Battling Loneliness!!!

Loneliness - Part 1

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Battling Loneliness!


Loneliness – Part 1



Are you battling loneliness?




If the LORD has you single at this time, wow what an honor from GOD!! He has singled you out and decide to help make you very strong!!!




Married people can lean on each other when the storms of life come. A single person has to learn to put on his armor and weapons and fight!!




If your single, all alone, isolated, wow is GOD teaching you how to get tough, how to get stronger, how to lean on JESUS, how to fight!!!




Yes the LORD has chosen you for very high honor! To walk the alone path, just you and JESUS only!




Married couples are constantly leaning on each other, calling each other, texting each other... Single people are calling JESUS day & night!




Now who is more blessed?




Married people can cry to each other and argue even when all hell rains down! Single people gotta humble themselves & cry out to the LORD!




Married people can think about pleasing their spouses all day long. Single people are thinking about how to please the LORD all day long!





Married people can call their spouses when they are lonely! Single people must learn to lean on JESUS battling their way past the loneliness.




Married people are so concerned about what to cook for their spouse for dinner, or what movie to rent that they might like!




Single people are concerned about which bible book is most important to read tonight to help us make it through another night being alone!




Married people can do ministry work together, praise GOD, that is after the kids are taken care of first!!!!




JESUS can ask a single person to do emergency ministry work anytime day or night!




You are NOT being punished if the LORD is keeping you single and isolated, instead you are being highly exalted and blessed!!!!




Married people can be intimate with each other, that is a great blessing, many times helping to bring babies into the world! Praise GOD!




Single people have no choice but to learn how to be intimate with JESUS, bringing brand new spiritual blessings daily for the kingdom of GOD




Married people have to worry about if their spouse has eaten yet, or if they are in a good mood today, or if they slept OK last night!


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A single person has to wake up whether they slept good or bad whether they are hungry or not & start worrying about what JESUS wants us to do.




Married couples do start up churches, help to run churches, even travel to other countries to bless others, praise GOD!!!




When a single struggles through another day battling loneliness that person armor and weapons are getting very strong, sharp & shiny!!!!




That single person who JESUS is helping to overcome loneliness is a walking church!!!!!




GOD can use the married Christian people to bring in new lifeforms we call babies!!!




JESUS can use a man or woman that he is teaching to overcome loneliness day by day to bring in MANY new people into the kingdom of GOD!




Married people can do excellent ministry work, praise GOD... A single persons entire life from waking up to going to sleep IS MINISTRY WORK!




Married people are allowed to have sex, praise GOD for that blessing!!




Single people who are battling to overcome loneliness are holding JESUS' hand so closely, they rarely if ever think about sex anymore!!!




Single Christian people cannot sit around worrying about sex, because we learned long ago that walking with JESUS closely is far FAR BETTER!




Married people have each other to cuddle with!!! I love hugging and cuddling, I do miss that!!!




So now that I am single, I ask JESUS to hold me real tight constantly day and night! Even using my imagination to see him holding me!!!





Cuddling with a wife would be real cool, having JESUS hold me real tight takes us both into eternity!!!!




The demons will fear a single Christian person who is heavily leaning on JESUS for his or her dear life, than a Christian MARRIED couple who are leaning on each other, that is for sure!




The demons know they can get the married couple to argue over money, over sex, over movies, over what to make for dinner!!!!




Now when the demons can torment a single person with loneliness, they know damn well we will get on our knees and cry out to JESUS!!!




The demons do not like when we get on our knees!! The demons do not like when we cry out to JESUS for help!!!!!




The demons know that as JESUS teaches you to overcome loneliness and isolation, you will be a very battle hardened soldier!!!!




The demons do NOT like to battle against battle hardened Christian men and women who have very sharp swords, very thick and powerful shields.




The demons know that the Christian divorce rate is over 52%....




The demons also know that when they overcome the single Christian in loneliness & lust, JESUS is going to ride in on his white horse soon!!




The demons do not like when JESUS rides in on his white horse to our apartments, to our rooms to hold us, help us and heal us!!!!




A married man with children has to pray and pray and pray and think and think if he can leave the family to do ministry work far away!!!!




JESUS can wake up a single Christian women at 3am tell her to pack up, your going to India to work for me and she is out the door in minutes.




That loneliness that your suffering in brother and sister is helping you! It is making you stronger.........




The demons do not like when you are slowly getting stronger and stronger!!!!




If you are single and battling loneliness, UN sheath your SWORD, command that evil loneliness to get behind you that you got work to do!!!!




That you got work to do for JESUS and it is very important work!!! You do not have time to be lonely, there are too many lost people!!!




Would you rather be married now, having sex with your spouse, having a baby maybe, making sure they like what dinner you cook?




Or would you rather be single, no sex, no worrying about pleasing a spouse, and having some incredible armor and a very sharp sword?




Think about it very carefully!!!!





Now being married has some incredible blessings, this is for sure!!!!! It also has tons and TONS and TONSSSS of bad stuff with it too!





Don't be fooled, what I said is the truth! I have done marriage counseling for about 10 years now and wow ARE THERE PROBLEMS!!!!!




Now being single has some very bad stuff with it too, yet there are incredible blessings also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Being married has blessings in the physical, like sex, someone to hug and cuddle with, someone to watch a movie with, cook dinner with!!




The blessings in marriage are very physical blessings, with some emotional blessings too!!!!




The bad stuff that goes along with marriage will tie you up, chain you down, make you wanna stop reading the bible, stop praying!!!!!




The good stuff being single are mostly spiritual!!!!




The wonderful things about being single is you can pray, I mean pray, I mean pray for hours and hours and nobody will get jealous!!!




If your single & battling loneliness, you can read the bible all night long not having to worry about your spouse or what he or she is doing.




So being married and being single both have some very VERY wonderful things about them!!!!!




Being married and single both have some very VERY HARD and BAD things about them tooo!!!!




Married people have to battle each other and the kids and battle against satan after they are done fighting with each other...




Single people gotta battle the flesh and the demonic!!!!!!!!!!!




I know married people have to, they must, THAT MUST battle their spiritual warfare every day against the flesh and satan!!! Amen!!




But not like the single people do!! Single people have nobody to call, nobody to listen to their cares, nobody who even cares about them!




A single person has to get up out of bed, say no to the demon of loneliness, shrug that loneliness off, put on her armor & weapons and fight.




So is it OK to pray for a spouse? OF COURSE IT IS!!! And it is very biblical too!!




What I am saying is, if you are single battling loneliness, lust & isolation, you are the MORE blessed one and Paul agrees with me!!!




GOD speaking through Paul makes it clear it is MORE BLESSED to be single, seeking out GOD constantly, than to be married!!!!




But satan knows your single, your isolated as he gets friend after friend to dump you and leave you!!!!




I highly doubt satan understands that the loneliness and isolation are actually making us stronger in the LORD!!!!!!!!!




If satan understood that, he would stop attacking us with loneliness, lust and isolation!! Because when he does, boy are we gonna pray...




And when we start praying, when true children of GOD start crying out to him, all hell raining down on us is going to have to face JESUS!!!




The demons do not like to have to face JESUS, they are terrified of him........... So obviously the demons are insane and delusional!!!


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Praise GOD for being single and isolated, he has set you aside for great honor! The honor of clinging to JESUS closer than married people do.




Will it be easy? No.................... No way.......... It will be very very difficult to talk the single path, the path of isolation!!!!





Of course it will be hard, everything having to do with clinging to JESUS closer and closer is going to have serious opposition!




I tell you sister, I tell you brother, once JESUS teaches you how to overcome loneliness, the entire demonic kingdom will know who you are!




Once JESUS gives you the grace and education to overcome loneliness and isolation, do you realize you can use this to overcome other things?




Why am I singling out loneliness tonight? Because - LONELINESS is a huge, HUGE end time player & weapon of satan!!! IT IS HUGE....




Loneliness is what draws us and pushes us to watch porn!! Don't tell me i'm wrong, when I am right!!! It is loneliness doing this!!




It is loneliness that is pushing us and drawing us to drink alcohol!!!



It is loneliness to pushes us and encourages us to go out on a date with a NON believer, or a guy who is very very cold for JESUS!!!!




It is severe loneliness that brings that terrible lust into us! Or that helps to bring in lust into our lives!!!




It is our severe loneliness that causes us to want to touch the persons body we are on a date with mixed in with lust...




Oh wow, the LORD has you living the alone path? Wow are you singled out for incredible high honor!!!!!




The honor to walk hand in hand, step in step, completely relying on JESUS for every single thing in our lives!!!!!!!




Married people just simply stating do not have the time.... They have to work on pleasing their spouses while at the same time, taking care of their children of they are blessed with them!




You are the one who is more blessed than your Christian friends who are married!!! Yes brother, yes sister it is you who is more blessed while living as single walking with the LORD very closely!!!




Maybe you always wanted a baby!!!! But you are bringing children into the kingdom of GOD with your hard ministry work and diligence!!!




Just think, once GOD teaches you how to overcome loneliness, now, NOW you are REALLY READY to get married!!!!




The married life is 100% different than the single life.... Are you sure you meditated on this enough? Are you sure you want to get married?




Are you absolutely sure you want to pray for a wife or husband? Why don't you slow down a little and start really praying about this!!!




Very very VERY FEW married people can cling to JESUS the way single people can... Yes there are some, but they are few & far between!!!!




The married people are too worried about each other in 1000 different topics & the children too to cling to JESUS the way a single person can!




The married people do NOT have the time to spend with the LORD and the bible the way single people can!!! They just don't have the time....




So if you are married, wow is that an incredible blessing!! Kissing, sex, cuddling, sharing, watching movies and cooking together.When you get sick, your spouse can help you, hold you, encourage you and be there just like a really good teammate for you to help you get better!




If your single, WOW is that INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL!!! You can cling to JESUS so closely, that HE will crush your loneliness!!!!




If your married and your battling loneliness, once again, JESUS is the only answer.... Not your spouse, not the kids but JESUS ONLY!!!




Married people cover up their loneliness problems by using their spouse and children!!!




Single people have no way to cover up loneliness. Either we will fight it, battle it & crush it, or we will get super size slammed by satan!





A single person has no spouse to hide behind, no children to hide behind... We must face, battle and crush that loneliness with JESUS!!!




And as you practice battling that loneliness, crushing it, losing some battles, winning some battles you are GETTING STRONGER!!!!!




The single person is MUCH more blessed than the married persons, yet our blessings are all centered around JESUS and the bible!!!!!!




The married persons blessings are more centered around each other, the children, companionship which is also physical, sex, sharing!!!!!




Do you wanna go for more of the physical fleshly blessings????? OK pray for marriage!!!!!!!!!!




Or do you wanna go for more of the spiritual blessings? OK pray for GOD to continue to send you grace to make it as single!!!!




If you have been single a long time, obviously the LORD wants you single.... Why? Maybe because he WANTS YOU!!!!




Maybe JESUS wants you to learn how to cling to his robe, how to really and truly get super close to him... Maybe he wants to teach you this!




I mean we always said that JESUS was all we needed!!!!!! But did we really mean it when we said it?




Maybe JESUS heard you say to your friends that HE was all you needed!!!!




Now he allowed the loneliness, lust, depression and sadness to attack you to teach you a few things about this topic!!!!




If we are going to say that JESUS is all we need, we damn well better be able to back it up with our armor and weapons!!!!




Maybe you, being a married person said to your friends that JESUS was all you needed!!!!!!!!!




Then, after 20 years of marriage, your husband leaves you for his secretary at work & your life crashes completely to ROCK BOTTOM!!!!




Are you sure JESUS is all you need? Are you sure you are not leaning on your spouse or children for support?




If JESUS is truly all we need, let us CRUSH LONELINESS tonight, this week, this weekend with prayer, the bible, ministry work & worship!!




But if JESUS is not all you need, be honest about it! Don't lie to your friends saying JESUS is all you need when he isn't!!!




If you do, satan will know your lying..... satan can see the emptiness and darkness in you! You are not fooling anyone....



So if your single and battling loneliness, lust & depression, let us practice clinging to JESUS and the bible so closely, we can TRULY say he is all we need and NOT be faking it!!!




Being married has its blessings and curses, yet being single comes with a totally different kind of blessings and curses..... Choose the path you want to pray for very carefully!!!!




Children of GOD, press in against that loneliness!!!




Get angry at the enemies who are coming against you with loneliness, lust or depression!!!!




Put your foot down child of GOD, say no to the enemy!!! Say no to that loneliness!!




I am not saying this will be easy, I know for me it can get to be quite difficult as the enemies rush in like a flood, but try!!!!




As you try, as you press in, as you fight back against the enemies you are actually getting stronger!




So no to that loneliness this weekend as it tries to come against you!




Refuse the loneliness children of GOD.... Refuse it, rebuke it, put it behind you and move forward with the LORD this weekend....




Child of GOD, you are not alone, the enemy is lying to you!! THE LORD is with you, he will never leave you nor forsake you...




I know the enemies will attack me and tell me I am alone. Many times I fall for it and fall down completely!!! But you and I are NOT alone..




The LORD is with you, you are not alone! There is no need to let that loneliness take you back down into sinning and addictions...




Fight children, use the grace, mercies and blessings JESUS is giving you.... Fight against your enemies, that terrible loneliness!!!




Ask the LORD to teach you how to overcome loneliness, to empower you, to teach you, to help you, to give you grace to defeat this enemy!!!




Don't give up child of GOD, don't let that loneliness take you back down into sinning and porn addictions!!! Say NO this time to loneliness.




Say no to satan, say no to the loneliness that he sends to you! Show him you are growing, show him your getting stronger!! Say no....




Pull out your shield of faith, your sword of the spirit the bible, godly words, the word of GOD and roll over that loneliness like an enemy!




Slam that loneliness right in the face with your powerful shield that GOD has given you!!!!




Keep your helmet of salvation on.... Do not take your helmet off this weekend and fall back down into porn because of loneliness!!!




Keep all of your armor and weapons on this entire weekend..... The LORD JESUS is your strength!!! Hold his hand this entire weekend....




Hold the LORD'S hand & humble yourself at his throne. JESUS will teach you, help you, show you how to overcome loneliness for he loves you!




You are NOT alone, you have never been alone since the day you were born. You will never be alone for the LORD JESUS loves you dearly!!!!!




Your NOT alone!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a lie from the enemy........ You are NOT alone!!!!


Sincerely, Garrett

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