Battling Lust & Porn!!!

Battling Against Lust & Porn!!!

Battling Lust & Porn!

Oh LORD, whether we feel good or bad, happy or sad, you are always right by our side for you are faithful JESUS.

Some of you are doing great today, some average, some of you are doing terrible right now... The LORD is still right by your side!!!

Some of you might be battling lust this Sunday. Thinking that JESUS has forgotten about you.... Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Lust is a unique type of tormenting we go through, where lust can stop us from reading the bible, praying, worshiping, praising etc etc

If we are battling sadness and loneliness, many times we can still pray a lot, still read the bible, still cry out to GOD............

But when we are burning with lust, everything spiritual is so hard to do. It is very difficult to read the bible when your feeling lustful! It is practically impossible to worship JESUS when we are burning with lust inside of us. Yes indeed, lust or being tormented with lust is a very unique type of tormenting we children of GOD go through.

A porn addiction can be very humbling to go through!

When your sad you can sit down and pray for quite a while. The same with loneliness. But lust fights back, lust doesn't like that praying!!

Help us O LORD, shatter that lust, shatter the tormenting we pray and scatter the lust to the farthest corners of the universe JESUS!!

If your battling lust, only JESUS is more powerful than this terrible darkness!!!

Married Christians can go through lust, single Christians can go through lust, it makes no difference!!!!!!! You could be all alone living on a deserted island, all the while burning with lust day and night. Yes, lust is a very unique type of tormenting.

Sometimes single Christian people who battle lust a lot think it is not fair that GOD has not sent them a spouse yet!
GOD has a different plan for all of his holy children. Some have to battle lust while being married, others have to battle it while single!

Some of you thought that when JESUS set you free from lust last month or last year, it would never come back again!! Usually that kind of thinking is very much so WRONG!!!

For some children, when JESUS sets you free, that evil never ever comes back. BUT FOR MOST OF US, it does come back on a regular basis!

Why does it keep coming back? For many reasons!!! But 1 BIG reason is, because we are in a spiritual war here and it will fight back!!! The flesh will try to fight back. The demonic angels will most definitely fight back. 

One of the biggest reasons we fall back down into lust is because of the things we think about, the images we imagine in our mind, the things we watch and see on TV and the computer, the music we listen to etc etc etc........

When JESUS does kick the lust out, we feel better, we feel free again, we can breathe deeply again, we can read the bible again!!!

Yet what I found is, 99% of the time, it will come back at different levels! While most of the time we ourselves are doing things to allow the lust to come back into our lives. Did you know internet gaming can bring lust? Oh yes it can! Did you know drinking alcohol can bring a demon of lust? Oh yes it can!! Did you know drinking caffeine can bring a demon of lust? Oh yes it can children of GOD..........

Sometimes GOD gives the lust permission to come and attack us as a test, trial, tribulation, or a humbling experience!!! It is very very humbling to us when we children of GOD fall back down into another terrible porn addiction.

I remember when the LORD JESUS set me free from gaming... This is internet gaming that is. I thought I was free forever. Little did I know, the flesh, the evil nature in me and the demonic who are behind internet gaming would rise up against me over & over again.

So............ Children of GOD, we need the LORD to set us free from that terrible lust that burns us up inside!

Yet even when he frees us, most likely it will come back on a semi regular basis! This is war we are in........

Different addictions torment us in different ways.

For example, an addiction to cigarettes will not stop you from praying, worshiping, or reading the bible!

Yet, an addiction to crack can quite possibly STOP you from praying, worshiping JESUS or reading the bible!

An addiction to porn will usually stop the person from reading the bible & it will stop worshiping too!!! After we fall down into porn again, what usually happens next is the terrible shame, guilt and self condemnation come slamming us like a tidal wave. When we have that shame, guilt and self condemnation living inside of us, now we will usually stop reading the bible let alone worship JESUS with wonderful music on.

Yet, while suffering in depression can actually cause the person to pray for help even more!!!!

With all of this being said, all I can say now is -->>>
 Wow do we need JESUS, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we are suffering in lust, women do you realize that your pics here in Twitter of yourselves can cause us tormenting too?

I have fallen back down into porn merely because of a few pics I saw on the internet. Well, one thing led to another, and before you know it, we children of GOD are now watching pornography!

Women, did you realize that if you have sexy pics up for your profile, even though you do not mean any harm, you could be hurting us? Christian men! You are also guilty of putting up bad pics of yourself up on the internet. Pics with your shirts off, or pics of yourself revealing too much of yourself for a child of GOD to be revealing.

Christian men, Christian women,  if your a true child of GOD, why even have sexy pics of yourself on Face book or Twitter? Why not re think this ????

Child of GOD, you do NOT have to put up a sexy picture of yourself!

I mean why are you advertising yourself with very little clothes on to begin with? What is the point of this?
All it does is feed our lust even more, it is causing torment in us even more. Now I know you do not mean to harm us, but it does!!!

If your a woman of GOD, make sure any pics you ever put up on the internet, will in NO WAY WHATSOEVER, cause anyone to be tormented in terrible lust. 

Same for you men of GOD too!! Amen!!!

The fleshly lust with a demon of lust together can be a very VERY FORMIBADLE ENEMY!!!

Lust is so powerful, women of GOD you could be dressed simply in your normal clothes, yet when you go outside, you can torment men in lust!

We wanna be very very careful to never cause another child of GOD to stumble!!!

If you have to start throwing away some of your provocative clothes, start throwing it away then. It is better to lose a little money throwing the clothes away, then to sin and cause other people to stumble because your dressed in a very inappropriate way for a child of GOD.

I know Christian women who do not put up pics of themselves at all. Instead they put up pics of  flowers, rainbows etc etc etc...

Many times when a demon of lust comes to attack us, he also brings a evil spirit of defilement! Those two can tag team us & hurt us. A demon of defilement is a spirit that tries to push us to do, or to watch defiling things that we would normally never want to watch!

My friend has actually seen many different demons, and most of them are monsters, they look like terrible monsters!

Those demons of lust will push us to look at simple pictures of the opposite sex. Before we know it, we are looking at pics of people who have on less and less and less clothing! Now we are in big trouble.

By multiple witnesses of the demonic, the demon of lust many times looks like a frog, or a huge frog......

When you feel lustful, realize that you have a spirit that looks just like a huge frog living with you, or in you!

I guess many children of GOD feel the only thing they have going for themselves are their good looks that GOD blessed them with!!!

Nothing could be farther from the truth. We have JESUS going for us, with a new heart, a new spirit, a new renewed mind!!!

One brother that I know said that the demon of lust, this frog, sits inside of you, and he lashes out at things with his tongue!! As he lashes out with his tongue at sexy pics, good looking people etc etc. He is pushing you to look at these things, or to notice these things. This is why we are drawn so hard to look at that girl, or to look at that really good looking guy in the car. 

So as you drive down the street, this frog in us is pushing us to look at that girl, that guy, that woman, that man etc etc etc!!!

As you surf the internet haven't you noticed that your drawn to that pic then this pic then that video, then this video? Of course you have!!!

As we start to sin more and more, being drawn into sin by the flesh and the demonic, now more and more demons can get permission to enter us. Now in no time at all, we are in big BIG trouble and we will find ourselves with multiple addictions.

Their goal is to live in us, to take us away from JESUS, away from praying, away from the bible, away from heaven and straight to the lake of fire where they know they are going for eternity.

They can do this by pushing us and causing us to sin more and more.

And lets make this clear, men of GOD are just as guilty of putting up sexy pics of themselves!

Children of GOD are always advertising themselves in their pics. I guess they forgot only GOD can send us a new person to date/marry!!

Girls, your pics mean nothing, they cannot bring a husband to you! Your husband will come when JESUS sends him & not one second sooner!!!

Out of all of the fleshly desires and the demonic we battle against, lust is one of the big BIG guns of satan..... It could be safe to say that just about ALL OF THE PEOPLE on earth are battling against lust, not just lusts of the flesh, but sexual lust!! Lust and lust of the flesh are definitely one of the larger enemies we face in our lives!

If you do not believe me, go read about the Christian porn statistics and be shocked at what you learn!!

Generally speaking, the LORD JESUS' church, his body is addicted to porn worldwide..... Lust is burning in us!!!

This is what I see from the pics of Christians on the internet. They are using their pics to try to attract men and women to notice them, to pay attention to them...

But since we know that JESUS is 100% sovereign, this means that all of our friends come from JESUS!

JESUS sends our friends, dating people, fiancee's and spouses to marry and your pics mean absolutely nothing except to cause more lust!

We all fall down into lust, nobody is special, nobody is unique here on earth except JESUS who never fell down into lust....

Now a porn addiction is no worse than a caffeine addiction. Both of those addictions allow the demons to enter! Both of these addictions will need the blood of JESUS to set the person free. Both of these addictions enslave the person to do things that they do not want to do.

A porn addiction is no worse than an alcohol addiction, or no worse than an addiction to horror movies!! Sin is sin!!!!

If we sin even one time, just one time in our life, we go to hell... This is why we need JESUS so badly in our lives! Why?  Because we all sin!!!!

It does not matter how great looking you are woman of GOD, you only get a man to date and marry when JESUS orders it!!

Your good looks mean nothing at all!! Sure they are a gift from GOD praise GOD for that blessing. But your good looks will not make a man love you, it will not make a man be loyal to you. The truth is, your good looks is mainly causing lust to be even more stirred up inside of us men of GOD......... I am not trying to make you feel strange because you are very good looking. I am only trying to make it clear that you do not need sexy pics up to attract men to you. Your spouse will come to you at the exact second that JESUS has planned since before the earth was ever created!   Amen?????

If your stuck in porn at this time, JESUS loves you, JESUS is with you, JESUS will fight for you, JESUS will destroy your enemies!!!

So if your a man of GOD stuck in porn right now, do NOT allow the shame, guilt and condemnation take you down!!!

Instead, pray for help, keep humbling yourself, keep crying out to JESUS to fight for you and he will for he loves you!!! Woman of GOD, if your stuck in porn and other bad things, let the shame go, let the guilt go, now humbly ask GOD to fight for you!

Once your addicted to porn, this battle now belongs to the LORD.... It is no longer your battle anymore!!!!

You only get a new boyfriend or girlfriend when JESUS commands it, not one second earlier. So do not go buy new clothes, do not buy new perfume!!! All of that is the worlds way to try to make the opposite sex be attracted to them. 

All of that is useless!!! Only JESUS is in control of the universe, and no one else is but the LORD who is GOD'S royal son!!!

Do not feel shame, all children of GOD sin, we all fall down, we all fall short... Cast out that shame and guilt tonight!!!

Now humbly cry out to GOD for help during these terrible battles!

Actually cry out to GOD for help day and night every single day for the rest of your life!! Just because JESUS sets us free from these terrible addictions at different times doesn't mean we should stop crying out for help. Since we know that the evil sinning and addictions can come back at any second, let us keep crying out for help 7 days a week for the very rest of our lives!!!

satan and our flesh is using lust to build up shame and guilt in the end time church!!!

If your super good looking, yet your still single after all of these years, it is because nothing HAPPENS unless JESUS orders it!!

satanknows if he can get you to feel shame and guilt, now you will start doubting your prayer life, you will start doubting GOD'S love for you!

So if your stuck in shame, guilt and self condemnation because of the porn addiction, stop it!!!! Stop those bad emotions!!

Tell JESUS - I let the shame go, I let the guilt go, I let the condemnation go. I fell down LORD, I fell down badly!

Tell JESUS - I know you still love me, I know you are still with me, I know you will save me.......

Tell JESUS - I refuse to doubt you love me. I refuse to look down on myself anymore!

Tell JESUS - I humble myself now LORD, I bow down at your throne. I know you will set me free from porn at just the right time LORD!

Tell JESUS - I know you will turn this porn addiction around for my good because you are incredible, you love me, you are faithful!

Tell JESUS - I cannot overcome O LORD, so I humbly pray you will fight for me. I cannot fight this JESUS, I need you to fight for me!

Tell JESUS - These enemies are too big for me, I humble myself at your throne JESUS. Fight for me, deliver me, help me I pray LORD!

One of the main MAIN things GOD uses our porn addictions for is - To humble us.. Humbling us is very very very good!!!

Lamentations 3:37 - Who can command things to happen without the LORD'S PERMISSION!!! Nobody!

Paul said if your burning with lust just simply go get married ------------- Lol!!!   We cannot simply just go get married UNTIL JESUS sends a spouse to us to marry!

We can see that nothing, NOTHING in the universe can happen without JESUS giving permission for it first!!!

If you meet a new Christian man to date & he is stuck in porn, sister, you do NOT have to automatically say no to dating him!! Sister, you and I both know that it was just a short time ago you were looking at porn too! So why say no to a nice Christian date with him? Sister of GOD, GOD, you and I all know that your still masturbating, so since this is generally true, why turn down that Christian date just because he is still battling against porn? Don't we all sin? Don't we all fall down? Don't we all fall short, way short of GOD'S glory? Of course we do!!!!

Let us be more humble! Let us be LESS judgmental? Let us change the way we are viewing things?

A porn addiction is super serious, in fact it is so serious, so big, we CANNOT overcome it!! Only JESUS can in us, living in us! I cannot overcome porn, you cannot overcome lust/porn, Paul could not overcome lust, only JESUS can!!! JESUS is the only one who overcame satan and the world, and we need him to fight for us, in us, teaching us, empowering us!!!

Soooooooooooooooo, We will be stuck in a porn addiction, or terrible lust until the very second that JESUS commands it to end!!! Nobody on earth can overcome anything, we cannot even overcome the smallest of the smallest addictions..... Only JESUS can!!!

There is no addiction big or small or tiny on earth you and I can overcome by ourselves! No not one... We all need JESUS every second!! JESUS, his blood & the cross are our only hope.

So step 1 - Command that shame and guilt to get out of you right away!!!

The battle belongs to the LORD........... He will fight for you and set you free at the perfect time when he says so. Not one second earlier

If you could overcome an addiction without JESUS, do you realize you would be telling GOD you do NOT need JESUS? Now that is never ever ever ever gonna happen!

We cannot overcome porn or lust without JESUS because there are evil spirits/demons behind all of the addictions! Without JESUS, we CANNOT overcome satan........ It is impossible. He has some angels upwards of 300 feet tall or possibly even bigger.

It is only JESUS & the bible promises that allow us to overcome the flesh inside of us and the demonic who attack us!

So because of this, know that the battle is not yours anymore, it is the sin inside of you now! Let the shame, guilt & condemnation go now!

So during these battles against lust/porn, what does GOD want? He wants us to humble ourselves, to repent, to know how weak we truly are! If you think your strong, wow your still deceived! If you call yourself a strong Christian, you are just begging GOD to give permission for you to go down into a long porn addiction!

Why? Because GOD wants to teach us how weak we are without JESUS. GOD wants us to be humble..........

GOD wants to teach us just how badly we need his son JESUS and the cross/blood to set us free from the evils that attack us!

So who cares how pretty you are, we need this damn lust out of us and only JESUS and the blood can do it or will do it.

So take all of your sexy pics off of the internet, they are not helping anything at all. IN fact they are hurting you and us too!! Do not dress sexy on dates, Peter SAID NOT DO TO THIS!!!! Wear clothes when you go outside dammit!! Geesh......

I use to live at the beach, and the girls in the summer would go out jogging in the day time with nothing on at all!! Now that is not fair! This kind of stuff is really causing a lot of trouble........... And guys do the exact same thing............ Men of GOD, stop going shirtless outside....... This is silly to do and you are to be holy now, like JESUS the best you can!!!

Women of GOD do not need you brother to go shirtless outside in public!!! WE are in a war children of GOD, we better start realizing it..

GOD is completely sovereign, nothing could attack Job without GOD giving permission. It is the exact same for your life too!! No addiction in the universe can come into your life unless JESUS gives permission first for it to come against you! JESUS is 100% sovereign

We gotta change the way we dress, change our pics on the internet, change what we look at, change the way we flirt! Flirt being HOLY!!!!!!

Wow do we need you JESUS so much more than we think we do. Help us JESUS, hold us we pray, heal us from the inside out and set us free from the terrible lust that comes against us so strongly we pray O LORD GOD!!!

Sincerely, your brother Garrett

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