attack!!! With the LORD'S permission

The demonic must have the LORD'S permission to tempt you in the masturbation topic!!! Praise GOD that JESUS loves us.............

It is going to be very difficult to quit, yet it is all grace. We need grace from GOD to quit all evil things including masturbation!

Many people reading this didn't know that masturbation was evil because this topic is never talked about, never preached about much!

I heard Paul Mcgwire talk about this before, on public radio, that was a good blessing.... Let us start praying about this topic!!!

Let us cry out to JESUS for grace so we can be free from this evil fleshly action that we have been doing for years and even decades!!

One step to take, would be if you are going to masturbate, step 1 stop those evil imaginations, those sexual imaginations while doing it!

One of the sins of masturbation is the part we do in our imaginations. GOD talks about our filthy imaginations all over the bible!!!

Another sinful part of masturbation would be the actual physical part of it..... It feeds the flesh man. When we feed the flesh, it is a sin

Anything we do that feeds the flesh man is a sin, including watching TV, movies, internet gaming, drinking beer and masturbation!

So once again, anything that feeds the sinful carnal nature inside of us is a sinful action... Masturbation definitely feeds the flesh!!!

So if we are burning from lust, sure we can pray for a spouse, that is biblical, yet let us quit masturbating too and go to war against lust

You will notice that you are free from lust, but then you will masturbate and out of nowhere, many times you will feel the evil lust again!

Don't be afraid or embarrassed to talk about this topic with your children, spouses, friends or even in church!!!

Listen people, anything that feeds the flesh/the evil carnal nature is going to be a sin!!!

The flesh is our enemy and when we masturbate it feeds the flesh man big time!!!

I don't want to repeat myself, but it will be very hard to quit... This demon has been living in some of us for a VERY VERY LONG TIME!

Our flesh man wants to climb down from the cross where he is crucified....... GOD wants us to keep the flesh man nailed up on the cross!

If you do not believe the demonic are behind masturbation, just simply try quitting for 6 months and watch all hell rain down on you!

When I say hell will rain down on you, I am talking about temptations of lust and masturbation coming to you over and over again!!!

But the LORD who is also the creator of the flesh, who is the creator of the angels will help you, teach you, encourage you, give you grace!

JESUS is the only one who ever EVER EVER OVERCAME masturbation and walked in holiness and righteousness!!!

You and I cannot overcome masturbation, only JESUS can!!!!!!!

Since only JESUS has overcome masturbation, only JESUS can help us, teach us, encourage us, motivate us and strengthen us to overcome too!

I say it again, you cannot overcome masturbation without THE LORD!!! It will be impossible.........

Now some of you are in shock to hear that I am saying there is a demon living in your hand or your sexual parts of your body!!!

I know it is very VERY SURREAL!!!!

If you are married and you are masturbating, you are hurting your marriage incredibly!

Just the fact that your masturbating in your marriage is going to give satan permission to enter your marriage big time.....

Now you and your wife or husband have a very big problem!!!

When a married person masturbates, they are bring other men and women into their marriage too!!

This is being done in the persons imagination who is masturbating...

JESUS said if we even lust after a woman in our imagination with our eyes and thoughts, that is the same as committing adultery or fornication!

So as one or both of the married people masturbate, they are actually bringing other men and women into their marriage too.

And guess what? Satan can see your thoughts and imaginations and he knows exactly what you are doing.

You are not getting away with any of this, in fact your marriage, yourself and your spouse are being punished terribly because of this!

Whether you realize this or not, it is true!!!

If you are married, pray for grace, pray for mercies, pray for the LORD JESUS to help you to overcome the problem of masturbation so your marriage will have a chance to make it!!

Help us JESUS, cleanse us JESUS, make us into a new person, with new thoughts, new imaginations so that we can bring glory to you and not shame we pray!

I am tired of myself O LORD, I am tired of my evil ways.......... I am ready for change JESUS........

Create in me a clean heart JESUS, renew in me a right spirit O LORD JESUS!!!

Take it out of me JESUS, take it out of me O LORD. I am sick of my flesh JESUS!!!

Cast me not away from your presence O LORD we all pray tonight.....

Nail that evil flesh in us back up on the cross O LORD........... Have mercy on our souls JESUS............

We try to quit masturbating, yet we sin again. Then you deliver us, then we sin again, over and over again O LORD!!!!!!!!!!!

Take it out of us JESUS, purify us from our sins so we can be clean, wash us O LORD and make us whiter than snow we pray!!!

Forgive us FATHER!!!    We want to do right but evil is always present....

Our spirit doesn't want to do it, yet our flesh always wants to masturbate!!!!!

Let your glory fill our bodies JESUS...........

Hold us real tight with your loving arms wrapped all the way around us JESUS and set us free from the flesh masturbation we pray!

Rain on us JESUS, breathe on us JESUS.............

Rain down your grace, send your spirit stronger in us and set us free from masturbation we pray!!!


Purify our hearts JESUS, surround us in your incredible holiness and righteousness.

Crush that lust JESUS, send that spirit fleeing away from us JESUS!!!

Shower down JESUS, rain down into our souls O LORD and set us free!

Rain down FATHER, breathe your HOLY GHOST into us stronger.........

We need your miracle tonight, we need your breakthrough tonight FATHER!!!

Crush those defiling spirits living in our minds, send our enemies fleeing in 1000 different directions JESUS....

Shower down your deliverance JESUS.

Shower down your power, your glory, your righteousness into our souls and set us free from masturbation we pray!!!

Love, your servant Garrett

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