Are You Sad Or Lonely ?

Are You Sad or Lonely Tonight?


    Like most people in the world today, I am sure that you have experienced sadness or loneliness at different times in your life. These two emotions go hand in hand with us as we travel through our lives here on earth. But, for some people reading this article, sadness, loneliness and depression have been with them for most of their adult lives. The emptiness that these people feel, the loneliness, the darkness, the feeling of utter despair seems to stay with them day after day, week after week, month after month and before they know it, many years have passed by. a lot of the people reading this article are living in such darkness right now, that they believe that there is no way that JESUS could possibly love them. I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THAT THE EXACT OPPOSITE is the real TRUTH. I am going to show you in the following article that when you do feel depression, sadness or loneliness that not only is JESUS allowing you to feel these emotions on purpose, but that they are actually HELPING you. Now don’t close this page so quickly, take the time to read the following article so I can prove to you that JESUS is using depression, sadness and loneliness to bring you into the kingdom of GOD. I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that you will feel better after reading this entire article.

Sincerely, Garrett





    Many of you reading this article can remember when you were very young, say between the ages of 5 - 12 years old. During those early years of your life you must have experienced through your Mom or Dad getting warnings from them. For example, when your Mom was cooking dinner, and you were sitting close to her in the kitchen watching her cook, I am sure a few of you can remember walking close to the hot stove, or walking real close to the hot oven where she was baking the dinner. As you walked closer and closer to the stove you probably can remember your Mom screaming (watch out) ! When you Mom screamed watch out! You can probably remember yourself running real fast to your bedroom and crying. After all you were only 5 years old so you had no idea that your Mom’s warning was actually good or safe for you to receive.

I am giving you the above example to show you that some warnings are actually good for us.


    Here is another example. Maybe some of you reading this can remember once again when you were much younger then you are now. And some of you were outside with your Dad as he was working on his car, motor cycle or any other item. I am sure some of because you were only 5 years old walked too close to where your dad was working with the heavy equipment and probably heard your dad SCREAM AT YOU - WATCH OUT!! Once again, you were only a child and you couldn’t possibly understand why your Dad was screaming at you, so some of you can remember crying then, or not knowing why your dad was screaming at you. Your dad was giving you a emergency warning that would benefit you. Or he was giving you a warning sign so as to keep you out of trouble, or danger, or warning you to keep you away from many other possible dangers.




    You might be asking yourself, what do the warning examples above have to do with the depression, sadness or loneliness that I have been feeling for the last 3 years? Well, I am here to tell you that the depression, sadness or loneliness that you have been feeling for the last few years are ACTUALLY A WARNING FROM JESUS. JESUS has been allowing you to feel depressed, or sad, or lonely the last few years a warning sign to you. We learned above that some warnings are actually good for us, and once again I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THAT THESE WARNING SIGNS FROM JESUS are very very very good for us too. Please let me explain what I am saying in much greater detail.

    When we feel sad or depressed or lonely, that is a warning sign to us that something is VERY VERY WRONG with our relationship with JESUS. So, since those emotions are warning us that something is wrong between our CREATOR and ourselves, we can now see that those warnings are very good for us to have. We have to praise JESUS that we get these warnings, so we can quickly correct what is wrong in our spiritual life between JESUS and ourselves.


People, we do NOT need to take pills to get rid of the depression and sadness that has been tying us down. All we have to do is to get our relationship with JESUS going in a fiery, passionate and intimate way, and watch just how fast the depression and any other evil emotions run away!


We have to STOP BELIEVING THE LIES OF satan, when the world tells us there is a chemical imbalance inside of us!! That is PURE GARBAGE; Those are the lies that satan tells us so that we will take pills to try to get rid of the depression, instead of getting our relationship right with our Creator JESUS!!!

Satan knows men and women, that if he can get you addicted to these pills, you will never be living in a true reality again. The pills cover up your real - true reality of your relationship with JESUS and the bible. The pills make you feel like everything is OK in your life, but in reality, your relationship with JESUS is suffering terribly! AND THERE IS WHERE THE DANGER IS........ Satan knows this, and so do I.

We have to go to war against these evil emotions. Each evil emotion can have a separate demonic spirit behind it. The LORD has taught me this himself; Each evil emotion does have a demon behind them, and we need to command them to leave us with the authority that JESUS has given us!

Look at this.


Luke 10:19 – JESUS says – Behold, I have given you authority to trample upon the serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing in anyways shall hurt you!

That includes depression and sadness people! JESUS says nothing, will hurt us, not any thing!


We do not need to take psychotropic drugs which were created directly from satan, no we don't!


We need to get our relationship with JESUS and the bible in such a hot, passionate and fiery way, that no demonic spirits would dare try to enter us.

When the feelings of depression or sadness try to come to you or enter you, immediately use your authority over them and command them to leave you. THEY MUST OBEY!

We cannot allow a demon of depression to be living in us day after day, month after month. The bible says we are more than conquerors...........

We want to use the authority that JESUS has given us, and command all evil spirits to leave us, command all evil thoughts to leave us, and command all evil emotions to leave us.

We have this authority from GOD and we must use it. If we do not, then depression and sadness could overwhelm us and slowly take over our lives!

So every single time you feel depression, sadness, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, despair and everything else that is evil, COMMAND THEM TO LEAVE YOU IMMEDIATELY and refuse to allow them inside of you!


We do not need pills and addictions to help us to overcome, we need JESUS and the bible and the LOVE OF THE LORD to help us to overcome this world, and all of the bad emotions that try to live in us.

Throw away your pills, and get into a super hot and fiery relationship with JESUS and the bible and watch just how fast your entire life will turn around. I am not talking months here, I am talking days and literally a few hours that you will feel better!



    JESUS stacked the deck is actually a poker term, it means that when JESUS created all of us, he created us to NEED him. And when we try to go at life without JESUS, we start to feel very sad, or depressed or lonely. These are the built in warning systems that JESUS gave to us when we were created. JESUS created us in a way that if we try to go at life without him, depression, sadness, loneliness, a feeling of utter despair and living in darkness quickly come to us and make life so unbearable, that many of us wish we had never been born, or many of wish that if we could only die, we would be much better off then down here on this cold dark planet. JESUS put these built in defense mechanisms inside of us so we could quickly recognize that something is very wrong with our relationship with HIM. Since JESUS created us to need him, the only way we can feel complete in life is to have a close, personal, intimate relationship with JESUS, there is no other way. The Christians who pray to JESUS a lot, and talk to JESUS a lot, and read the bible a lot have the joy and peace and hope in their lives that JESUS promised them. So we see two polar opposites here. The people who don’t interact with JESUS feel sad, depressed, and lonely while the people on earth who do keep a close relationship with JESUS feel the peace, love, joy and hope that GOD our CREATOR has promised to us. Since JESUS created us to NEED him, the choice is ours. Do we want to go at life without our CREATOR and feel the sadness and depression every day, or would we like to interact with JESUS in a fiery passionate relationship and have the love and joy that we get with JESUS in our lives.



    Millions and millions of people in the world have tried to live their lives without our CREATOR JESUS in it. Because of the emptiness that the people feel going at life without JESUS, they quickly turn to drinking, porn, sex, drugs, money, divorce, prostitution, greed and every other addiction in the world. The entire world is trying to find a way to make it in life without JESUS being a part of it. This is why the above addictions are so rampant in every country of the world today. Since JESUS created us to need him, and we also know that our GOD is a jealous GOD for our affections, we know that JESUS will NOT allow anything else in the world to take his place. He wont allow the drugs to replace him in our lives, he wont allow porn addictions to replace him, he wont allow internet gaming to replace him, in fact there is nothing in all the world that can replace JESUS in our lives.

    So now we have learned that the loneliness we feel, or depression, or sadness that we feel every day is a GOOD warning to us, it is a POSITIVE warning to us, it is a WONDERFUL warning to us that something is very WRONG with our relationship with our LORD JESUS.




    This is a problem that a lot of Christians are having in the world, and the answer is really quite simple. WE HAVE TO WATCH WHAT WE THINK ABOUT ALL THE TIME. Let me explain what I mean by that. What we think about all day long directly effects how we feel, for example - if we think about all of the things that we DON’T have in our lives, we will get DEPRESSED. If we think about sex, we will get LUSTFUL. If we think about money, we might feel GREED, or we might feel FEAR if we have a lack of money at the time. If we think about our jobs, we might feel irritable or agitated depending on how we view our job situation. What we are learning here is that what we think about DIRECTLY DICTATES WHAT EMOTIONS WE WILL FEEL for the next few minutes or hours or even days and months. WE HAVE TO WATCH WHAT WE THINK ABOUT, we must hold every single thought in our mind captive and make sure that as the day goes by we are monitoring what we think about real carefully. When we find bad thoughts in our mind, we must learn and practice to push them away. As each bad thought comes into our minds, push the bad thoughts away and immediately fill up your mind with good thoughts, heavenly thoughts, and wonderful thoughts. As you practice this day by day you will get better and better at monitoring closely what you think about and learning to push the bad thoughts away.

    The reason why Christians who do spend time with JESUS are still feeling sadness and depression is because they are losing the battle in their mind. WE MUST LEARN to not only monitor our mind all day long, but immediately AS FAST AS WE CAN push out the bad thoughts so they don’t bring depression or sadness into our lives.



    In our own mind is where the battle is being fought. JESUS wants us to keep our minds focused on him and all heavenly things and other wonderful things too. Satan and your flesh would like to keep your mind focused on sex, money, power, jobs, the opposite sex, and everything else that this evil world has to offer. We MUST WIN THE BATTLE IN OUR MINDS. Let us say enough is enough, and push all bad thoughts constantly out of our minds so at a point in the near future, we are so good at this, that the thoughts that come to our minds no longer cause depression or sadness because we are pushing them out as fast as they come in.


 Sincerely, your servant Garrett

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