Are You Still Battling

Part 2

Are You Still Battling Against Masturbation?

Keep Fighting!

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Part 2

Are you battling against masturbation?
Keep fighting!!!




I can see that many Christian people have not yet realized that masturbation is a sin.... Ask the LORD JESUS about it, he will teach you!




If we want to walk like JESUS, if we want that kind of holiness that only JESUS can give us, we want to quit masturbating!




And the truth is, we cannot quit, only JESUS can help us, teach us, strengthen us, send the grace we need to overcome our giants!!!!




No matter what topics you are battling against, we need the grace from GOD and the help from the LORD to help us to overcome our giants!!




Don't be embarrassed by an addiction to drugs, drinking, sex, porn, smoking or masturbation.... Cry out for help, the LORD loves you dearly!




Let us get that demon out of us who is behind the masturbation problem that children of GOD have!!!!




Command that demon out of you in the powerful name of JESUS, cast it out of your hand, be free with help and grace from GOD!!!!




The LORD GOD loves you, he wants you to be as much like his incredible son JESUS as possible!!!!




That will mean that we will have to give up gaming, give up smoking, drinking, drugs, porn, lying, stealing etc etc and masturbation too!





Just like all giants, it will try to fight back.... When I say it, I mean your flesh and the demon who is behind masturbation..........




Yes they will fight back, yes they will be alarmed that you are learning there is a demon spirit behind it, yes yes yes!!!!!




But JESUS created them, he knows the demonic that attack you, JESUS can and will calm your flesh down with his grace and mercies!!!!




Anything that we are being compelled to do that is wrong, will have a demon behind it. That demon is compelling you to do those bad things.




The flesh compels us too!!!!




So if you are being compelled to masturbate, that would be the flesh and the demon or demons behind it!! Start praying to be free......




James 4:7 - Humble yourselves before GOD. Resist the devil and he will flee from you!!!!!!!!!




Resist the temptations to masturbate, porn, drinking, smoking, lying, gossip or whatever and the demonic will flee from you!!!




It is going to be a battle it will be pure warfare & there might be some losses along the way, but with JESUS by your side, you can't lose!!




If you thought that a demon cannot attack you this way, you made a boo boo!!!!





If the demons can get us super addicted to porn, drinking, drugs, smoking & sex, they sure CAN get us addicted to masturbation too!




If your wondering why am I talking about this topic? It is because our time is almost over and masturbation is a worldwide Christian problem!




Don't be afraid to talk about any issues you have that are pulling you away from being Christ like, from walking in holiness!!!!




GOD will honor your humbleness, GOD will honor your willing and wanting to be free from all that is evil including abusing our own bodies!




Do you think that JESUS doesn't know that his world wide church is stuck in the quick sand of masturbation? Of course he knows!!!!!!




JESUS is right there by your side loving you, blessing you as you dabble in porn, drinking, drugs, lying, stealing etc etc & masturbation!!




JESUS knows, he knows everything, he is everywhere in the universe all at the same time, but the good news is, HE CARES!!!




JESUS so cares about you!!! He wants you to be more like him.... Or JESUS wants to live inside of you more and more blessing you!!!!!



JESUS will help you to stop lying, to stop gossiping, to stop the porn, to stop being afraid.... He will also help you to stop masturbating!




Ask the LORD and watch and see!! Don't be afraid, don't be shy, don't be embarrassed. JESUS created our sexuality, so HE KNOWS!!!!!




JESUS knows everything about you and me, every little thing and praise GOD he loves you! JESUS is on your side, he is fighting for you!




You can be free from masturbation. If JESUS set you free from those awful cigarettes is the LORD too weak to set you free from masturbation?




The LORD is powerful and might, JESUS lives in light so bright, he cannot even appear to you in his full light, surely it would kill you!!!




A lady said to me on Facebook - Garrett, how do you know JESUS never masturbated, how can you say that?




This lady does not understand that JESUS is the darling of heaven!!!




That lady does not understand that the light of JESUS will outshine 1 billion suns!!!




That lady does not understand just how holy JESUS is!!!! The very definition of holiness is = JESUS!




No children of GOD, JESUS never masturbated, if he did, it would of been a sin!




JESUS is so holy, from what I understand, the angels do NOT dare even tough their feet on the ground by JESUS'S throne!!!




JESUS is so holy, the angels put their wings down first, then step on their own wings so their feet do not touch the ground by JESUS' throne




If you prayed to be more like JESUS & GOD has asked you to give up many things in your life, masturbation will have to be one of them too!




And I am not saying it is going to be easy children of GOD, nope, nothing that is holy and wonderful here on earth is easy!!!!




Any little thing that you try to do for GOD might have demonic opposite to it or your flesh might try to climb down from the cross and fight




So expect a war when you cry out to JESUS to set you free from masturbation, as you start practicing to be freeeeeeee......




Get ready for a fight!!!!




The demonic who have been pushing you to masturbate ever since you were very young are NOT going to be happy about getting kicked out!!!




What are your weapons to use to stop masturbating? Ummmm JESUS of course!!!!!!




Reading the bible will be a powerful weapon to help you stop!!!!




Praying a lot will be a powerful weapon to help you stop!!!




Spending real quality time with JESUS will be the most powerful weapon to help you stop masturbating!!!




Casting out all of those bad thoughts will be extremely important to do as you try to quit and be free from masturbation!!!




Get your armor on, satan will notice that your finally trying to be free from that demonic action that we call masturbation!!!




The demonic generals and captains will take notice of you!!! I am warning you!!!




I was checking face-book today and someone put up a very nasty pic of a woman........... At that second a demon attacked me!!!




At that exact second, a demon attacked me and tried to get me to sin in the way we are talking about tonight!!!




It is going to be a war brothers and sisters, but holiness is worth it...... JESUS is worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




And it is perfectly holy, righteous and biblical to pray for a wife or husband to marry!!!!!!!! Praise GOD...............




Children of GOD know that when you do masturbate, it is so embarrassing an action, you have to actually ignore JESUS to do it!!!




A child of GOD actually has to push JESUS off to the side when they want to masturbate, because we all know how holy he is!!!!




Now as you practice to be free, there is going to be some failures, some setbacks, some demonic attacks and some backsliding!!!!




Praise GOD he will use all of your failures and setbacks to make you stronger, to teach you how to war, to teach you how to overcome!!!!




The LORD is with you, right by your side, ready to fight for you on this very hidden and secret topic of his church masturbating!!!




JESUS will help you child of GOD........... JESUS understands, he created you, he created our sexuality, he created our nerves & senses!!




Nothing that you want to do for JESUS, for the kingdom of GOD will be easy, not a single thing......The flesh & the demonic army are real!




But since our time is so short now, since we have been masturbating for years and even decades, WHY NOT GO FOR HOLINESS NOW????




GOD the FATHER will sooo be proud of you for trying to be like JESUS, he will smile down on you, HE will show you off to the demonic!!!




GOD will say to satan, look at my son there trying to be more like JESUS and he will show you off to the demonic world!!!





Now satan will tell GOD -> Look, he failed again, he masturbated again...............




But GOD will say -> satan you missed the entire point... He is trying, he is practicing to be more like my son JESUS. I am so proud of him!




So when you have failures, when you have setbacks in this topic, dont you dare self condemn yourself!!!!!!!!!!! Do not condemn yourself!!!




When you fail, when you mess up, turn to the LORD JESUS again, humble yourself, say help me JESUS, I wanna be more like you O LORD!!!




Say I need your grace JESUS, my flesh is attacking back, the demons are attacking back on this topic O LORD, fight for me JESUS!!!




I messed up today LORD, but I am so happy you love me, I am so happy you want to be with me, to live in me, to bless me JESUS!!!




Now as I wrap this up, we cannot quit masturbating without grace, mercies, blessings & help from JESUS!! It is impossible!!!!!




So getting the grace and mercies from JESUS is the key to being free from this sinful act..... So let us humble ourselves!!!!




Let us bow down at his throne constantly day and night as he teaches us to overcome our addictions and giants!!!!





And wow is masturbation a huge HUGE SECRET GIANT in the Christian body world wide!!!!!




Don't be shy, don't be afraid, be honest with GOD about everything!!! HE WILL so reward you for your honesty!! Just watch and see.....




If your still not sure that masturbation is a sin, ask GOD to teach you about this hidden topic!!!




Or if you do not believe me that it is a sin, ask GOD to show you and teach you the truths about this world wide Christian problem!!!




And watch out!!! GOD loves you, so HE wants to teach you more truths.... So get ready because this will be quite a battle children of GOD!




The demonic are not just gonna go fly away from living in your hand, or living in your body parts.... They will fight, they will pout!!!




But you have the light of JESUS living in you so brightly, I pray that the LIGHT OF GOD burns the demonic right out of you!!!!




Now use your spiritual authority over the demonic & cast the demons out of you in the powerful name of JESUS & Be Free from masturbation!!!





The LORD JESUS is with you, he will help you, he will hold you tight and teach you how to overcome..... Wow does he love you, WOW!!!!!!!




JESUS = Holiness!!!!!!!! Holiness is so worth it!!!




Give up that internet gaming, give up those movies, give up that beer that taste good for the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is sooooooooo worth it!!!!




Give up that masturbation, kick satan's kingdom out of you!!!!!




We need you JESUS so badly! We have so many enemies coming against us O LORD..... Hear our cries, see our tears JESUS & help we pray!!!




If your Christian parents, you better talk about the demonic topic of masturbatio to your children..... It is your duty!!!!





Don't be shy dads, don't be shy moms, teach the children how the demons want us to masturbate, watch porn, drink beer and have sex!!!




Teach your children about this topic, teach your boyfriends and girlfriends children of GOD................




O LORD JESUS, help us, heal us, take away the loneliness we pray. Shatter that loneliness JESUS & shatter that masturbation problem we pray!




We need you JESUS so badly!!!! We have so many enemies to overcome.........




Rain down grace O LORD, rain down grace like an incredible rain storm tonight all over our bodies, our minds, our souls and our spirit!




Help us JESUS to stop abusing ourselves in any ways that we do... Help us to be more like you, help us to stop touching ourselves!!!!




Break us free from this demonic trap, from this snare from satan that we call masturbation we pray O LORD!! Hear our prayers......




Crush the flesh JESUS, crush the demonic who are behind these addictions to masturbation we pray.... Fight for us O LORD GOD.......




Crush that loneliness that pushes us to watch porn, crush that loneliness that pushes us to masturbate we pray JESUS!!!!




Crush that loneliness that is causing us to sin so much JESUS, rain down your love into our hearts & souls and completely fill us up we pray




Help JESUS for many of us are lonely O LORD.. We are hurting so badly tonight! Crush that loneliness that pushes us to porn or masturbation!




Renew us O LORD, wash us clean from that filth that we have been doing for years or even decades!!! Set us free from it JESUS we pray.




Send grace FATHER so we can be more & more like your incredible son JESUS.. Set us free from abusing our bodies, souls & minds masturbating!




As I finish up, anytime you are BEING COMPELLED to do something, that will be the flesh and especially the demonic!!!




If you cannot stop masturbating after you repent and pray for help, cast those demons out!!!!!




Don't sit here and tell me that the demonic cannot attack you this way when I am telling you they can and they do and they will!!!!




Only JESUS is stronger than the demonic, so only JESUS can set us free from the terrible sins and addictions of porn and masturbation!!




JESUS and the bible are truly our only hope in every single area of our lives!! Rain down your love into our souls JESUS, heal us we pray!




Teach us LORD every single little thing we can do so the temptations to masturbate will be crushed in our path before us!!!




Show us your ways O LORD, teach us how to walk like you walked, teach us how to talk and behave the way you did JESUS!!!




If your Christian boyfriend confides in you that he has a masturbation problem, don't you dare judge him. Who are you to judge him?




Instead Christian sisters, treat that problem like a demonic attack!!! Help your boyfriend to go through repentance and deliverance!!




I am talking about repenting for masturbating and helping him, walking him through a demonic deliverance of that problem!!!




If your girlfriend confides in you that she has a masturbation problem, you better be very VERY CAREFUL how you respond Christian men!!!




satan is listening to you brothers, and if you respond to her in lustful thoughts, you are GONNA GET SLAMMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




But if you respond to her the same way you would if she just told you she had terminal cancer, now you are acting like a true child of GOD!




Be very VERY careful on the topic of masturbation when you are talking to someone about it, or trying to help someone who is struggling!!!




If your Pastor comes up at church in front of everyone and says he is battling this do NOT look down on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




We are ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL BATTLING a masturbation enemy, every single child of GOD on earth is........................




We need to help each other, talk to each other, pray for each other, help each other to be delivered from the demonic when we can!!!!





I pray JESUS rain down your holiness in a terrible fiery HOT FIRE right now over our souls... Burn away that masturbation problem JESUS!!





Rain down that fire in now I pray............ Burn it away O LORD.... Set your children free.......... Rain down that incredible fire JESUS!

Love, your servant Garrett

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